The life of Alexander Duff, Volume 2

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Page 52 - Sindh . . . but I wish you to know that your parents consider it most unjust. Prize-money has been distributed to those concerned in the war. Colonel Outram, though a very poor man, would not take money which he did not think rightfully his, and distributed all his share in charity — giving 800L to the Hill Asylum at Kussowlee. J was glad, even in the dark, to shake hands with one whom I esteemed so highly.
Page 28 - I trust that the foreign schemes of our Protesting Church will be upheld and maintained with even increased efficiency, notwithstanding the demand for funds for our home operations, and that we will give proof to the Christian world, and even to the ungodly world, of the soundness of that maxim referred to by our Moderator a day or two ago, that home and foreign missionary associations mutually act and react on one another, and that the very increase of the sum received tor our home operations, will...
Page 26 - He Who holdeth the seven stars in His right hand, and Who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks.
Page 49 - We have no right to seize Sinde, " yet we shall do so, and a very advantageous, useful, and " humane piece of rascality it will be.
Page 22 - The universe at large would suffer as little in its splendour and variety by the destruction of our planet, as the verdure and sublime magnitude of a forest would suffer by the fall of a single leaf.
Page 50 - ... want an educational institution in a populous locality on the bank of the river in an excellent situation, and have been waiting a considerable time to secure the means of erecting a suitable building. Now, singularly enough, the minimum sum fixed on in my own mind was exactly six thousand rupees ; and if you approve the idea you may send that sum to me, and we shall commence at once the erection of the building.
Page 50 - Saturday in the Institution. The man whose courage as a soldier and a statesman rose almost to madness, stipulated that he should not be asked to make a speech.
Page 25 - Thus did William Robertson proceed to bestow the spiritual office. Many years elapse. He is the chief of the Kirk. He has won the crown of history. Writing to Gibbon in his days of celebrity, he gives the clue to his conduct when the dragoon-heading intruder at Torphichen. We find Principal Robertson the chief of the Kirk, congratulating the historian of the ' Decline and Fall ' on his skilful management of superstition and bigotry in his chapters on Christianity. He thus gives us a glimpse of the...
Page 48 - Give us your prayers, and keep the money ; we have enough, my brother — what is that between thee and us?" "A finer example," Dr. Duff records, "of the genuine spirit of Christian brotherhood cannot well be conceived.
Page 13 - The kingdom of Christ," said Dr. Inglis, "is not only spiritual, but independent. No earthly government has a right to overrule or control it.

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