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Hydrogenation of the Ketoximes, a Synthesis of New duction of a Standard Time on the Railways of India,
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October 19, vii

other Animals observed in the Midland Counties during

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tries, 256

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Chick (Dr. Harriette), a Study of the Process of Nitrifi- Codify the Best Typographical Practices of the Present

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Colour Phenomena, an Introduction to the Study of. Joseph

Chronology: l'tilisation of the Telephone System for the W. Lovibond, 603


logical Investigations, 167; Action of Radium Bromide Cromer, Chalk Masses in the Cliffs near, Prof. T. G.
on the Electromotive Phenomena of the Eyeball of the Bonney, F.R.S., 8
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carried by High-pressure Water, the Doble Needle

Concimi, Mangimi, Sementi, &c., Commercie, frodi, e Regulating Nozzle, 42

repressione delle frodi, Specialmente in Italia, Italo Crystallography : Mechanical Properties of Iron in Isolated

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Study of Metallography, Dr. J. W. Mellor

510, 502


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national Congress on Radiology and Ionisation, 611

isation, 95

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(onsterdine (A.), the Rudiments of Practical Mathematics, Currents at the Entrance of the Bay of Fundy and

Southern Nova Scotia, Report on the, for the Year 1904,


Contremoulins (G.), Apparatus for Measuring X-Rays,

Bell Dawson, 205


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coway (R. S.), the “ Aryanism " of the Minoans, 560
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poses. 343
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Automobiles, 485, 307

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d. Bilt (J. van), Comet 1904 I, 43 ;

Observations of

tinal Organisms, Mr. Kraemer, 462

Jupiter's Satellites, 567

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directly Related to Adrenalin, 551; Synthesis of a Sub-

Cerner (Ë. M.), Clinical and Pathological Observations on

stance Allied to Adrenalin, 575

Acute Abdominal Diseases. 122 ; the Surgery of the Dale (Elizabeth), Investigations on Intumescences, with

Observations Nuclear Divisions in Pathological

Diseases of the Appendix Vermiformis and their Com-

plications, 122

Tissues, 22

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Dall (W. H.), Relation of the Miocene of Maryland to that
7 Coronæ Borealis, the Orbit of, Mr. Doberck, 424

of other Regions and to the Recent Fauna, 162
('orstorphine (Dr. G. S.), the Large Diamond' found in Damond (E.), Derivatives of Cyclohexane, 624
the Premier Mine, Transvaal, 41; the Geology of South

Dampfturbinen, Bau der, Prof. A. Musil, 219

Africa. 346

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Cosentini (François), la Sociologie génétique, 482

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F.R.S., 36

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Liquids, 392

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ing Taxonomic Characters of the Gymnospermous Genus 303

Torreya, 133

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Couréménos (A.), Cyanocampho-acetic, Cyanocampho-a-

augural Address at the Meeting of the British Association
proprionic. Cyanocampho-a-butyric Acids and their

in South Africa, part i., 368; part ii., 439

Derivatives, 143

Das (Sarat Chandra), a Tibetan-English Dictionary with

Courtot (A.), the Acid y-Aldehydes, 264

Sanskrit Synonyms, Supp. to October 19, iii
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Davey (Henry), Efficiency of the Steam Jacket, 213
and other Diseases, 395

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Cowper-Coles (Sherard), Rapid Electro-deposition of Davis (Prof. W. M.), Explorations in Turkestan, with an

Copper, 359

Account of the Basin of Eastern Persia and Sistan, 366

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Craniology: History of a White Rhinoceros Skull,"Prof. from Karpathos, 560

Henry Fairfield Osborn, 127; Dr. C. Stewart, F.R.S., Dawson (Bell), Report on the Currents at the Entrance of


the Bay of Fundy and Southern Nova Scotia for the

(rehore (Prof. Albert), New Sundial that Tells Standard Year 1904, 205

Time, 209

Dawson (H. M.), Action of Chlorine on Boiling Toluene,

Creighton (Dr. Charles), Plague in India, 86


Critical Temperature and Pressure of Living Substances, Day (Arthur L.), the Isomorphism and Thermal Proper-

the, Dr. F. J. Allen, 7

ties of the Felspars, 258

Croghan (E. H.), Fuel Ashes as Manure in the Midland Day (David T.), Mineral Resources of United States,

Districts of South Africa, 643

Report for 1903, 540



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stance in Serum which Influences Phagocytosis, 551

Cogshall, 135
Debierne (A.), Gases Produced by Actinium, 424

Double Star, a Lost, Prof. Doolittle, 567
Dejust (Henri), Action of Carbon Monoxide upon Silver Double Stars, Catalogue of New, Prof. Hussey, 90
Oxide, 71

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Delage (Yves), Experimental Parthenogenesis in Asterias, Cardiff Docks, 87

Douglas (J. W.), Death of, 461
Demeny (Prof. Georges), Mécanisme et Éducation des Dourlen (Jacques), Acidity of some Ethyl Alcohols of Com-
Mouvements, Supp. to October 19, v

merce, 143
Deniker (Dr.), les Six Races composant la Population Downing (Ďr. A. M. W., F.R.S.), Perturbation of the
actuelle de l'Europe, 464

Bielid Meteors, 189; Eclipse Predictions, 629
Denis (Prof.), Results obtained by Treatment in Tubercu- Drawing, Machine Construction and, Frank Castle, 533
losis, 583

Drawings of Celestial Phenomena, Ancient, Dr. W.
Denning (Dr. A. D.), a Simple Method of Determining the Lehmann, 19
Radiation Constant, 118

Drawings for Sowerby's “ English Botany," Notes on the,
Denning (W. F.), Winter Fireballs in 1905, 66; Determin- F. N. A. Garry, 556

ation of Meteor Radiants, 158; Telescopic Work for Driving, Riding and, E. L. Anderson and P. Collier, 197
Observers of Planets, 208; the Planet Uranus, 244; the Dublin Royal Irish Academy, 23, 240, 359
Planet Mars, 388; Observations of Planets, 436; Real Dublin Royal Society, 142, 167, 288
Paths of Lyrid Meteors, 465

Duboin (M.), Production of Heavy Liquids with the
Derbyshire, Highways and Byways in, J. B. Firth, 100 Alkaline lodomercurates, 424
Derrien (E.), a Combination of Methæmoglobin containing Duchemin (René), Acidity of some Ethyl Alcohols of Com-
Fluorine, 47

merce, 143
Desfontaines (M.), Increase of the Rotatory Power of Fatty Duclaux (J.), Conductivity of Colloidal Solutions, 143

Molecules in Passing to the State of Cyclic Compounds, Dudeney (H. E.), a New Problem on Superposition, 92

Duerden (Dr. J. E.), the Coral Siderastraea radians and
Deskartes, die Stellung Gassendis zu, Dr. Hermann its Post-larval Development, 185; Morphology of the
Schneider, 292

Madreporaria, the “ Fossula" of the Extinct Rugose
Deslandres (H.), the Ultra-violet Chromospheric Spectrum,

Corals, 515

Dufaux (H. and A.), “ Hélicoptère Aéroplane" of, René
Deslandres (M.), Further Results obtained by French

de Saussure, 329
Eclipse Expedition, 567

Duhem (P.), Origin of the Principles of Virtual Displace-
Deszendenztheorie, Vorträge über, gehalten der ments, 576

Universität zu Freiburg im Breisgau, Prof. August Dumas (L.), Reversible and Irreversible Transformations
Weismann, 200

of Nickel Steel, 573
Determination of Meteor Radiants, M. Eginitis, 303 ; Prof. Dunbar (Charles Franklin), Economic Essays by, 52
Nijland, 303

Duncan (Robert Kennedy), the New Knowledge, 241
Dewar (Sir James), on the Thermo-electric Junction as a Dunkerley (Prof. S.), Mechanism, 4

Means of Determining the Lowest Temperatures, and on Dunn (E. J.), the Mount Morgan Gold Mine, Queensland,
Liquid Hydrogen and Air Calorimeters, Papers read at 41
Royal Society, 352

Dunstan (Prof. Wyndham R., F.R.S.), Pharmacology of
Dexter (Dr. E. G.), Weather Influences: an Empirical Indaconitine and Bikhaconitine, 551

Study of the Mental and Physiological Effects of Definite Duparc (Prof. Louis), Eruptive Rocks of the Chain of
Meteorological Conditions, 147

Tilai-Kanjakowsky-Cérébriansky, Perm, 18
Diamond, a New Formation of, Sir William Crookes, Duparc (L.), Gladkaite, 192
F.R.S., 527

Dust, Cause and Prevention of, from Automobiles, W. R.
Diamonds, Sir William Crookes, F.R.S., 593

Cooper, 485, 507; J. Vincent Elsden, 507
Diamonds, Artificial, Dr. C. V. Burton, 397

Dutch Observations of the Corona, Prof. Julius, 303
Dickerson (Mary C.), Moths and Butterflies, 76

Dutton (Everett), Human Tick Fever, 332
Differential and Integral Calculus, Elements of the, Dutton (Dr. J. E.), Death of, 15; Obituary Notice of,

William Anthony Granville, Prof. George M. Minchin,
F.R.S., 26; D. F. Campbell, 126

Duty-free Alcohol, Dr. F. Mollwo Perkin, 344
Digby (Miss L.), Cytology of Apogamy and Apospory, 623 Dyestuffs, the Synthetic, and the Intermediate Products
Dillner (G.), Magnetic and Electric Properties of Sheet from which they are derived. J. C. Cain and J. F.
Steel and Steel Castings, 69

Thorpe, Walter M. Gardner, Supp. to October 19, vii
Dinesmann (Adolphe), Condensation of Chloral with Dynamics : the Dynamical Theory of Gases and of Radi-

Aromatic Hydrocarbons under the Influence of ation, Lord Rayleigh, 0.M., F.R.S., 54; J. H. Jeans,

Aluminium Chloride, 312.
Diplodocus Skeleton, the New, 82
Diptera or Two-winged Flies, a Catalogue of North
American, J. M. Aldrich, 317

Earth, Current Theories of the Consolidation of the, Dr.
Diseases : Diseases of Forest Trees, 163; the Treatment T. J. J. See, 30; Rev. A. Irving, 79

of Diseases of the Eye, Dr. Victor Hanke, 292 ; the Earth, the Face of the (Das Antlitz der Erde), Prof.
Advance in our Knowledge of the Causation and Methods Eduard Suess, 193
of Prevention of Stock Diseases in South Africa during Earth Sculpture, the Agents of, Thomas C. Chamberlin
the Last Ten Years, Opening Address in Section 1 at and Rollin D. Salisbury, 289
the Meeting of the British Association in South Africa, Earth's Interior, the Rigidity of the, Rev. A. Irving. 8
Colonel D. Bruce, M.B., F.R.S., C.B., 496

Earthquakes : Earthquake Shocks in Italy, 16, 514 ; Earth-
Dixon (Prof. H. B., F.R.S.), Atomic Weight of Chlorine, quake of April 29, M. Mascart, 47: Earthquakes in the

165; Researches on the Propagation of Explosions in Vale of Llangollen, in the Rhone Valley, 16; Earth-
Gases, 642 ; the Atomic Weight of Chlorine, 642

quake in Switzerland, Prof. F. A. Forel, 16, 63; at
Dixon (Prof. H. H.), Supply of Water to Leaves on a Chamonix, 384; at Bandar Abbas, 38; in Montenegro,

Dead Branch, 288 ; Toxic Effect of Heat on Stems, 435 131; at Bombay, 229; in Siberia, 298; in Scotland, 298,
Doberck (Mr.), the Orbit of y Coronæ Borealis, 424

537; at Macao, at Hong Kong. 384; the Kangra Earth-
Doflein (Dr. F.), Ants, the Habits of (E. smaragdina, 422 quake of April 4, 1903, T. H. Holland, F.R.S., 428 ;
Dole (Robert). Observations of Perseids, 279

Earthquake at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, U.S.A..
Donitch (M. V.), Interpretation of Spectroheliograph Pic 461; at Calabria, 491; at Lundby, 563 : Earthquake and
tures, 495

Volcanic Eruption at Samoa, 363 ; Earthquake at Monte-
Donner (Prof.), Proper Motions of the Hyades, 436

leone, 608; Earthquakes at Constantinople, at Batum, at
Doolittle (Prof.), a Lost Double Star, 567; the Constant Kutais, and at Sukhum-Kaleh, 636



Ebell (L.), Ephemeris for Comet 1905a, 43 ; Comet 1904 ii

(rgo4d), 8g
Ebert (W.), Determination of Constant of Aberration by

Observation of Three Stars close to the Pole, 239
Eclipses: Memoria sobre el Eclipse Total de sol del dia

so de Agosto de 1905, D. Antonio Tarazona,. 77; Pro-
posed Magnetic and Allied Observations during the Total
Solar Eclipse on August 30, Dr. L. A. Bauer, 342 ; the
Forthcoming Total Solar Eclipse, Dr. William J. S.
Lockyer, 394; the Total Solar Eclipse, August 30, Dr.
William J. S. Lockyer, 457 ; the Solar Physics Observ-
apenry Eclipse Expedition, Dr. William J. S. Lockyer,
308; Observations of the Total Solar Eclipse in Tripoli,
Barbary, Prof. David Todd, 484; French Observations
of the Total Solar Eclipse, Prof. Janssen, 518; M.
Bigourdan, 518; M. Stephan and M. Trépied, 518; M.
Bourget, 518; M, Nordmann, 318; M. Salet, 518;
M. Moye, 518; Further Results obtained by French
Eclipse Expeditions, MM. Deslandres and Andoyer, 567 ;
Further Eclipse Results by French Observers, M. Salet,
591; M. Bigourdan's Eclipse Results, 610; Further
Resalts of the French Eclipse Expeditions, Prof. Janssen,
1999 : E. Stephan, 640; Geodetic Measurements from Solar
Eclipses, C. E. Stromeyer, 230; Proposed Observation
uf Mercury during the Solar Eclipse, Dr. G. Johnstone
Stoney, F.R.S., 244; Eclipse Shadow Bands, A.
Lawrence Rotch, 307; Eclipse Predictions, J. Y.
Buchanan, F.R.S., 603 ; Dr. A. M. W. Downing, F.R.S.,

629; Eclipse Phenomena, Sir Oliver Lodge, F.R.S.,
Economic Essays by Charles Franklin Dunbar, 52
Edgar (E. C.), Atomic Weight of Chlorine, 165
Edinburgh Royal Society, 143, 167, 191, 286, 391
Edridge-Green (Dr. F. W.), Luminosity and Colour, 222
Education : the State and Higher Education, 58; Death

of M. Fernet, 02 ; Higher Education in London, Sir
Arthur Rücker, F.R.S., 69; Lord Londonderry, 70;
School Teaching and School Reform, Sir Oliver Lodge,
195: the Empire and University Life, 217; Gunga-
Irunga, 319; Education in Belgium and Holland, F. H.
Perry-Coste, 221; the Needs of Our Oldest University,
231 ; Preliminary Report of the Departmental Committee
on the Royal College of Science and Royal School of
Mines, 232; the Academic Side of Technical Training,
Dr. Alex. B. W'. Kennedy, F.R.S., 256 ; Entrance Ex-
amination to the Indian Forest Service, 274 ; Death of
Vlexander Bell, 347; Death of Rev. Dr. J. Keith, 384 ;
Colony of Natal Report of the Technical Education Com-
mission, 460; Science Teaching in Elementary Schools,
512; Physical Laboratories in Germany, Prof. G. W.
Kuchler's Report to Director-General of Education in
India, 105: Connection between Scientific Training and
Industrial Development, W. Burton, 608; Mécanisme et
Education des Mouvements, Prof. Georges Demeny,

Supp. to October 19, y
Edwards (R. W. R.), Radial Area-scale, 150
Efront (Jean), Development of Amylase during the

Germination of Seeds, 648
Eggar (Mrs. Henry Cooper), an Indian Garden, 125
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Eginitis (M.), Determination of Meteor Radiants. 303
Egipt : Summary of the Dimensions of the Nile and its

Basin, Captain H. G. Lyons, 349; the Relations of the
Eocene and Cretaceous Rocks in the Esna-Aswan Reach
of the Nile Valley, H. J. L. Beadnell, 263; the Topo-
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