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Think not though health is bounding in thy vein,
That health, and youth for ever will remain ;
Nor let the sparkle of a smiling eye,
Deceive a heart which only beats to die;
Thy friend was young, and bade as fair to live,
With all the pleasing dreams which fancy give;
His morn of life was bright, and hope was there,
With joys in prospect he should never share;
And who could think to see his opening bloom,
That these would soon be wither'd in the tomb;
He smil'd to-day-to-morrow sickness came,
And quench'd at once poor life's deceitful fame ;
And ye who live, perhaps may fall as soon,
Thy Sun, alas, be darken'd ere the noon;
And the long grass which to the night winds wave
May be ere long the covering of thy grave;
This mournful lesson speaks, and speaks aloud,
For thy young friend now slumbers in his shroud
And nought alas, can animate his clay,
But the loud thunders of a judgment day.

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ONCE more 'lis night, and Life's dull weight

Hath left the earth in blessed sleep, The moon shines o'er my chamber floor,

Nor sound nor sail is on the deep.
The silent sky gleams wide and high,

With all its glorious host abroad :
It is the hour whose thoughtful power,

Bends down my heart to thee, oh God!
O'er life's long track, when I look back,

I see the false, and mourn the fair,
I too, have seen the alter'd mein,

I too, have worshipp'd Folly's glare ;-
I too have sprung, when Thought was young,

To claim the sceptic's heartless boast --
And wert not Thou my refuge now,

God of my trust, I too were lost ! The dream is past ;-it could not last !

And kindly hast thou dealt with me;To wean my beart from worldly art,

And fix its wav'ring faith on Thee. In vainer days, from pleasure's vase

I quaff'd the draught which millions rue ; Its fragments rust amid the dust,

But Thou canst not deccive me too! With Thee is life, undimm'd by strife;

The strength whose tow'r time never shakes; Thou art the way, where none can stray;

The only friend who ne'er forsakes. Bid sorrow's wave be my bope's grave -

Blight all the joys for which I strove,

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“ Blest days of youth,

Ye never can return."
'Tis sad to think, there was a time,

The heart was not so sear'd as now,
When even the very dread of crime,

Would bring a cloud upon the brow.
'Tis sad to think those days are gone,

And with them many a dream of bliss;
And hopes which then in prospect shone,

Have faded nor e'er whisper'd this.
Would that those hours were mine again,

I'd leave ambition's fondest schemes ;
And count her richest treasures vain,

For one short glance of childhoods dreams.
The bird that leaves a sunny isle,

Can thither fly when storms arise ;
Bat ah! tho infant moments smile,

Nought can recall their peaceful skies.

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The heart was then so pure, so free

From folly, and the vice of age; And never thought such blots could be

Upon the face of manhood's page. Sincere in love, in friendship true,

Its little word was free from care ; But sorrow with its moments grew,

Till nought of youth was ling'ring there. The eye grew dim which once was bright

We smile but ah! 'tis not sincere : And tho' at times the heart grows light,

How soon 'tis clouded with a tear. At morn some fix'd resolve is made

'Tis broke before the day is past; And night comes only to upbraid,

The fleeting joys we thought would last. Thus day by day life hurries on,

By hope and fancy still beguild; And friends are falling one by one

Who were our playmates when a child. Oh! I could weep as oft I think

How happy then, how alter'd now, While standing on the grave's dark brink,

With care deep mark'd upon my brow. 'Tis sad to think the time is past,

When shone the morning of our day ; 'Tis sad to see the sky o'ercast,

As evening comes with solemn grey. Then farewell early hopes and joys,

To me you only can give pain, And vain alas! are all those sighs

Since childhood cannot come again.

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There is a tear that falls unseen,

Nor seeks the downcast eye ;
And from its dark and cheerless bed,

Ascends the frequent sigh.
Like drops within some hidden cave,

That wastes the rocks away;
It falls within the boxom's core,

And makes the heart decay.
Its victim too may seem to smile,

Forgetful of its woe,
While life is running fast to waste,

Till all has ceased to flow,
This tear hath wasted many a heart,

Ere youth had seen its prime;
While on life's sea by sorrow tost,

They seem'd the wrecks of time.
This tear hath blighted beauty's cheek,

So full of health and bloom;
For love which promised fair grew false,

And gave her to the tomb.
This tear hath broke a mother's heart

When thinking on her child,
Ere death stepp'd in, and its soft eye

So full of kindness smil'd.
This tear hath seen the exile pine,

Upon a lonely shore;
Till hope forsook bis homeward dreams,

And life's pulse beat no more.
This tear hath seen the captive fall,

Beside his long worn chain;

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