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the Universities and the County Council, 586 ; the Cam-
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ment, 60
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echini (Prof.), Solar Observations at Rome, 304, 399, 565 | 364

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British Marine Fauna, 269

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on Magic Mirrors, 79; Japanese Magic Mirrors, 381 ; on Baldwin Hayward, F.R.S., 266
Messrs. Rimington and Smith's Experiments in Electric and Trimen (Dr.), the Development of the Ceylon Tea Industry,
Magnetic Fields, Constant and Varying, 166

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by Alternating Magnetic Poles, 517

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Thomson (Joseph), Journey to Lake Bangweolo, 115

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Thomson (J. Arthur), the Study of Animal Lise, 2

Thomson (). P.), British New Guinea, 345

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lus, 254

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Hydrate, 165; the Determination of the Thermal Expansion 233; Statistics of Average Life in France, 255
of Liquids, 405; the Determination of the Thermal Expan Tutton (A. E.), a Remarkable Case of Geometrical Isomerism,
sion and Specific Volume of Certain Paraffins and Paraffin 65; Chemistry of Osmium, 400; the Connection between the
Derivatives, 405

Atomic Weight of the Contained Metals and the Magnitude
Thoulet (J.), on a Modification to be Applied to the Construc of the Angles of Crystals of Isomorphous Series, 430 ; Further
tion of Bottles Designed to Collect Specimens of Deep Studies on Ilydrazine, 522; the Amide and Imide of Sul.
Waters, 408

phuric Acid, Dr. Traube, 566
Thiimen (Dr. F. von), Death of, 130

Tylor (Dr.), on the Rude Stone Implements of the Tas-
Thunderstorms and Auroral Phenomena, J. Ewen Davidson, manians, showing them to belong to the Palæolithic or Un-

ground Stage of the Implement-Maker's Art, 527
Thurn (E. F. im), Anthropological Uses of the Camera, 543 Tylor (Dr. Edward B., F.R.S.), Atlas der Volkerkunde, Dr.
Thys (Major), Progress of the Congo Railway, 159

Georg Gerland, 223
Tibet, Captain Bower's Journey in, 400

Typhoid fever attributed to Bathing in Polluted Water, Herr
Tibet, Central, Mongolia and Ć. Woodville Rockbill, 426

Jaeger, 398
Tidal Observations, Reduction of, Prof. G. H. Darwin, F.R.S., Typhoid and Coli Communis Bacilli, Dunbar on the Questions

of the Separate Identification of the, 472
Tiger-Lion Hybrids, Lion-Tiger and, Dr. V. Ball, F.R.S.,

390, 607
Tiger, Lion-, Hybrids, S. F. Harmer, 413

Uganda, Captain F. D. Lugard, 45
Tilden (Prof.), `Abuse of Scientific Titles (Letters Indicating Uganda Commission, the, 210
Membership of Societies), 15

Ulrich (G. H. F.), on a Meteoric Stone found at Makariwa,
Tilden (W. A.), Formation and Nitration of Phenyldiazoimide, near Invercargill, New Zealand, 381

311 ; the Hydrocarbons Derived from Dipentenedihydro- | Ultra-Violet Spectrum in Prominences, Prof. G. E. Hale, 186
chloride, 405 ; the Action of Nitrosy! Chloride and of United States : Marine Laboratories in the, Prof. J. P. Camp-
Nitric Peroxide on some Members of the Olefine Series, bell, 66 ; the Copper Resources of the, James Douglas, 132;

Agriculture in the United States, Experiment Stations, R.
Tillo (Alexis de), High Atmospheric Pressures observed at Warrington, F.R.S., 157 ; Investigations on Soils, 157;
Irkutsk from January 12 10 16, 1893, 432

Higher Education in the United States, Dr. Low, 325 ;
Time, Universal, 451

Government Botanical Stations in the United States, 450;
Tisserand (M.), Paris Observatory in 1892, 546

United States Naval Observatory, 452
Tiiles, Scientific, Abuse of Letters indicating Membership of Universal Time, 451
Societies, Prof. Tilden, 15

Universe, the Visible, J. Ellard Gore, A. Taylor, 193
Tobacco Culture in Australia, 324

Universities : University Commission, 1 ; University Intelli-
Tobacco Cultivation at Tashkend, 86

gence, 68, 94, 116, 143, 163, 285, 331, 357, 380, 404, 428,
Tobacco and Vinous Fermentation, the Micro-organisms of, 454, 476; Universities and Research, Prof. George Francis
Suchsland, Nathan and Kosutany, 208

Fitzgerald, F.R.S., 100; Appointment of W. Flinders Petrie
Tokelaus, the, 423

to Chair of Egyptology at University College, London, III;
Topinard (M.), on Race in Anthropology, 524

Prof. Flinders Petrie's First Lecture on Egyptology, 278;
Torpedo, on the Origin of the Electric Nerves in the Gymnotus, the New University Question, 121; Opening of New Victoria
Mormyrus and Malapterurus, Gustav Fritsch, 271

Buildings, University College, Liverpool, 155; University
Torrents, Swiss, the Regulation of, M. de Salis, 377

Extension, the Cambridge Summer Meeting Programme,
Total Solar Eclipse, April 15-16, 1893, 304, 376; M. De la 183; University Extension Movement, the, Summer Meeting
Baume Pluvinel, 304 ; A. Taylor, 317

Programme, 586; the Proposed University for London, 200,
Tourney (J. W.), Cliff and Cave.dwellings in Central Arizona, 577; the University of Chicago, 278; a University Exten-

sion Manual, R. D. Roberts, 412
Tower Bridge, Foundations of Two River Piers of, G. E. W. Unwin (Prof.), Experiments on the Value of the Steam-jacket,
Cruttwell, 545

Tracery Imitation, Prof. J. Mark Baldwin, 149

Urobilin, on, A. Eichholz, 360
Traubé (Dr.), the Amide and Imide of Sulphuric Acid, A. E. Utah, Salinity of Great Salt Lake, 302

Tutton, 566
Travelling of Roots, W. T. Thiselton-Dyer, F.R.S., 414 Val d'Herens, Glaciers of, William Sherwood, 174
Travels, Australian, R. von Lendenfeld, 274

Value of the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat, the, E. II.
Travels in Borneo, Charles Hose, 282

Griffiths, 537
Travels, a Sanitarian's, Robert Boyle, 103

Vanessa Polychloros in London, L. G. Tremayne, 563

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Vanlair (M. C.), Survival after the Successive Section of both Wachsmuth (R.), the Thermal Conductivities of Liquids, 350
the Branches of the Vagi, 621

Wadsworth (Prof. M. E.), Geology of the Iron, Gold, and
Variation, the Volucellä as Alleged Examples of, Almost Unique Copper Districts of Michigan, Sir Archibald Geikie, Dr.
Among Animals, Edward B. Poulton, F.R.S., 126

Hicks, H. Bauerman, 117
Varigny (Henry de), Experimental Evolution, 25

Waite (Edgar B.), appointed Assistant Curator in Australian
Variolite of the Lleyn and Associated Volcanic Rocks, Catherine Museum, Sydney,
A. Raisin, 334

Wakefield (H. Rowland), an Elementary Text-book of Hygiene,
Vasey (Dr. Geo.), Grasses of the Pacific Slope, including 245
Alaska and the Adjacent Islands, 173

Waldo (Dr. Frank), Standard Barometry, 511
Vasey (Dr. G.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 495

| Wales, December 8, 1892, Corncrake caught in, 157
Vector Analysis, Prof. P. G. Tait, 225

Wales, the Origin and Progress of the Educational Movement in,
Vector Theory, on Recent Innovations in, Prof. C. G. Knott, 0. M. Edwards, 421
287, 590

Walker (Mr.), the Screw Propeller, 21
Vectors, Principles of the Algebra of, A. Maclarlane, 3

Walker (Alfred 0.), a Remarkable Rainfall, 31
Vectors, Co-planar, the Algebra of, and Trigonometry, R.

| Walker (Sir Andrew Barclay), Death of, 421
Baldwin Hayward, F.R.S., 266

Walker (J.), Electrolysis of Sodic Ethylic Camphorate, 479
Vectors, Quaternions and the Algebra of, Prof. J. Willard | Walker (J. W.), Optically Active Ethoxysuccinic Acid, 311
Gibbs, 463

Walking of Arthropoda, on the, Henry H. Dixon, 56
Vectors versus Quaternions, Oliver Heaviside, F.R.S., 533 | Wallace (Dr. Alfred R): an Ancient Glacial Epoch in
Vegetable Wasps and Plant Worms, M. C. Cooke, 99

Australia, 55; the Earth's Age, 175, 226; the Glacier
Vegetation, Infuence of Moisture on, E. Gain, 119

Theory of Alpine Lakes, 437 ; Idle Days in Patagonia, W.
Veins of the Rabbit, on an Abnormality in the, Prof. W. M. H. Hudson, 483
Parker, 270

Wallerant (M.), on the Age of the most Ancient Eruptions of
Veitch (H. G.), Coniferæ of Japan, 619

Etna, 264
Veley (V. H.), Necessity of Water in Chemical Reactions, 167 | Ward (Prof. Marshall): Experiments on the Action of Light
Venukoff (M.), the Pinsk Marshes and non-Russian Atlases, I on Bacillus anthracis, 331 ; Further Experiinents on the

282 ; the Form of the Geoid, 566; Measurement of the | action of Light on Bacillus anthracis, 597
Parallel of 47° 30' in Russia, 576

Ward (Rowland), Horn Measurements and Weights of the
Verschaffelt (I.), Two Experimental Verifications Relative to Great Game of the World, being a Record for the use of
Refraction in Crystals, 428

Sportsmen and Naturalists, 6
Vertebrate Biology, H. G. Wells, 605

Ward (R. de C.), the First Aerial Voyage across English
Vertebrate Fauna of Lakeland, a, Rev. A. Macpherson, 457

Channel, 143
Verworn (Herr), the Rising and Sinking Process in the Radi Warrington (R., F.R.S.), Experiment Stations in United
olaria, 397

States, 157
Veterinary Physiology, a Manual of, Vely. Capt. F. Smith, 76

Washington, Geological Society of, Founded, 613
Vezes (M.), Metallic Osmium, 497

Washington Magnetic Observation, 209
Victoria Field Naturalists' Club, 62

Wasps, Vegetable, and Plant Worms, M. C. Cooke, 99
Vine-disease, American, Appearance of the Black-rotin Watch Factory, the Prescot, Address by Lord Kelvin, 279
Europe, 16

Water and Water Supply, Major L. Flower, 183
Vine-disease, the Mal Nero, Dr. B. Pasquale, 130

Water, Dilatation and Compressibility of, E. H. Amagat, 288
Vineyards of Cyprus, the, M. Mouillefort, 517

Water, Expansion of, at Constant Pressure and at Constant
Violle (.), the Temperature of the Electric Arc, 240 ; the use

Volume, E. H. Amagat, 623
of the Electric Current in Producing High Temperatures,

Water-boring in Cape Colony, 349

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Body, 552


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