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Go, proclaim among the nations, mf Joyful news of heavenly birth;

Bear the tidings

Tidings of the Saviour's worth.
2 When exposed to fearful dangers,

Jesus will his own defend ;
Borne afar midst foes and strangers,

Jesus will appear your Friend;
And his presence
Shall be with you to the end.

HYMN 532, 75 and 6s. 532

Departure of Missionaries.
OLL onthou mighty ocean!

And, as thy billows flow,
Bear messengers of mercy,

To every vale of woe:
Arise, ye gales ! and waft them,

Sate to their destined shore;
That men may sit in darkness,

And death's black shade, no more. mf 2 0 thou eternal Ruler!

Who holdest in thine arm
The tempests of the ocean,-

Deliver them from harı :
Thy presence still be with them,

Wherever they may be;
Though far from those who love them,

Let them be nigh to thee. 533

HYMN 533, 85, 75 and 4.

The Heralds of Salvation. mf 1

! stands, Welcome news to Zion bearing,

Zion long in liostile lands:

Mourning captive! <

God himself will loose thy bands. тр 2 Has thy night been long and mournful,

All thy friends unfaithful proved ?

Have thy foes been proud and scornful, P

By thy sighs and tears unmoved?
Cease thy mourning :

Zion still is well-beloved.

ONI the nountain's top appearing,



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3 God, thy God, will now restore thee,

He himself appears thy Friend;
All thy foes shall flee before thee,

Here their boasts and triumphs end :
Great deliverance

Zion's King will quickly send. 4 Peace and joy shall now attend thee,

All thy warfare now is past, mf God, thy Saviour, shall defend thee,

Peace and joy are come at last:

All thy conflicts > End in everlasting rest. 534

HYMN 534, 78.

The Messengers of God. f" 1 10-ye messengers of God!

, fly;

Take the wonder-working rod,

Wave the banner cross on high.
2 Where the towering minaret

Gleams along the morning skies,
Wave it till the crescent set,

And the “ Star of Jacob” rise.
3 Go to many a tropic isle,

In the bosom of the deep,
Where the skies for ever smile,

And th' oppressed for ever weep.
4 O’er the negro's night of care

Pour the living light of heaven;
Chase away the fiend despair,

Bid him hope to be forgiven.
Ő Where the golden gates of day

Open on the palmy east,
Wide the bleeding cross display,

Spread the gospel's richest feast.
6 Circumnavigate the ball,

Visit every soil and sea:
Preach the cross of Christ to all,
Christ, whose love is full and free.

HYMN 535, C. M. 535

Promised Aid. mf 1 Qo, and the Saviour's grace proclaim,

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Go, publish, through Immanuel's name,

Salvation bought with blood.
2 What, though your arduous path-way lie

Through regions dark as death?
What, though, your faith and zeal to try,

Perils beset your path ?-
3 Yet, with determined courage, go,

And armed with power divine;
Your God will needful strength bestow,

And on your labor's shine.
4 He, who has called you to the war,

Will recompense your pains;
Before Messial's conquering car,

Shall mountains sink to plains.
5 Shrink not, though earth and hell oppose,

But plead your Master's cause;
Assured that e’en your mightiest foes

Shall bow before his cross.

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HYMN 536, C, M. 536

Designation of a Missionary.,
1 ATHER of mercies! condescend

To hear our fervent prayer,
While this our brother we commend

To thy paternal care.
2 Before him set an open door;

His various efforts bless;

On him thy Holy Spirit pour, mf

And crown himn with success.
3 Endow him with a heavenly mind;

Supply his every need ;
Make him in spirit meek, resigned,

But bold in word and deed.
4 In every tempting, trying hour,

Uphold him, by thy grace;
And guard him, by thy mighty power,

Till he shall end his race.
5 Then, followed by a numerous train,

Gathered from heathen lands, mf A crown of lite may he obtain,

From his Redeemer's hands.

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HYMN 537, L. M.

Commission to the Gentiles.
1 00-messenger of peace and love!

U To nations plunged in shades of night;

Like angels sent from fields above, my Be thine to shed celestial light.

2 Go, to the hungry food impart; mp To paths of peace the wanderer guide,

And lead the thirsty, panting heart,

Where streams of living waters glide. 3 Go, bid the bright and morning star,

From Bethlehem's plains, resplendent shine, And, piercing through the glooin afar,

Shed heavenly light and love divine. 4 To India's various castes, proclaim

The gospel's soft, but powerful voice;

And, at the blest Redeemer's name,
mf Let ocean's lonely isles rejoice.
5 From north to south, from east to west,

Messiah yet shall reign supreme;
His name, by every tongue, confessed,

His praise-the universal theme.

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HYMN 538, S. M. 538

Prayer for Israel.
ORD! send thy servants forth

To call the Hebrews home;
From east, and west, and south, and north,

Let all the wanderers come.
2 Where'er, in lands unknown,

The fugitives remain,
Bid every creature help them on,

Thy holy mount to gain.
3 An offering to the Lord,

There let them all be seen,
Sprinkled with water and with blood,

In soul and body clean.
4 With Israel's myriads sealed,

Let all the nations meet;
And show the mystéry fulfilled.-

Thy family complete.

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HYMN 539, 88, 78 and 4. 539

The Missionary's Farewell.
ES, –my native land! I love thee;

All thy scenes I love them well ;

Friends, connections, happy country! >

Can I bid you all farewell? P

Can I leave you, mp

Far in heathen lands to dwell ?
mf 2 Home !-thy joys are passing lovely,-

Joys no stranger heart can tell;
Happy home!- 't is sure I love thee!

Can I-can I say--Farewell ?

Can I leave thee, тр Far in heathen lands to dwell ?

3 Scenes of sacred peace and pleasure,

Holy days and Sabbath bell, mf Richest, brightest, sweetest treasure !

Can I say a last farewell? P

Can I leave you,
тр Far in heathen lands to dwell ?
mf 4 Yes! I hasten from you gladly,

From the scenes I love so well;
Far away, ye billows! bear me;

Lovely native land !-farewell !
Pleased I leave thee,

Far in heathen lands to dwell.
5 In the deserts let me labor,

On the mountains let me tell,
How he died-the blessed Saviour

To redeem a world from hell!
Let me hasten,

Far in heathen lands to dwell.
6 Bear me on, thou restless ocean!

Let the winds my canvass swell:
Heaves my heart with warm emotion,

While I go far hence to dwell :
Glad I bid thee,

Native land !-Farewell!_Farewell !

Missionaries remembered.


HYMN 540, L. M.
ARKED as the purpose of the skies,
This promise meets our anxious eyes, -


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