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the form of Isothermals of Liquids and Gases, 143; Dilatation Physical Anthropology in America, 475; Use ot Chloride of
and Compressibility of Water, 288; Expansion of Water at Potassium instead of Salt by Soudanese, M. Dybowski, 499 ;
Constant Pressure and at Constant Volume, 623

the International Congress of Prehistoric Archäology and
Amazons, River, the Naturalist on the, Henry Walter Bates, Anthropology, 523; Prehistoric Anthropology, the Quater-
F.R.S., 269

nary Deposits in Russia and their Relations to the Finds
Ambronn (Dr. L.), Astronomical Instruments up to Date, 114 Resulting from the Activity of Prehistoric Man, S. Nikitine,
America : American Microscopical Society- Prizes offered for 523; Race in Anthropology, M. Topinard, 524 ; Which is the

Encouragement of Research, 15; American Vine-disease ; ap most Ancient Race in Russia, Prof. A. Bogdanov, 524;
pearance of the Black Rot in Europe, 16; American Meteoro on the Rude Stone Implements of the Tasmanians, showing
logical Journal, 46, 143, 261, 454, 574 ; a New Blind Cave them to belong to the Palæolithic or Unground Stage of the
Salamander from North America, L. Stejneger, 62; Ameri Implement-makers Art, Dr. Tylor, 527; Anthropological
can Opinion of Photography in England, Xanthus Smith, Uses of the Camera, E, F. im Thurn, 548; Neolithic Village
86; American Journal of Science, 188, 285, 380, 499, 596 ; of the Roche-au. Diable, near Tesnières, Canton of Lorez-le-
On the American Iron Trade and its Progress during Six Bocage (Seine-et-Marne), Armaud Viré, 576 ; on Egyptian
teen Years, Sir Lowthian Bell, F.R.S.; John Parry, Mummies, Prof. Macalister, 623
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American Psychological Association, 348; the U.S. Geo. | the Influence of Metals on the Specific Rotatory Power of
logical Survey and American Mining Industries, 350 ; Ame. Active Acids, 405
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Aquarium, the Boxing Kangaroo at Westminster, 111
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Tutton, 566

Arborescent Frost Patterns, Prof. R. Meldola, F.R.S., 125 ;
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Hugo Wollheim, 246

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Analysis, Modern Advanced, G. B. Mathews, 289

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Anatomy; Bell's Idea of a New Anatomy of the Brain, Jas. B. the Destruction of Ancient Monuments in Central America,

Bailey, JI; the Brain in Mud fishes, Dr. Rudolf Burckhardt, M. H. Saville, 302 ; Ancient Copper Relics discovered in the
339 : the Relation of Anatomy to Art, Paul Richer, 470; Course of M. de Sarzec's Excavations in Chaldea, M.
Die Epiglottis, Carl Gegenbaur, 542 ; the Rudimentary Hind Berthelot, 360 ; Depredations amon, the recently-discovered
Limbs of Great Fin-whale, Humpback, and Greenland Right Phænician Tombs in Malta, 396 ; Archæological Work in
whale compared, Dr. John Struthers, 588

America, Prof. Putnam, 474 ; the International Congress of
Ancient Ice Ages, T. Mellard Reade, 174

Prehistoric Archæology and Anthropology, 523
Anchisaurus colurus, Restoration of, Prof. O. C. Marsh, 349 Architecture and Symbolism in Burma, Development in Budd.
Ancient Dyes, Notes on some, Edward Schunck, F.R.S., 22 hist, Major Temple, 47
Ancient Ice Ages, J. Lomas, 227

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Anderson (A.), Blind Animals in Caves, 439

Annual General Meeting, 494 ; the Strength of Bulkheads,
Anderson (Dr. W.), Technical Education, 155

Dr. Elgar, 520: Experiments on the Transmission of Heat
André (M.), on the Organic Substances constituting Vegetable through Tube-plates, A. J. Durston, 521 ; Notes on Boiler-
Soil, 551

testing, J. T. Melton, 521" ; the Apparatus for Measuring and
Andromeda, Comet in, 40

Registering Vibrations of Steamers, E. Olio Schlick, 521 ;
Andromedes, the, Maclair Boraston, 326

Experiments with Engines of S. S. Iveagh, John Inglis, 521
Anemometer, New Maximum, W. H. Dines, 118

Arctic Expedition, Dr. Nansen's, 65; Proposed Arctic Expedi.
Anemometry, H. W. Dines, 143

tion of Lieut. Peary, 133; Proposed Arctic Expedition by
Angot (Alfred), Eiffel Tower, Experiments on Decrease of Air way of Franz Josef Land, F. G. Jackson, 377
Temperature with Elevation, 240

Arctic Travel : the Voyage of La Manche to Iceland, Jan
Animal Body, the Chemical Basis of the, A. Sheridan Lea, Mayen, and Spitzbergen in 1892, M. Bi naimé, 48
F.R.S., 340

Argyll (the Duke of, F.R.S.), Glacier Action, 389; Origin of
Animal Life, the Study of, J. Arthur Thomson, 2

Lake Basins, 485
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4399; G. A. Boulenger, 608

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Annalen des K. K. Naturhistorischen Hofmuseums, 525

238 ; Products of Interaction of Zinc Chloride on Sulphuric
Annelid, Sponge and, a Strange Commensalism, James Hornell, Acid and Camphor, 239; Griess-Sandmeyer Interactions and

Gattemann's Modification thereof, 239; Origin of Colour
Anschutz (Prof.), Compounds of Salicylic and Cresotinic Acid VII. and VIII., 551
Lactides with Chloroform, 255

Army, Science in the Public Schools and the Scientific Branches
Antarctic Continent, the Chatham Islands and an, H. (). of the, 513
Forbes, 474

Arno (Signor), Rotation of Cylinder by Inductive Action, 374
Antarctic Whaling Fleet, the, 282; Letters from the, 590 Arons (Dr.), an Arc Light between Mercurial Electrodes in
Anthropology: Prof. Virchow on the Immediate Task for Vacuo, 24

Anthropologists, 38; Anthropological Institute, 46, 239, 335, Arsonval (M. d), the Physiologica! Effects of Electric Currents
455, 527, 623; Development of Buddhist Architecture and i of High Frequency, 517
Symbolism in Burma, Major Temple, 46; Prehistoric Inter- Art, the Relation of Anatomy to, Paul Riche
ments of Bahi Rossi Caves, near Mentone, A. J. Evans, Art, the Evolution of Decorative, Henry Balfour, 606
239; Mythographic Origin of Polynesian Ornament-forms, | Arts, S ciety of, Opening Meeting of, 63
Dr. H. C. March, 239; Relics of Primitive Fashions in India, Arteries in the Rabbit, Unusual Origin of, Philip J. White, 365
Kedarnath Basu, 301 ; Dr. Ten Kate on the Type-character. | Artesian Boring and Irrigation in New South Wales, J. W.
is:ics of the North American Indians, 374; The Tokelaus, Boulibee, 183
423; on Nicobar Pottery, E. H. Man, 455 ; on some Islands Arthropoda, on the Walking of, Henry H Dixon, 56
of the New Hebrides, Lieut. Boyle, T. Somerville, 455 ; | Arthur (J. G.), Gases in Living Plants, 427


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to Nature,

, 1893

Artificially Incubated Eggs, W. Whitman Bailey, 200

Tacchini, 304, 399, 565; the Nautical Almanac for 1896,
Artiodactyle, Artionyx-a Clawed, Prof. Henry S. Osborn, 610 326 ; Eclipse Photography, M. de la Baume Pluvinel, 326;
Artiodactyle, Protocerus, the New, Prof. Henry S. Osborn, 321 The Andromedes, Maclair Boraston, 326; a New Method of
Artionyx--A Clawed Artiodactyle, Prof. Henry S. Osborn, 610 Photographing the Corona, M. H. Deslandres, 327 ; the
Ascidians, the Mantle-cells of, Kowalevsky, 62

Milky Way from the North Pule to 10° of South Declination,
Asia, Central, Dr. J. Troll's Journey through, 160

drawn at the Earl of Rosse's Observatory at Birr Castle, Dr.
Asia from East to West, the Steppe Belt Traversing, H. J. Oito Boeddicker, 337 ; Sun spots and Magnetic Pertur.
Mackinder, 353

bations in 1892, M. Ricco, 352; New Minor Planets,
Asiatic Loess, the Geology of the, Thos. W. Kingsmill, Prof. 352; the Lunar Sursace, 352; Remarkable Comets,
G. H. Darwin, F.R.S., 30

Mr. Lynn, 376; Relative Positions of Stars in Cluster
Assheton (R.), on a Supposed Law of Metazoan Development, x Persei, Sir Robert Ball and Arthur Rambaut, 376;

176; on the Development of the Optic Nerve of Vertebrates L'Astronomie, 377; Astronomy for Everyday Readers, B. J.
and the Choroidal Fissure of Embryonic Life, 261

Hopkins, 389; the Star Catalogue of the Astronomische
Assmann (Prof.), Detailed Description of the Meteorographs Gesellschaft, 399; Coincidence of Solar and Terrestrial Phe-
set up in the “ Urania-Pillars," 287

nomena, Prof. G. E. Hale, 425; Prof. Hale's Solar Photo-
Aston (E.), Atomic Weight of Boron, 165

graphs, 498; La Grandissima Macchia Solare del Febbrajo
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1892, A. Ricco, 429 ; Distribution of Stars in Space, Prof.
Barnard, 282 ; Mr. Huggins, 425 ; Hydrogen Line HB in T. C. Kapleyn, 432 ; Théorie du Soleil, Dr. A. Brester, 433;
the Spectrum of, Herr Victor Schumann, 425; Motion of, Prof. Observational Astronomy, Arthur Mee, 434 : Universal
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28), 18, 41, 63; a New Comet (Brooks, November 19-20), 133, Light, Arihur Searle and Prof. Bailey, 473; Winck's Lunar En-
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tory of Astronomy to the Year 1500 A.D., Dr. Felix Müller, Observatory, 498 ; Roche's Limit, 509 ; Prof. G. H. Darwin,
18; a Large Telescope, 18 ; the Atmospheres of Planets, 18; F.R S., 581; the Horizontal Pendulum, Dr. E. von Rebeur-
Comet in Andromeda, 40 ; Motion of the Solar System, Paschwitz, 519; the Rising and Setting of Stars, 519; Paris
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the Moon, Prof. Barnard, 41; the Recent Opposition of near & Persei (N.G.C. 1499) (Dr. F. Skinner, 546; Minor
Mars, Prof. W. H. Pickering, 235; the Canals of Mars, 64; Planets, 547 ; La Planète Mars et ses Conditions d'Habita-
the Channels of Mars, T. W. Kingsmill, 133; the Markings bilité, Camille Flammarion, William J. Lockyer, 553 ; Paral-
on Mars, M. Schaeberle, 209; the New Comet, 63 ; W. F. laxes of u and a Cassiopeiæ, Harold Jacoby, 565; Fall of a
Denning, 77 ; M. Bigourdan, 88; the Light of Planets, 64 ; Meteorite, 565; Jahrbuch der Astronomie und Geophysik,
John Garstang, 77: Stellar Magnitudes in Relation to the 566; the Observatory, 566 ; Centenary of Birth of Wilhelmus
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Parallax of B Cygni, Harold Jacoby, 399; Motion in the Line Telescopes, 616; Spectrum of B Lyræ, Prof. Keeler, Société
of Sight, M. H. Deslandres, 88; Himmel und Erde, the Astronomique de France, 616
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Mr. Roberts, 256 ; Dr. F. Cohn, 326 ; Dr. R. Schorr, 326; Tyler, F.R.S., 223
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Prof. E. Barnard, 399 ; Spectrum of Comet Holmes, 235; al with Automatic Recorders of, Gustave Hermite, 119
New Comet, 133; Astronomy and Astrophysics, 133 ; a | Atmosphere, Photographic Absorption of our, Prof. Schasberle,
New O servatory at Abastouman, 133; Astronomy at 304
Columbia College, U.S.A., 159 ; Companion to the Ob. | Atmosphere, the Thermal Exchanges of the, Prof. von Bezold,
servatory for 1893, 159 ; Swist's Comet, Prof. Barnard, 186; 552
Comet Swist (a 1892), A. E. Douglas, 546; Ultra-Violet | Atmospheres of Planets, 18
Spectrum in Solar Prominences, Prof. G. E. Hale, 186 ; Ephe. Atmospheric Electricity in America, Observations of, T. C.
meris for Bodies moving in the Biela Orbit, Dr. Chandler, / Mendenhall, Prof. Oliver J. Lodge, F.R.S., 392
186 ; Madras Meridian Circle Observations, 186; a Bright | Atmospheric Nitrogen, Researches on the Fixation by Microbes
Comet, W. R. Brooks, 114; Astronomical Instruments of, M. Berthelot, 23
11p 10 Date, Dr. L. Ambronn and Herr Julius Springer, 114; Auriga, the New Star in the Constellation of, W. J. Lockyer,
Motion of 8 Persei, 115; Proper Motions, M. Deslandres, 115; 137
the Present Comets, T. W. Backhouse, 127 ; tbe Star of Auroral Phenomena, Thunderstorms and, J. Ewen Davidson,
Be hlehem, J H. Stockwell, 177 ; Astronomical Theory of ' 582
the Ice Age, N. L. W. A. Gravelaar, 200; the Tercentenary | Auroras, the Height and Spectrum of, T. W. Backhouse, 151
of Galileo at Padua, 207; Burnham's Double-star Observa. Austen (E. E.), Description of New Species of Dipterous In-ects
lions, 281; the Lick Observatory, Miss Milicent W. Shinn, of the Family Syrphida, in the Collection of the British
209 ; Washington Magnetic Observations, 209 ; an Atlas of Museum, with Notes on Species described by the late Francis
A tronomy, Sir Ro ert Stawell Bill, F.RS., 225; Measure. Walker, 335
ment of Distances of Binary Stars, Prof. Arthur A. Rambaut, Australia : the “Bean-tree” of Central, 40 ; Catalogue of
226; Astronomical Discoveries in 1892, W. F. Denning, Fastern and Australian Lepidoptera in the Collection of the
256 ; the Meteor Shower of November 23, 1892, 257 ; Total Oxford University Museum, Col. C. Swinhoe, 53; an Ancient
Sular Eclipse April 15-16, 1893, 304, 376, 584 ; M. De la Glacial Epoch in Australia, Dr. Alfred R. Wallace, 55 ; the
Baume Pluvinel, 281, 304 ; A. Taylor, 317; Astronomical South Australian Rust in Wheat Conference, 86 ; a Large
Journal Prizes, 282, 425, 616 : Newcomb Engelmann's Popu Meteorite from Western Australia, James R. Gregory, 90 ;
Fair. Astronomie, 291 ; Photographic Absorplion of our Atmo Edgar B. Waite appointed Assistant Curator in the Austra-
sphere, Prof. Schaebeile, 304 ; Tlarvard College Observatory, lian Museum, Sydney, ill; an Introduction to the Study of
Pro'. Pickering, 304 ; Solar Observations at Rome, Prof. Botany, with a Special Chapter on some Australian Natural


Orders, Arthur Dendy and A, H. S. Lucas, 125; Australian Barnard, Comet (October 12), 18, 40
Travels, R. Von Lendeníeld, 274 ; Tobacco. Culture in Aus- Barnard (Prof.), Occultation of Mars and Jupiter by the Moon,
tralia, 324 ; Great Meteorite from Western Australia, 469 ; 41; Nova Auriga, 282; Swift's Comet, 186; Jupiter's Fifth
the Triangulation of North-west South Australia, 519 ; Ethno Satellite, 377; Comet Holmes (1892, III.), 399
logical Observations in Australia, R. Etheridge, 594 ; Palæon. Barometer, a Highly Sensitive Mercury, Dr. Carlo di Lungo,
tological Discovery in Australia, Prof. Alfred Newton, F.R.S.,


Barometry, Standard, Dr. Frank Waldo, 511
Automatic Mercurial Air Pumps, Dr. August Raps, 369

Barrow (Geo.), on an Intrusion of Muscovite-biotite-gneiss in the
Autres Mondes, Amédée Guillemin, 485

South-Eastern Highlands, and its Accompanying Thermo-
Ayrton (Prof.) Science Teaching, 359

Metamorphism, 575
Azoimide, 136

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Aztecs, the Calendar System of the Ancients, Zelia Nuttall, 156 | Bartholomew (John), Death of, 547

Barus (C.), Preliminary Note on the Colours of Cloudy Con-
Babes (Messrs. V. and A.), the Purification of Water by Bac. densation, 380; Isothermals, Isopiestics and Isometrics
teriological Methods, 588

relative to Viscosity, 380
Backhouse (T. W.), the Present Comets, 127 ; the Height and Basset (A. B., F.R.S.), Stability and Instability of Viscous

Spectrum of Auroras, 151 ; the Afterglows and Bishop's Liquids, 94 ; Théorie Mathématique de la Lumière, H.
Ring, 582

Poincaré, 386 ; Motion of a Solid Body in a Viscous
Bacteriology : the Bacteriology of Tetanus, Kikasoto, 158; Bac Liquid, 512

teriology of Tobacco, and Vinous Fermentation, Suchsland, Basset (L.), the New Triangulation of France, 71
Nathan, and Kosutany, 208 ; Investigations on the Behaviour | Bastelaer's (D. A. van), Observations on Ozone, 373
of Micro-organisms at Various Temperatures, 234 ; Methods , Bates (Henry Walter, F.R.S.), the Naturalist on the River
of Examining Milk for Tubercle Bacillus, Ilkewitsch and! Amazons, 269

Thörner, 254; Bacilli in Butter, Mrs. Percy Frankland, Bateson (William), the Alleged "Aggressive Mimicry " of
283; on the Bacterial Investigation of the Sea and its Volucella, 77
Floor, H. L. Russell, 285; on the Germination of Seedlings Bateson (W.), on Numerical Variation in Digits in Illustration
in the Absence of Bacteria, H. H. Dickson, 287; the Action of a Principle of Symmetry, 503
of Light upon certain Micro-organisms, Herr Buchner, 303 ; | Baudin (L. C.), Depression of Zero in Boiled Thermometers,
Experiments on the Action of Light on Bacillus anthracis, 143
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Micro-organisms and their Investigation, Mrs. Percy Frank ! Geld, and Copper Districts of Michigan, 118
land, 446 ; Dunbar on the Question of the Separate Identifi- ! Baumann's (Dr.), Journeys in Nile Sources Region, 377
cation of Typhoid and B. Coli Communis Bacilli, 472 ; Blood | Bayard (F. C.), the Direciion of the Wind over the British Isles,
Serum Inuculation for Diphtheria, Dr. Wernicke 480; 1876-80, 623
Contribution à l'Etude de la Morphologie et du Développe. Beal (Dr. W. J.), the Destruction of Trees in America, 563
ment des Bactériacées, Dr. A. Billet, Dr. Rubert Boyce, 532 ; 1 Bean-Tree of Central Australia, 40
the Potato as a Diagnostic Agent, Herr Krannhals, 545; Beard (J.), on a Supposed Law of Metazoan Development, 79
the Purification of Water, Messrs. V. and A. Babes and Beauties of Nature, the, and the Wonders of the World we
Percy Frankland, 588 ; Further Experiments on the action of Live in, Hon. Sir John Lubbock, F.R.S. 28
Light on Bacillus anthracis, H. Marshall Ward, 597

Beaver, Castorol. gia, or the History and Traditions of the
Baddeleyite ; the Occurrence of Native Zirconia, L. Fletcher, Canadian, Horace Martin, 224

Bebber (Prof. W. J. van), Heat in August, 1892, 88
Baden-Powell (B. F. S.), In Savage Isles and Settled Lands, Beck (C. R.): the Preparation of Phosphoric Oxide free from

the Lower Oxide, 430 ; Note on the Preparation of Plati-
Bagard (Henri), On Thermo-electric Phenomena between Two nous Chloride and on the Interaction of Chlorine and Mer.
Electrolytes, 263

cury, 479
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Bailey (E. H. S.), the Great Spirit Spring Mound, Kansas, 87 Bees, The Death's Head Moth, J. R. S. Clifford, 234
Bailey (G. P.), Meteor of March 18, 1893, 516

Bees in New South Wales, Plants most visited by, 614
Bailey (Jas. B.), Bell's Idea of a New Anatomy of the Brain, in
Bailey (Prof. L. H.), Value of Electric Light for Lettuce and Beetles, Butterflies, Moths, and other Insects, A. W. Kapple
other Winter Crops, 130

and W. Egmont Kirby, 148
Bailey (W. Whitman), Artificially Incubated Eggs, 200

Behring (Dr.): the Blood-serum Therapeutists, 336; Ex-
Bailey (W.), Williams on the Dimensions of Physical Quantities, periments with Preventive Serum, 600

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Baker (J. G., F.R.S.), the Ferns of South Africa, Thos. R. ! British Museum, 508
Sim, 291

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Baldwin (Prof. J. Mark), Tracery Imitation, 149

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Evolution of Decorative Art, 606

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Relative Position of the Stars in Cluster x Persei, 376

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Benham (William Blaxland), British Earthworms, 102; on a
Ballooning : Meteorological Balloon Ascent at Berlin, October New Genus and Species of Aquatic Oligochæta belonging tu

24, 1891, A. L. Rotch, 46 ; Dirigible Balloon in Construction, the Family Rhinodrilidæ found in England by, 261
at Chalais-Meudon, 112; Exploration of Higher Atmosphere ! Bennett (Mr.), Fungus Internally Parasitic in Diatoms, 118
by Means of Free Balloons with Automatic Recorders, 'Gus. Bent (Mr. and Mrs. Theodore) : Proposed Expedition to Abys.
tave Hermite, 119; the First Aerial Voyage Across English sinia, 115 ; Arrival at Adowa and Aksam of, 519, 547
Channel, R. de C. Ward, 143; the Longest Ascent on Record, Berget (M.), Dilatation of Iron on Magnetization, 71
Maurice Malet, 182 ; Exploration of the Higher Atmosphere, ' Berlin: Berlin Method of Cleaning Mercury, 16 ; Berlin Me-
Gustave Hermite, 600

teorological Society, 24, 168, 287, 480, 552; Berlin Physical
Baltic Ship Canal, C. Beseke, 579

Society, 24, 168, 216, 312, 336, 480, 503, 624 ; Berlin
Bangweolo, Mr. Joseph Thompson's Journey to Lake, 115

Physiological Society, 72, 144, 216, 287, 480, 504, 552, 600;
Barbary States, Bibliography of the, Lieut. Col. Sir R. Lambert Meteorological Balloon Ascent at Berlin, October 29, 1891,
Playfair and Dr. Robert Brown, 298

A. L. Rotch, 46; Large Male Gorilla acquired by Berlin
Barber (Samuel), Beneath Helvellyn's Shade, 364

Aquarium, 86; Berlin Physikalisch-Techi ische Reichsan.
Baring-Gould (S.), Strange Survivals : Some Chapters in the i stalt, Construction of Copies of Permanent Mercury Resis-
History of Man, 53

tance, 233 ; Berlin Academy Grants in aid of Research, 586 ;
Barnaby (Mr.), the Screw Propeller, 21

Berlin Imperial Physico-Technical Institute, Researches on





the Siemens Platinum Foil Unit as a Standard for the Inten- Bodies Moving in the Biela Orbit, Ephemeris sor, Dr. Chandler,
sity of a Source of Light, 615

Bermerside Observatory, 473

Boeddicker (Dr. Otto), the Milky Way from the North Pole to
Berson (Dr.), Relationship between Insolation and Tempera 10° of South Declination, drawn at the Earl of Rosse's
ture, 24

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