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The most interesting SPEECHES and Motions; accurate
Copies of the most remarkable LETTERS and PAPERS ;
of the most material EVIDENCE, PETITIONS, &c.

laid before and offered to the House,

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Printed for J. DEBRETT, (Successor to Mr. Almon) oppofite



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UESTION to Mr. Pitt respecting Union of Parties is again intro-

a Dissolution of Parliament, duced, 91 10 106

Mention made of Lord George Lenox's

Debate on Mr. Eden's Motion, decla. Commission, 110

ratory of the Sense of the King's Debate on Mr. Pitt's Declaration that

Answer, 4 to 11

the Ministers had not resigned, 138

Mr. Beaufoy's Speech corrected, 11 to 158

Debate on Mr. Fox's Motion to ad- Debate on the postponing the Report

journ, 15 to 27

from the Committee of Supply, 159

Debate on Mr. Grosvenor's Motion for Debate on Mr. Powys's Motion that

an united Administration, 27 to 49 the King will comply with the Wiskes
Debate on Mr. Coke's Motion for an of his Commons, 167 to 209
united Administration, 49 to 61

Mr. Marsham's Account of the Nego-

Debate on Mr. Coke's Motion to lay

ciation, 175

the Resolutions of the House before Lord Nugent's Anecdote of Mr. Pel-

the King, 62 to 72

ham, &c. 176

Lord Beauchamp's Motion for a Com. Debate on Mr. Fox's Motion for an

mittee to examine the Lords' Journals

Address to the King, 209

relative to the Acceptance of India The Address, 214

Bills, 73, 108

The King's Answer, ibid

Report of the Committee, and Debate, Debate on Mr. Rigby's Balances, ibid.

In1 to 138

Debate on adjourning the Consideration

Debate on the Receipt Tax, 86, 107,

of the King's Answer, 221


Debate on Mr. Fox's second Address to

Debate on the Ordnance, 88,'107

the King, 230 to.252

Debate on the Report from the Com. The King's Answer, 253

mittee on Smuggling, in which the


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