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of London, on the Loadstone and Magnetic Bodies, and on J. T. Milton, 521; an Apparatus for Measuring and
the Great Magnet, the Earth. A New Physiology, Demon Registering Vibrations of Steainers, E. Otto Schlick, 521;
strated with Many Arguments and Experiments, 556

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Nadaillac, 16

vert, 319
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of, Prof. E. Reyer, 81

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Mountain Group in Podolia, a Curious, 617

Analysis, 100
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casts in, 613

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de Nadaillac, 16
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F.R.S., 97

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Newton (Prof. Alfred, F.R.S.), Pala ontological Discovery in Chicago Exhibition, 356
Australia, 606

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Newton (E. T.), some New Reptiles from the Elgin Sand- Defective Vision in Sailors, Dr. T. H. Bickerton, 16
stone, 189

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Newton (Prof. H. A.), Lines of Structure in the Winnebago ological Study of, G. Gréhant and Em. Martin, 168
County Meteorites and in other Meteorites, 370

Opposition of Mars, the Recent, Prof. W. H. Pickering, 235
Niagara Spray Clouds, the, Chas. A. Carus-Wilson, 414 Optics : Optical Illusions, R. T. Lewis, 31; W. B. Croft, 78 ;
Nicaragua, the Boundaries of Costa Rica and, Dr. H. Pola Refraction and Dispersion of Light in Metal Prisms, D.
kowsky, 257

Shea, 68 ; a New “Shortened Telescope,” Dr. R. Steinheil,
Vicholls (H. A. Alsord), a Text-book of Tropical Agricul. | 113 ; The Passage of a Wave through a Focus, P. Joubin, 143;
ture, 313

Existence of Distinct Nervous Centres for Perception of
Nicobar Pottery, E. H. Man, 455

Fundamental Colours of Spectrum, A. Chauveau, 143; the
Nicolsky (Dr.), Study of the Form of Eggs, 253

New Telephotographic Lens, T. R. Dallmeyer, 161; Re-
Nikitiné (S.), Constitution of the Quaternary Deposits in markable Optical Phenomenon near Zermatt, F. Folie, 303;

Russia and their Relations to the Finds resulting from the on the Minimum Perceptible Amount of Light, M. Charles
Activity of Prehistoric Man, 523

Henry, 312 ; the Polarising Action of the Moon on the
Nile, the Stars and the, Capt. H. G. Lyons, 101

Atmosphere, Clémence Royer, 325 ; the Alleged Sexual
Nile, tbe Sacred, J. Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 464

Difference in the Eye, Herr Greef, 325; Optical Continuity,
Nitrate of Soda : The Origin of Caliche, G. M. Hunter, 254 Francis Galton, F.R.S., 342; an Optical Phenomenon,
Nitrogen, Atmospheric, Researches on the Fixation by Mi. Joseph John Murphy, 365; Helmholtz Physiological Optics,
crobes of, M. Berthelot, 23

Prof. J. D. Evereit, F.R.S., 365 ; Preliminary Note on the
Niven (W. D., F.R.S.), the Harmonics of a Ring, 406

Colours of Cloudy Condensation, C. Barus, 380 ; the Percep-
Nomenclature, Biological ; the rule “Once a Synonym, always tion of Colour, W. F. Stanley, 381 ; on Semicircular Inter-
a Synonym," Elliott Coues, 39

ference Fringes, M. G. Meslin, 384 ; Modern Optics and the
Nomenclature, Botanical, W. T. Thiselton Dyer, F.R.S., 53 ; Microscope, Dr. Henri van Heurck, Rev. Dr. Dallinger,
Sereno Watson, 53

F.R.S., 409; Electrical Actinometers used by Messrs.
Nordenskiöld (M.), Kemarks on the Native Iron of Ovisak and Elster and Geitel in Measurement of Sun's Ultra Violet
the Bitumen of the Crystallised Rocks of Sweden, 552

Radiation, 422 ; Two Experimental Verifications Relative to
Noorden (Dr. von), Four Experiments on Nutrition, 504

Refraction in Crystals, J. Verschaffelt, 428; the Fundamental
Norfolk Coast, Sowerby's Whale on the, T. Southwell, 349 Law of Complementary Colours, Paui Glan, 455 ; a Nex
Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society ; Annual Address by Hypothesis Concerning Vision. John Berry Haycraft, 478;
H. B. Woodward, 562

a New and Handy Focometer, Prof. J. D. Everett, F.R.S.,
North Sea, Destruction of Immature Fish in the, Ernest W'. L. 500; on the Measurement of Direct Light by Means of the
Holt, 160

Tintometer, J. W. Lovibond, 501 ; on the Chromatic Curves
North Sea, Magnetic Observations in the, A. Shück, 555

of Microscope Objectives, Dr. W. H. Dallinger, 501; ID-
North American Indians, Educational Work among the, 350 Auence of the Motion of the Earth on the Propagation oí
Notes from the Leyden Museum, 357

Light in Doubly Reliacting Media, Mr. Lorentz, 504 ; Pene
Nottingham Meeting of the British Association, the Coming, vation of Thin Metallic Plates by Cathode Rays causing

Phosphorescence, 518; the Dioptrics of Graungs, Dr. ).
Nova Auriga, 159, 399 ; H. F. Newall, 7 ; Prof. Barnard, 282 ; 1 Larmor, F.K.S., 526 ; on Spherical Aberration of the Humaa



Eye ; Measurement of Senilism of the Crystalline, M. C. J. Paget (Sir James). Inaugural Address to Oxford Medical
A. Leroy, 528; Measurement of Large Differences of Phase Society, 60
in White Light, M. P. Joubin, 528 ; Sensitiveness of the Eye Paläolithic or Unground Stage of the Implement-makers' Art,
to Light and Colour, Capt. W. de W. Abney, F.R.S., 538 ;

On the Rude Stone Implements of the Tasmanians, show-
Contrivance for Determining Refractive Index of Liquid, ing them to belong to the, Dr. Tylor, 527
544 ; Experiments on Phosphorescence-Producing Kathode Palæmonetes Varians, Anatomy of Larva of, E. J. Allen, 237
Rays of a Geissler Tube, Dr. P. Lenard, 564 ; Use of Total

Palæontology, Discovery of Ureus Arctos in the Malta Pleis-
Reflection to Determine Light-Refraction of Liquid Oxygen,

tocene, J. H. Cooke, 62 ; Relics found in Yorkshire Caves,
Herren Olszewski and Witkowski, 614; Researches at the Rev. Edward Jones, 112; Walrus in the Thames Valley, W.
Berlin Imperial Physico-Technical Institute on the Siemens J. L. Abbott, 132 ; Some New Reptiles from the Elgin Sand-
Platinum Foil Unit as a Standard for the Intensity of a Source

stone, E. T, Newton, 189; Deaih of Dr. D. Stur, 206 ;
of Light, 615

Protocerus, the New Artiodactyle, Prof. Henry F. Osborne,
Orang-Ulan, Remarkable Specimen of, 423

321 ; Restoration of Anchisaurus Colurus, Prof. O. C.
Orbitolites, on the Reproduction of, H. B. Brady, 119

Marsh, 349 ; a Catalogue of British Jurassic Gasteropoda, W.
Ordnance Survey, 447

H. Hudlestone, F.R. S., and Edward Wilson H. Woods,
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471; Fossil Fauna of the Black Sea, T. J. van Beneden, 544 ;
Organic Chemistry, Outlines of, Clement J. Leaper, 124

Artionyx-a Clawed Artiodactyle, Prof. Henry F. Osborn,
Organic Substances, Qualitative Analysis Tables and the Re- | 610; Palæontological Discovery in Australia, Prof. Alfred
actions of Certain, E. A. Letts, Chapman Jones, 361

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ditions of Equilibrium and Formation of Microglobules, C. Respiratory Centre, Prof. Gad, 144; Influence on Respira
Maltézos, 96 ; the Form of Isothermals of Liquids and Gases, tion of Upper Tracts leading frm Cerebrum to Respiratory

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