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BetweeX PAGES 189--189. Inscription on bricks found at Gaur, District Maldah. Inscription of the time of Ghiyas-ud-din Bahadur Shah, A. H. 916, Indian Museum, Calcutta.

BETWEEN PAGES 256-257. Banjārā Dress.

[The Lady wearing it is a European.] Banjārā Dress and “Horn”. Banjară Clothing and Head-Dress, [The Lady wearing the dress is a European.)

BETWEEN PAGES 280-281, The Jánībighā Inscription of Jayasena of the year 83 of the

Lakshmana Sena Era.


[Diagram at page 303.]
The Rock Paintings of Singanpur (plates 1-16.)

A grant of Rājā Purushottamadeva of Orissa.

BETWEEN PAGES 364---365.
Hathigumpha Inscription.

BETWEEN PAGES 404-405: Inscription of Prakhyātā-Kirtti.

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Printodiby tho Superintendent, Government Printing, Bihar and Orisba":

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For the year 1917.

His Honour Sir Edward Albert Gait, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., I.C.S.

The Hon'ble Sir Edward Vere Levinge, K.C.I.E., C.S.I., I.C.S.
The Hon'ble Sir William Henry Hoare Vincent, Kt., I.C.S.
l'he Hon'ble Maharaja Bahadur Sir Rameswar Singh, G.C.I.E., of

Darbhanga. The Hon'ble Maharaja Bahadur Sir Ravaneswar Prasad Singh, K.C.I.E.,

of Gidhaur. Maharaja Sir Bir Mitradaya Singh Deo, K.C.I.E., of Sonopur State.

e Hon'ble Sir Thomas Fredrick Dawson Miller, Kt., K.C. Raja Kamaleswari Prasad Singh.

His Honour Sir Edward Albert Gait, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., I.C.S.

The Hon'blo Mr. E. H. C. Walsh, C.8.1., I.C.S.

General Secretary,
B. P. Jayaswal, Esq., M.A., Bar-at-Law.

Joint Secretary

R. W. F. Shaw, Esq., M.A.

Treasurer. Ircfessor Jogindra Nath Samaddar, B.A.

Departmental Secretaries. fecretaries for History Section-K. P. Jayaswal, Esq., M.A. (Oxon.),

Bar.-at-Law, and Professor J. N. Samaddar, B.A. Secretary for Archeology and Numismatics-The Hon'ble Mr. E,

H, C. Walsh, C.5.1., 1.C.S.
Secretary for Antbropology and Folk·lore-Babu S. C. Roy, M.A., B.L.
Secretaries for Philology-Mah: mahopadhyaya Pandit Hara Prashad

Shastri, M.A. C.I.E., and Nawab Shams-ul-'Ulama Saiyid
Imdad Imam,
(Continued os page 8 of ouver.)


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By the Hon'ble Mr. E. H. C. Walsh, C.S.I. I have been asked by His Honour the President to deliver the Annual Address this year. We all regret that the many other calls on His Honour's time have prevented him from delivering the Annual Presidential Address as he has done since the inauguration of this Society.

The Society has made steady progress during the year. Twenty-eight new members have joined. This is, however, less than in the previous year in which 38 new members joined, and I hope that the present year will show a still further increase. The present number of members and subscribers is now 338 as compared with 319 at the end of 1916 and 237 at the end of 1915.

Government has generously provided the Society with a Library of about one thousand volumes of select books and Journals, and a reading room has been fitted up for the use of members. Mr. S. Sinha will, it is expected, shortly make over to the Society the books in his library on the subjects dealt with by the Society. Rajı Kamaleswari Praśād Singh, of Monghyr, who has already been so generous to this Society, has just made a further donation of Rs. 1,000 for the purchase of books.

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