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You shall name your walls—Salvation, f

And your gates shall all be-Praise. mf 2 There, like streams that feed the garden,

Pleasures, without end, shall flow;
For the Lord, your faith rewarding,

All his bounty shall bestow :
Still, in undisturbed possession,

Peace and righteousness shall reign;
Never shall you feel oppression-

Hear the voice of war again.
3 Ye, no more your suns declining,

Waning moons no more shall see;
But, your griefs for ever ending,

Find eternal noon in me:
God will rise, and, shining o'er you,

Change to day the gloom of night;
He, the Lord, will be your glory,

God your everlasting light.




HYMN 453, 98. 453

Winning Souls. af 1

WOULD you win a soul to God ?

Tell him of a Saviour's blood,
Once for dying sinners spilt,

To atone for all their guilt.
2 Tell him how the streams did glide,

From his hands, his feet, his side,
How his head, with thorns, was crowned,

And his heart in sorrow drowned:
af 8 How he yielded up his breath,

How he agonized in death,
< How he lives to intercede,

Christ, our advocate and head.
4 Tell him,-it was sovereign grace

Led thee first to seek his face ;
Made thee choose the better part,

Wrought salvation in thy heart.
6 Tell him of that liberty,

Wherewith Jesus makes us free!

Sweetly speak of sins forgiven, mf Earnest of the joys of heaven.





HYMN 454, 8s, 78 and 4.

Fountain of Life.
1 from Zion's sacred mountain,

Streams of living water flow!
God has opened there a fountain,

That supplies the plains below:
They are blesséd,

Who its sovereign virtues know.
2 Through ten thousand channels flowing,

Streams of mercy find their way;
Life, and health, and joy bestowing,

Making all around look gay:
O ye nations!

Hail the long-expected day.
mf 3 Gladdened by the flowing treasure,

All-enriching as it goes;
Lo, the desert smiles with pleasure, -

Buds and blossoms as the rose :
Every object

Sings for joy where'er it flows.
4 Trees of life, the banks adorning,

Yield their fruit to all around;
Those who eat are saved from mourning,

Pleasure comes, and hopes abound;
Fair their portion !-

Endless life, with glory crowned.



HYMN 455, C. M. 455

Christ receiving Children. dol

1 SEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stand,
Hark! how he calls the tender lambs,

And folds them in his arms!
2 “Permit them to approach,” he cries,

“Nor scorn their humble name;

For 't was to bless such souls as these, mf

The Lord of angels came.”



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3 We bring them, Lord ! in thankful hands,

And yield them up to thee;
Joyful that we ourselves are thine, -

Thine let our offspring be.
4 Ye little flock! with pleasure hear,-

Ye children! seek his face;
mf And fly, with transports, to receive

The blessings of his grace. тр 5 If orphans they are left behind,

Thy guardian care we trust ;

That care shall heal our bleeding hearts,
If weeping o'er their dust.

HYMN 455, L. M. 456

Infant Baptism.
1 0

We bring our intant to thy throne;
Give it within thy heart a place,

Let it be thine, and thine alone.
2 Wash it from every stain of guilt,

And let this child be sanctified;
Lord! thou canst cleanse it, if thou wilt,

And all its native evils hide.
3 We ask not, for it, earthly bliss,

Or earthly honors, wealth or fame :
The sum of our request is this,

That it may love and fear thy name.
4 This infant we, by faitlı

, commit
To thy kind love and guardian care;

We lay it at the Saviour's feet,
He will not let it perish there.

HYMN 457, C. M.
1 HOW large the promise--how divine,

To !
“I'll be a God to thee and thine,

Supplying all their need."
2 The words of his extensive love,

From age to age, endure;
The Angel of the covenant proves,

And soals the blessings sure.

The Promise to Abraham.


3 Jesus the ancient faith confirms,

To our forefathers given;
He takes young children in his arms,

And calls them heirs of heaven.
mf 4 Our God,-how faithful are his ways!.

His love endures the same;

Nor, from the promise of his grace, mp

Blots out the children's name.


HYMN 458, S. M.

Christ blessing Children. тр 1

HE Saviour kindly calls

Our children to his breast;
He holds them in his gracious arms ;-

Himself declares them blest.
2 “Let them approach,” he cries,

"Nor scorn their humble claim;
The heirs of heaven are such as these,

For such as these I came.'
mf 3 With joy we bring them, Lord !

Devoting them to thee,
Imploring, that, as we are thine,

Thine may our offspring be.


HYMN 459, C. M. 459

The Saviour blessing Children.
1 WHEN Jesus left the throne of God,

He chose an humble birth; тр A man of grief, like us, he trod P

A lonely path on earth.
2 Like him, may we be found below,

In wisdom's paths of peace;
Like him, in grace and knowledge, grow,

As years and strength increase.
dol 3 Sweet were his words, and kind his look,

When mothers round him pressed ;
Their infants, in his arms, he took,

And on his bosom blessed. mf 4 When Jesus into Salem iode,

The children sang around;
For joy, they plucked the palms, and strewed

Their garments on the ground.



f" 5 “Hosanna !"-our glad voices raise

“ Hosanna to our King !"
Could we forget our Saviour's praise,
The stones themselves would sing,

HYMN 460, C. M. 460

Infants, living or dying, in the Arms of Christ.
1 HY life I read, my dearest Lord !

With transport all-divine;
Thine image trace, in every word,

Thy love, in every line.
2 With joy, I see a thousand charms,

Spread o'er thy lovely face;
While infants in thy tender arms,

Receive the smiling grace.
тр 3 “I take these little lambs,” said he,

“And lay them on my breast;
Protection they shall find in me-

In me, be ever blest.
4 "Death may the bands of life unloose,

But can 't dissolve my love;
Millions of infant souls compose

The family above.
5 “Their feeble frames my power shall raise

And mould with heavenly skill;
I'll give them tongues to sing my praise,

And hands to do my will."
6 His words, ye happy parents! hear,

And shout, with joys divine:
Dear Saviour! all we have and are

Shall be for ever thine.


HYMN 461, s. M. 461

The Spirit in Baptism. m 1 AREAT God! now condescend

Soon may their willing spirits bend,

The subjects of thy grace.
2 Oh! what a pure delight

Their happiness to see!
Our warinest wishes all unite,

To lead their souls to thee.

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