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The FIRST Session of the Fourth PARLIAMENT
in the Reign of his present Majesty;

Which met the 14th of October, 1783, and ended the 14th
of MAY, 1784.

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TH E debates of the Irish Senate, antecedent to the session which commenced in 1781, have been almost totally neglected; but at that ara when, by the glorious efforts of her patriot sons, Ireland had assumed her rank amongst the nations, the exalted talents and great abilities which that event had called into action, became the admiration of the world, and mankind was anxious to learn the progressive steps which led to our emancipation—To gratisy general curiosity, we then ventured to publish our first volume of Parliamentary Debates; and though we are conscious that our utmost efforts have been too feeble to do justice to those excellent men,

who are at once the guardians and ornament of

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their country, yet a generous public has overlooked our deficiencies, and the rapid sale of two editions of that work have marked their approbation of our labour. Emboldened by such encouragement, we have extended our plan, and we presume to say that the two volumes containing the debates of the session of 1783-4, which we now offer to the public, will be found of as much importance as those of 1781-2.

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Returned to serve in Parliament, to meet on the 14th Day of October, in the twenty-third Year of the Reign of his Majesty GeoRGE the Third, in Pursuance of his Majesty's Writs of Election, bearing Date the 26th of july, 1783.

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