Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 28

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Page 374 - INDEX MEDICUS.— A Monthly Classified Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World.
Page 128 - Like all other conjurors (says Sir David Brewster), the artist has contrived to make the observer deceive himself. The stamped figures on the back are used for this purpose. The spectrum in the luminous area is not an image of the figures on the back. The figures are a copy of the picture which the artist has drawn on the face of the mirror, and so concealed by polishing, that it is invisible in ordinary lights, and can be brought out only in the sun's rays.
Page 241 - PHYSICS. LESSONS IN ELEMENTARY PHYSICS. By "BALFOUR STEWART, FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy in Owens College, Manchester. With numerous Illustrations and Chromoliths of the Spectra of the Sun, Stars, and Nebulae.
Page 83 - Report, continues in action, and the improved form of the instrument, giving a separate record for every day, of the duration of sunshine, has been regularly worked throughout the year and its curves tabulated.
Page 296 - Report of the Council of Education upon the condition of the public schools and of the certified denominational schools for the year 1877.
Page 404 - ... stream requires a gradual approximation of the drops, which in the case of a nearly vertical direction of motion cannot stop short of actual contact. Regular vibration has, however, the effect of postponing the collisions and consequent scattering of the drops, and in the case of a direction of motion less nearly vertical may prevent them altogether. Under moderate electrical influence there is no material change in the resolution into drops, nor in the subsequent motion of the drops up to the...
Page 391 - On the Characters of the Pelvis in the Mammalia, and the Conclusions respecting the Origin of Mammals which may be based on them.
Page 159 - We find short line coincidences between many metals the impurities of which have been eliminated or in which the freedom from mutual impurity has been demonstrated by the absence of the longest lines.
Page 164 - ... the spectrum of the compound consists in the main of channelled spaces and bands, which increase in like manner. In short, the molecules of a simple body and a...
Page 405 - Under moderate electrical influence there is no material change in the resolution into drops, nor in the subsequent motion of the drops up to the moment of collision. The difference begins here. Instead of rebounding after collision, as the unelectrified drops of clean water generally or always do, the electrified drops coalesce, and thus the jet is no longer scattered about. When the electrical influence is more powerful, the repulsion between the drops is sufficient to prevent actual contact, and...

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