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Centre, Dr. Ad. Loewy, 144 ; Sensation of Warmth on Plön, Forschungsberichte aus der Biologischen Station zu, Dr.
inmersing Hind in Carbon Dioxide, Dr. R. du Bois Rey. Oito Zaccharias, 461
mond, 144 ; Elements of Human Physiology, E. H. Starling, Pluvinel (M. de la Baume), Eclipse of April 16, 1893, 281,
146; The Thyroid Gland (Experiments on Cats), Dr. J. 304 ; Eclipse Photography, 326
Lorrain Sinith, 167; Human Physiology, the Blood | Plymouth Marine Biolugical Siation, the Week's Work of the,
Vessels of the Skin in different Paris, Signor Miner- 398, 424, 451, 472, 497, 518, 546, 565, 589, 616
vine, 254 ; Animal Physiology, on the Anatomy of Plymouth Marine Biological Association, Dreilging Work, 375
of Pentastomum tereliusculum, Prof. W. Baldwin Spencer, | Pocock (R. J.), Phosphorescence in Centipedes, 545
260; on the Minute Structure of the Gills of Pulamonetes Podolia, a Curious Mountain Group in, 617
varians, Edgar J. Allen, 261 ; on the Development of the Poincaré (H.), Théorie Mathémaiique de la Lumière, A. B.
Optic Nerve or Vertebrales and the Choroidal Fissure of 1 Basset, F.R.S., 386
Embryonic Life, Richard Assheton, 261; on the Develop- | Polakowsky (Dr. H.), the Boundaries of Costa Rica and
ment of the Genitai Organs and Ovoid Gland, Axial and Nicaragua, 257
Aboral Sinuses in Amphiura squamata, together with some Polarisation of Light : Use of Hall-Shade Polarime! ers, Dr.
Remarks on Ludwig's Hæmal System in this Ophiurid, Lummer, 312; Prof. Goldstein's Experiments, 312
E. W. MacBride, 261; on a New Genus and Species of Pole (Dr. W.), Colour Blindness, 335
Aquatic Oligochæta belonging to the Family Rhinodrilidæ Polecat not Extinct in Cardiganshire, J. W. Salter, 450
found in England by W. B. Benham, 261; Prof. Exner on Pollard (W.), a Brilliant Meteor, 247
the Innervation of the Crico-Thyroid Muscle in Rabbits and Polynesia; the Tokelaus, 423
Dogs, 287; Photography of Microscopic Objects which Polynesian Ornament-Forms, Mythographic Origin of, Dr. H.
when placed in a Stereoscope presented an Appearance of

presented an Appearance of C. March, 239
Solidily, Dr. Hausemann, 287 ; Custom of Civilised Races Ponza, Earthquake in, 86
of Antiquity to establish Themselves in Dry Districts, Prof. Pope (W. J.), Sulphonic Derivatives of Camphor, 405
Hilgard, 287 ; Berlin Physiological Society, 287, 552 ; | Popular Lectures on Physical Subjects, Dr. James L. Howard,
Microscopic Researches on the Contractility of the Blood 361
Vessels, M. L. Ranvier, 312; Vegetable Physiology, Re Purt Erin (Isle of Man) Marine Biological Station, 515
searches on the Localisation of the Fatty Oils in the Germina Porter (Prof. J. G.), Motion of the Solar System, 41
tion of Seeds, M. Eugène Mesnard, 312; on the Pepto Polato Disease, Observations on the, Dr. J. Böhin, 254
saccharifiant Action of the Blood and the Organs, M. R. Potato as a Diagnostic Agent in Bacteriology, Herr Krannhals,
Lépine, 335 ; the Pancreas and the Nervous Centres control 545
ling the Glycemic Function, Prof. Kausmann, 479; the Pan. Potential, Discovery of the, Ottavio Zanotti Bianco, Dr. E.
crea; and the Nerve - Centres regulating the Glycemic J. Routh, F.R.S., 510
Func ion ; Experimental Demonstrations derived from a Potsdam Magnetic Observatory, Improvements in Registration
Comparison of ihe Effects of a Removal of the Pancreas with of Needle's Variations, Herr Eschenhagen, 544
those of Bulbary Section, MM. A. Chaveau and M. Kauf. | Pottery Glazes, W. P. Rix, 396
mann, 528; Four Experiments on Nutrition, Dr. von Pottery, Nicobar, E. H. Man, 455
Noorden, 504 ; on the Origin of the Mammalian Hair, M. Poulton (Edward B., F.R.S.), the Volucella as Examples of
Weber, 504 ; on Numerical Variation in Digits in Illustration Aggressive Mimicry, 28; the Volucellæ as alleged Examples
of a Principle of Symmetry, W. Bateson, 503 ; Experiments of Variation “almost unique among Animals," 126; Soot-
on the Nutrition of Fasting Men, Dr. J. Munk, Prof. Zuntz, Figures on Ceilings, 608
Dr. Vogelius, 552 ; the Formation of Sweat, Dr. Lewy. Dorn, Pound, Imperial Standard, Decrease in Weight of, 86
600 ; Survival after the Successive Section of both the Power Distribution, Electric Lighting and, W. Perren May.
Branches of the Vagi, M. C. Vanlair, 621; on the Digestion cock, 269
of the Cæ'enterata, Marcelin Chapeaux, 621

Praeger (R. L.), What is the True Shamrock ? 302
Piccioli (Signor), Biological Relations between Plants and Prantl (Dr. Karl), Death and Obituary Notice of, 495
Snails, 23

Preece (W. H., F.R.S.), the Growth of Electrical Industry, 327;
Pickering (Prof. E. C.), the Harvard College Observatory, on Lightning Protection, Prof. Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., 536
304, 403 ; Jupiter and his Satellites, 518

Prehistoric Anthropology; the Quaternary Deposits in Russia
Pickering (Prof. Spencer, F.R.S.), Osmotic Pressure, 175

and their Relations to the Finds resulting from the Activity
Pickering (S. U.), Refractive Indices and Magnetic Rotations of Prehistoric Man, S. Nikiline, 523

of Sulphuric Acid Solutions, 165; Some Alkylamine Hy Prehistoric Arcbæology and Anthropology, the International
drates, 165; Isolation of two predicted Hydrates of Nitric Congress of, 523
Acid, 238; the Hydrates of Hydrogen Chloride, 479

Prehistoric Drawings on Limestone, Discovery near Schaff-
Pickering (Prof. W. H.), the Recent Opposition of Mars, 235 hausen of, J. Naue, 279
Pictet (Prof. Raoul), Sarasin and de la Rive's Experiments in Prehistoric Ethnography of Central and North-East Russia,
Measurement of Rate of Herz Electric Waves, 336

J. Sinirnov, 524
Pioneers of Science, Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., 263

Prehistoric Peoples, Manners and Monuments of, Marquis de
Parmen, Coal Pits and, R. Nelson Boyd, 481

Nadaillac, 316
Place (M. de), the Schiseophone, 2;

Prescot Watch Factory, tlie ; Address by Lord Kelvin, 279
Place-Names, African, the Orthography of, 400

Preservation of the Native Birds of New Zealand, 394
Place-Names of German Protectorates, Official Rules for Pressure, Osmotic, J. W. Rodger, 103; Prof. Spencer Picker-
Spelling of, 89

ing, F.R.S., 175
'lacet (Em.), Preparation of Metallic Chromium by Electro Prince (Prof. Edward), appointed Commissioner of Fisheries for
ly is, 144

Canada, 37
'lanets, Atmospheres of, 18

Printing Mathematics, W. Cassie, 8 ; Dr. M. J. Jackson, 227
lanets, the Light of, 64 ; John Garstang, 77

Prior (G. T.), the Rare Silver Minerals Xanthoconite and
lanetary Nebulæ, Spectra of, and Nova Auriga, M. Eugen Rittingerite, 70
Goiharil, 352

Pritchard (Prof. Chas., F.R.S.), Lord Kelvin, 110
lanets, Minor, 352, 457

Prizes, Astronomical Journal, 282
lanet Mars, the, Camille Flammarivn, William J. S. Lockyer, Problems in Navigation, Graphical Solutions of, 547

Projectiles, Oscillation of, Experiments on Photographic Re.
lanı (James). Death of, 60

cording of, Prof. Neesen, 216
lantainour (P.), Observations of Earth Oscillations, 254 Projection Microscope, the Reflector with the, G. B. Buckton,
ants, Climbing, Dr. H. Schenck, W. Botting Hemsley, F.R.S., 54
F.R.S., 514

Prominences, Ultra-Violet Spectrum in, Prof. G. E Hale, 186
apis, the Food ol, A. P. Lauri , 556

Proper Motions, M. Deslandres, 115
ayfair (Lord), on Scientisc Education, 301

Property : Ils Origin and Development, Letourneau,
a fair (Lieut.-Colonel Sir R. Lambert), Morocco, 298

locene Geology, Difficulties ol, Sir Henry H. Ho vorth, 150, Protection, Ligh'ning, W. 11. Precce, F.R.S., on, Prof. Oliver



Protocerus, the New Artiodactyle, Prof. Henry F. Osborn, 321 Reade (T. Mellard), Ancient Ice Ages, 174
Protoplasms, Prof. Bütschli's Experiments on the so-called Rebeur-Paschwitz (Dr. E. von), the Horizontal Pendulum, 519
Artificial, Dr. W. H. Dallinger, 526

Reduction of Tidal Observations, Prof. G. H. Darwin, F.R S.,
Prussian Government, the Centigrade Thermometer adopted by 402
the, 60

Reflection, the Photography of an Image by, Frederick J.
Psychology, Introduction to Physiological, Dr. Theodor Ziehen, Smith, 10

Reflector, the, with the Projection Microscope, G. B. Buckton,
Psychological Association, American. 348

F.R S., 54
Psychological Laboratory at Yale College, Establishment of, Registering Instruments or Indicators, General Conditions to be

fulfilled by, M. A. Blondel, 599
Public Health, a Treatise on, and its Applications in different Reid (Clement), a Fossiliferous Pleistocene Deposit at Stone on

European Countries, Dr. Albert Palmberg, Dr. H. Brock, the Hampshire Coast, 502

Reliquary, ihe Quarterly Archæological Journal and Review, 7
Public Schools, Science in the, and the Scientific Branches of Research, Berlin Academy Grants in Aid of, 586
the Army, 513

Research, Universities and, Prof. George Francis Fitz-
Pupin (I.), a Method of obtaining Alternating Currents of gerald, 100
Constant and Easily-Determined Frequency, 586

Rive (M. de la), Improvement on the Herz Oscillator, 184
Purdie (T.), Optically Active Ethoxysuccinic Acid, 311 ; the Reveries of a Naturalist, W. H. Hudson, Dr. Alfred Russel

Resolution of Methoxysuccinic Acid into its Optically Active Wallace, 483

Components, 31
Putnam (Prof.), Archæological Work in America, 474

Pyrenees, Racial Dwarfs in the, R. G. Haliburton, 294 ;
Wm. McPherson, 294

The Study of Animal Life, J. Arthur Thompson, 2
Pyrometry: Experiments to Determine Temperature of Flame Principles of the Algebra of Vectors, A. Macsarlane, 3
of Water-gas, E. Blass, 113

Le Léman. Monographie Limnologique, F. A. Forel, Prof.

T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 5

Horn Measurements and Weights of the Great Game of the
Qualitative Chemical Analysis, Notes on, P. Lakshmi Narasu World, being a Record for the Use of Sportsmen and
Nayudu, 100

Naturalists, Rowland Ward, 6
Qualities, Physical, Williams on the Dimensions of, Dr. Burton, Der Peloponnes. Versuch einer Landeskunde auf Geologischer

Prof. A. Lodge, Mr. Boys, W. Baily, Mr. Swinburne, Mr. Grundlage, Dr. Alfred Philippson, 6
Williams, 116

Traité Encyclopédique de Photographie, Charles Fabre, 6
Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, 260, 524

The Reliquary : Quarterly Archæological Journal and
Quaternions, Alex. McAulay, 151

Review, 7
Quaternions and the Algebra of Vectors, Prof. J. Willard Gibbs, Experimental Evolution, Henry de Varigny, 25

British Fungus Flora, a Classified Text-book of Mycology,
Quaternions, Vectors versus, Oliver Heaviside, F.R.S., 533

George Massee, 26
Quetta Railway Constructors, Troubles of the, 325

Marine Shells of South Africa, G. B. Sowerby, 27
Quetta, Earthquake at, 470

The Framework of Chemistry, W. M. Williams, 28
The Beauties of Nature and the Wonders of the World We

Live in, Right Hon. Sir John Lubhock, Bart, F.R.S., 28
Rabbit, on an Abnormality in the Veins of the, Prof. W. N. Algebra for Beginners, by H. S. Hall and S. R. Knight, 28

Introduction to Physiological Psychology, Dr. Theodor
Rabbit Tamed, a Wild, Helen J. Murray, 86

Ziehin, 28
Rabbit, Unusual Origin of Arteries in the Philip J. White, 365 Geological Map of Scotland, Sir Archibalu Geikie, F.R.S.,
Race in Anihropology, M. Topinard on, 524

Prof. A. H. Green, F.R.S., 49
Racial Dwarfs in the Pyrenees, R. G. Haliburton, 294 ; Wm. Medical Microscopy, F. J. Wethered, Dr. A. H. Tubby, 51
McPherson, 294

Odorographia ; a Natural History of Raw Materials and Drugs
Radiation (of Heat), Comparison of Formulæ for Total, W. de used in ihe Perfume Trade, J. C. Sawer, 52
C. Stevens, 188

Catalogue of Eastern and Australian Lepidoptera Heterocera
Radiolaria, the Rising and Sinking Process in the, Herr in the Collection of the Oxford University Museum, Col
Verworn, 397

C. Swinhoe, 53
Railway Constructors, Troubles of the Quetta, 325

Charles Darwin: His Life Told in an Autobiographical
Railway, Paddington and Clapham Junction, 515

Chapter and in a Selected Series of his Published Letters,
Railway, the South Kensington Laboratories and, 494

Railways : Mr. Robert Dundas on Improvements in Rolling Strange Survivals : Some Chapters in the History of Man,
Stock, 131

S. Baring-Gould, 53
Railways in China, 400

Animals' Rights, H. S. Salt, 73
Railways, Electrical, Dr. Edward Hopkinson, 570

A Description of the Laws and Wonders of Nature, Richard
Rain, Superabundant, Sir H. Collett, 247

A. Gregory, 74
Rainbow, Lunar, in the Highlands, 342

A Handybook for Brewers, H. E. Wright, 75
Rainfall, a Remarkable, Alfred O. Walker, 31

A Manual for Veterinary Physiology, Vet.-Captain F. Smith,
Raisin (Catharine A.), Variolite of the Lleyn and associated 76
Volcanic Rocks, 334

The Principal Starches Used as Food, Wm. Griffiths, 76
Ramage (H.), Manganese Borate, 239

Les Alps Françaises, Albert Falsan, 76
Rambaut (Prof. A.), Measurement of Distances of Binary Stars, Chemical Lecture Experiments, G. S. Newth, Sir H E.
226 ; Relative Position in Cluster x Persei, 376

Roscoe, F.R.S., 97
Ramsay (Prof.), Mr. Sutherland's Paper on the Laws of Mole A Manual of Photography, A. Brothers, 98
cular Force, 117

Matriculation Chemistry, Temple Orme, 99
Ramsay (W.), Atomic Weight of Boron, 165

Vegetable Wasps and Plant Worms: a Popular History a
Rance (Chas. E. De), Fossil Plants as Tests of Climate, 294, Entomogenous Fungi, or Fungi Parasitic upon Insects

M. C. Cooke, 99
Rankin's (Mr. D. J.) Zambesi Journey, 64

Notes on Qualitative Chemical Analysis, by P. Lakshe
Ranvier (M. L.), Microscopic Researches on the Contractility of Narasu Nayudu, 100

the Blood Vessels, 312 ; the Clasmatocytes, the Fixed Cellules Science Instruments, 100
of the Connective Tissue, and the Pus Globules, 408

In Savage Isles and Settled Lands, B. F. S. Baden-Powe!
Raps (Dr. August), Automatic Mercurial Air-Pumps, 369; 122
Photographic Registration Apparatus, 503

Property, its Origin and Developmı nt, Clas. Letourneau, 17
Rayleigh (Lord, F.R.S.), the Densities of the Principal Gases, Outlines of Organic Chemistry, C. J. Leaper, 124

An Introduction to the Study of Botany, with a Special

Parker, 270

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Chapter on Some Australian Natural Orders, Arthur Derdy

and A. H. S. Lucas, 125
A German Science Reader, Francis Jones, 125
More About Wild Nature, Mrs. Brightwen, 125
Elements of Human Physiology, E. H. Starling, 146
Elementary Manual on Applied Mechanics, Prof. Jamieson,
Man and the Glacial Period, G. F. Wright, 148
Beetles, Butterflies, Moths, and other Insects, A. W. Kapple

and W. E. Kirby, 148
Osiwald's Klassiker der Exakten Wissenschaften, Nos. 31-37,

The Migration of Birds : an Attempt to Reduce Avian

Season-Flight to Law, Charles Dixon, 169
Domestic Electric Lighting treated from the Consumer's

Point of View, E. C. De Segundo, 172
Grasses of the Pacific Slope, including Alaska and the Adja-

cent Islands, Dr. George Vasey, 173
Aids to Experimental Science, Andrew Gray, 173
Science in Arcady, Grant Allen, 173
The Visible Universe, J. Ellard Gore, A. Taylor, 193
On the American Iron Trade and its Progress during Sixteen

Years, Sir Lowthian Bell, F.R.S., John Parry, 195
The Fauna and Flora of Gloucestershire, Charles A.

Witchell and W. Bishop Strugnell, 197
The Chemistry of Lise and Health, C. W. Kimmins, 198
Naked-Eye Botany, with Illustrations and Floral Problems,

F. E. Kitchener, 198
The Great World's Farm: Some Account of Nature's Crops

and How they are Grown, Selina Gaye, 198
Sound and Music, Rev. J. A. Zahn, 222
Atlas der Völkerkunde, Dr. George Gerland, Dr. Edward B.

Tyler, F.R.S., 223
Castorologia, or The History and Traditions of the Canadian

Beaver, Horace Martin, 224
An Atlas of Astronomy, Sir R. S. Ball, F.R.S., 225
Modern Mechanism, 241
A Contribution to Our Knowledge of Seedlings, Rt. Hon.
Sir John Lubbock, Bart., F.R.S., Dr. Maxwell T. Masters,

F.R.S., 243
Epidemic Influenza: A Study in Comparative Statistics,

F. A. Dixey, 244
Au Elementary Text-Book of Hygiene, H. Rowland

Wakefield, 245
Ostwald's Klassiker der Exakten Wissenschaften, Nos. 38–

40, 245
Das Keimplasma. Eine Theorie der Vererbung, August

Weismann, 265
The Algebra of Co-planar Vectors and Trigonometry, R.

Baldwin Hayward, F.R.S., 266
Fossil Plants as Tests of Climate, being the Sedgwick Prize

Essay for the Year 1892, A. C. Seward, J. Starkie
Gardner, 267
Pioneers of Science, Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., 268
Electric Lighting and Power Distribution, W. Perren

Maycock, 269
The Naturalist on the River Amazons, Henry Walter Bates,

F.R.S., 269
Theory of Numbers, G. B. Mathews, 289
Darwin and alter Darwin : an Examination of the Dar.
winian Theory, and a Discussion of Post-Darwinian

Questions, George John Romanes, F.R.S., 290
The Ferns of South Africa, containing Descriptions and
Figures of the Ferns and Fern-allies of South Africa,

Thonas R. Sim, J. G. Baker, F.R.S., 291
Newcomb-Engelmann's Populäre Astronomie, Zweite ver-

mehrte Auflage, Dr. H. C. Vogel, 291
The Hemiptera Heteroptera of The British Islands, Edward

Saunders, 292
Physical Education, Frederick Treves, 292
A Text-book of Tropical Agriculture, H. A. Alford Nicholls,

Die Zelle und Die Gewebe, Grundzüge der allgemeinen Ana-

tomie und Physiologie, Prof. Dr. Oscar Hertwig, 314
Elementary Mechanics of Solids and Fluids, A. L. Selby, 315
Magnetism and Electricity, R. W. Stewart, 315
Manners and Morals of Prehistoric Peoples, Marquis de Nar.

daillac, 316
The Milky Way from the North Pole to 10° of South De.

clination, drawn at the Earl of Rosse's Observatory at

Birr Castle, Ollo Boeddicker, 337
The Theory of Substitutions and its Applications to Algebra,

Dr. Eugen Netto, 338
Das Centralnervensystem von Protoplenus anneciens ; eine

vergleichend Anatomische Studie, Dr. Rudolf Burckh

The Chemical Basis of the Animal Body, A. Sheridan Lee,

F.R.S., 340
Chambers's Encyclopædia, vol. x., 340
Arthur Young's Tour in Ireland, 1776-79, 341
Qualitative Analysis Tables and the Reactions of certain Or-

ganic Substances, E. A. Lelis ; Chapman Jones, 361
Gemeinverständliche Vorträge aus dem Gebeiie der Physic,

Prof. Dr. Leonhard Sohncke ; Dr. James L. Howard, 362
A Catalogue of British Gasteropoda, W. H. Hudleston,

F.R.S., and Edward Wilson, H. Woods, 363
The Year Book of ihe Imperial Institute of the United King-

dom, the Colonies and India, 363
Beneath Helvellyn's Shade, Samuel Barber, 364
Evolution and Man's Place in Nature, Henry Calderwood, 385
Théorie Mathématique de la Lumière, H. Poincaré ; A. B.

Basset, F.R.S., 386
The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma, 387
The Year-book of Science (1892), 188
Treatise on Thermodynamics, Peter Alexander, 388
Mediæval Lore: an Epitome of the Science, Geography,

Animal and Plant Folklore and Myth of the Middle Ages,

Robert Steele, 388
Astronomy for Every day Readers, B. J. Hopkins, 389
The Microscope : iis Construction and Management, Dr.

Henri van Heurck, 409
The Earth's History: an Introduction to Modern Geology,

R. D. Roberts, 412
The Health Officer's Pocket-book, E. F. Willoughby, 412
Engler's Botanische Jabrbücher fur Systematik, Planzen-

geschichte und Pflanzengeographie, 413
Descriptive Geometry Models for the Use of Students in

Schools and Colleges, I. Jones, 413
Théorie du Soleil, A. Brester, 433
A Course of Practical Elementary Biology, John Bidgood,

Stéréochimie, J. H. van't Hoff, 436
Die Fossile Flora der Höttinger Breccie, R. Von Wettstein,


Observational Astroncmy, Arthur Mee, 437
Mechanics and Hydrostatics for Beginners, S. L. Loney, 437
A Vertebrate Fauna of Lakeland, including Cumberland and
Westmorland, with Lancashire North of the Sands, Rev.

H. A. Macpherson, 457
Die Entwickelung der Doppelstern-Systeme, T. J. J. See,

Prof. G, H. Darwin, F.R.S., 459
Magnetic Induction in Iron and other Metals, J. A. Ewing,

F.R.S., E. Wilson, 460
Forschungsberichte aus der Biologischen Station zu Plön, Dr.

Otto Zacharias, 461
The British Journal Photographic Almanac for 1893, J. Traill

Taylor, 462
Studies in Corsica, John Warren Barry, 462
Coal Pits and Pimen: a Short History of the Coal Trade

and the Legislation affecting it, R. Nelson Boyd, 481
Idle Days in Patagonia, W. H. Hudson, Dr. Alfred Russel

Wallace, 483
Ueber das Verhalten des Pollens und die Befruchtungsvor-

gänge bei den Gymnospermen, Eduard Strasburger, 484
Autres Mondes, Amédée Guillemin, 485
Some Lectures by the late Sir George E. Paget, K.C.B.,

F.R.S., 485
Electrical Papers, Oliver Heaviside, 505
The Great Sea-Serpent, A. C. Oudemans, 506
A Treatise on Public Health and its Applications in Different

European Conntries, Albert Palmberg, M.D., Dr. H.

Brock, 507
The English Flower Garden, W. Robinson, 508
Logarithmic Tables, Prof. George Willlam Jones, 508
Catalogue of the British Echinoderms in the British Museum,

F. Jeffrey Bell, 508
Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity, A, E. H.

Lowe, Prof. A. G. Greenbill, F.R.S., 529




Text-book of Elementary Biology, H. J. Campbell, 530 Roscoff Laboratory, on the Attempt at Oyster Culture in the,
Contribution à l'Etude de la Morphologie et du Développement M. de Lacaze Duthiers, 456
des Bactériacées, A. Billet, Dr. Rubert Boyce, 532

Rosenberg (Herr), Influence of Budily Exertion on Digestive
Introduc'ory Modern Giometry of Point, Ray, and Circle, Process, 62
W. B. Smith, 532

Rothamsled Agricultural Experiments, Proposed Commeinora-
Primer of Horticulture, J. Wright, 533

lion of the Jubilee of Sir John Lawes, 448
Ornithology in Relation to Agriculture and Horticulture. Roich (A. L.), Meteorological Balloon Ascent at Berlin, October
John Watson, Walter Thorp, 533

24, 1891, 46
La Planète Mars et ses Conditions d'Habitabilité, Camille Routh (lir. E. J., F.R.S.) Discovery of the Poten'ial, 510
Flammarion, William J. S. Lockyer, 553

Rwland (Prof. H. A.), A New Table of Standard Wave-lengths,
Magnetische Beobachtungen auf der Nordsee angestellt in den 590

Jahren 1884 bis 1886, 1890, und 1891, A. Schück, 555 Royal College of Science, the Proposed New Buildings for the,
Manual of Dairy Work, James Muir, Walter Thorp, 555 Mr. Shaw-Lefevre, 448
William Gilbert, of Colchester, Physician of London, on the Royal Dublin Society, 287, 431

Loadstone and Magnetic Bodies, and on the Great Magnet Royal Geographical Society, 65, 89, 115, 209; Women not to
the Earth, P. Fleury Mottelay, 556

be admitted as Fellows, 617 ; Medal Awards, 617
Report on Manurial Trials, Dr. William Somerville, 556 Riyal Meteorological Society, 118, 286, 333, 430, 502, 623
The Food of Plants, A. P. Laurie, 556

Royal Micro;copical Society, 47, 118, 359, 501, 526
Text-book of Comparative Geology, E. Kayser, 578

Royal Society, 37, 94, 164, 182, 189, 237, 261, 310, 331, 358,
Der Nord-Ostsee Kanal, C. Beseke, 579

381, 429, 476, 596, 621; Medal Awards, 60; Anniversary
Laws and Properties of Matter, R. T. Glazebrook, F.R.S., of the, 106: Anniversary Dinner of the, 134 ; Criticism of

the, 145
The Partition of Africa, J. Scott Keltie, 580

Royal Society of New South Wales, 311, 335
Forest Tithes and other Studies from Nature, by a Son of Rubens (H.), a Modified Astatic Galvanometer, 455
the Marshes, 580

Ruby, Valuable, discovered at Burma Mines, 586
Waterdale Researches : Fresh Light on Dynamics, Water- | Rücker (Prof.), Williams on the Relation of the Dimensions of
dale, 601

Physical Quantities to Directions in Space, 69
Textbook of Biology, H. G. Wells, 605

Ruhemann (5.), the Formation of Benzyldihydroxypyridine from
Pflanzenleben, Anton Kerner von Marilaun, 605

Benzylglutaconic Acid, 311
Bibliografica Medica Italiana, P. Giacosa, 606

Rule for Fuding the Day of the Week Corresponding to any
The Evolution of Decorative Art, Henry Ballour, 606

given Day of the Month and Year, a Simple, 509
Reyer (Prof. E.), Experiments on Folding and on the Genesis Riioss (H.), Contrivance for Determining Refracuve Index of
of Mountain Ranges, 81

Liquid, 544
Reymond (Dr. R. du Bois), Sensation of Warmth on Immersing Russell (H. C., F.R.S.), Curious Drist of a Current Bottle,
Hand in Carbon Dioxide, 144

131 ; Physical Geography and Climate of New South Wales,
Rhodes (Cecil), Proposed Exploration of Africa by Telegraph, 258; Moving Anti-Cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere,

286; Hail Storms, 573; Notes of two Photographs of
Ricci (Admiral Marquis), Munificent Bequest for Founding 1 Lightning taken at Sydney Observatory, December 7, 1892,

Scientific Institution in Genoa hy, 613
Ricco (M.), Sun-spots and Magnetic Perturbations in 1892, Russell (H. L.) on the Bacterial Investigation of the Sea and its

352; Fumo di Vulcano Veduto dall'Osservatorio di Palermo Floor, 285
durante l'eruzione del 1889, 428 ; La Grandissima Macchia | Russell (Hon. R.), Dew and Frost, 210
Solare del Febbrajo 1892, 429; Stromboli, 453

Russia : Attempted Silk Production in South Russia, 184 ; the
Richards (J. T.), Arborescent Frost Patterns, 162

Pinsk Marshes and non-Russian Atlases, M. Venukofi, 282;
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Constitution of the Quaternary Deposits in Russia and their
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