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PATNA Published by the Bihar and Orissa Research Sooloty.

Printed by the Superintendent, Government Printing, Bihar and Orissa.


Rs. 5.



For the year 1918.

His Honour Sir Edward Albert Gait, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., I.C.S.

The Hon'ble Sir Edward Vere Levinge, K.C.I.E., C.S.I., I.C 8.
The Hon'ble Sir William Henry Hoare Vincent, Kt., I.C.S.
The Hon'ble Maharaja Bahadur Sir Rameswar Singh, G.C.I.E., of

Tarbbanga. The Hon'ble Maharaja Bahadur Sir Ravaneswar Prasad Singh, K.C.I.E.,

of Gidhaur. Maharaja Sir Bir Mitrodaya Singh Deo, K.C.I.E., of Sonepur State. The Hon'ble Sir Thomas Fredrick awson Miller, Kt., K.C. Raja Kamaleswari Prasad Singh.

His Honour Sir Edward Albert Gait, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., I.C.S.


The Hon'ble Mr. E. H. C. Walsh, C.S.I., I.C.S.

General Secretary. K, P. Jayaswal, Esq., M.A., Bar.-at-Law.

Joint Secretary.

R. W. F. Shaw, E-q., M.A.

Treasurer. Professor Jogindra Nath Samaddar, B.A.

Departmental Secretaries. Secretaries for History Section-K. P. Jayaswal, Esq., M.A. ¡Oson.),

Bar.-at-Law, and Professor J. N. Samaddar, B.A. Secretary for Archæology and Numismatics- The Hon'ble Mr. E. H. C.

Walsh, C.S.I., I.C.S.
Secretary for Anthropology and Folk-lore – Babu S. C. Roy, M.A., B.L.
Secretaries for Philology-Ma ha inahopadhyaya Pandit Hara

Prasad Shastri, M.A., C.I.E., and Nawab Shams-ul-'Ulama
Saiyid Imdad Imam.

Continued on page 3 of cover.)

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I.-Note on An Inscribed Copper Axe

head from Orissa, By His Honour Sir Edward Albert Gait, K.C.S.I., C.I.E.

On the occasion of a recent visit to Balasore Maulavi Abdus Samad, one of the Deputy Collectors stationed there, told me, in the course of conversation, that his ancestors were Brāhmans descended from Pöteśvara Bhatta. This Pandit obtained a grant of land from Rājā Purushottama Deva, who is believed to have ruled in Orissa from 1466 to 1496 A.D." The grant was resumed by the Nawāb of Bengal from Poteśvara's descendant Sarvesvara. The latter went to Delhi and appealed to Aurangzeb, who gave him back his estates on condition that he became a Muhammadan. He accordingly embraced the Muhammadan religion, and his descendants have remained Muhammadans up to the present time, though they still retain many Hindu practices and

Epigrapbical evidence for years 1466-67 A. D.-1496 A. D. has been found. J. A. S. B., Vol. 62, I, p. 90.

The rule of this king oxtended over a large part of the Telugu country. A grant of bis in Telugu bas been recovered, and he is described in all his inacti;• tions as the lord of Gulbarga. See E. I., XIII, p. 155 ; J. A. 8. B., Vol. 62, I, P 88 8.


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