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3 & 4. (Śiva, addressing his spouse Parvati, says) : “O beautiful-faced lady ! if anybody worships me even with the offering of (such valuable articles as) gems, pearls and corals, but without mixing the same with the leaves of the bael tree (Ægle marmelos), I do not accept (his worship)”.

III.—The Bogra Inscription.

Khan Bahadur Saiyid Zahirrud-din points out that the Arabic text in the Bogra inscription (published ante, page 179) is the famous “ Throne Verse" of the Kurant. Its translation is as follows :

“ God! there is no God but he ; the living, the self-subsisting; neither slumber nor sleep seizeth him; to him belongeth whatsoever is in heaven, and on earth, Who is he that can intercede with him, but through his good pleasure ? He knoweth that which is past, and that which is to come unto them, and they shall not comprehend anything of his knowledge, but so far as he pleaseth. His throne is extended over heaven and earth, and the preservation of both is no burden unto him. He is the high, the mighty.” (Chapter II,

Verse 256.) It is one of the most popular verses of the Kuran ; it is read in prayers, and on obsequial occasions and as requiem.

The Rt. Hon'ble Saiyid Amir Ali has given the verse at the head of Chapter I of his “ Spirit of Islam.”

The translation of the other text which is a saying of the Prophet (Hadis) is as follows :

“ For him who builds a mosque in this world, « God builds a mansion in Heaven,"

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+ The verse is called the “ Throne verso”, because the word “ Kursi”, which means throne, occurs in it.


I.-Proceedings of the Council Meeting

of the Bihar and Orissa, Research Society, held on 27th July 1918 at 4 p.m. at the Society's Office.


Hon'ble Mr. E. H. C. Walsh, C.s.I., 1.0.s., Vice-Presi

dent in the Chair.
Hon'ble Mr. C. E A. W. Oldham, C.8.I.
Babu Shaiat Chandra Roy, M.A, B.L.
Professor Jogendra Nath Samaddar, B.A., F.R.E.S., F.H.s.,

K, P. Jayaswal, Esq., M.A., Secretay.
1. The proceedings of the last meeting were confirmed.

2. With reference to the appointment of the clerk, the VicePresident said that the clerk which the Secretary appointed temporarily had continued to work satisfactorily and had therefore been retained.

3. It was decided that a better qualified duftry is required and that enquiries should be made with a view to obtain one better qualified for which the present pay of Rs. 12 may be raised if the Vice-President considers it to be necessary for the purpose of obtaining suitable man.

4. Government letter No. 477-F., dated the 8th May 1918, was read making a grant of Rs. 500 for the year 1918-19 to cover the cost of a clerk, peon, and office establishment of Babu Sharat Chandra Roy, Anthropological Secretary of the Society and also granting a fixed sum for Babu Sharat Chandra Roy's travelling allowance, and also Government letter No. 739-E.,


dated the 12th June 1918, making a grant of Rs. 2,500, for the travelling allowance of Babu Sharat Chandra Roy and his staff.

Babu Sharat Chandra Roy asked that as the grant made by Government of Rs. 500 only, and not Rs. 600 asked for by the Society, which would have provided for the cost of getting his inatter type written, and as Government has said that it was open to the Society to supplement the grant made, as they might think necessary, he might be provided with a typewriting machine. It was resolved that he be provided with a tpyewriting michine if a second hand one in good condition can be obtainel. Mr. Jayaswal sail that he had a Remington No. 10 to dispose of which has had very little uss, as he no longer required it. It was resolvod that the machine be valued by the Local Agent of the Remington Company. Resolved that the machine be purchased


to the liinit of Rs. 250. 5. The Secretary said that he had been unable to procure a bicycle for the Chuprassie for Rs. 120. It was resolved that the allotment be raised to Rs. 150, if necessary.

6. The preparation of the Hand List of the Library Books was considered. The Secretary said it had not been possible to prepare the list yet as several fresh books were being received. Mr. Sacchidananda Sinha, has also not yet made over the books which he promised to give to the Society. The Secretary wrote to Mr. Sinha on the subject in March last. The Vice-President said that he would write to Mr. Sinha, and arrange in consultation with hin for the books which he was kindly willing to present, to be made over now to the Society. 7. The following new members were elected :1. Babu Akhaury Permeshwar Dyal, B.A., L. L. B., Vakil,

Patna. 2. Mr. Bhavatosh Mozumdar, Assistant in the office of the

Director General of Archæology in India, Simla. 3. Rai Bahadur Hira Lal-Extra Assistant Commissioner,

Jabbalpur. 8. The question of the paper of the Journal was considered. It was resolved that the printing is not satisfactory on the thinner paper on which the March issue of the Journal was printed, on account of the high rise in the price of the paper, and that the June rumber of the Journal be printed on the former thicker paper.

9. The List of Bɔoks purchased for the Library since the last meeting of the Council was approved and the expenditure sanctioned.

10. It was resolved that the Pali Text-book Society's series be purchased up to a limit of Rs. 500.

11. The application of Pandit Biswanath Roth for the appointment of an Assistant was considered. It was resolved that the matter stanl over until the Catalogues which he has prepared up to the present and which he has been asked to forward, have been received and examined, and that Mahamahopadhyaya Hara Prasad Shastri then be consulted on the subject.

12. The purchase of a durrie, two whatnots, Stationery rack, pardah, table fittings and one alm rah, /for the Secretary's Office was sanctioned, also a Wall Clock fok tue Library.

13. Resolved that the necessary bathrpom furniture be purchased for the bathroom.

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