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lours. The monitor must and will be heard. Vegetation starts from the ground a green resurrection surprises the eye-the leaf fades and falls-the forest is stripped-the shower is frozen--and the waters are fettered to spar to his duties irresolute and procrastinating man ! This repeated proclamation of nature to mankind, which revolving seasons successively atter, that their years are rolling swiftly, once in every year it is their custom to echo. Once in every year they tell one another what nature tells them more than once-that those longest periods of their time are passing rapidly from them! another of those years of which only a few make up the life of man, is become a part of the irrevocable past! A year is a season of magnitude in the little life of man. It is an ample stride to the tomb. A few more steps will bring us all thither!”-Fawcett.

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RESURRECTION OF CHRIST. “ TWICE had the sun gone down on the earth, and all as yet was quiet at the sepulchre: death held his sceptre over the Son of God : still and silent the hours passed on: the guards stood by their post: the rays of the inidnight moon gleamed on their helmets and on their spears : the enemies of Christ exulted in their success; the hearts of his friends were sunk in despon. dency and in sorrow; the spirits of glory wait. anxious suspence to behold the event, and wonder at the depth of the ways of God! At length the morning star arising in the east, announced the approach of light; the third day began to dawn upon the world, when on a sudden the earth trembled to its centre, and the powers of heaven were shaken, an angel of

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God descended--the guards shrunk back from the terror of his presence, and fell prostrate on the ground; his countenance was like lightning, and his raiment was white as snow ; he rolled away the stone from the door of the sepulchre, and sat upon it. But who is this that cometh forth from the tomb-with dyed garments from the bed of death ? He that is glorious in his appearance, walking in the greatness of his strength. It is thy prince, O Zion ! Christian, it is your Lord ! he hath trodden the wine-press alone, he hath stained his raiment with blood; but now, as the first born from the womb of nature, he meets the morning of his resurrection. He arises a conqueror from the grave--he returns with blessings from the world of spirits; he brings salvation to the sons of men. Never did the returning sun usher in a day so glorious-it was the jubilee of the universe! The morning stars sung together, and all the sons of God shouted aloud for joy! The father of mercies looked down from his throne in the heavens; with complacency he beheld his world restored ; he saw his work that it was good. Then did the desert rejoice, the face of nature was gladdened before him, when the blessings of the eternal descended as the dew of heaven, for the refreshing of the nations !”

Dr. Handy.


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“ NATIONS may undergo correction or suffer extinction, but the grand purposes of infinite benevolence are not for a monient impeded. In the midst of conflicts, tumults, and revolutions of empires, they move on with perpetually ac. celerated speed towards their completion. How

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near they may be to this predestined point, the sammit of perfection, it would be presumption to attempt to discover : that they are not far distant from it, the extraordinary signs of the times seem plainly to indicate. Whether near or distant, may we all be vigilant to observe, and zealous to welcome their consummation,

“ Illustrious Æra! Thine it is to close the long series of preparations that Providence has been carrying on from the first of time! Thine to fulfil the wishes of the worthy and devout of every age and clime! Thine it is to recover Man from degradation and dishonour--thine to consummate the mission, and to adorn with its brightest honors the crown of the Saviour of the World! Thine to vindicate the government, glorify the perfections, and illustrate the all beauteous character of the God of Love! Thy approach, glad period I will be hailed by my riads of intelligent beings, who animated by thee with a celestial glow of devotion, will give "expression to their raptares in the long suspended song of angels-Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace-good-will towards men !"-Aspland.


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The PARNASSIAN GARLAND; or Beauties of Modern Poetry: consisting of upwards of Two Hundred Pieces, chiefly selected from the Works of the most distinguished Poets of the present Age, with appropriate Introductory Lines to each Article, on a new plan. Designed for the Use of Schools, and the Admirers of Poetry in general. Elegantly printed in a new Nonpareil Type, in a pocket size, and embel lished with two beautiful Engravings, from De. signs by Mr. Uwins, prices. 6d. Boards.

The JUVENILE TOURIST ; or Excursions through various parts of the Island of Great Britain; 5s, 6d. boards.

PARADISE LOST; a Poem, in Twelve Books. By John Milton. A new edition, with an A bridgment of the copious and learned Notes collected by Bishop Newton ; together with a Life of the Author, and Explanatory Head Lines. Printed in Foolscap 8vo. forming two handsome Volumes, illustrated by twelve fine Engravings, from original Drawings by Mr. Craig, and a Portrait of the Author, price ios.6d. boards. Hot-pressed

Those who already possess the two first Vo. lumes, which contain Paradise Lost, may, hane the third Volume, including Paradise Regain'd *c. separate, to complete the set.

The POETICAL WORKS of OLIVER GOLD. SMITII, with a Sketch of the Author's Life; including original Anecdotes.

Illustrated by explanatory Head-lines to each Page. Second Edition, with six beatiful Engravings, and Por trait of the Author, price 6s. boards.

The SEASONS, by James Thonison : to which is prefixed, a Life of the Author; together with Exylanatory Remarks on the Seasons. Second Edition. Ornamented with Eight beautiful En. gravings, illustrative of the Seasons ; together with a Vignette'Title-page, and a Portrait of the Author. Printed in foolscap 8vo. price 6s. bds. A smaller Edition, price 4s. 6di boards.

A SHORT and COMPREHENSIVE SYSTEM of CLASSICAL GEOGRAPHY. Adapted for the Use of Schools. By the Rev. R. Turner, LL.D. late of Magdalen Hall, Oxford. Portrait, 2s, 6d.

nated IMA, the key

MINIATURE EDITIONS of the following Works, Printed uniform with

this Volume, and published by JAMES CUNDEE, LONDON.

CALLIOPE; a Collection of Poems of stand. ard value, from various Authors; enriched with 2 elegant Engravings ; price 25. 6d board's, hot. pressed.

LOGIC: or, the RIGHT USE of REASON, in the Enquiry after TRUTH, 6s. 6d. boards.

The IMPROVEMENT of the MIND: or, & Supplement to the Art of Logic: 3s. 6d. bds.

FRIENDSHIP in DEATH; in Twenty Letters from the Dead to the Living ; to which are ad ded Letters, Moral and Entertaining, in Prose and Verse. In Three Parts. By Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. 35. 6d, half-bound,

A TREATISE on SELF-KNOWLEDGE, shew. ing the Nature and Benefit of that important Science and the way to attain it. By John Mason, A. M. price 2s. boards.

MEMOIRS of the PROFESSIONAL LIFE of the most Noble LORD HORATIO NELSON, Viscount and Baron Nelson of the Nile, and of Burnham Thorpe in the County of Norfolk; &c comprehending authentic and circumstantial Details of his glorious Achievements under the British Flag, and a Sketch of his Parliamentary conduct and private character. With Biogra phical Particulars of Contemporary Naval Offi cers. To which is added, by way of Supplement a correct Narrative of the Ceremonies of his Fa neral. By Joshua White, Esq. enriched with Eight Engravings, 4s. boards.

Some Remarkable Passages in the LIFE o the Honourable Colonel JAMES GARDINER who was slain at the Battle of Preston-Pans, Sep tember 3, 1745, with an Appendix, relative to the ancient Family of the Monroes of Fowlis. By P. Dodridge, D. P. 3s. ôd. half-bound.

James Cundee, Printer, London.

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