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mf 4 Thou wilt display that sovereign grace,

Whence all my comforts spring;
I shall employ my lips in praise,

And thy salvation sing.

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PSALM 13, 7s. 13

Pleading for Mercy.
Lo ORD of mercy, just and kind!

Wilt thou ne'er my guilt forgive ?
Never shall my troubled mind,

In thy kind remembrance, live?
2 Lord! how long shall Satan's art

Tempt my harassed soul to sin,
Triumph o'er my humbled heart,

Fears without and guilt within ?
3 Lord, my God! thine ear incline,

Bending to the prayer of faith; mf Cheer my eyes with light divine len Lest I sleep the sleep of death.

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PSALM 14, C. M. 14

All Men, Sinners.
FOOLS, in their hearts, believe and say,

That all religion 's vain;
There is no God who reigns on high,

Or minds th' affairs of men.
2 The Lord, from his celestial throne,

Looked down on things below,
To find the man who sought his grace,

Or did his justice know.
3 By nature, all are gone astray,

Their practice all the same;
There's none that fears his Maker's hand.

There's none that loves his name.
4 Their tongues are used to speak deceit,

Their slanders never cease:
< How swift to mischief are their feet?

Nor know the paths of peace.
5 Such seeds of sin—that bitter root-

In every heart are found;
Nor can they bear diviner fruit,

Till grace refine the ground.


PSALM 14, 7s and 6s.

The Salvation of Israel.
H! that the Lord's salvation

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To heal his ancient nation,

To lead his outcasts home.
How long the holy city

Shall heathen feet profane?
Return, O Lord! in pity;

Rebuild her walls again.
2 Let fall thy rod of terror,

Thy saving grace impart;
Roll back the veil of error,

Release the fettered heart;
Let Israel, home returning,

Their lost Messiah see;
Give oil of joy for mourning,
And bind the church to thee.

PSALM 15, L. M. 15

The Citizen of Zion.
HO shall ascend thy heavenly place,

Great God! and dwell before thy face?
The man that minds religion now,

And humbly walks with God below:
2 Whose hands are pure, whose heart is clean;

Whose lips still speak the thing they mean;
No slanders dwell upon his tongue;

He hates to do his neighbor wrong.
3 He loves his enemies, and prays

For those that curse him to his face;
And doth to all men still the same

That he would hope, or wish, from them.
4 Yet, when his holiest works are done,

His soul depends on grace alone: mf

This is the man thy face shall see,

And dwell for ever, Lord! with thee. 15

PSALM 15, 78.

The Heir of Heaven, aft 1

WHO O Lord! when life is o'er,

Shall to heaven's blest mansions soar ?
Who, an ever-Welcome guest,
In thy holy place shall rest?

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mp 2 This life's a dream-an empty show; mj But the bright world, to which I go,

Hath joys substantial and sincere ; f When shall I wake, and find me there?

3 Oh! glorious hour!-Oh! blest abode! mf I shall be near and like my God;

And flesh and sin no more control

The sacred pleasures of the soul.
4 My flesh shall slumber in the ground,

Till the last trumpet's joyful sound:
Then burst the chains, with sweet surprise,
And in my Saviour's image rise.

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PSALM 17, S. M.

The Prospects of the Saint and Sinner. mf 1

A RISE, my gracious God!

And make the wicked flee;
They are but thy chastising rod

To drive thy saints to thee.
2 Behold! the sinner dies, --

His haughty words are vain ;
Here, in this life, his pleasure lies,

And all beyond is pain.
3 Then let his pride advance,

And boast of all his store; mf

The Lord is my inheritance,

My soul can wish no more.
4 I shall behold the face

Of my forgiving God;
And stand complete in righteousness,

Washed in my Saviour's blood.
5 There's a new heaven began,

When I awake from death,
Dressed in the likeness of thy Son,

And draw immortal breath.

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PSALM 18, First Part, L. M.
Deliverance from Despair.

My rock, my tower, my high defence;
Thy mighty arm shall be my trust,

For I have found salvation thenco.


2 Death, and the terrors of the grave,

Stood round me with their dismal shade; While floods of high temptation rose,

And made my sinking soul afraid. aff 3 I saw the opening gates of hell,

With endless pains and sorrows there, Which none, but they that feel, can tell, —

While I was hurried to despair. 4 In my distress, I called my God,

When I could scarce believe him mine;

He bowed his ear to my complaint; mf Then did his grace appear divine. 5 My song for ever shall record

That terrible, that joyful hour;
And give the glory to the Lord,

Due to his mercy and his power.


PSALM 18, Second Part, L. M.

The Reward of Sincerity.
ORD! thou hast seen my soul sincere,

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Before mine eyes I set thy laws,

And thou hast owned my righteous cause. mp 2 What sore temptations broke my rest!

What wars and strugglings in my breast!
But, through thy grace that reigns within,

I guard against my darling sin.
3 The sin that close besets me still,

That works and strives against my will, —
When shall thy Spirit's sovereign power

Destroy it, that it rise no more?
4 With an impartial hand, the Lord

Deals out to mortals their reward:
The kind and faithful souls shall find
A God, as faithful, and as kind.


mf 1 JUSTO


PSALM 18, Third Part, L. M.

Rejoicing in God. 1

ST are thy ways, and true thy word,

Great Rock of my socure abode !
Who is a God beside the Lord ?

Or where 's a refuge like our God?


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f" 2 'T is he that girds me with his might,

Gives me his holy sword to wield;
And, while with sin and hell I fight,

Spreads his salvation for my shield. f" 3 He lives, and blessed be my Rock,

The God of my salvation lives :

The dark designs of hell are broke: P

Sweet is the peace my Father gives.

PSALM 18, First Part, C. M. 18

Victory over temporal Enemies.
TE love thee, Lord! and we adore:

Now is thine arm revealed;
Thou art our strength, our heavenly tower,

Our bulwark and our shield.
2 We fiy to our eternal Rock,

And find a sure defence;
His holy name our lips invoke,

And draw salvation thence.
8 When God, our leader, shines in arms,

What mortal heart can bear f"

The thunder of his loud alarms, –

The lightning of his spear ?
4 He rides upon the wingéd wind;

And angels in array,
In millions, wait to know his mind,

And swift as flames obey.
Ő He speaksmand, at his fierce rebuke,

Whole armies are dismayed;
His voice, his frown, his angry look,

Strike all their courage dead.
6 Oft has the Lord whole nations blessed,

For his own children's sake;
The powers, that give his people rest,

Shall of his care partake. 18

PSALM 18, Second Part, C. M.

Jehovah coming to reign.
1 Tam Lord descended from above,

And bowed the heavens most high,
And underneath his feet he cast

The darkness of the sky.

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