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Periods, W. C. Baker, 541; Mechanics, a School Course,
W. D. Eggar, 601; Elements of Mechanics, Prof. Mans-
field Merriman, 001; an Intermediate Course of
Mechanics. A. W. Porter, 601; Phenomena of Per-
manent Deformation in Metals, G. H. Gulliver, 009; the
Mechanics of the Ascent of Sap in Trees, Prof. J.
Larmor, Sec.R.S., at Royal Society, 644; Mécanisme et
Education des Mouvements, Prof. Georges Demeny,

Supp. to October 19,
Medicine : Medical and Surgical Ability of the Japanese,

Sir Frederick Treves, 38; New Methods of Treatment,
Dr. Laumonier, 122; the Surgery of the Diseases of the
Appendix Vermifornis and their Complications, W. H.
Battle and E. M. Corner, 122 ; Clinical and Pathological
Observations on Acute Abdominal Diseases, E. M.
Corner, 122 ; a Short Treatise on Anti-typhoid Inocula-
tion, Dr. A. E. Wright, 122 ; the Suppression of Tubercu-
losis, Prof. E. von Behring, 122; Death of Prof.
Hermann Northnagel, 252; Harvey and the Progress of
Medical Science, Dr. Frederick T. Roberts, 258; Medical
Education, Past, Present, and Future, Cooper Franklin,
330, the Meeting of the British Medical Association, 330,
354; Hospital Isolation, Dr. George Wilson, 331 ; Medicine,
Present and Prospective, Dr. Henry Maudsley, 331; the
Treatment of Sleeplessness, Dr. Collier, 331; Lycium
or Rusot is Berberis Extract, D. Hooper, 435; Phar-
macology of Indaconitine and Bikhaconitine, Dr. J.
Theodore Cash, F.R.S., and Prof. Wyndham R.
Dunstan, F.R.S., 551; the Opening of the Medical
Session in London, 592; Scientific Research in Medicine,
Dr. George Nuttall, F.R.S., at London School of

Tropical Medicine, 643
Nee (Arthur), a Solar Outburst ? 320
Meek (A.), Migrations and Growth of Plaice, 348
Mees (C. E. K.), the Theory of Photographic Processes,
part ii., on the Chemical Dynamics of Development,

including the Microscopy of the Image, 141
Mellanby (Mr.), Efficiency of the Steam Jacket, 213
Mellor (E. T.), the Glacial (Dwyka) Conglomerate in the

Transvaal, 263
Mellor (Dr. J. W.), the Crystallisation of Iron and Steel, i

an Introduction to the Study of Metallography, 532
Mendelism, an Hereditary Abnormality in the Human

Hand and its Relation to, Dr. W. C. Farabee, 254
Menschen, Physiologie des, Dr. Luigi Luciani, Dr. J. A.

Milroy. Supp, to October 19, X
Menschen, Studien ueber Hautelektricität und Hautmag-
netismus des, Dr. Erik Harnack, Dr. George J. Burch,

F.R.S., 602
Menschheit, das Alter der wirtschaftlichen Kultur der, ein

Rückblick und ein Ausblick, Ed. Hahn, 6
Menshútkin (B. N.), Lomonósoff as a Natural Philosopher,

Mental and Physiological Effects of Definite Meteor-

ological Conditions, Weather Influences, an Empirical

Study of the, Dr. E. G. Dexter, 147
Mercury, Proposed Observation of, during the Solar Eclipse,

Dr. G. Johnstone Stoney, F.R.S., 244
Mercury Lamp, a New Ultra-violet, Dr. O. Schott, 513 .
Merlo (G.), Geological Structure of the Mining District of

Iglesias, 236
Merrifield (F.), Influence de l'Alimentation et de l'Humidité

sur la Variation des Papillons, Arnold Pictet, 632
Merrill (George P.), a Large Block of Serpentine traversed

by Veins of Asbestos from Canada, 433
Merriman (Prof, Mansfield), Elements of Mechanics, 601
Messier 3 and 5, Variable Stars in the Clusters, Prof.

Bailey, 183
Metallography: the Crystallisation of Iron and Steel, an

Introduction to the Study of, Dr. J. W. Mellor, A.
McWilliam, 532
Metallurgy : the “Lead Voltameter," A. G. Betts and

E. F. Kern, 42; Effect Produced by Liquid-air Tempera-
tures on the Properties of Iron and its Alloys, R. A.
Hadfield, 68; Recent Developments in the Bertrand-
Thiel Process of Steel Manufacture, J. H. Darby and
George Hatton, 68; Note on the Failure of an Iron
Plate through Fatigue, Sidney J. Houghton, 68 ;
Behaviour of Sulphur in the Blast Furnace, Prof. F.
Wūst and F. Wolfi, 69: Magnetic and Electric Proper- !
ties of Sheet Steel and Steel Castings, G. Dillner and

A. F. Enström, 69 ; Alloys of Iron and Steel Tested at
Liquid Air Temperature, 'R. A. Hadfield, 91; Magnetic
Qualities of some Alloys, Prof. J. A. Fleming, F.R.S.,
and R. A. Hadfield, 190; the Liége Mining and Metal-
lurgical Congress, 236; Method of Cutting Metals by a
Jet of Oxygen, F. Jottrand, 236; Special Steel, L.
Guillet, 237; Electric Furnace for the Direct Production
of Steel from Magnetic Sands of Taranaki, New Zealand,
D. R. S. Galbraith, 299; Notes on Assaying ard Metal-
lurgical Laboratory Experiments, Prof. Richard W.
Lodge, 340 ; Influence of Nitrogen on Iron and Steel,
Hjalmar Braune, 540 ; the Elastic Properties of Steel at
High Temperatures, Prof. B. Hopkinson and F. Rogers,
480; Copper, Cobalt, and Vickel in American Pig-
irons, Prof. E. D. Campbell, 573 : Thermal Transform-
ations of Carbon Steels, Prof. J. O. Arnold and A.
McWilliam, 572 ; Overheated Steel. A. W. Richards and
J. E. Stead, F.R.S., 573 ; Special Steels used for Motor-
car Construction in France, L. Guillet, 573 ; Use of
Vanadium in Metallurgy, L. Guillet, 573 ; Segregation
in Steel Ingots, B. Talbot, 573: Reversible and Irre-
versible Transformations of Nickel Steel, L. Dumas,
573; Investigation of a Series of Steels of Constant
Nickel with varying Carbon Percentages, G. B. Water-
house, 573 ; the Presence of Greenish Coloured Markings
in the Fractured Surfaces of Test-pieces, Captain H. G.
Howorth, 573 ; Wear of Steel Rails on Bridges, Thomas
Andrews, F.R.S., 573 : Experiments on the Influence of
Phase Changes on the Tenacity of Ductile Metals at the
Ordinary Temperature and at the Boiling Point of Liquid

Air, G. T. and H. W. Beilby, 642
Metaphysics : Metaphysik in der Psychiatrie, Dr. P.

Kronthal, 29; Principien der Metaphysik, Dr. Branislav

Petronievics, 75
Meteorology : Flashes of Lightning which leave a Glow

in their Wake, Em. Touchet, 18; Meteorological Results
obtained at the Magnetical Observatory at Toronto for
the Year 1904, 41; New South Wales Meteorology, 41;
Beiträge zur Physik der freien Atmosphäre, 53 ; a Rela-
tion between Spring and Summer, Alex. B. MacDowall,
56: a Feather-like Form of Frost, H. M. Warner, So;
Rainfall of the Nile Basin in 1904, Captain H. G. Lyons,
88 ; Continuous Observations of the rate of Dissipation
of Electric Charges in the Open Air, Dr. C. Coleridge
Farr, 94 ; Rainfall of the Ben Nevis Observatories,
Andrew Watt, 108; Islands for Weather Forecasting
Purposes, Dr. William J. S. Lockyer, I ; W. Ernest
Cooke, 343; Weather Report for the Week Ending
June 3, 131; Measurement of Evaporation, R. Strachan,
141; Royal Meteorological Society, 141, 216; Rainfall of
the Drainage Area of the Talla Reservoir, B. H. Blyth
and W. A. Tait, 143 ; Solar Changes and Weather, Dr.
William J. S. Lockyer, 129, 175; A. B. M., 175:
Weather Influences, an Empirical Study of the Mental
and Physiological Effects of Definite Meteorological Con-
ditions, Dr. E. G. Dexter, 147; Work of the U.S.
Weather Bureau, Gilbert H. Grosvenor, 157; Aboriginal
Methods of Determining the Seasons, William E.
Rolston, 176; the Thames Flow and British Pressure'and
Rainfall Changes, Dr. William J. S. Lockyer, 178 ;
Frequency of Sunshine at the Summit of the Sonnblick
with that at Other Mountain Stations, A. Edler von
Obermayr, 183; Relation between Variation of Baro-
metric Pressure and Sea Level on the Coast of Japan,
Prof. Omori, 228; Rainfall of Bombay, 229; the Explor-
ation of the Atmosphere above the Atlantic, A. Lawrence
Rotch, 244 ; Report on the Currents at the Entrance of
the Bay of Fundy and Southern Nova Scotia for the
Year 1904, Bell Dawson, 205; Normal Electrical Pheno-
mena of the Atmosphere, G. C. Simpson, 216; l'se of
Rockets Against Hail, E. Vidal, 288; Fernley Obscrv-
atory Report, 253 ; Pulse-rate and Atmospheric Pressure,
T. Okada, 253; the Norwegian North Polar Expedition,
1893-1896, Scientific Results, 265; an Omitted Safe-
guard, Richard Bentley, 269; Report of Mauritius
Observatory for 1904, 300; Records of Differences of
Temperature between McGill College Observatory and
the Top of Mount Royal, Montreal, Prof. C. McLeod,
328; the Connection of Meteorology with Other Sciences,
Captain D. Wilson Barker, 328 ; some Aspects of Moderr
Weather Forecasting, Dr. W. N. Shaw, F.R.S., at

Royal Institution of Great Britain, 354 ; Weather Report Determination des Espèces minérales, L. M. Granderye,
for the Week Ending August 12, 384 ; Weather for Week 54; Fætid Calcite found near Chatham, Canada, B. J.
Ending August 31, 433 ; the Storm of July 22 and 24 at

Harrington, 158 ; Gladkäite, L. Duparc and F. Pearce,
Gujarat, 463 ; October Rainfall, 463 ; Ben Nevis Observ-

192 ; Chemical Composition of Lengenbachite, A.
atory and the Argentine Republic, William S. Bruce,

Hutchinson, 215; Chemical Composition of Hutchin-
485; Observations of the Electric Conditions of the

sonite, G. 1. Prior, 215; Identity of the Amiantos of
Atmosphere during the Recent Solar Eclipse, Prof. F. the Ancients with Chrysotile, Dr. J. W. Evans, 215;
Elster and Prof. H. Geitel and F. Harms, 490 ; Weather Mineralogical Society, 215; the Isomorphism and
during Last Week, 494 ; the Ga!es from the Great Lakes Thermal Properties of the Felspars, Arthur L. Day and
to the Maritime Provinces, Canada, B. C. Webber, 494 ; E. T. Allen, 258; Clays and Clay Industries of Iowa,
International Meteorological Conference at Innsbruck, S. W. Beyer, G. W. Bissell, 1. A. Williams, J. B.
510, 562 ; Snowfall and Avalanches during 1904 on the Weems, and A. Marston, 388; Clays and Clay Industries
South-west Flank of Mont Blanc, M. Mougin, 561 ; of New Jersey, H. Ries and H. B. Kümmel, 388 ;
Death of Dr. W. von Bezold, 563; the Monte Rosa Mechanical Properties of Iron in Isolated Crystals, F.
Observatory, Dr. Alessandri, 565; New South Wales Osmond and Ch. Frémont, 392 ; a New Formation of
Rainfall for 1901–2, 566 ; Rainfall in British East Africa, Diamond, Sir William Crookes, F.R.S., 527; Troostite,
4. Linton, 590

Dr. C. Benedicks, 573
Meteors : Winter Fireballs in 1905, Mr. Denning, 66; Minerals: a Handbook to a Collection of the Minerals
Determination of Meteor Radiants, Mr. Denning, 158;

of the British Islands in the Museum of Practical
Perturbation of the Bielid Meteors, Dr. A. M. W.

Geology, F. W. Rudler, 76; Mineral Production of
Downing. F.R.S., 189; July and August Meteors, 255; India, T. H. Holland, F.R.S., 162 ; Remarkable Finds
Observations of Perseids, Robert Dole, 279 ; Observ-

of Rare Minerals in Texas, W. E. Hidden, 206 ; Mineral
ations of Perseids, August, 640; a Remarkable Meteor, Resources of United States, Report for 1903, Dr. David
Dr. G. Johnstone Stoney, 279 ; Determination of Meteor

T. Day, 540 ; Mineral Statistics of Peru for 1904, 609
Radiants, M. Eginitis, 303 ; Prof. Nijland, 303 ; Real

Minet (Adolphe), le Four Electrique, son Origine, ses
Paths of Lyrid Meteors, Mr. Denning, 465; Incan Transformations et ses Applications, 267
descence of Meteors, George A. Brown, 604; A. S. H.,

Mining : the Mount Morgan Gold Mine, Queensland, E. J.

Dunn, 41; a Manual of Mining, M. C. Ihlseng and E. B.
Metrology: le Système des Poids, Mesures et Monnaies

Wilson, 53; the Investigation of Mine Air, Sir C. Le
des Israélites d'après la Bible, B. P. Moors, 506

Neve Foster, F.R.S., and Dr. J. S. Haldane, F.R.S.,
Metschnikoff (M.), the Microbe of Syphilis, 85

124; Gold Ore at Bendigo, Victoria, at 4262 Feet, 131;
Meyer (A. B.), Studies of the Museums and Kindred Insti-

World's Copper Production in 1904, 131; Discovery of
tutions of New York City, Albany, Buffalo, and Chicago,

Tin Ore in the Transvaal, 131; Mines and Quarries
with Notes on some European Institutions, 340

Statistics for 1904, 228; Preliminary Report of the
Michelson and Morley's (Messrs.) Experiments on Ether,

Departmental Committee on the Royal College of Science
Prof. Fitzgerald and Prof. Lorentz, 566; E. W. Morley and Royal School of Mines, 232 ; the Liége Mining and
and D. C. Miller, 566

Metallurgical Congress, 236; Discovery of Coal at
Micrometer, an Electric, Dr. P. E. Shaw at Royal Society,

Abancourt (Meurthe-et-Moselle), René Nicklès, 264 ;

Report on Mines and Quarries for 1903, 300; Digest of
Microscopy : Royal Microscopical Society, 23, 142, 262 ; the Evidence given Before the Royal Commission on

the Ashe-Finlayson Comparascope, D. Finlayson, 90; Coal Supplies (1901-1995), 395; Mining in New South
Microscopic Preparations Illustrating the Development Wales, Dredging for Tin Ore, 433; the Scorification
of Calcareous Spicules in Various Invertebrate Animals, Assay for Gold Telluride Ores, W. F. Hillebrand and
Prof. E. A. Minchin and W. Woodland, 92 ; Microscopic E. 1. Allen, 493 ; Cripple Creek Gold Deposits in
Structure of Minerals forming Serpentine, Prof. T. G. Colorado, W. Lindgren and F. L. Ransome, 493 ; the
Bonney, F.R.S., and Miss C. A. Raisin, 215; Elementary (oals and Lignites of the United States, Preliminary
Microscopy, F. Shillington Scales, 268

Report, E. W. Parker, J. A. Holmes, and M. R. Camp-
Middleton (Prof. T. H.), the Woburn Experimental Fruit bell, 493-4 ; Institution of Mining Engineers, 518; Earth
Farm, 461

in Collieries, Electricity in Mines, Sydney F. Walker,
Midlay (Dr. A.), Determinations of the Viscosities of

519; the Physics and Chemistry of Mining, T. H.
Liquid Mixtures at the Temperature of their Boiling Byrom, 557; Mineral Statistics of Peru for 1904, 600 ;
Points, 642

Statistics of the Persons Employed in Mines and
Miers (Prof. H. A., M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.). Opening

Quarries, and Accidents that Occurred in 1904, 609
Address in Section C at the Meeting of the British Miocene of Maryland, Relation of the, to that of other
Issociation in South Africa, 405

Regions and to the Recent Fauna, W. H. Dall, 162
Milk, Bacteriological Standard of Purity of, Dr. Newman, Mitchell (W. M.), Sun-spot Spectra, 330

Modern Electric Practice, Maurice Solomon, 99
Milk Depôts, Infantile Mortality and Infants', G. F.

Modern Electricity, J. Henry and K. J. Hora, Maurice
McCleary, 6

Solomon, 99
Millais (J. G.), the Black Rat (Mus rattus ater). 229

Moffat (C. B.), Duration of Flight among Bats, 132
Miller (D. C.), Messrs. Michelson and Morley's Experi-

Moir (Dr. J.), the Law Governing the Solubility of Zinc
ments on Ether, 506
Miller (J. A.), Double Star Observations, 135

Hydroxide in Alkalis, 643
Miller (N. H. J.), Effect of Plant Growth and of Manures

Moissan (H.), New Synthesis of Oxalic Acid, 71; Chloride
upon the Soil, 94

and Bromide of Thorium, 167; Reactions between
Millosevich (Prof.), Recent Observations of Eros, 256

Fluorine and the Compounds of Nitrogen and Oxygen,
Millport Marine Station, the, S. Pace, 456

183 ; Action of Fluorine on some ('ompounds of Nitrogen,
Milne (James R.), General Principles of Absorption Spectro-

photometry, and a New Instrument, 391

Molecular Data, the Constant of Radiation as calculated
Milroy (Dr. J. 1.), Physiologie des Menschen, Dr. Luigi

from, the Right Hon. Lord Rayleigh, O.M., F.R.S.,
Luciani, Supp. to October 19, X

Minchin (Prof. E. 1.), Microscopic Preparations illustrating

Molesworth (Major), a Suspected Sudden Change on
the Development of Calcareous Spicules in Various In-

Jupiter, 207; the Planet Mars, 388
vertebrate Animals, 02 ; Sponge Nomenclature, 95

Molliard (M.), Pure Culture of Green Plants in a Confined
Minchin (Prof. George M., F.R.S.), Elements of the Differ-

Atmosphere in Presence of Organic Substances, 424
ential and Integral Calculus, 26

Mollusca : the British Slugs, Prof. T. D. A. Cockerell, 245
Mineralogy : Growth of Crystals in the Contact-zone of Monck (W. H. S.), Periodicity of Aërolite Falls, 230

Granite and Amphibolite,' Prof. Grenville A. J. Cole Moncrieff (Colonel Sir C. Scott, K.C.S.I., K.C.M.G.,
23 : Amber in United States, Dr. A. Hollick, 40; the R.E., LL.D.), Opening Address in Section G at the
Large Diamond found in the Premier Mine, Transvaal, Meeting of the British Association in South Africa,

Monpillard (F.), Method for Establishing Coloured Screens Mougin (M.), Snowfall and Avalanches during 1904 on
to Isolate Groups of Radiations, 264

the South-west Flank of Mont Blanc, 561
Bloon's Surface, the Reality of Supposed Changes on the, Mount Wilson Observatory, Prof. Hale, 19
M. Puiseux, 230

Mountain Sickness : Respiration at High Altitudes, Prof.
Moore (Charles). Death of, 275

Angelo Mosso, 65
Moore . E. S.), Cellular Constituents Peculiar to Can Mountaineering: Estimation of the Red Corpuscles in

cerous and Reproductive Tissues, 92; Resemblances Human Blood made at the Summit of Mont Blanc, Raoul
between ** Plimmer's Bodies" of Malignant Growths and Bayeux, 288; Intra-organic Combustions measured by
Certain Normal Constituents of Reproductive Cells of the Respiratory Exchanges as affected by Residence int
Animals, 164

an Altitude of 4350 Metres, G. Kuss, 336
Moors (B. P.),' le Système des Poids, Mesures et Monnaies Moureu (Charles), Sparteine and its Reaction with
des Israélites d'après la Bible, 306

Methyl Iodide, 192 ; Sparteine, the Stereoisomerism of
Morbology: Death of Dr. J. E. Dutton, 15; Obituary the Two lodomethylates, 216; Action of Ethyl lodide on

Votice of, 37; the Causative Organism of Mediterranean Sparteine, 264
Fever, Major Herrocks. 17; the Microbe of Syphilis, Mouton (H.), Magnetic Double Refraction, New Active
MM. Metschnikoff and Roux, 85; Plague in India, Dr.

Liquids, 392
Charles Creighton, 86; a Treatise on Plague, Dr. W. J. Moye (M.), French Observations of the Total Solar Eclipse,
Simpson, Dr. E. Klein, F.R.S., 529; the so-called

"Cancer Bodies" (Ruffer's Bodies) of Malignant Muller (P. Th.), Method for Determining the Specific Heats
Tumours, C. Walker, 86; the Present Position of the of Solutions, 216
Cancer Problem, Prof. R. T. Hewlett, 295: Resem- | Muller (Prof. Victor René). Death of. 62
blances between "Plimmer's Bodies" of Malignant Murray (Donald), Setting Type by Telegraph, 568
Growths and Certain Normal Constituents of Repro Murray (J.), Tardigrada of the Scottish Lochs, 191
ductive Cells of Animals, Prof. J. Bretland Farmer, Murray (Sir John, K.C.B.), Bathymetry, Deposits ard
F.R.S., J. E. S. Moore, and C. E. Walker, 164 ; the Temperature of the South-western Pacific, 391
Parasite of “ Kala Azar," Brevet Lieut.-Colonel W. B. Murray's Handbook of Travel-talk, 269
Leishman, 92; Transference of Infection in Ankylo-

Museums : a Handbook to a Collection of the Minerals of
stomiasis through the Skin, MM. Calmette and Breton, the British Islands in the Museum of Practical Geology,
107; Virulence of Micro-organisms and their Immu F. W. Rudler, 76; Catalogue of the Lepidoptera
nising Powers, Dr. Strong, 108; Tuberculosis among Phalænæ in the British Museum, Sir George F. Hamp-
the Coloured People of New York, 228; Human and son, Bart., 174; Guide to the Gallery of Birds in the
Bovine Tuberculosis, Bovine Infection in Children, Dr. British Museum, 28; Studies of the Museums and
Nathan Raw, 354 : the International Congress on Kindred Institutions of New York City, Albany,
Tuberculosis, 581; Anti-malaria Measures in Malay Buffalo, and Chicago, with Notes on some European
States, 252 ; Human Tick Fever, Dr. Todd and Everett

Institutions, A. B. Meyer, 340
Dutton, 332 ; Sex-correlation and Disease, Deaf-mutism, Music, Field Book of Wild Birds and their, F. Schuyler
Charles Bond, 332 ; Ticks Concerned in the Dissemin-

Mathews, 602
ation of Disease in Man, Tick Fever in Congo Free Musil (Prof. A.), Bau der Dampfturbinen, 219
State, R. Newstead, 354 ; Guinea Worm and its Hosts, Mutation, Species and Varieties, their Origin by, Hugo
Dr. Graham, 354 : Outbreak of Yellow Fever at New de Vries, 314
Orleans, 421; Goats Capable of Transmitting Mediter Mycology : Beiträge zur physiologischen Anatomie der
ranean and Malta Fever, Major Horrocks and Dr. Pilzgallen, Hermann Ritter von Guttenberg, E. R.
Zammit, 462 ; Cholera in Germany, 514; Cholera in

Burdon, 339; the British Moss-flora, Dr. R. Braith-
Berlin, 563 ; Parasites of Indian Field Rat, Lieut.

waite, 425
Christophers, 515

Mythology of the British Islands, the, Charles Squire, 145
Morgan (G. T.), New Diamines, 166
Morgan (R. B.), Introductory Mathematics, 101
Morley (E. W.). Messrs. Michelson and Morley's Experi “N" Rays, the, a Collection of Papers Communicated
ments on Ether, 566

to the Academy of Sciences, with Additional Notes and
Morley's (Messrs. Michelson and) Experiments on Ether, Instructions for the Construction of Phosphorescent

Prof. Fitzgerald and Prof. Lorentz, 566 ; E. W. Morley Screens, Prof. R. Blondlot, Prof. John G. McKendrick,
and D. C. Miller, 566

F.R.S., 195
Morphology: Morphology of the Ungulate Placenta, R. | Nagaoka (Mr.), Phosphatic Fertilisers on Limed and on
Assheton, 391; the Developmental History of Ornitho Unlimed Land. 138
rhynchus, Prof. J. T. Wilson, 401; the Origin and Nakano (Mr.), Variations of Latitude, 437
Nature of the Mammalian Lower Jaw, Prof. Gaupp, | Natal, Colony of, Report of the Technical Education Com-
401; Einleitung in der experimentelle Morphologie der mission, 460
Tiere, Dr. Hans Przibram, 426; Papillary Ridges and | Natal Government Observatory, the, 592
Grooves on the Sole of the Foot in the Primates, Dr. | National League for Physical Improvement, 235
O. Schlaginhausen, 564

Natural History: Rival Parents, Kennedy J. P. Orton,
Mortality, Infantile, and Infants' Milk Depôts, G. F. 8; Natural History in Zoological Gardens, being some
McCleary, 6

Account of Vertebrated Animals, with Special Reference
Mortimer (J. R.), Forty Years' Researches in British and to Those Usually Seen in the Zoological Society's
Saxon Mounds of East Yorkshire, 398

Gardens in London and Similar Institutions, F. E.
Morton (Prof. W. B.), the Effect of Radium on the Beddard, 13; Death and Obituary Notice of Colonel N.
Strength of Threads, 365

Pike, 38; New South Wales Linnean Society, 47, 192,
Mosquitoes: a Monograph of the Anopheles Mosquitoes

312, 528, 552 ; the Cambridge Natural History, 103 ;
of India, S. P. James and Dr. W. G. Liston, Dr. Linnean Society, 118, 166; Death and Obituary Notice
J. W. W. Stephens, 73; the Possibility of Reducing of Mrs. Emma Hubbard, 131; the Camera in the Fields,
Mosquitoes, Major Ronald Ross, F.R.S., 151; Anti F. C. Snell, 153 ; the Bahama Islands, 154 ; Develop-
Malaria Measures in Malay States, 252 ; Memorias do ment of the Ascus, and on Spore Formation in the
Museu Goeldi (Museu Paraense) de Historia Naturale Ascomycetes, J. H. Faull, 327; the American Thorough-
Ethnographia, iv., Os Mosquitos no Pará, Prof. Dr. bred, C. E. Trevathan, 395; Nature-study Lessons for
Emilio Augusto Goeldi, 607

Primary Grades, L. B. McMurry, 483 ; the So-called
Moss (R. J.), Gases Liberated on Pulverising Monazite, Gold-coated Teeth in Sheep, Prof. A. Liversidge, 504;

the Færöes and Iceland, Studies in Island Life, N.
Aloss-fiora, the British, Dr. R. Braithwaite, 425

Annandale, 506: the Preservation of Native Plants and
Macso (Prof. Angelo), Mountain Sickness, Respiration at Animals, Prof. W. B. Benham, 534 ; Death of Dr. A. H.

High Altitudes, 65; Physiological Effects of Rarefaction Japp, 563 ; the Essex Field Club, 606
on the Respiration of the Orang-utan, 436

Natural Selection: the Causation of Variations, Dr. G.
Moths and Butterflies, Mary C. Dickerson, 76

Archdall Reid, 318

Nature and Man, Romanes Lecture at Oxford, Prof. E. | Nuttall (G. C.), Prof. G. Haberlandt's Investigations on
Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 184

| the Sense-organs of Plants, 565
Nature and Man, Prof. John Perry, F.R.S., 199

Nuttall (Dr. George, F.R.S.), Scientific Research in
Naturalistische und Religiöse Weltansicht, Rudolf Otto, 77' Medicine, Address at London School of Tropical
Naturwissenschaft, Prinzipienfragen in der, Max Verworn, Medicine, 643
Supp. to October 19, vii

Nuttall (Mrs. Zelia), a Penitential Rite of the Ancient
Naumann Festival at Cöthen, the, Prof. Alfred Newton, Mexicans, Drawing Blood, 88
F.R.S., 36

Vutting (P. G.), Study of the Spectra of Alloys of Different
Naval Architecture : Institution of Naval Architects, 303 ; Metals, 591

Experiments with Models of Constant Length and Form
of Cross Section, but with Varying Breadths and
Draughts, Lieut.-Colonel B. Rota, 303; Experiments Oak, the Cowthorpe, 43, 182 ; John Clayton, 43
upon the Effect of Water on Speed, Harold Yarrow, Obermaier (Dr. Hugo), on the Origin of Eoliths, 636
303 ; Influence of the Depth of Water on Speed, W. W. Obermayr (A. Edler von), Frequency of Sunshine at the
Marriner, 303 ; Causes of Accidents to Submarine Boats,

Summit of the Sonnblick with that at Other Mountain
Captain R. H. Bacon, 306; Institution of Naval Stations, 183
Architects, a Century's Progress in Warship Design, Oblique and Isometric Projection, Jchn Watson, 629
Sir Philip Watts, 320

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