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A Series of Twelve elegant little volumes in Paper Boards, OUR GIRLS' LITTLE LIBRARY.


with attractive Covers in Chromolithography, price 4d. each ; or in cloth extra price 6d. each. The 12 vols. in a Box with Fancy Lid, price 48. and 68. Every page is Illustrated.

They are especially suited for Sunday School Prizes and Rewards.

1. Papa's Pretty Gift Book.
2. Mamma's Pretty Gift Book.
3. Neddy's Picture Story Book.
4. Stories for Play Time.
5. The Christmas Gift Book,

6. The Prize Picture Book.

7. Little Tommy's Story Book.
8. Bright Picture Pages.
9. My Little Boy's Story Book.
10. What Santa Claus gave me.
11. Tiny Stories for Tiny Boys.
12. Little Boy Blue's Picture Book.


A Series of Twelve elegant little volumes in Paper Boards, with attractive Covers in Chromolithography, price 4d. each ; or in cloth extra, price 6d. each. The 12 vols. in Box with Fancy Lid, price 4s. and 6s. Every


page is Illustrated.

They are especially suited for Sunday School Prizes and Rewards.

1. Nellie's Picture Stories.

2. Stories and Pictures for little Troublesome.

3. Little Trotabout's Picture Stories.

4. Birdie's Scrap Book.

5. Stories for Little Curly Locks.
6. Bright Pictures for Roguish Eyes.

7. Daisy's Picture Album.

8. Wee-Wee Stories for Wee-Wee Girls.

9. May's Little Story Book.

10. Gipsy's Favourite Companion.

11. My Own Story Book.

12. Petty Pet's Gift Book.


The object of the compiler has been to provide the young with a repertory-full, varied, artistically arranged, and carefully graduated, of high class, and at the same time suitable poetry. The collection consists almost entirely of complete poems. They are arranged in four parts, the first part containing the simplest pieces, and the last the most difficult. A few pages of explanatory matter has been appended to each part, but it has been thought desirable to make the notes as few in number and as concise as possible. The book will thus, it is hoped, perform a double function. In the four parts it will be suitable as a series of reading books for use in elementary and other schools, while, as a complete volume, it will be a most suitable book for presentation.

POETRY FOR THE YOUNG. BOOK I., for Standards 1.-IV., inclusive, crown 8vo., 120 pp., cloth, price gd.

POETRY FOR THE YOUNG.– BOOK III., for Standard VI. and pupil teachers, crown 8vo., 176 pp., cloth, is.

POETRY FOR THE YOUNG.BOOK II., for Standards IV.VI., crown 8vo., 168 pp., cloth, price Is.

POETRY FOR THE Young. BOOK IV., for prepil teachers, training colleges, &c., cr. 8vo., 128 pp., cloth, 9d.

Poetry for the Young. The above Collection in

Four Parts. In One Volume. Intended for use in Schools and Colleges, and graduated to suit the requirements of Public Elementary Schools, being the above in One Volume. Crown 8vo., 500 pages. A handsomely bound volume, cloth, price

35. 6d.

"A boy ought to know something of his own language, and something of the poetry and literature of his own language, and we insist that it shall not be the commonplace stuff that is to be found in the school books; but we propose that they shall learn good English."-See the Speech of the Right Hon. A. J. Mundella on August 8th, 1881.


READERS Fulfil exactly the Requirements of the Education Department as explained' in the Statement made by the Right Honourable A. J. MUNDELLA on the 8th of August, 1881. Accepted by the School Boards for Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, &c.

BOOK I., FOR STANDARD I. Early Glimpses. Introductory to Glimpses of the

Globe. By J. R. BLAKISTON. Fcap. 8vo., 96 pages, with

Twenty-two Illustrations, cloth limp, cut Alush, price 6d. It is intended to bridge over the gap of observation and inquiry, the first between the Object Lessons of Infant chapters being arranged with a view Classes and the Elementary Geography to implant a taste for physical, the of more advanced classes, and to assist latter

for commercial, geography. teachers in training children to habits i

Book II., FOR STANDARD II. Glimpses of the Globe. A First Geographical

Reading Book. By J. R. BLAKISTON. New, Enlarged, and

Revised Edition. 40 Chapters. 156 pages, cloth, is. “A very commendable 'attempt to Mr. Blakiston has succeeded most simplify the teaching of the elements admirably in carrying out his intenof geography."-EDUCATIONAL News. tion in producing this little treatise." We are strongly of opinion that -EDUCATIONAL CHRONICLE.


40 Chapters. 156 pages, cloth is. The language employed is well, unquestionably written in pleasant within the comprehension of Third and interesting style."-TEACHER. Standard children, and the book is

Book IV., FOR STANDARD IV. Glimpses of the British Empire. By J. R.

BLAKISTON. In 66 Sections. Cloth, Is. 6d. A very good book."-EDUCATIONAL This little volume should be News.

specially noted by teachers in search of « The whole volume contains a very a good geographical reading book."fair outline of the empire on which the EDUCATIONAL TIMES. sun never sets."--SCHOOL.

BOOK V., FOR STANDARDS V.-VII. Glimpses of the Earth. By J. R. BLAKISTON.

320 pages, cloth, 25. 6d. The book is admirably adapted to Conveys many a useful lesson."remind a teacher of the topics he ought DAILY TELEGRAPH. to introduce in each lesson."-BOOK- Will prove real and lasting serice

in schools.”—Daily CHRONICLE.



Number One of Volume II. will be ready with the November



An Illustrated Magazine for Little People.

Price Sixpence, Monthly.

WILLIAM T. ADAMS (Oliver Optic), Editor.

This Magazine is designed for the youngest children that can read, and even for those who cannot read, but would be delighted with its pictures and with its Stories and Poems when read to thein. The ability to write what will please and benefit Little People is a gift granted to but few writers. The Editor, after EIGHTEEN YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in conducting juvenile publications, has selected from his list of authors such only as possess this gift. Not all of them have made literary reputations, but all have shown their skill in this particular field.

It is the aim of the Editor to present reading matter which shall be simple and pleasing, free from slang, sensational incidents, or sectarian bias,-bright, lively, funny, but never flippant, low, or vulgar.

The EDUCATIONAL REForm in the instruction of Little People, which is making progress in various parts of the Country, calls for a large increase of reading matter suitable for schools. The Editor, twenty years a teacher, and fourteen years a member of School Boards, will carefully consider the needs of schools in the preparation of these pages.

PICTURES CONVEY IDEAS before printed words are intelligible, and in the hands of the skilful teacher become subjects for the development of language.

The ELEGANT ILLUSTRATIONs of Our LITTLE ONES are object lessons, of which all progressive instructors will be glad to avail themselves. While the Magazines for adults and the larger growth of young people have made wonderful improvements in the artistic merits of their illustrations, there has been no corresponding advance in publications for Little People. The genius of The Best Artists has rarely been employed in this field for the youngest readers. The belief seems to have prevailed that almost any pictures were good enough for little children, and second-hand cuts have been used over and over again to illustrate many different subjects. The publishers of OUR LITTLE ONES believe that the best is none too good for children, and intend to use none but ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, made expressly for this Magazine, and the Illustration and Engraving will be of the best that can be procured.

While Our Little Ones will be furnished as cheap as the cheapest giving an equal amount of matter, the publishers intend to fill the Magazine with the productions of writers gifted in pleasing and benefiting Little People, and with the most beautiful illustrations to be obtained from the studies of the best artists.

Our Little Ones. Volume I. for 1880. The finest

Illustrated Magazine published for Children. Price 6s., in illuminated boards; bevelled boards, gilt edges, price 75. 6d.

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