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What strains shall angel harps employ,

When tliou shalt all renew! mf 4 And, if the sons of God rejoice

To hear a Saviour's name,
How will the ransomed raise their voice

To whom that Saviour came!
mf 5 So every kindred, tongue and tribe,

Assembling round the throne,
Thy new creation shall ascribe

To sovereign love alone.


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HYMN 561, S. H. 561

Rejoicing in Christ's Reigno
COW living waters flow

To cheer the humble soul;
From sea to sea the rivers go,

And spread from pole to pole.
2 Now righteousness shall spring,

And grow on earth again;
Jesns, Jehovah, be our King,

And o'er the nations reign.
3 Jesus shall rule alone,

The world shall hear his word;
By one blest name shall he be known
The universal Lord.


HYMN 562, L. M. 562

Prayer for the World's Conversion.

SPIRIT of the living God !

In all thy plenitude of grace,
Where'er the foot of man hath trod,

Descend on our apostate race.
2 Give tongues of fire, and hearts of love,

To preach the reconciling word; my Give power and unction from above,

Where'er the joyful sound is heard.
3 Be darkness, at thy coming, light,

Confusion-order, in thy path;
Souls without strength, inspire with might;

Bid mercy triumph over wrath.
4 0 Spirit of the Lord ! prepare

A sinful world their God to meet :

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Breathe thou abroad, like morning air,

Till hearts of stone begin to beat. mf 5 Baptize the nations; far and nigh

The triumphs of the cross record;
The name of Jesus glority,

Till every kindred call him-Lord.



HYMN 563, 8s, 78 and 4. 563

Prayer for the Heathen. 1 'ER the realms of pagan darkness тр

Let the eye of pity gaze;

See the kindreds of the people, mp

Lost in sin's bewildering maze;р

Darkness brooding

On the face of all the earth! mf 2 Light of them who sit in error ! f Rise and shine-thy blessings bring;

Liglit-to lighten all the Gentiles !

Rise with healing in thy wing:
To thy brightness,

Let all kings and nations coine. mp 3 Let the heathen, now adoring

Idol gods of wood and stone,
Come, and, worshiping before him,

Serve the living God alone :
Let thy glory

Fill the earth, as floods the sea.
4 Thou! to whom all power is given,

Speak the word ; at thy command,
Let the company of heralds

Spread thy name from land to land : тр

Lord! be with them, mf Always till time's latest end.


HYMN 664, L. M. 564

Spread of the Gospel.
THY people

, Lord! who trust thy word, And wait the smilings of thy face, Assemble round thy mercy seat,

And plead the promise of thy grace. 2 Hast thou not said-thine only Son

Shall be a light to Gentile lands,

To open the benighted eyes,

And loose the wretched pris'ners' bands 3 From land to land, from sea to sea,

That his dominion shall extend ?
That every tongue shall call him Lord,

And every knee before him bend ?
4 Now let the liappy time appear-

The time to favor Zion come ;
Send forth thy heralds far and near,

And call the wandering exiles home.


HYMN 566, 89, 78 and 4. 565

Success of the Gospel among the Heathen.
'ER the gloomy hills of darkness,

Cheered by no celestial ray,
Sun of righteousness! arising,

Bring the bright, the glorious day ;
Send the gospel

To the earth's remotest bound.
2 Kingdoms wide that sit in darkness -

Grant them, Lord! the glorious light; mf And, from eastern coast to western,

May the morning chase the night;
And redemption,

Freely pureliased, win the day. f" 3 Fly abroad, thou mighty gospel !

Win and conquer, never cease;
May thy lasting, wide dominions,

Multiply and still increase ;
Śway thy sceptre,

Saviour! all the world around.



HYMN 566, 78. 566

Triumphs of the Gospel. 1 W10

HO are these that come from far,

Led by Jacob's rising star ?
Strangers now to Zion come,

There to seek a peaceful home.
2 Lo! they gather like a cloud,

Or as doves their windows crowd :
Zion wonders at the sight,-
Zion feels a strange delight.

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3 Zion now no more shall sigh,

God will raise her glory ligh;
Ile will send a large increase, –

He will give his people peace.
4 Sons of Zion! sing aloud :

See her sun, without a cloud !
God will make her joy complete,
Zion's sun shall never set.

HYMN 567, C. M. 567

Kingdom of Christ among Men. mf 1 LO

O! what a glorious siglit appears,

To our believing eyes !
The earth and seas are passed away,

And the old rolling skies.
2 From the third heaven, where God resides,-

That holy, happy place,
The New-Jerusalem comes down,

Adorned with shining grace.
3 Attending angels shout for joy,

And the bright armies sing, -
* Mortals! behold the sacred seat

Of your descending King.
4 “The God of glory, down to men,

Removes his blessed abode ;-.
Men, the dear objects of his grace,

And he their loving God. dol 5 “His own soft hand shall wipe the tears > Froin every weeping eye; P And pains, and groans, and griefs, and fears,

And death itself shall die.”
тр 6 How long, dear Saviour! Oh! how long

Shall this bright hour delay ?
Fly swifter round, ye wheels of time!
And bring the welcome day.

HYMN 568, 11s. 568

Zion encouraged.

AUGHTER of Zion! awake from thy sadness;
Awake,---for thy foes shall oppress thee no

[ness; Bright o'er thy hills dawns the day star of glad

Arise, -for the night of thy sorrow is o'er.



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2 Strong were thy foes; but the arm that subdued

them, And scattered their legions, was mightier far; They fled, like the chaff, from the scourge that

pursued them;

Vain were their steeds and their chariots of war. < 3 Daughter of Zion! the power, that hath saved thee,

[be: Extolled with the harp and the timbrel should Shout,-for the foe is destroyed that enslaved thec, Th’oppressor is vanquished, and Zion is free.

HYMN 569, C. M. 569

Universal Praise. mf 1

The universal song,
And let the scattered villages

The joyful notes prolong.
2 Let Kedar's wilderness afar

Lift up the lonely voice;

And let the tenants of the rock
< In accent rude rejoice.
mf 3 Oh! from the streams of distant lands

To our Jehovah sing;
And joyful, from the mountain tops,

Shont to the Lord, the King.
4 Let all combined, with one accord,

The Saviour's glories raise,
Till, in the earth's remotest bounds,

The nations sound his praise. 570

HYMN 570, 88, 78 and 4.

Dawning of the Latter Day. mf 1

OOK, ye saints! the day is breaking ;

Joyful times are near at hand;
God, the mighty God, is speaking

By his word in every land;
Day advances,

Darkness flies, at his command.
2 While the foe becomes more daring,

While he enters like a flood,
God, the Saviour, is preparing

Means to spread his truth abroad:
Every language

Soon shall tell the love of God.

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