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Fondly I said within my heart,

“Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart."
2 But I forgot thine arm was strong,

Which made my mountain stand so long;
Soon as thy face began to hide,

My health was gone, my comforts died. aft 3 I cried aloud to thee, my God!

" What canst thou profit by my blood?
Deep in the dust, can I declare

Thy truth, or sing thy goodness there?
4. “Hear me, O God of grace !" I said,

“ And bring me from among the dead :"
Thy word rebuked the pains I felt,

Thy pard'ning love removed my guilt.
5 My groans and tears, and forms of woe,

Are turned to joy and praises now;
I throw my sackcloth on the ground,

And ease and gladness gird me round.
6 My tongue, the glory of my frame,

Shall ne'er be silent of thy name;
Thy praise shall sound thro' earth and heaven,
For sickness healed, and sins forgiven.




PSALM 31, First Part, C. M. 31

Deliverance from Death.
INTO thy hand, O God of truth !

Thou hast redeemed my soul from death,

And saved me froin the pit.
2 “My times are in thy hand," I cried,

"Though I draw near the dust ;" mf Thou art the refuge where I hide,

The God in whom I trust. aft 3 Oh! make thy reconciled face

Upon thy servant shine ;
And save me for thy mercy's sake,

For I’m entirely thine.
mf 4 Thy goodness, bow divinely free!

How wondrous is thy grace,
To those who fear thy majesty,

And trust thy promises !



5 Oh! love the Lord, all ye his saints !

And sing his praises loud;
He 'll bend his ear to your complaints,
And recompense the proud.

PSALM 31, Second Part, C. M. 31

Deliverance from Slander and Reproach. mf 1

Y heart rejoices in thy name,

My God, my help, my trust!
Thou hast preserved my face from shame,

Mine honor from the dust.
2 How great deliverance thou hast wrought,

Before the sons of men !
The lying lips to silence brought,

And made their boasting vain !
3 Thy children, from the strife of tongues,

Shall thy pavilion hide;

Guard them from infamy and wrongs,
Ś And crush the sons of pride.
4 Within thy secret presence, Lord !

Let me for ever dwell;
No fencéd city, walled and barred,
Secures a saint so well.

PSALM 31, Third Part, C. M. 31

Trust in God as a Father.
MY Y God! my Father! blissful name!

I call thee mine?
May I with sweet assurance claim

A portion so divine?
2 This only can my fears control,

And bid my sorrows fly :
What harm can ever reach my soul

Beneath my Father's eye?
3 Whate'er thy providence denies,

I calmly would resign;
For thou art good, and just, and wise ;

Oh! bend my will to thine.
4. Whate'er thy sacred will ordains,

Oh! give me strength to bear;
Let me but know my Father reigns,

And trust his tender care.
af 5 If pain and sickness rend this frame,

Α. life almost depart,


Ol! may

Is not thy mercy still the same,

To cheer my drooping heart?
6 My God! my Father! be thy name

My solace and my stay ;
Oh! wilt thou seal my humble claim,

And drive my fears away?



PSALM 31, 73. 31

God, a Rock and Fortress,
1 LORD! I look for all to thee;

hast me:
Still thy wonted aid afford;
Still be near, my shield, my sword !
I my soul commit to thee,

Lord! thy blood has ransomed me. mp 2 Faint and sinking on my road,

Still I cling to thee, my God!
Bending 'neath a weight of woes,
Harassed by a thousand foes,
Hope still chides my rising fears ;

Joys still mingle with my tears. mf 3 On thy word I take my stand;

All my times are in thy hand;
Make thy face upon me shine;
Take me 'neath thy wings divine:
Lord! thy grace is all my trust;

Save, Oh! save thy trembling dust.
4 Oh! what mercies still attend

Those who make the Lord their friend !
Sweetly, safely shall they 'bide
'Neath his eye, and at his side :
Lord! may this my station be:
Seek it, all ye saints! with me.


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PSALM 32, First Part, L. M. 32

Pardon and Obedience.
LEST is the man, for ever blest,

Whose guilt is pardoned by his God;
Whose sins with sorrow are confessed,

And covered with his Saviour's blood. 2 From guile his heart and lips are free:

His humble joy, his holy fear,

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With deep repentance well agree,

And join to prove his faith sincere. mf 3 How glorious is that righteousness,

That hides and cancels all his sins!
While a bright evidence of grace,

Through his whole life, appears and shines. 32

PSALM 32, Second Part, L. M.

Confession and Pardon.
THILE I keep silence, and conceal

My heavy guilt within my heart,
What torments doth my conscience feel!

What agonies of inward smart!
2 I spread my sins before the Lord,

And all my secret faults confess;
Thy gospel speaks a pard'ning word,

Thy Holy Spirit seals the grace.
3 For this shall every humble soul

Make swift addresses to thy seat;
When floods of huge temptations roll,

There shall they find a blest retreat.
4 How safe beneath thy wings I lie,

When days grow dark and storms appear! тр And, when I walk, thy watchful eye Shall guide me safe from every snare.

PSALM 32, S. M. 32

Forgiveness of Sins,
H! blesséd souls are they,

Whose sins are covered o'er ;-
Divinely blest, to whom the Lord

Imputes their guilt no more. mp 2 They mourn their follies past,

And keep their hearts with care;
Their lips and lives, without deceit,

Shall prove their faith sincere.
3 While I concealed my guilt,

I felt the festering wound;
Till I confessed my sins to thee,

And ready pardon found.
4 Let sinners learn to pray,

Let saints keep near the throne;


Our help, in times of deep distress,

Is found in God alone.



PSALM 33, First Part, C. M. 33

Works of Creation and Providence. $ 1 EJOICE, ye righteous! in the Lord;

This work belongs to you;
Sing of his name, his ways, his word;

How holy, just, and true!
2 His mercy, and his righteousness,

Let heaven and earth proclaim ;
His works of nature and of grace

Reveal his wondrous name.
3 His wisdom and almighty word

The heavenly arches spread ;
And, by the Spirit of the Lord,

Their shining hosts were made.
4 He bade the liquid waters flow

To their appointed deep;
The flowing seas their limits know,

And their own station keep.
5 Ye tenants of the spacious earth!

With fear before him stand:
He spake—and nature took its birth,

And rests on his command.
f 6 He scorns the angry nations' rage,

And breaks their vain designs;
His counsel stands through every age,
And in full glory shines.

PSALM 33, Second Part, C. M. 33

Creatures vain, and God all-sufficient.

Hath fixed his
Where he reveals his heavenly word,

And calls the tribes his own.
2 His eye, with infinite survey,

Does the whole world behold; mp

He formed us all of equal clay, >

And knows our feeble mould.
3 God is our fear, and God our trust,

When plagues or famine spread;



, is the nation, where the Lord


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