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PAGE The giddy world, with flattering tongue.

Dwight 61 The God of love will sure indulge

.. Scott 591 The god of nature and of grace

Montgomery 267 The haughty sinners I have seen.

.. Watts 76 The head that once was crowned with thorns..

... Kelly 353 The heavens declare thy glory, Lord!..

Watts 39 The hours of evening close.

Mrs. Conder 564 The King of saints, --how fair his face.

Watts 87 The law by Moses came.;.

Watts 3.9 The Lord appears my helper now

Watts 192 The Lord ascends on high...

Watts 17 The Lord descended from above..

Sternhold 38 The Lord descending from above...

Watts 299 The Lord,-how wondrous are his ways..

Watts 171 The Lord is coine, the heavens proclaiin

Watts 160 The Lord is gracious to forgive

Montgomery 240 The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know Montgomery 50 The Lord is risen indeed!...

... Kelly 346 The Lord Jehovah reigns.

Watts 154 The Lord Jehovah reigus..

Watts 16 The Lord Jehovah reigns..

Watts 262 The Lord my pasture shall prepare

Addison 47 The Lord my Shepherd is..

Watts 48 The Lord of glory is my light..

Watts 58 The Lord of Sabbath let us praise.

.S. Wesley, Jr. 515 The Lord on high proclaims

Watts 282 The Lord our God is full of might

..H. K. White 283 The Lord shall come! the earth shall quake..

Heber 598 The Lord, the God of glory reigns

Mrs Steele 152 The Lord, the Judge, before his throne

Watts 95 The Lord, the Sovereign King..

Watts 173 The Lord unto thy prayer attend.

Wrangham 44 The man is ever blest.


14 The mercies of my God and King.

. . Lyte 144 The inind was formed to mount sublime.

. Mrs. Steele 444 The morning dawns upon the place..

Montgomery 34. The praise of Zion waits for thee

Watts 111 The praises of my tongue....

Watts 122 The promise of my Father's love.

Watts 502 The promises I sing.

.Doddridge 281 The Saviour calls-let every ear

Mrs. Stecle 391 The Saviour kindly calls

. Doddridge 495 The Saviour! Oh! what endless charms.

Mrs. Steele 311 The spacious firmament on high

Addison 40 The Spirit breathes upon the word.

Cowper 204 The Spirit like a peaceful dove...

Watts 364 The tempter to my soul hath said..

Montgomery 18 The voice of free grace cries,- Escape to the mountain.... Thornby 3:22 There is a fountain filled with blood

.. Cowper 303 There is a glorious world of light...

Miss Jane Taylor 610 There is a God, all nature speaks

Mrs. Steele 261 There is a house not made with hands

Watts 587 There is a land of pure delight

Watts 602 There is an hour of hallowed peace.

W. B. Tappan 606 There is an hour of peaceful rest,

W. B. Tappan 606 These glorious minds, -how bright they shine

... Watts 617 They who toil upon the deep..

Montgomery 179 Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord ! we love.

Doddridge 513 Think, mighty God! on feeble man..

.. Watts J44 This day the Lord hath called his own ....

Bathurst 516 This is the day the Lord hath made....

Watts 193 This is the word of truth and love

Watts 260

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PAGE Merrick 50 Mrs. Steele 265

Watts 957 Watts 235 Watts 109 Watts 502

Collyer 497

Watts 212 Watts 575 Watts 217 Watts 278

Watts 459 Spirit of the Psalms 217

To thy pastures, fair and large.. To your Creator, God..... 'T was by an order from the Lord 'T was from thy hand, my God! I came. 'T was in the watches of the night 'T was on that dark, that doletul night.. United prayers ascend to thee..... Unshaken as the sacred hill... Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb!. Up from my youth-may Israel say. Up to the Lord, who reigns on high Vain are the hopes, the sons of men Vainly through night's weary hours Wait, O my soul! thy Maker's will.. Waké the song of jubilee Watchman! tell us of the night.. Weary of wandering from my God. Welcome! delightful morn!. Welcome, O Saviour! to my heart. Welcome, sacred day of rest!. Welcome-sweet day of rest!. Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer! We lift our hearts to thee.... We love thee, Lord! and we adore. We seek a rest beyond the skies We sing the praise of him who died. What are these in bright array... What are those soul-reviving strains. What blissful harmonies above. What equal honors shall we bring. What is life? 'Tis but a vapor. What shall I render to my God. What sinners value, I resign. What though a thousand at thy side. When all thy mercies, O my God!. When, as reiurns this solemn day. When bending o'er the brink of life When blooming youth is snatched away When fainting in the sultry waste.. When gathering clouds around 1 view When gloomy doubts and fears.. When God from sin's captivity. When God in wrath shall come When God is nigh, my faith is strong When God revealed his gracious name When I can read my title clear... When I can trust my all with God.. When Israel, freed from Pharaoh's hand When I survey the wondrous cross. When I the holy grave survey.. When Jesus left the throne of God When man grows bold in sin... When marshaled on the nightly plain. When musing sorrow weeps the past. When my cries ascend to thee.. When O dear Jesus! when shall I When on Sinai's top I see.. When overwhelmed with grief.. When rising from the bed of death

Beddome 474

.. Bacon 553 Bowring 5:28 .C. Wesley 406

Hayward 510 Bourne's Col. 419 W. Brown 513

Watts 509 Evan. Mag. 414 .J. Wesley 555

Watts 38 Newton 468

. Kelly 343 . Montgomery 618 Pratt's Col. 301 Mrs. Conder 621

Watts 316 Kelly 614 Watts 189 Watts 35

Watts 148

Addison 272 Mrs. Barbauld 517

.. Collyer 577 . Mrs. Steele 591 . Mrs. Stcele 275 Mrs. Hebcr 357 . Mrs. Stecle 440 Montgomery 214

.Dwight 105

Watts 34 Watts 215 Watts 428 Conder 477 Watts 186

Watts 345 .B. Wallin 351 Montgomery 495

Watts 74 H. K. White 298

..Noel 472 W. Goode 52

Cennick 519 . Montgomery 475

Watts 107 Addison 596

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Ye hearts with youthful vigor warm!.
Ye holy souls ! in God rejoice...
Ye humble souls! approach your God.
Ye bumble souls that seek the Lord!
Ye isles and shores of every sea !.
Ye men and angels! witness now
Ye messengers of Christ ! ...
Ye mourning saints! whose streaming tears.
Ye nations round the earth! rejoice
Ye saints! your music bring..
Ye servants of God!..
Ye servants of th' almighty King!
Ye servants of the living God!..
Ye servants of the Lord!..
Yes, I will bless thee, O my God!..
Yes, my native land! I love thee
Ye sons of men ! a feeble race ...
Ye sons of men ! with joy record.
Ye sons of pride! that hate the just.
Yes, the Redeemer's gone....
Yes, the Redeemer rose
Ye trembling captives! hear.
Ye trembliny souls! disiniss your fears
Ye tribes of Adam! join...
Ye who delight to serve the Lord !
Ye, who despise the Saviour's grace!.
Ye, who in his courts are found !
Ye, who obey th' immortal King
Ye' wretched, hungry, starving poor!
Your harps, ye trembling saints!
Zion! awake, thy strength renew
Zion stands with hills surrounded.

Doddridge 402

Watts 69
Mrs. Stoele 266
Doddridge 411

Watts 161
.Beddome 501

Voke 531
Doddridge 585

.Watts 163

... Reed 351
C. Wesley 154

Watts 184
Bathurst 215

Doddridge 468
Heginbotham 287
S. F. Smith 536

Watts 149
Doddridge 2 12

Watts 95

.Watts 360
Doddridge 349
Pratt's Col. 538
Beddome 462

Watts 248

.. Watts 186
H. K. W. Beman 384
R. Hill's Col. 396

Wat 2:20
... Mrs. Steele 396

. Toplady 446

Shrubsole 542

Kelly 214

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