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160), 215, 263, 284: the Blea Wyke Beds and the Dogger
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H.M.S. Sealark, the Chagos Archipelago, 571

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Gardner (Walter M.), the Synthetic Dyestuffs and the der I'mgebung von Sarajevo, Ernst Kittl, 31; a Hand-

Intermediate Products from which they are derived, J. C. book to a Collection of the Minerals of the British
(ain and J. F. Thorpe, Supp. to October 19, vii

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Geologie, Dr. Otto Reich, 123; Relation of the Miocene Anhydride, 23 ; Triboluminescence of Potassium Sulphate,
of Maryland to that of Other Regions, and to the Recent 71
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Tarantaise, 562
brucken Coal-measures into Lorraine, B. Schu!z-Briesen,

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a36; Geological Structure of the Mining District of

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Relations of the Eocene and Cretaceous Rocks in the

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of George H. Eldridge, 275; a Glacial Conglomerate,

Optical Congress and Exhibition, 112
the Pakhuis Bed, in the Table Mountain Series, Mr.

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found Above the Jurassic and Cretaceous Strata on the

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X, 206

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Ar uricana, Aves, 49
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traversed by Veins of Asbestos from Canada, George P.

is increased by the Discharge, Blunting is not Responsible
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for Rise in Potential, 387

Gosio (B.), Decomposition of Dilute Solutions of Alkaline
438, 635; Dr. Hugo Obermaier, 636; Machine-made
Eoliths, Marcellin Boule, 538; Geological Features of

Selenites or Tellurites as a Delicate Test for Living
the Diamond Pipes of the Pretoria District, H. Kynaston

Bacterial Contamination, 609

Gotch (Prof. Francis, F.R.S.), the Spinthariscope and
and A. L. Hall, 464; the Coal and Lignites of the United
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Retinal Excitability, 174
and M. R. Campbell, 493-4; Value of Fossil Mollusca

Göttingen Royal Society of Sciences, 240, 576
in Coal-measure Stratigraphy, John T. Stobbs, 519; the

Government Laboratory, Report of the Principal Chemist

upon the Work of the, for the Year ending March 31,
Formation of Ice and the Grained Structure of Glaciers,
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1903, 634
the Older Tertiary Foraminiferal Rocks on the West

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Coast of Santo, New Hebrides, F. Chapman, 552; Ice

Graetz (L.), View that Hydrogen Peroxide gives Rise to a
or Water, another Appeal to Induction from the

Special Radiation capable of affecting a Photographic
Scholastic Methods of Modern Geology, Sir Henry H.

Plate, 109
Howorth, F.R.S., 553 ; Two Reports of the French

Graham (Dr.), Guinea Worm and its Hosts, 354
Glacier Commission, 561; Death of A. C. Pass, 607;

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see also British Association

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Geometry : an Introduction to Projective Geometry and its and Integral Calculus, 26
Applications, Dr. Arnold Emch, 77; a New Problem on

Graphical Solution of Cubic and Quartic Equations,
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I HIvah Thomson, 295
in Geometry. W. P. Workman and A. G. Cracknell, 150;

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Etude sur le Développement des Méthodes géometriques,

Graphs for Beginners, W. Jamieson, 533
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générale, Georges Lechalas, 313; Geometrical Conics, 534
G. W, (aunt and C. M. Jessop. 393; Geometry of Posi- | Gray (R. W.), Atomic Weight of Nitrogen, 71
tion, Sir Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., 629 ; Oblique and Iso | Greek Archæology, the Annual of the British School at
metric Projection, John Watson, 629 ; on the Traversing Athens, H. R. Hall, 558
of Geometrical Figures, J. Cook Wilson, Supp. to | Green (E. E.), Elephant-mosquito Larva is Carnivorous, 64
October 19, vi ; see also British Association

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and Art, 98; Greek Archæology, the Annual of the
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of Plants, Applications to the Vine, 23

Development, 331
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and Polyatomic Alcohols, 264

Molecules in passing to the State of Cyclic Compounds,
Groll (Max), der Oeschinensee im Berner Oberland, 197 71; on the Menthones and Menthols obtained by the
Grosser (Dr. O.), the Segmental Origin of Colour Stripes, Reduction of Pulegone by the Catalytic Action of Re-

duced Nickel, 95; Cyanocampho-acetic, Cyanocampho-?-
Grosvenor (Gilbert H.), Work of the U.S. Weather Bureau, propionic, Cyanocampho-a-butyric Acids and their

Derivatives, 143 ; Alkyl Thujones and the Combinatiors
Guenon, on a New Species of, from the Cameroons, Dr. of Thujone with Aromatic Aldehydes, 216; Campho-
Henry 0. Forbes, 630

acetic and B-Camphopropionic Acids, 263
Guignard (L.), Existence in the Black Elder of a Com-

Halley, Bibliography of, 567
pound furnishing Hydrocyanic Acid, 263 ; Nature of the Hallock (E. S.), Animals in Menageries in U.S.A., 434
Hydrocyanic Glucoside of the Black Elder, 336; Hydro- Hammond (Mr.), Observations of the Satellites of Saturn
cyanic Acid obtained from Gooseberry Leaves, 504

and Uranus, 230
Guillet (L.), Special Steel, 237; Steels containing Tin, Hampson (Sir George F., Bart.), Catalogue of the Lepido-

Titanium, and Cobalt, 239; the Aluminium Steels, 264 ; ptera Phalanæ in the British Museum, 174
Special Steels used for Motor-car Construction in France, Hampson (Dr. W.), the Measurement of Mass, 8
573 ; Use of Vanadium in Metallurgy, 573

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