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Nature, December 14, 1905

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ABBOT (BRIG.-GENERAL HENRY L.), Problems of the Panama Dr. Westermarck, 435; Death and Obituary Notice of Canal, 394

M. de Brazza, 515; New Gladiolus from Victoria Falls, Abderhalden (Emil), Recent Advances in the Chemistry of 539 ; Science in South Africa, a Handbook and Review, Albumin, 437

628 Abdominal Diseases, Clinical and Pathological Observations Agassiz (Prof. Alexander), Influence of the Humboldt on Acute, E. M. Corner, 122

Current on the Marine Life West of Callao, 17 Aberration, the Constant of, Prof. Doolittle, 592

Agriculture : Calcium Nitrate in Agriculture, E. S. Aboriginal India, 105

Bellenoux, 47; Effect of Plant Growth and of Manures Aboriginal Methods of determining the Seasons, William upon the Soil, A. D. Hall and N. H. J. Miller, 04: E. Rolston, 176

Agricultural Notes, 138; Phosphatic Fertilisers on Limed Abraham (Henri), Electrolytic Production of Very Fine and on Unlimed Land, Mr. Nagaoka, 138; Work Done

Wires, 143; Recueil d'Expérience élémentaires de at the Rothamsted Experimental Station for the year endPhysique, 172

ing March 31, A. D. Hall, 138; Sugar Cane Experiments Absence of Vibration in a Turbine Steamship, Prof. David in the Leeward Islands, Dr. F. Watts, 157 ; DeterminTodd, 603

ation of Sulphuric Acid in Soils, J. Howard Graham, Absorption Spectra, Prof. H. Kayser, 627

205; Ripening is due Moulds and Bacteria in Absorption Spectrum of Benzene in the Ultra-violet Camembert Type of Soft Cheese, 229; • Brusca,” a

Region, on the, Dr. E. C. C. Baly and Prof. J. Norman Disease of the Olive, Prof. Cuboni, 276; Diseases of Collie, F.R.S., 239, 630; Prof. W. N. Hartley, F.R.S., Citrous Plants and Fruits caused by the Fungus Colleto557 : Ultra-violet Absorption Spectra, the Phenols, trichum gloeosporioides, P. H. Rolfs, 277 ; the State and E. C. C. Baly and E. K. Ewbank, 239

Agriculture in Hungary, Dr. Ignatius Darányi, 291; Academic Side of Technical Training, Dr. Alex. B. W. British Fruit Growing, 297; Alfred O. Walker, 342; Kennedy, F.R.S., 256

Spencer Pickering, F.R.S., 396; Recent Publications in Academy of the Lincei, Prize Awards, 461

Agricultural Science, 324; Concimi, Mangimi, Sementi, Acoustics : Propagation of Musical Sounds in a Tube of &c., Commercie, frodi, e repressione delle frodi, Special

3 Metres Diameter, J. Violle and Th. Vautier, 95; the mente in Italia, Italo Giglioli, 324; Field Operations of Amplitude of the Minimum Audible Impulsive Sound, the Bureau of Soils, 1903, 325; Science and Practice of Dr. P. E. Shaw, 503 ; Can Fish Hear? Dr. O. Körner, Agriculture, Farmer's Handbook, T. Jamieson, 325; the 638

Seeding of Pastures, A. N. M'Alpine, 328 ; Cultivation Acquired Characters, the Inheritance of, W. Woods Smyth, of Oranges in Dominica, H. Hesketh Bell, 328; the 152

Banana Industry in Costa Rica, 328; the Woburn ExAdams (John), Effect of Very Low Temperature on Moist perimental Fruit Farm, Prof. T. H. Middleton, 461; Seeds, 143

Insect Pests of Field and Garden Crops, Prof. Theobald, Adams (Prof.), the Orbit of $ Tauri, 592

539 ; Leaf-hoppers and their Enemies, R. C. L. Perkins, Aërolite Falls, Periodicity of, W. H. S. Monck, 230

539; Indigo Planting and Synthetic Indigo, 637; Birds Aeronautics : Atmospheric Electricity observed from in the field and Garden, 638; Manurial Experiments

Balloons, George C. Simpson, 92 ; International Aëro- with Cacao in Dominica, West Indies, 639; Recent nautical Committee's Ascents in January to April, 229; Developments in Agricultural Science, A. D. Hall, 642 ; the Exploration of the Atmosphere above the Atlantic, Chemical Survey of the Soils of Cape Colony, 642 A. Lawrence Rotch, 244; Projects of Artificial Flight, | Aitken (John), Evaporation of Musk and other Substances, Arnold Samuelson, 329; Dr. Federico Sacco, 329 ; 391 ** Helicoptère Aéroplane of H. and A. Dufaux, René Albrecht (Prof. T.), Variations of Latitudes, 110; Jupiter's de Saussure, 329 ; Experiments with the Langley Aëro- Sixth and Seventh Satellites, 352; Observations of drome, Dr. S. P. Langley, 645

Jupiter's Seventh Satellite, 424 Africa : an Introduction to the Geology of Cape Colony, i Albumin, Recent Advances in the Chemistry of, Emil

A. W. Rogers, Prof. Grenville A. J. Cole, 35; the Abderhalden, 437 Geology of South Africa, F. H. Hatch and G. S. Alchemical Equipment in the Eleventh Century A.D., H. E. Corstorphine, 346 ; Meeting of the British Association in Stapleton and R. F. Azo, 452 South Africa, 59 (see British Association); the Masai, Alcohol, Duty-free, Dr. F. Mollwo Perkin, 344 their Language and Folklore, A. C. Hollis, Sir H. H. Aldrich (J. M.), a Catalogue of North American Diptera Johnston, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., 83 ; Antelopes, Heuglin's or Two-winged Flies, 317 * Giant Eland," A. L. Butler, 133 : Ticks Concerned in Alessandri (Dr.), the Monte Rosa Observatory. 565 the Dissemination of Disease in Man, Tick Fever in Alexander (A. D.), Explosions of Mixtures of Coal-gas and Congo Free State, R. Newstead, 354; Guinea Worm and Air in a Closed Vessel, 311 its Hosts, Dr. Graham, 354; a Gigantic Gorilla, Prof. Algebra : Modern Algebra, A. B. Basset, F.R.S.; 30; a E. T. Hamy, 434; the Magic Origin of Moorish Designs, 1 First Algebra, W. M. Baker and A. A. Bourne, 393 ;

I 22


Algebraical Grounding, D. E. Shorto, 393 ; Examples in Anti-typhoid Inoculation, a Short Treatise on, Dr. A. E. Algebra, Charles M. Clay, 393

Wright, 122 Algeria : Monographie des Cynipides d'Europe et d'Algérie, Antlitz der Erde, das, Prof. Eduard Suess, 193 l'Abbé J. J. Kieffer, 455

Appendix Vermiformis, the Surgery of the Diseases of the, Algiers, New Observatory in, Lucien Libert, 207

and their Complications, W. H. Battle and E. M. Corner, Allen (E. T.), the Isomorphism and Thermal Properties of the Felspars, 258; the Scorification Assay for Gold

Appleyard (Rollo), Contact with Dielectrics, 215 Telluride Ores, 493.

Aquilæ, Nova, No. 2, Prof. Max Wolf, 494, 611; Dr. P. Allen (Dr. F. J.), the Critical Temperature and Pressure

Guthnick, 494, 611; Prof. Hartwig, 518; Mrs. Fleming, of Living Substances, 7

542 ; Prof. Pickering, 640 Alpheraky (Sergius), the Geese of Europe and Asia, 266

Arachnida : Two Orders of Arachnida, Opiliones, Alternating Currents, A. Russell, Maurice Solomon, 99 Alvarez (Eugenio Piñerlla), New Reagent for Potassium,

especially the Suborder Cyphophthalmi, and Ricinulei, 47; a New Osmium Compound, 72; a Reaction of

namely, the Family Cryptostemmatoidæ, Dr. H. J. Rhodium, 96

Hansen and Dr. W. Sörensen, R. 1. Pocock, 577; Amann (M.), the Rings of Saturn, 388

Palaeozoische Arachniden, Prof. Dr. Anton Fritsch, R. I.

Pocock, 577
America : Astronomical Society of America, 19; Biologia
Centrali-Americana, Aves, Osbert Salvin, F.R.S., and

Arber (E. A. N.), Seed-bearing Habit in the LyginoFrederick Ducane Godman, F.R.S., 49 : University of

dendreæ, 166 Pennsylvania, Transactions of the Department of

Archæology : Relation between Stonehenge, Old Sarum, Archæology, Free Museum of Science and Art, H. R. and Grovely Castle, Colonel Johnston, 16; Notes on Hall, 98; Manual of the Trees of North America (ex- Stonehenge, Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 32, clusive of Mexico), C. S. Sargent, 197; a Catalogue of 246, 270; Prehistoric Graves and Dwelling. Places near North American Diptera or Two-winged Flies, J. M.

Breslau, 63; the Evolution of Engraving in the Stone Aldrich, 317; American Research in Asia, Prof. Grenville Age, Ed. Piette, 81; University of Pennsylvania, TransA. J. Cole, 366; the American Thoroughbred, C. E. actions of the Department of Archæology, Free Museum Trevathan. 395

of Science and Art, H. R. Hall, 98 ; an Inverted Slab in Anatomy: First International Congress of Anatomists, 400 :

a Cromlech, Edward Greenly, 152 ; Results obtained in Importance of Selecting Generalised Species for Ana- Egypt by Prof. Flinders Petrie, 228; British Archæology tomical Demonstrations, Dr. H. W. Rand, 302 ; Coral

and Philistinism, Worthington G. Smith, 294 ; MoneyAnatomy and development, Dr. J. E. Duerden, 185

boxes in the form of Mammæ, F. Rosen, 386; Forty Ancient Antarctica, Captain F. W. Hutton, F.R.S., 244

Years' Researches in British and Saxon Burial Mounds Andersen (K.), Some Species of Bats of the Genus Rhino- of East Yorkshire, J. R. Mortimer, 398; Death of Prof. lophus, 119

Jules Oppert, 421; Obituary Notice, 432 ; the Annual of Anderson (E. L.), Riding and Driving, 197

the British School at Athens, H. R. Hall, 558; Dr. Anderson (Prof. R. J.), Physical Deterioration, 331

Arthur Evans's Work at Knossos, 558; Excavations at Andoyer (M.), Further Results obtained by the French Palaikastro, Messrs. Dawkins and Currelly, 559 ; the Eclipse Expeditions, 567

Aryanism of the Minoans, R. S. Conway, 560 Andrews (Leonard), Electricity Control, a Treatise on Architecture, Naval : Institution of Naval Architects, 303 ; Switch-gear Systems of Electric Transmission, 99

Experiments with Models of Constant Length and Form Andrews (Thomas, F.R.S.), Wear of Steel Rails on Bridges, of Cross Section, but with Varying Breadths and 573

Draughts, Lieut.-Colonel B. Rota, 303; Experiments Angler's Hours, an, H. T. Sherringham, 220

upon the Effect of Water on Speed, Harold Yarrow, 303 ; Anglo-Saxons, Latins et, Races supérieures et Races Influence of the Depth of Water on Speed, W. W. inférieures, Prof. N. Colajanni, 533

Marriner, 303 ; Causes of Accidents to Submarine Boats, Animals : Animal Photography, 54; Animals I Have Captain R. H. Bacon, 306

Known, A. H. Beavan, 125; the Preservation of Native Arctica : the Norwegian North Polar Expedition, 1893Plants and Animals, Prof. W. B. Benham, 534

1896, Scientific Results, 265; Commander Peary's ExAnnandale (Dr. N.), Occurrence of the Fresh-water Worm pedition to North Pole, 274; Return of the Ziegler

Chætogaster in India, 24; Four New Barnacles from the North Polar Expedition, A. Fiala, 422 ; New Island disNeighbourhood of Java, 360; the Færöes and Iceland, covered, Terre de France, Lieut. Bergendahl, 461; Studies in Island Life, 506

Death and Obituary Notice of Captain J. Wiggins, 515 Anomalous Dispersion and “ Flocculi,” Prof. Julius, 19 Area-scale, Radial, R. W. K. Edwards, 150 Anopheles Mosquitoes of India, a Monograph of the, S. P. Argentine Republic, Ben Nevis Observatory and the, James and Dr. W. G. Liston, Dr. J. W. W. Stephens,

William S. Bruce, 485 73

Arithmetic: a Text-book of Chemical Arithmetic, Horace Antarctica : Scientific Results of the National Antarctic L. Wells, 556; Examples in Arithmetic, C. 0. Tuckey,

Expedition, 57; Antarctic Expedition, Dr. J. Charcot, 580 ; the Primary Arithmetic, 580 202: Ancient Antarctica, Captain F. W. Hutton, F.R.S., Arloing (Prof.), the Infection of Man by Bovine Tubercle 244

Bacilli, 582
Anthropology : the Probable Racial Constituents of the Armstrong (Dr. E. F.), the Role of Enzymes in Plant

Portuguese, A. da Costa Ferreira, 87; a Penitential Rite Economy, 642
of the Ancient Mexicans, Drawing Blood, Mrs. Zelia Arnold (F.), Consciousness and its Object, 464
Nuttall, 88; Anthropological Institute, 118; I Nuovi Arnold (Prof. J. 0.), Thermal Transformations of Carbon
Indirizzi e le Promesse della Odierna Antropologia,

Steels, 572 Fabio Frassetto, 173; the Magic Origin of Moorish Arrhenius (Prof. Svante), the Electrical Charge of the Sun, Designs, Dr. Westermarck, 435: Les Six Races com- 43 posant la Population actuelle de l'Europe, Dr. Deniker, Arsonval (Prof. d'), Apparatus for Generation and Auto464 ; Remains of Neolithic Buildings in Scandinavia, matic Compression of Oxygen, 541 H. Schetelig, 515; Latins et Anglo-Saxons, Races supéri- Artificial Diamonds, Dr. C. V. Burton, 397

et Races inférieures, Prof. N. Colajanni, 533 : Ascent of Sap in Trees, the Mechanics of the, Prof. J. Machine-made Eoliths, M. Boule, 538 ; on the Origin of Larmor, Sec.R.S., at Royal Society, 644 Eoliths, Marcellin Boule, 635; Dr. Hugo Obermaier, Ashworth (James), Outbursts of Gas and Coal at the 636; Greek Grotesque Figures as Charms against the Morrissey Collieries, British Columbia, 131 Evil Eye, A. J. B. Wace, 560; Decorative Objects Worn Asia : the Geese of Europe and Asia, Sergius Alpheraky, by the Natives of Borneo, R. Shelford, 638

266 Anthropometric Survey, Physical Deterioration, being the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 24, 120, 360, 452

Report of Papers and Discussions at the Cambridge Asphalt Pavement, the Modern, Clifford Richardson, 316 Meeting of the British Association, 1904, on the Alleged Assaying, Notes on, and Metallurgical Laboratory ExperiPhysical Deterioration of the People and the Utility of

ments. Prof. Richard W. Lodge, 340



Assyriology : Death of Prof. Jules Oppert, 421; Obituary

Notice of, 432
Asteroids : Occlo (475), an Interesting Asteroid, R. H.
Frost, 330, 388; Variation of a Newly Discovered
Asteroid, Dr. Palisa, 494 ; the Variable Asteroid
1905 Q.Y., Dr. Palisa, 518; Prof. Berberich, 518;
Ephemeris of the Variable Asteroid (167) Urda, A.

Berberich, 542
Astronomy : Recent Spectroheliograph Results, Dr. William

J. S. Lockyer, 9; Phillip Fox, 183 ; Interpretation of
Spectroheliograph Pictures, M. N. Donitch, 495; Prof.
Hale and Mr. Ellerman, 495; Our Astronomical Column,
19, 43. 66, 89, 110, 135, 158, 183, 207, 230, 255, 279, 302,
330, 352, 388, 424, 436, 465, 494, 518, 542, 567, 591,
610, 639; Discovery of a Tenth Satellite to Saturn, 19,
135; Prof. W. H. Pickering, 19; Observations of the
Satellites of Saturn and Uranus, Messrs. Frederick and
Hammond, 230; the Rings of Saturn, MM. Amann and
Rozet, 388; Light-variation of Saturn's Satellites, Dr.
P. Guthnick, 611; Observations of Phæbe, R. H. Frost,
330; the Alleged Identity of Comets * Brooks 1889
and Lexell, Dr. Charles L. Poor, 19; Ancient Drawings
of Celestial Phenomena, Dr. W. Lehmann, 19; Mount
Wilson Observatory, Prof. Hale, 19; Anomalous Dis-
persion and “ Flocculi,” Prof. Julius, 19; Astronomical
Society of America, 19; Astronomy for Amateurs, Camille
Flammarion, 29; Notes on Stonehenge, Sir Norman
Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 32, 246, 270; Death of Prof.
Otto von Struve, 38; Obituary Notice of, 61; Ephemeris
for Comet 1905a, M. Ebell, 43 ; Orbit of Comet 1905a,
Miss Lamson, 66; Elliptical Elements for the Orbit of
Comet 19059, Prof. Banachiewicz, 207; A. Wedemayer,
207: Comets 1905 II (1904e) and 1904 I, Dr. Strömgren,
43 : Herr Nijland and Herr van d. Biit, 43 ; Observations
of Jupiter, MM. Flammarion and Benoit, 43 ; a Sus-
pected Sudden Change on Jupiter, Major Molesworth,
207; Observations of Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Stanley
Williams, 330; Eye-estimates of the Transits of Jupiter's
Spots, Rev. T. E. R. Phillips, 518 ; Provisional Elements
for Jupiter's Sixth Satellite, Mr. Crommelin, 66; Bright-
ness of Jupiter's Satellites, Prof. Wendell, 66; Prof.
W. de Sitter, 207; Jupiter's Sixth and Seventh Satellites,
Prof. Perrine, 135: Dr. Albrecht, 352 ; Dr Frank E.
Ross, 352 ; Observation of Jupiter's Seventh Satellite,
Prof. Albrecht, 424; Observations of Jupiter's Satellites,
Profs. A. A. Nijland and J. van d. Bilt, 567; the Elec-
trical Charge of the Sun, Prof. Svante Arrhenius, 43 ;
Memoria sobre el Eclipse Total de Sol del dia 30 de
Agosto de 1905, D. Antonio Tarazona, 77; Mechanical
Lantern Slide Illustrative of the Phenomenon of a Total
Solar Eclipse, W. Shackleton, 91; Geodetic Measure-
ments from Solar Eclipses, C. E. Stromeyer, 230; Pro-
posed Observation of Mercury during the Solar Eclipse,
Dr G. Johnstone Stoney, F.R.S., 244 ; the French
Eclipse Expeditions, 279; French Observations of the
Total Solar Eclipse, Prof. Janssen, 518; M. Bigourdan,
518; M. Stephan and M. Trépied, 518; M. Bourget,
$18; M. Nordmann, 518; M. Salet, 518; M. Moye, 518 ;
Further Results obtained by the French Eclipse Expedi-
tions, MM. Deslandres and Andoyer, 567; M. Salet, 591;
Prof. Janssen, 639; E. Stephan, 640 ; M. Bigourdan's
Eclipse Results, 610; Eclipse Shadow Bands, A. Law-
rence Rotch, 307; Proposed Magnetic and Allied Observ.
ations during the Total Solar Eclipse on August 30,
Dr. L. A. Bauer, 342 ; the Forthcoming Total Solar
Eclipse. Dr. William J. S. Lockyer, 399; the Total
Solar Eclipse, August 30, Dr. William J. S. Lockyer,
***: Observations of the Total Solar Eclipse in Tripoli,
Barbary, Prof. David Todd, 484; Observations of the
Electric Conditions of the Atmosphere during the Recent
Solar Eclipse, Prof. F. Elster,' Prof. H. Geitel and
F. Harms, 490; the Solar Physics Observatory Eclipse
Expedition. Dr. William J. S. Lockyer. 508 ; Influence
of the Eclipse of August zo on Plants. Ed. Bureau, 528 ;
Observations of the Total Eclipse of the Sun at Guelma,
Ch Trépied, 576; Eclipse Predictions, J. Y. Buchanan,
F.R.S., 603; Dr. A. M. W. Downing, F.R.S., 629 :
Erlips Phenomena, Sir Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., 629 ;
Obervations of "D, in the Solar Spectrum, Dr. H.
Kreusler, 66; Visibility of D, as a Dark Line in the
Solar Spectrum. Prof. A. Fowler, 184: A. Buss, 184;

Solar Changes and Weather, Dr. William J. S. Lockyer,
129, 175; A. B. M., 175; Solar and Terrestrial Changes,
249; Observations of Prominences on the Sun's Limb,
Prof. Mascari, 158; the Solar Activity, 279; the Solar
Activity, January-June, Pro Mascari, 518; Dutch
Observations of the Corona, Prof. Julius, 303 ; a Solar
Outburst? Arthur Mee, 320; Cosmic Dust of Solar
Origin, Prof. Schaeberle, 424; a Proposed New Method
for determining the Solar Radiation, Prof. Ceraski, 437:
the Figure of the Sun, C. Lane Poor, 567; Vegetation
and the Sun-spot Period, Camille Flammarion, 303 ;
Sun-spot Spectra, W. M. Mitchell, 330; Another Large
Sun-spot, 610; the Recent Large Sun-spot, 639 ; Atmo-
spheric Origin of Shadow Bands, T. Zona, 611; the
Problem of Shadow-bands," Catharine O. Stevens,
631; a Spectrographic determination of the Solar.
Parallax, F. Küstner, 611; the International Union for
Cooperation in Solar Research, 490 ; Variability of Minor
Planet (15) Eunomia, Prof. Wendell, 43; Faintness of
Planetary Nebulæ, J. E. Gore, 43 ; Variable Stars in
the Small Magellanic Cloud, Miss Leavitt, 66; Observ-
ations and Light-curves of Several Variable Stars, Dr.
L. Terkán, 66; Twelve Stars with Variable Radial
Velocities, Prof. Wright and Dr. Palmer, 89; a Remark-
able Variable Star, Prof. E. C. Pickering, 110; Variable
Stars in the Clusters Messier 3 and 5, Prof. Bailey, 183 ;
Winter Fireballs in 1905, Mr. Denning, 66; Newly dis-
covered Nebulæ, Prof. Max Wolf, 89; the Bruce Tele-
scope Reference Photographs, Prof. Pickering, 89; Comet
1904 II (1904d), M. Ebell, 89; Double Canals
Mars in 1903, Mr. Lowell, 89 ; Photographic Reality of
the Martian Canals, Mr. Lowell, 135; Photographs of
the Martian Canals, Mr. Lampland, 302 ; Mr. Lowell,
302 ; a Projection on Mars, Mr. Lowell, 279, the North
Polar Snow-cap on Mars, 1904-5, Messrs. Lowell and
Lampland, 303 ; the Formation of the Martian Snow-
caps, Prof. W. H. Pickering, 255; the Formation of
the New North Polar Cap on Mars, Mr. Lowell, 352 ;
the Planet Mars, Mr. Wesley, 388; Mr. Denning, 388 ;
Major Molesworth, 388 ; Water Vapour in the Martian
Atmosphere, Mr. Lowell, 465; Mr. Slipher, 465; Cata-
logue of New Double Stars, Prof. Hussey, 90; Astro-
nomical Occurrences in June, 110; in July, 207 ; in
August, 302 ; in September, 436 ; in October, 542 ; Radial
Velocities of Thirty-one Stars, Prof. Lord, 110; Magni-
tudes of Nova Persei and Nova Geminorum, Prof. A. A.
Nijland, 110; Oxford University Observatory, Prof.
Turner, 110; Variations of Latitude, Prof. T. Albrecht,
110; New Refraction Tables, Prof. Eichelberger, 110;
the Motion of the Tail of Borrelly's Comet (1903 iv),
Prof. Jaegermann, 135; Double Star Observations, J. A.
Miller and Prof. W. A. Cogshall, 135; Stars with Spectra
of the Orion Type, Prof. Pickering, 135; the Royal
Observatory, Greenwich, 135; a Probable Nova in
Ophiuchus, Mr. Fleming, 158; Miss Cannon, 158; Prof.
Pickering, 158; Determination of Meteor Radiants, Mr.
Denning, 158; Aboriginal Methods of determining the
Seasons, William E. Rolston, 176; Stars with Peculiar
Spectra, Mrs. Fleming, 183; Prof. Pickering, 183; West ,
Hendon House Observatory, 184; Perturbations of the
Bielid Meteors, Dr. A. M. W. Downing. F.R.S., 189:
Royal Astronomical Society, 190; Determination of Heat
Radiation from the Moon, Earl of Rosse, 190; Diurnal
Variations of Nadir and Level of the Greenwich Transit
Circle, Astronomer Royal, 190; Recent Positions of Eros,
Mr. Manson, 207; Recent Observation of Eros, Prof.
Millosevich, 256 ; New Observatory in Algiers, Lucien
Libert, 207; Telescopic Work for Observers of Planets,
W. F. Denning, 208 : Monochromatic Photographs of the
Orion Nebula, Prof. Hartmann, 230; Periodicity of
Aërolite Falls, W. H. S. Monck, 230; the Reality of
Supposed Changes on the Moon's Surface, M. Puiseux,
230 : the Circumzenithal Apparatus, MM. Nušl and Fric,
230; Determination of Constant of Aberration by Observ-
ation of Three Stars Close to the Pole, H. Renan and
W. Ebert, 239; the Constant of Aberration, Prof. Doo-
little, 592 ; the Planet Uranus, W. F. Denning. 244 ;
July and August Meteors, 255; Standard Time in Various
Countries, Rear-Admiral Chester, 256 : Harvard College
Observatory Annual Report, Prof. E. C. Pickering, 256 ;
Prof. Wendell, 256 ; Mrs. Fleming. 256; Prof. Frost,



256; Observations of Perseids, Robert Dole, 279; a Bacovesco (A.), Isostrychnine, 600
Remarkable Meteor, Dr. G. Johnstone Stoney, 279; Bacteriology : Manual of Serum Diagnosis, O. Rostoski,
Visibility of the Dark Hemisphere of Venus, M.

27; the Simplest Kind of Protoplasm, Dr. Charlton
Hansky, 303 ; Determinations of Meteor Radiants, M.

Bastian, F.R.S., 92 ; the Isolation of B. typhosus from
Eginitis, 303 ; Prof. A. A. Nijland, 303 ; Astronomischer Water by Means of Alum Precipitation, H. S. Wilson,
Jahresbericht, Walter F. Wislicenus, 317; an Interesting

92; Possible Relationship between Bacteria and the Gum
Asteroid, Occlo [475], R. H. Frost, 330; the Minor of Hakea saligna, Dr. R. Greig Smith, 192 ; Origin of
Planet Ocllo (475), R. H. Frost, 388 ; Periods of the

Natural Immunity towards the Putrefactive Bacteria,
Variable Stars S Sagittæ and Y Ophiuchi, M. Luizet, Dr. R. Greig Smith, 192; Probable Bacterial Origin of
330; (Euvres complètes de Christiaan Huygens, 362 ; the Gum of Linseed Mucilage, Dr. R. Greig Smith, 192;
Declinations of Certain North Polar Stars, Dr. Auwers, the Sterilisation of Water in the Field, Prof. R. T.
388 ; Harriet Bigelow, 388; the Royal University Observ- Hewlett, 431; Corr., 515; Oligodynamical Action of
atory of Vienna, 388 ; the Orbit of g Coronæ Borealis,

Copper Foil Certain Intestinal Organisms, Mr.
Mr. Doberck, 424; Atlas of Emission Spectra of most Kraemer, 462 ; a Laboratory Guide in Elementary
of the Elements, Drs. Hagenback and Konen, 426; Bacteriology, Dr. William Dodge Frost, Prof. R. T.
Observations of Planets, Mr. Denning, 436; Proper Hewlett, 483; Rôle of Agglutination in Immunity, R.
Motions of the Hyades, Prof. Donner, Profs. Kapteyn Greig Smith, 552 ; Acid-fast Bacilli, Drs. Besançon and
and W. de Sitter, 436 ; Variation of Latitude, Messrs. Philibert, 582; Decomposition of Dilute Solutions of
Kimura and Nakano, 437 ; the Cape Observatory, 437; Alkaline Selenites or Tellurites as a Delicate Test for
Discovery of a Nova, Mrs. Fleming, 465; Prof. Picker- Living Bacterial Contamination, B. Gosio, 609
ing, 465; Real Paths of Lyrid Meteors, Mr. Denning, Bahama Islands, the, 154
465; Observations of Satellites, Dr. C. W. Wirtz, 465;

Bahnbrecher moderner Geologie, Karl Ernst Adolf
Handbuch der geographischen Ortbestimmung für Geo-

Hoff, Dr. Otto Reich, 123
graphen und Forschungsreisende, Dr. Adolf Marcuse,
481 ; Variation of a Newly Discovered Asteroid, Dr.

Bailey (Prof.), Variable Stars in the Clusters Messier 3
Palisa, 494 ; the Observatory of Paris, M. Lawy, 495;

and 5, 183
Nova Aquilæ No. 2, Prof. Max Wolf, 494, 611; Dr. P.

Bairstow (L.), Explosions of Mixtures of Coal-gas and

Air in a Closed Vessel, 311
Guthnick, 494, 611; Prof. Hartwig, 518; Mrs. Fleming,
542; Prof. Pickering, 640; the Variable Asteroid 1905

Baker (C.), Ettles-Curties Ophthalmometer and Ophthalmic
Q.Y., Dr. Palisa, 518; Prof. Berberich, 518; Our Stellar

Microscope, 208
Universe, a Road-book to the Stars, Thomas Edward

Baker (W. C.), Device for Illustrating the Superposition
Heath, 531; Our Stellar Universe (Six Stereograms of

of Simple Harmonic Motions of Different Periods, 541
Sun and Stars), Thomas E. Heath, 531; Ephemeris

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of the Variable Asteroid (167) Urda, A. Berberich, 542 ;

Ball (W. W. Rouse), Mathematical Recreations and Essays,
the Ultra-violet Chromospheric Spectrum, H. Des-

landres, 542; International Union for Cooperation in

Ballistics : Dynamical and Hydrodynamical Effects of the
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