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Canada: Prof. Edward Prince appointed Commissioner of Fisheries for, 37; the Inspection of Canadian Meteorological Stations, Charles Carpmael, 61; Castorologia; or the His tory and Traditions of the Canadian Beaver, Horace Martin, 224

Canals of Mars, the, 64

Candolle (Alphonse de), Death of, 561

Caoutchouc, Vulcanic, Rules for Estimating Quality of, M. Vladimiroff, 563

Cape Colony, Government Encouragement of the Fruit Export Trade, 234; Proposed Investigations of Chemical Composition of Soils in, 301; Water-boring in, 349; the Dairy Industry in, A. C. Macdonald, 471

Capraja, on the Petrography of the Island of, Hamilton Emmons, 334

Carbon, Crystallised, 370

Carburation of Iron, on the, John Parry, 560

Carey (E. G.), the Value of Annealing Steel, 396

Carpmael (Charles), the Inspection of Canadian Meteorological Stations, 61

Carr (F. H.), the Composition of some Commercial Specimens of Aconitine, 430

Carrington (Dr. Benjamin), Death of, 348

Carruthers (W., F. R.S.), Yew Poisoning, 285

Carus-Wilson (Chas. A.), the Niagara Spray Clouds, 414
Cassie (W.), Printing Mathematics, 8

Cassiopeia, Parallaxes of μ and e, Harold Jacoby, 565
Castorologia; or, the History and Traditions of the Canadian
Beaver, Horace Martin, 224

Cat, Electricity in, Remarkable Case of, 17

Catalogue of the British Echinoderms in the British Museum, F. Jeffrey Bell, 508

Catania, Earthquake at, 543

Caucasus, Silk Culture in the, G. Sedlaczek, 397

Cave and Cliff Dwellings in Central Arizona, J. W. Tourney,


Cave-burial, the Prehistoric Interments of the Bahi Rossi Caves, near Mentone, A. J. Evans, 239

Caves, Blind Animals in, Prof. E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 389, 486; J. T. Cunningham, 439, 587; A. Anderson, 439; G. A. Boulenger, 608

Caves, Yorkshire, Relics found in, Rev. Edward Jones, 112 Ceilings, Soot-figures on, E. B. Poulton, F. R.S., 608; Prof. Oliver Lodge, F. R. S., 608

Cells their Structure and Functions, Prof. Dr. Oscar Hertwig, 314

Census, Bengal, Facts significant of Progress, 617
Centipedes, Phosphorescence in, R. I. Pocock, 545
Cetacean Genus Mesoplodon, Observations on the Development
of the Rostrum in the, Henry O. Forbes, 455
Cetology; Sowerby's Whale on the Norfolk Coast, T. South-
well, 349

Ceylon's Contribution to the Chicago Exhibition, 156
Ceylon, the Industrial Population of, 470

Ceylon Tea Industry, the Development of the, Dr. Trimen, 613

Chalais-Meudon, Dirigible Balloon in Construction at, 112
Chaldæa, Ancient Copper Relics discovered in the course of M.
de Sarzec's Excavations in, M. Berthelot, 360
Chanler's (Aston) Expedition to Lake Rudolf, 327
Chambers's Encyclopædia, 340

Champagne Trade since 1844, Statistics of, 157

Chandler (Dr.), Ephemeris for Bodies Moving in the Biela Orbit, 186

Channels of Mars, J. W. Kingsmill, 133

Chapeaux (Marcelin) on the Digestion of the Coelenterata, 621 Chapman (Abel), Wild Spain, 585

Chatham Islands and an Antarctic Continent, the, H. O. Forbes, 474

Chauveau (A.), the Pancreas and the Nervous Centres Controlling the Glycemic Function, 479; the Pancreas and the Nerve Centres regulating the Glycemic Function; Experimental Demonstrations Derived from a Comparison of the Effects of a Removal of the Pancreas with those of Bulbary Section, 528; on the Pathogeny of Diabetes, 384; Existence of Distinct Nervous Centres for Perception of Fundamental Colours of Spectrum, 143

Chemistry: Memorial Celebration for, A. W. von Hofmann, 14; Berlin Method of Cleaning Mercury, 16; New Method of Preparing Glycol Aldehyde, Drs. Marckwald and Ellin

ger, 17; the Framework of Chemistry, W. M. Williams, 28; Projected Memorial to Carl Wilhelm Scheele, 37; Isolation of Gold and Cadmium Compound, Heycock and Neville, 40; Power of Hydrogen Absorption of Various Metals, Herren Neumann and Streintz, 63; Further Researches on Nucleinic Acid, Prof. Kessel, 72; Isolation of Fluosulphuric Acid, Thorpe and Kermian, 87; Chemical Lecture Experiments, G. S. Newth, Sir Henry E. Roscoe, F.R.S., 97; Matriculation Chemistry, Temple Orme, 99; Notes on Qualitative Chemical Analysis, Lakshmi Narasu Nayudu, 100; Isolation of Penta-Iodide and Bromide of Casium, Wells and Wheeler, 113; Outlines of Organic Chemistry, Clement J Leaper, 124; a Lilac Colour produced from Extract of Chestnuts, Mr. Palmer, 132; Azoimide, 136; Preparation of Metallic Chromium by Electrolysis, Em. Placet, 144; Carl Wilhelm Scheele, Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F. R.S., 152; Preparation of Chloraurates and Bromaurates of Cæsium and Rubidium, Wells and Wheeler, 158; Interaction of Iodine and Potassium Chlorate, Thorpe and Perry, 165; Magnetic Rotation of Sulphuric and Nitric Acids, W. H. Perkins, Sen., 165; Refractive Indices and Magnetic Rotations of Sulphuric Acid Solutions, S. U. Pickering, 165; Some Alkylamine Hydrates, S. U. Pickering, 165; Experiment on Triethylamine Hydrate, Prof. Thorpe, 165; Atomic Weight of Boron, E. Aston and W. Ramsay, 165; Methoxyamido- 1:3-dimethylbenzene, W. R. Hodgkinson and L. Limbach, 165; Chemical Society, 165, 238, 311, 405, 430, 479, 551; Chemical Society's Memorial Lectures, 248; Necessity of Water in Chemical Reactions, V. H. Veley, 167; Chemical Study of Opium Smoke, Henri Moissan, 168; Oxygen for Limelight, T. C. Hepworth, 176; Proposed Memorial to Jean Servais Stas, 182; Hydroxylamine, Lobry de Bruyn, 185; Notes on Silver Chlorides, M. C. Lea, 189; Quantitative Separation of Barium from Strontium and of Strontium from Calcium by Action of Amyl Alcohol on Bromides and Nitrates respectively, P. E. Browning, 189; Action of High Temperature on Metallic Acids, H. Moissan, 192; the Chemistry of Life and Health, C. W. Kimmins, 198; Isolation of two Predicted Hydrates of Nitric Acid, S. W. Pickering, 238; Anhydrous Oxalic Acid, W. W. Fisher, 238; Production of Orcinol, &c., from Dehydracetic Acid, W. Collie and W. S. Myers, 238; the Origin of Colour and Fluorescence, W. N. Hartley, 238; H. E. Armstrong, 238; the Reduction Products of Dimethyldiacetylpentane, F. S. Kipping, 238; Products of Interaction of Zinc Chloride on Sulphuric Acid and Camphor, H. E. Armstrong and F. S. Kipping, 239; Griess-Sandmeyer Interactions and Cattermann's Modification thereof, H. E. Armstrong and W. P. Wynne, 239; Methods of Observing and Separating Spectra of easily Volatile Metals and their Salts, W. N. Hartley, 239; Manganese Borate, W. N. Hartley and H. Ramage, 239; Compounds of Salicylic and Cresotinic Acid Lactides with Chloroform, Prof. Anschütz, 255; on the Purification of Arsenical Zinc, M. H. Lescoeur, 288; on Some Isoimides of Camphoric Acid, MM. S. Hoogewerff and W. A. Van Dorp, 288; on a New Fluorine-Derivative of Carbon, Frédéric Swarts, 309; on a Process of Sterilisation of Albumin Solutions at 100° C., Émile Marchal, 310; the Identity of Caffeine and Theire and the Interactions of Caffeine and Auric Chloride, W. R. Dunsten and W. F. J. Shepheard, 311; Studies on Isomeric Change 11 and 111, G. T. Moody, 311; Formation and Nitration of Phenyldiazoimide, W. A. Tilden and J. H. Millar, 311; the Production of Naphthalene Derivatives from Dehydracetic Acid, J. N. Collie, 311; a New Synthesis of Hydrindone, F. S. Kipping, 311; the Resolution of Methoxysuccinic Acid into its Optically Active Components, T. Purdie and W. Marshall, 311; Optically Active Ethoxysuccinic Acid, T. Purdie and J. W. Walker, 311; the Formation of Benzyldihydroxypyridine from Benzylglutaconic Acid, S. Ruhemann, 311; Note on the Action of Phenylhydrazine on Mono- and Di Carboxylic Acids at Elevated Temperatures, W. R. Hodgkinson and A. H. Coote, 311; the Chemical Basis of the Animal Body, A. Sheridan Lea, F.R.S., 340; a Crystallised Compound of Iron and Tungsten, Drs. Puleck and Grützner, 351; the value of Tungsten in Improving Hardness of Steel, 350; on Urobilin, A. Eichholz, 360; Qualitative Analysis Tables and the Reactions of Certain Organic Substances, E. A. Letts Chapman Jo es, 361; the Volatility of Manganese, Prof. Lorenz and Dr. Hensler, 375; on the Mode of Elimination

of Carbonic Oxide, M. L. de Saint Martin, 384; Chemistry of Osmium, A. E. Tutton, 400; the Preparation of Glucina from Beryl, J Gibson, 405; the Hydrocarbons derived from Dipentene Dihydrochloride, W. A. Tilden and S. Williamson, 405; Sulphonic Derivatives of Camphor, F. S. Kipping and W. J. Pope, 405; Thionyl Bromide, J. Hartog and W. E. Sims, 405; Desulphurisation of the Substituted Thioureas, A. E. Dixon, 405; Salts of Active and Inactive Glyceric Acid the Influence of Metals on the Specific Rotatory Power of Active Acids, P. F. Frankland and J. R. Appleyard, 405; Dibromo B-lapachone, S. C. Hooker and A. D. Gray, 405; the Conversion of Para into Ortho-Quinone Derivatives, S. C. Hooker, 405; a Method for the Preparation of Acetylene, M. W. Travers, 406; Gases in Living Plants, J. G. Arthur, 427; on Some Recent Determinations of Molecular Refraction and Dispersion, Dr. J. H. Gladstone, F. K. S., 429; the Action of Nitrosyl Chloride and of Nitric Peroxide on some Members of the Olefine Series, W. A. Tilden and J. J. Sudborough, 430; Piperazine, W. Majert and A. Schmidt, 430; the Connection between the Atomic Weight of the Contained Metals and the Magnitude of the Angles of Crystals of Isomorphous Series, A. E. Tutton, 430; the Preparation of Phosphoric Oxide Free from the Lower Oxide, W. A. Shenstone and C. R. Beck, 430; on Isaconitine (Napelline), W. R. Dunstan and E. F. Harrison, 430; the Composition of some Commercial Specimens of Aconitine, W. R. Dunstan and F. H. Carr, 430; Synthesis of Oxazoles from Benzoin and Nitriles, F. R. Japp and T. S. Murray, 430; Stéréochimie, J. H. Van't Hoff, 436; Prof. Percy Frankland, F. R.S., 510; Prof. F. R. Japp, F.R.S., 510: Ruthenium, M. Joly, 451: on Stas's Determination of the Atomic Weight of Lead, M. G. Hinrichs, 456; the Chemical Properties of the Diamond, M. Moissan, 472; on the Industrial Preparation of Aluminium, M. A. Ditte, 479; Note on the Preparation of Platinous Chloride, and the Interaction of Chlorine and Mercury, W. A. Shenstone and C. R Beck, 479; the Action of Phosphoric Anhydride on Fatty Acid-, F. S. Kipping, 479; Regularities in the Melting Points of Certain Paraffinoid Compounds of Similar Constitutions, F. S. Kipping, 479; some Relations between Constitution and Physical Constants in the case of Benzenoid Amines, W. R. Hodgkinson and L. Limpach, 479; Electrolysis of Sodic Ethylic Camphorate, J. Walker, 479; the Hydrates of Hydrogen Chloride, S. U. Pickering, 479; a New Base from Corydalis Cava, J. A. Dobbie and H. Lander, 479; Metallic Osmium, MM. Joly and Vezes, 497; Further Studies on Hydrazine, A E. Tutton. 522; on the Preparation of a Variety of Swelling Graphite, M. Henri Moissan, 527; Origin of Colour, VII. VIII. and IX., H. E. Armstrong, 551; Formation of the Ketone 2: 6-Dimethyl-1-Ketohexaphane, F. S. Kipping, 551; Note on the Interactions of Alkali Metal Haloids and Lead Haloids, and of Alkali Metal Haloids and Bismuth Haloids, Eleanor Field, 551; an Isomeric Form of Benzylphenylbenzylthiourea, A. E. Dixon, 551; on the Carburization of Iron, John Parry, 560; the Amide and Imide of Sulphuric Acid, Dr. Trau e, A. E. Tutton, 566; the Densities of the Principal Gases, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 567; New Mode of Preparing Hyponitrous Acid, Dr. Wilhelm Wisticenus, 588; on Nitrogenised Copper, MM. Paul Sabatier and J. B. Senderens, 600; Isolation of Amidophosphoric Acid, H. N. Stokes, 615, 616; Cryohydrates in Systems of two Salts, Bakhius Roozeboom, 624; the Peptone of Kühne, Mr. Pekelharing, 624; Agricultural Chemistry, Drainage Waters of Cultivated Lands, M. P. P. Deherain, 287: Proposed Investigation of Chemical Composition of Soils in Cape Colony, 301; on the Organic Substances constituting Vegetable Soil, MM. Berthelot and André, 551

Chersky (I. D.), Death of, 232

Chicago Exhibition, Ceylon's Contribution to, 156


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June 1, 1893

Chronology; the Calendar System of the Ancient Aztecs, Zelia Nuttall, 156

Cider, the Improvement by Wine-Yeast of, Nathan, 208 City and Guilds of London Institute; Improvements in Technological Examinations, 612

Clapham Junction and Paddington Railway, 515

Clark (G. M.), Determination of Low Temperatures by Platinum Thermometers, 95

Clark (H. L.), the Flight-Speed of Wild Ducks, 374 Clark (Prof. W. B.), the Surface Configuration of Maryland from the Meteorological point of view, 585

Clayton (H. H.), Cloud Observations at Blue Hill (Mass.) Observatory, 183

Cleveland (D.), the Trap-door Spider, 375

Cliff and Cave Dwellings in Central Arizona, J. W. Tourney,


Climate of New South Wales, Physical Geography and, H. C. Russell, F. R. S., 258

Climate, Fossil Floras and, Sir William Dawson, F. R.S., 556, J. Starkie Gardner, 582

Climate, Fossil Plants as Tests of, A. C. Seward, 267, 364; J. Starkie Gardner, 267, 364; Chas. E. De Rance, 294, 342 Climatology: Indications of a Rainy Period in Southern Peru, A. E. Douglass, 38; Recent Researches on the Influence of Forests, Dr. Schubert, 480

Climbing Plants, Dr. H. Schenck, W. Botting Hemsley,
F.R.S., 514

Cline (I. M.), Hot Winds in Texas, May 29 and 30, 1892, 454
Clouds, the Niagara Spray, Chas. A. Carus-Wilson, 414
Clowes (Prof. Frank), a New Portable Miner's Safety-Lamp,

Co-planar Vectors and Trigonometry, the Algebra of, R. Baldwin
Hayward, F. R. S., 266

Coal Bricks, Anthracite, the Manufacture of, 396
Coal Pits and Pitmen, R. Nelson Boyd, 481

Coccidæ, the Use of Ants to Aphides and, T. D. A. Cockerell, 608

Cockerell (T. D. A.), the Use of Ants to Aphides and Coccidæ, 608

Codman (J. E.), Notes on the Use of Automatic Rain Gauges, 261

Cohn (Dr. F.), Comet Holmes, 326

Coincidence of Solar and Terrestrial Phenomena, Prof. G. E.
Hale, 425

Cold, Interesting Results in Application of, 184
Cole (Frank J.), British Earthworms, 295

Cole (Prof. Grenville A. J.), Geology of Scotland, 101; the
Afterglow, 127; Glacial Drift of the Irish Channel, 464
Colenso (Rev. W., F. R.S.), Some Reminiscences of the
Maoris, 41

Colgan (Nathaniel), What is the True Shamrock? 302
College of Science, Durham, Appeal for Relief from Financial
Difficulties, 585

College of Science, Newcastle, Laying Foundation Stone of,


Colles (G. W., jun.), Distance of the Stars by Doppler's Principle, 596

Collett (Sir H.), Super-Abundant Rain, 247

Collie (J. N.), the Production of Naphthalene Derivatives from Dehydracetic Acid, 311

Collie (N.), Production of Orcinol, &c., from Dehydracetic
Acid, 238

Colliery Explosions, Colliers and, R. Nelson Boyd, 481
Colonial Mete rology, C. J. Symons, F. R. S., 390
Colorado, on the High Altitudes of, and their Climates, Dr. C.
J. Williams, 333

Colorimeter for Comparing Intensity of Colour in Solution,
Papasogli, 131

Colour: Helmholtz on Hering's Theory of, Prof. J. D. Everett, F. R.S., 365; the Cause of the Sexual Differences of Colour in Eclectus, Prof. A. B. Meyer, 486; Sensi iveness of the Eye to Light and Colour, Captain W. de W. Abney, F. R. S., 538; Origin of Colour, VII. VIII. and IX, H. E. Armstrong, 551; Colour Blindness, Dr. W. Pole, 335; Note on the Colours of the Alkali Metals, G. S. Newth, 55; Wm. I. Dudley, 175; Iridescent Colours, Alex. Hodgkinson, 92: Baron C. B. Osten-Sacken, 102

Colson (R.), Demon-tration by means of Telephone of existence of Interference of Electric Waves in Closed Circuit, 96



Columbia, British, Superstitions of the Shuswaps of, Colonel C. Bushe, 199

Columbia, British, a New Coaly Mineral from, 280 Columbia College, U.S. A., Astronomy at, 159 Columbia College, New York, the Loubat Prizes, 496 Comets Comet in Andromeda, 40; Comet Barnard (October 12), 18, 40; Comet Brooks (August 28), 18, 41, 63; a Bright Comet discovered by W. R. Brooks, 114; Comet Brooks (November 19-20, 1892), 133, 208, 235, 257, 281, 304, 326, 352, 376, 399, 425, 451; Prof. Kreutz, 159; Berberich, 186; Comet Holmes (November 6, 1892), 114, 132, 159, 186, 209, 235, 281, 303, 351, 376, 425, 473; in Bigourdan, 88; Spectrum of, 235; Lewis Boss, 256; Rev. E. M. Searle, 257; Mr. Roberts, 257; M. Schulhof, 257, 451, 498; Dr. F. Cohn, 326; Dr. R. Schorr, 326; W. F. Denning, 365; Prof. E. Barnard, 399; Prof. Keeler, Prof. C. A. Young, 518; Swift's Comet, Prof. Barnard, 186; Comet Swift (a 1892), A. E. Douglas, 546; a New Comet, 133; the New Comet, 63; W. F. Denning, 77; the Present Comets, T. W. Backhouse, 127; Kemarkable Comets, Mr. Lynn, 376 Commensalism, a Strange; Sponge and Annelid, James Hornell, 78

Commission, University, I

Common (A. A.), Jupiter's Fifth Satellite, 208

Comparative Sunshine, Bishop Reginald Courtenay, 150 Conchology: Marine Shells of South Africa, G. P. Sowerby, 27; Hints for Collectors of Mollusks, William H. Dall, 140 Congo Free States: Progress of the Matadi-Stanley Pool Railway, Major Thys, 189

Congress at Moscow, International Zoological, 236
Conifers: List of Conifers and Texads, Dr. Masters, 619; Prof.
Carl Hansen's Pinetum Danicum, 619; Coniferæ of Japan,
H. J. Veitch, 619; Conifers for Economic Planting, A. D.
Webster, 619; the Timber of Exotic Conifers, D. G. Mac-
kenzie, 619; Insects Injurious to Conifers, W. F. H.
Blandford, 620

Conjugate Angles; on the Need of a New Geometrical Term,
Prof. A. M. Worthington, 8

Continuity, Optical, Francis Galton, F.R.S., 342
Convention signed, International Sanitary, 585

Conway's Karakoram Range Expedition, 19; Crossing of the
Hispar Pass, 327

Cook (C. H.), the Protection of Sea-Fish, 396

Cooke (J. H.), Discovery of Ursus Arctos in Malta Pleistocene, 62

Cooke (M. C.), Vegetable Wasps and Plant Worms, 99

Coote (A. H.), Note on the Action of Phenylhydrazine on Mono- and di-carboxylic Acids at Elevated Temperatures, 311

Copper Resources of the United States, the, James Douglas, 132 Coppet (L. de), Temperature of Maximum Density of Alcohol Solutions, 48

Corn-Cockle, Dangers of Adulteration of Food Seeds with, 185 Corncrake caught in Wales, December 8, 1892, 157

Corona, a New Method of Photographing the, M. H. Des. landres, 327

Corsica, Studies in, John Warren Barry, 462

Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the Boundaries of, Dr. H. Polakowsky, 257

Coues (Elliott), the Rule "Once a Synonym, Always a Synonym," 39

Courtenay (Bishop Reginald), Comparative Sunshine, 150 Couttwell (G. E. W.), Foundations of Two River Piers of Tower Bridge, 545

Craters, Lunar, Mr. H. Maw, 31

Cremation in England, the Progress of, 396
Criticism of the Royal Society, 145

Croft (W. B.), Optical Illusions, 78; Breath Figures, 187;
Spectra of Various Orders of Colours in Newton's Scale, 190;
Science Teaching, 359; Dust Photographs and Breath
Figures, 364

Croonian Lecture, the, Prof. Virchow, 487

Cross-Striping of Muscle, the, Prof. Richard Ewald and Prof. Haycraft, 92

Crystallised Carbon, 370

Crystallites, Ice, Rev. Dr. A. Irving, 126

Crystals; Dendritic Forms, Sydney Lupton, 13

Crystals, Growth of, Prof. Sollas, 213

Crystals, Two Experimental Verifications Relative to Refraction in, J. Verschaffelt, 428

Crystals, Ice, C. M. Irvine, 31; B. Woodd Smith, 79 Cumming (L.), Science Teaching, 359

Cuneiform Tablet, the Tell-el-Hesy, F. J. Bliss, 302
Cunningham (J. T.), Blind Animals in Caves, 439, 537
Curie (P.), Magnetic Properties of Bodies at Different Tem-
peratures, 96; Magnetic Properties of Oxygen, 240
Cuverville (Rear Admiral Cavelier de), Experiments in Use of
Oil in Calming Waves, 279

Curzon's (Hon. E. M.) Journey in Indo-China, 617
Cygni, Parallax of 8, Harold Jacoby, 399
Cyprus, the Vineyards of, M. Mouillefert, 517

[blocks in formation]

Darwin (Prof. G. H., F. R.S.), the Geology of the Asiatic Loess, 30; Reduction of Tidal Observations, 402; Die Entwickelung der Doppelstern-Systeme, T. J. J. See, 459; Roche's Limit, 581

Daubrée (M.), Observations on the conditions which appear to have obtained during the formation of Meteorites, 432 Davidson (J. Ewen), Thunderstorms and Auroral Phenomena, 582

Davies (Thomas), Obituary Notice of, L. Fletcher, F. R.S., 371 Davis (Prof. W. M.), the General Winds of the Atlantic Ocean, 574

Davos Platz, Record of Medical Experience at, Dr. Spengler, 517

Dawson (Dr. Geo., F.R.S.), Lizard-Superstition of Shuswap Indians, British Columbia, 184

Dawson (Sir William, F. R.S.), Fossil Floras and Climate, J.
Starkie Gardner, 582, 556

Day of the Week, a Simple Rule for finding the, corresponding
to any given day of the Month and Year, 509
Day (Mr.), Experiments on the value of the Steam-jacket, 20
De Morgan (W.), Earthenware Manufacture in Egypt, 613
Dean (Bashford), Dionea, 423

Decapods on the Minute Structure of the Gills of Palaemonetes varians, Edgar J. Allen, 261

December Meteors (Geminids), W. F. Denning, 226

Decharme (C.), Displacements of a Magnet on Mercury under action of Electric Current, 48

Decimal System, the, S. Montagu, M. P., Sir William Harcourt, J. H. Yoxall, 323

Decorative Art, the Evolution of, Henry Balfour, 606 Deduction, Induction and, Edward T. Dixon, 10, 127, E. E. Constance Jones, 78

Defence, Remarkable Weapons of, G. F. Hampson, E. Ernest Green, 199

Dehérain (M.), Influence of Manure on Development of Roots, 280; Drainage Waters of Cultivated Lands, 287 Delcommune's (M. Alexandre) Lomami Expedition, 209; Return of the, 590

Demavend (Mt.), Sven Hedin's Ascent of, 19
Dendritic Forms, Sydney Lupton, 13

Dendy (Arthur), an Introduction to the Study of Botany, with a special chapter on some Australian Natural Orders, 125; the Hatching of a Peripatus Egg, 508

Denning (W. F.), the New Comet, 77; Holmes's Comet, 365; December Meteors (Geminids), 226; Astronomical Discoveries in 1892, 256

Densities of the Principal Gases, the, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 567

De landres (M. H.) Motion in the Line of Sight, SS; Proper Motions, 115; a new Method of Photographing the Corona, 327

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ABASTOUMAN, a New Observatory at, 133


Abbadie (M. d'), on the Variations in the Intensity of Terrestrial Gravitation, 384

Abbe (Prof. C.), Atmospheric Electricity, Earth-Currents and Terrestrial Magnetism, 261

Abbott's (Dr. W. L.) Collections of African Mammals, F. W. True, 39

Abbott (W. J. L.), Walrus in the Thames Valley, 132

Abney (Captain W. de W., F.R.S.), Sensitiveness of the Eye to Light and Colur, 538

Abnormality in the Veins of the Rabbit, on an, Prof. W. N. Parker, 270

Absorption of our Atmosphere, Photographic, Prof. Schaeberle, 304

Abyssinia, Proposed Expedition of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bent to, 115

Academy, French, Science Prizes, 232

Academy of Sciences, Turin Royal, the Bressa Prizes, 233 Acoustics, on Plane and Spherical Sound-Waves of Finite Amplitude, Dr. C. V. Burton, 500

Addenbrooke (Mr.), Diffusion of Light, 191

Aeronautics: Meteorological Balloon Ascent at Berlin, A. L. Rotch, 46; Dirigible Balloon in Construction at ChalaisMeudon, 112; Exploration of the Higher Regions of the Atmosphere by Means of Free Balloons provided with Automatic Recorders, Gustave Hermite, 119; the First Aerial Voyage across the English Channel, R. de C. Ward, 143; the Longest Balloon Ascent on Record, Maurice Mallet, 182 Africa: Marine Shells of South Africa, G. B. Sowerby, 27; the Ferns of South Africa, Thos. R. Sim, J. G. Baker, F.R.S., 291; Dromedaries in German South-West Africa, Captain von François, 38; New Harbour found in German South-West, 452; Dr. W. L. Abbott's Collection of African Mammals, F. W. True, 39; Mr. D. J. Rankin's Zambesi Journey, 64; Kettler's Afrikanische Nachrichten, 115; Captain H. L. Gallwey's Travels in Benin Country, 134; E. Wilkinson's Journey in Kalabari Desert, 134; M. Alexandre Delcommune's Lomami Expedition, 209; the Uganda Commission, 210; Proposed Exploration of Africa by Telegraph, Cecil Rhodes, 210; the Bonjo, a Cannibal Tribe, M. Dybowski, 257; Territorial Nomenclature, 282; the Stanley Falls District of the Congo, M. Page, 282; African Nomenclature, 304; Stoppage of M. Mizon's Adamava Expedition, 304; Aston Chanler's Expedition to Lake Rudolf, 327; the Soil of Sakalava Plain, Madagascar, Emile Gautier, 327; the Frontier Delimitation between British South Africa Company's Territory and Portuguese Possessions, Major Leverson, 327; Death of R. H. Nelson, 353: Dr. Baumann's Journeys in the Nile-Sources Region, 377; the Orthography of African Place-Names, 400; Two Akka Girls brought to Germany by Dr. Stuhlmann, 470; the Katanga Company's Expeditions, 474; French Exploration towards Lake Chad, 519; Arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bent at Adowa, 519; at Aksum, 547; the Partition of Africa, J. Scott Keltie, 580; Return of the Delcommune Expedition, 590

Afterglow, the, Sereno E. Bishop, 102; Prof. Grenville A. J.
Cole, 127

Afterglows and Bishop's Ring, the, T. W. Backhouse, 582
Agassiz (Prof. A.), Observations in the West Indies, 608

Age, the Earth's, Bernard Hobson, Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace, 175, 226; Clarence King, 285

Ages, Ancient Ice, J. Lomas, 227

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