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Ő Through every scene of life and death,

His promise is our trust;
And this shall be our children's song,
When we are cold in dust.

HYMN 521, s. M. 521

The Pastor's Death.
EST from thy labor, rest;-

Soul of the just, set free!
Blest be thy memory, and blest

Thy bright example be!
2 Faith, perseverance, zeal,

Language of light and power,
Love,--prompt to act, and quick to feel,-

Marked thee, till life's last hour.
3 Now,—toil and conflict o'er,—

Go, take with saints thy place;
But go-as each hath gone before,

A sinner saved by grace. 4 Lord Jesus! to thy hands mp

Our pastor we resign;
And now we wait thine own commands; -

We were not his, but thine.
5 Thou art thy church's head;

And, when the members die,
Thou raisest others in their stead :-

To thee we lift our eye.
6 On thee our hopes depend;

We gather round our Rock;
Send whom thou wilt; but condescend
Thyself to feed thy flock.

HYMN 522, S. M. 522

The Death of an aged Minister.
ERVANT of God! well done!

Rest from thy loved employ :
f" The battle fought,—the vict'ry won,

Enter thy Master's joy."
2 The voice at midnight came,

He started up to hear;
A mortal arrow pierced his frame,

He fell - but felt no fear.
3 Tranquil amid alarms,

It found him on the field,

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A veteran slumbering on his arms,

Beneath his red-cross shield.
4 The pains of death are past, -

Labor and sorrow cease;
And, life's long warfare closed at last,

His soul is found in peace.
5 Soldier of Christ! well-done!

Praise be thy new employ;
And, while eternal ages run,

Rest in thy Saviour's joy!

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HYMN 523, 75. 523

Inquiring of a Watchman.
1 ,

What its signs of promise are?
Traveler! o'er yon mountain's height!

See that glory-beaming star:
Watchman! does its beauteous ray

Aught of hope or joy foretell ?
Traveler! yes ;-it brings the day, —

Promised day of Israel.
2 Watchman! tell us of the night ;-

Higher yet that star ascends ;
Traveler! blessedness and light,

Peace and truth, its course portends :
Watchman! will its beams alone

Gild the spot that gave them birth ?
Traveler! ages are its owr.,

See! it bursts o'er all the earth.
8 Watchman! tell us of the night,

For the morning seems to dawn;
Traveler! darkness takes its flight,

Doubt and terror are withdrawn:
Watchman ! let thy wanderings cease,

Hie thee to thy quiet home; my"

Traveler! lo! the Prince of peace,

Lo! the Son of God is come!



HYMN 524, H. M. 524

Christian Effort.
mf i RISE, gracious God! and shine


In all thy saving might;
And prosper each design,

To spread thy glorious light:
Let healing streams of mercy flow,

That all the earth thy truth may know. 2 Put forth thy glorious power !

The nations then will see,
And earth present her store,

In converts born of thee;
God, our own God, his church will bless,
And earth shall yield her full increase.

HYMN 525, 8s and 7s. 525

The Heathen crying for Help. тр 1

, Rolling sadly through the sky ? 'T is the cry of heathen nations,

“Come and help us, or we die !"
2 Hear the heathen's sad complaining,

Christians! hear their dying cry ;
And, the love of Christ constraining,
Haste to help them, ere they die.

HYMN 526, 78 and 6s. 526

The Gospel Banner. s" 1

TOW be the gospel banner,

In every land, unfurled;
And be the shout, -" Hosanna!”

Re-echoed through the world ;
Till every isle and nation,

Till every tribe and tongue,
Receive the great salvation,

And join the happy throng.
2 What, though th' embattled legions

Of earth and hell combine ?
His arm, throughout their regions,

Shall soon resplendent shine :
Ride on, O Lord! victorious,

Immanuel, Prince of peace !
Thy triumph shall be glorious,

Thy empire still increase.

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3 Yes,—thou shalt reign for ever,

O Jesus, King of kings!
Thy light, thy love, thy favor,

Each ransomed captive sings:
The isles for thee are waiting,

The deserts learn thy praise,
The hills and valleys greeting,
The song responsive raise.

HYMN 527, L. M. 527

Missionary Meeting.
ASSEMBLED at thy great command,

Before thy face, dread King! we stand;
The voice that marshaled every star,

Has called thy people from afar.
2 We meet, through distant lands, to spread,

The truth for which the martyrs bled;
Along the line, to either pole,

The thunder of thy praise to roll.
3 Our prayers assist, accept our praise,

Our hopes revive, our courage raise;
Our counsels aid, to each impart

The single eye, the faithful heart.
4 Forth with thy chosen heralds come,

Recall the wandering spirits home;
From Zion's mount send forth the sound,
To spread the spacious earth around.

HYMN 528, L. M. 528

The Heralds pointing out the Way. mf 1 OW let our faith, with joy, survey

Its dawn already seems begun,-

Sure earnest of the rising sun.
2 The friends of truth assembled stand, -

A chosen consecrated band,

The emblem of the cross display, f" And cry aloud, ,-“Behold the way!

8 Behold the way to Zion's hill,

Where Israel's God delights to dwell;
He fixes there his lofty throne,

And calls the sacred place his own.
4. “Behold the way !” ye heralds ! cry,

Spare not, but lift your voices high;

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Convey the sound from shore to shore,

And bid the captive sigh no more. f" 5 Auspicious dawn! thy rising ray,

With joy, we view, and hail the day:
Thou Sun! arise, supremely bright,

And fill the world with purest light. 529

HYMN 529, L. M.

The Heralds of Christ. s 1 YAPTAIN of thine exalted host !

Display thy glorious banner high ; The summons send, from coast to coast,

And call a numerous army nigh.
2 A solemn jubilee proclaim,

Proclaim the great sabbatic day;
Assert the glories of thy name;

Spoil Satan of his wished-for prey.
3 Oh! bid thy heralds publish loud

The peaceful blessings of thy reign;
And, when they speak of sprinkled blood,
The inystery to the heart explain.

HYMN 530, s. M. 530

Missionaries encouraged.
E messengers of Christ !

His sovereign voice obey ;
Arise, and follow where he leads,

And peace attend your way.
2 The Master, whom you serve,

Will needful strength bestow;
Depending on his promised aid,

With sacred courage go.
mf 3 Go, spread the Saviour's name;

Go, tell his matchless grace; < Proclaim salvation, full and free,

To Adam's guilty race.
mf 4 Mountains shall sink to plains,

And hell in vain oppose;
The cause is God's—and will prevail,
In spite of all his foes.

HYMN 531, 8s, 78 and 4. 531

Departure of Missionaries.
1 EN of God! go take your stations ;

Darkness reigns o'er all the earth :



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