The Harvard Graduates' Magazine, Volume 13

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Harvard Graduates' Magazine Association, 1905

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Page 354 - On the 4th of March next I shall have served three and a half years, and this three and a half years constitute my first term. The wise custom which limits the President to two terms regards the substance, and not the form, and under no circumstances will I be a candidate for or accept another nomination.
Page 329 - Law," patterned in main after the Pennsylvania law, and endorsed by the Census Department of the United States Government, the Section on Hygiene and Sanitary Science and the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association...
Page 340 - ... peace; Lost was Solomon's purple show Restless centuries ago; Stately empires wax and wane — Babylon, Barbary, and Spain; — Only one thing, undefaced, Lasts, though all the worlds lie waste And the heavens are overturned. — Dear, how long ago we learned! There's a sight that blinds the sun, Sound that lives when sounds are done, Music that rebukes the birds, Language lovelier than words, Hue and scent that shame the rose, Wine no earthly vineyard knows, Silence stiller than the shore Swept...
Page 40 - There she is — the great engine — she never sleeps. She has her ambassadors in every quarter of the world — her couriers upon every road. Her officers march along with armies, and her envoys walk into statesmen's cabinets. They are ubiquitous. Yonder journal has an agent, at this minute, giving bribes at Madrid; and another inspecting the price of potatoes in Covent Garden.
Page 329 - Monograph on the Past and Present Condition of Public Hygiene and State Medicine in the United States.
Page 246 - ... Japan has lost a most valuable member and a genial companion ; be it therefore " Resolved, that we deeply regret the untimely close of a life full of promise for useful works, and that we deplore his loss as a deep personal bereavement ; and " Resolved, that we in sorrow extend to his grief-stricken widow and family our heartfelt sympathy in their great affliction ; and " Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be recorded in the minutes of the Club, and that copies be sent respectively to...
Page 354 - I am deeply sensible of the honor done me by the American people in thus expressing their confidence in what I have done and have tried to do. I appreciate to the full the solemn responsibility this confidence imposes upon me, and I shall do all that in my power lies not to forfeit it.
Page 384 - ... him. As a corollary to this principle, it is justifiable for a player, who is in good order, to pretend that he is seriously hurt, in order that he may draw the opponent's attack to the wrong place. These rules of action are all justifiable, and even necessary, in the consummate savagery called war, in which the immediate object is to kill and disable as many of the enemy as possible. To surprise, ambuscade and deceive the enemy, and invariably to overwhelm a smaller force by a greater one, are...
Page 395 - Harvard, the affirmative of the thesis, whether it be lawful to resist the supreme magistrate, if the Commonwealth cannot otherwise be preserved.
Page 152 - He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a member of the American Philosophical Society and of Phi Beta Kappa.

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