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WHEN the children you've been kissing,
And the urn is softly hissing,
And no breakfast-dainty missing,

You have trifled with the ham;
Found the Strasburg pâté pleasant,
In the season tried cold pheasant,
And the tongue that's ever present,

Flanked by crystal pots of jam.
Then your wife with freshest cheek, a
Dress adorning her called piqué,
With all deference I speak, a

Charming morning nymph is she;
Sits serenely at the table,
And frowns down the children's babel,
And with dainty hands and able,

Makes your coffee or your tea.
When she pours hot milk before you,
To your coffee, comes there o'er you
A suepicion that would floor you,

Were your nerves not strong and stout;
That a foul adulteration,
of the product of lactation,
Has made such abomination,

Of the fluid she deals out ?
There is water, salt, annatto,
Can your children e'er get fat, 0,
Wives of Manchester on that, 0,

Sagest judge the man to fine !
Who, devoid of upright feeling,
Had such dirty ways of dealing,
'Twas the one way of appealing

To his conscience, 1 opine.


Distressing Suicide. The journalistic world was thrown into a state of intense excitement the other day by the discovery that a newspaper had cut its own throat some week or so before. It is sad to hear a little time's done for a Little Times.

Out on ye! The habit of self-denial is exercised more frequently by the“ upper ten" than by any other class of society. How often are they “not at home " to undesirable visitors!

French lady (alarmed for her pet) :-"MA FIDELE-MA FIDELE !"


Ønswers to Correspondents.

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FROM OUR STALL. MR. Tom TAYLOR'S Antipodes ; or, the Ups and Downs of Life is a piece of patchwork : the first act, which is placed in England, reminds [We cannot return rejected M$S. or sketches unless they are accompanied us vividly of Flying Scud, and the remainder of the drama, which is by a stamped and directed envelope.] placed in Australia, reminds us more vividly still of It is Never Too Fishy.–We have read your lines “1 would I were a fish" very carefully Late to Mend. Nearly all the characters are unpleasant people; not and, if you think, as you sayeven the hero and heroine can excite much interest as to what becomes

“Without a thought, of them, and the other folks might be swept off the stage by artillery

There's nought so sweet as this,” for all that the audience cares. The play is much too long-a faulty

a fanit you ought to be happy-for no thought detracts from the sweetness of your which is not atoned for by the character of its dialogue. Here and ) versification. You can't play your fish in verse-try music, the scales there, to be sure, the author gives us a good thing, but the talking is

I would assist you.

The author of "a cruel and heartless epigram" is informed that it is generally unrelieved, and consequently tiresome. Everybody meets lacking in point and pungency as well as in kindliness and heart. everybody else at Melbourne in a wildly improbable manner; and a “LETTERS FROM HIGHLAND LATITUDES.”—The breadth of the humour nest of nuggets is discovered by about three strokes of the pick-axe in is not equal to the longitude of the copy. a way that rather excites our incredulity. The piece was well played, J. B., London.- We cannot see that the hot weather is any excuse particularly by MRS. Watts (mée Miss E. TERRY) and MR. E. PRICE, (though you plead it) for the contemptible nonsense you send—the weather who are new to the patrons of the Holborn : the lady is ladylike and may bu hot-we want no rubbish (R)hot here. the gentleman gentlemanly. MR. EMERY acted with considerable W. B. sends us some “jokes” which he labels “ Believe unanticipated.” vigour, but fell short in the matter of pathos. The part of Clinch, a Well, we have had some experience, but we never anticipated such nondetective, was quietly and effectively rendered by Mr. R. THORNE.

sense as this.

G. W., Nottingham.-Our opinion does not coincide with yours.
Some admirable scenery has been painted for the drama by ME88RB.
TZLBIN and HALL; the views of Canvas Town and Dead Man's Gully

C. C. Ř.,-Your ode to a “hashed dace" isn't even dace-ntly passable.

“A CANNY SCOT."— Try a “canna Scot.” are very striking. The piece must be cut a good deal before it can Declined with thanks, -"An Incident in the City;" An Indignant be listened to with patience: its reception on the first night was de- Parson; S. B.; W. Phlor; W. S. B., Old Square; R. S., Tottenham ; cidedly of a mixed kind.

A. B., Derby; N. B.; X. X. X.; H. E. V. D.; Philopægmor; Julia;

M. R.; J. H.'G., Charles-street; Á Contributor (signaturo illegible), 39, Putting a Good Face on it.

Morton-road; V.'J. D.; Diego; Fitz-Ivan; F. E T., Eastcheap; Gmos; The Australian settlers look forward with such pleasure to setting

Miss J., Rugby-road, Leamington; J. H. s., Commercial-road; J. B., syes on the healthy English complexions of the female immigrants, that

Birmingham; W.J. H.; C. F., Bolton; C. P. D., East Moalsey; A Rural

Volunteer; G. E. Y., City-road; J. F. M.; Hold Tight, Hackney-road; they may be said to have entirely shaken off their natural prejudice E.A.J.; Etak; J.M. G., Glasgow ; W. G. c, Poplar; W. B. 8.; J. V., to Řys faces.

Castle-street, Dublin; c. c., King's College ; Ap Ivan..



| he takes I should say, as SAMUEL BROTHERS wouldn't get much to make OUTSIDE OF THE ENGLISH RESTORATION,

his clothes by contract, except he was a advertisin' medium. Well, PARIS, FRANCE.

| when he'd gone by I missed Bob, and after goin' all round the buildin'

which the outside ring (it's like one o' them Chinese carved balls, the DEAR ’LIZA,-Excuse this bein' wrote in pencil, but blest if I haven't Expose-ition is) is devoted to the feed of all nations, I sees some English gone an' lost BoB. Not as he's defunk, but there ain't no getting of spellin' on one of the places, and there was a crowd a-pressing round him away from this place which is emigrated from Ludgate-hill, and a bar, and Bob a-goin' on that shameful as I was reg'lar took aback, sells pale ale: and of all the gals — well, there the least said's the with a heap o' Frenchmen a-listening to his goings on and him larfin' soonest mended, as the City solicitor used to say when father wanted and talkin' to a barmaid, with a tankard o' bitter as I drunk myself to compensation for the glass that was broke at a Committee in the

save appearances. It is now Saturday night, and Bob's been at the Guildhall arter a shampaign lunch. The fact is that it was that TUNEY'S | English bar which is emigrated from Ludgate station ever since Thursday, corfy as did it, as I should say had opium or somethink in it, for BOB a-sleepin' on two chairs as he's concessioned for twelve francs a day, was that reg'lar mad as what do you think he done? There's a creetur and says it's too hot to go home to the street of the little stables. The here as is 'dizened out like a pet of the ballot at the Grecian, as calls johndamms is a-tryin' to wake him up constant, but he shied his boots herself the French for flower-gal, an' sells nosegays for five francs at one of em' and swore as nothink should separate him from Britannia apiece, leastways that was what she charged Bob for a rose as I'd have

the pride of the ocean, which he means the young person as I hear is bought many a time in Bartholomew-lane for threepence, but bless the toast of the place under the name of — well, I ain't a-goin' to you he give in to her like nothink, as was got up with what they call write her name, but I've heard her called FERDERIKA, as Bob will act here a coughewer, as means a lady's own head of hair, and things that like Don QUICK SETT and has christened her FREKILLINA, though that short as showed her Hessian boots, torsals an' all, like the gentleman as

may be a sort of pronunciation brought about by refreshments. I used to go about in a pigtail in Fenchurch-street when the Queen of ain't seen no more than the outside of the Exhibition as yet, but if Spain's soldier used to sweep the crossin' at the corner. BOB was

Bob ain't more amiable to reason to-morrow I shall hire a Bath chair always a soft one, but little did I think to see him so took in as not to and have him carted away to the pianoforte department amongst the recognize her as the lady as come out in a style à l'Emperortrees after musical instruments, for the Bath chairmen don't go nowhere else, and office hours, which she exchanges her dress reg'lar, and comes out a there's no refreshments to be got in that department.--Yours, swell just like the crossin' sweeper aforesaid which dressed in a suit of

SAM TROTTLE. black an'a gold chain o' Sundays. Worse than that, just as BoB ought to have stuck up for old England he goes and gives eleven francs for a bloom, for who should come along but a couple of distinguished parties

Putting a Different complexion on it. as their names is in the Prayer Book every Sunday, a-follerin' a broad,

A NEGRO, living in Lee County, Georgia, has killed his daughter, bumptious gentleman as looked a beadle in private costume every inch on aged eighteen, for walking out with a young black man of the neighhim; as I afterwards heard it was MR. COLE, O.B., which if it don't bourhood. His defence is that as she was only eighteen she had no mean Considerable Bumptious, it ought to. that's all. I never did see right to be a-lovin', and that the arguments for the union of the young nothing like the walk of that party, out of the dancin' academy as we | people were utterly illogical, since two blacks cannot become one used to go to in Bloomfield-street. Finsbury, not off the stage. He seemed wight. This is the line of defence--the line of the prosecution will to be swelled to twice his nateral size, and was a reg’lar King of the 'ole | probably be a hempen one with a halter at one end of it. place, while the P. OF W. and the D. or E. they walked behind him as though they was two of the three fiddlers in waitin', an' the john

Rights of Common. damms and the confounded foreigners and the English looked as though The only fee'd that is allowed on Doctors' Commons, must, we prehe was the British Constitution bound in cloth, an' a good deal of cloth sume, be a duly qualified practitioner.

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When I have closed my door,
Selfish old bachelor,

Fast for the night,
I am alone, and yet
Somehow I can't forget

Someone's in sight.
Up to the mantel-piece,
Spotted with candle-grease,

I've but to walk,
Then I am safe to find,
In a sweet frame of mind,

Someone to talk.
Say I'm put out or vexed,
Wet through or sore perplexed,'

Worried to death.
From what the glass conceals,
Something like comfort steals

Eyelids beneath.
Maybe I've been in luck,
Fired with good wine or pluck,

Pleased with myself.
Still all alone the while
Somebody seems to smile

There, on the shelf.
I can but think upon
One called Pygmalion,

Who, as they say,
Made for himself a wife-
Whom Venus breathed to life-

Out of some clay!
Not near so clever, I
Trust to photography,

Still all the same.
I am contented when
Friendship comes now and then

Out of a frame.


Miss Elephas Africanus : "Can you DO ANYTHING FOR my ears, SIR ?”.


because he must make a dissyllable of "fire," and immediately sees a WE HAVE a heap of books lying before us which wait notice, and reason for

n'smust have it too ere the magazines come. First comes “May Day

Music that gentlier on the spirit lies and other Poems," by EMBRBOX, published by Messrs. ROUTLEDGE

Than tir'd eyelids upon tir'd eyes. a book we need not recommend, for all EMERSON writes is worth read. Now TÆNNYSON ought to be ashamed of himself, in our humble opinion, ing. Next, Mesers. CHAPMAN AND Hall's “ CHARLES DICKENS” for cutting out the mute "e" in verbs like " tire” or “aspire," though edition of Pickwick-another book that needs no recommendation, he may (to help the unrhythmical ear) do so with “minister'd" where save chcapness, the only thing wanted hitherto to make the book the verb has no final "e" mute. This is en parenthèse—to return to universal." Then Lilliput Levee (STRAHAN). That's a book we could the question : if, as the P. M. G. critic suggests, “tired” is to be prolinger over, and wander back to childhood :-the book of a man of nounced “ tierd,why should not "fire" be pronounced " fier ?The genius who is at home with the children as only a man of genius-or fact is that the P. M. G. talks nonsense. The

fact is that the P. M. G. talks nonsense. There's “nothing gained" a fool-can be:-a delightful book, full of poetry which will touch young | by saying “tierd" any more than by saying "fier-fly," but the critic had and old alike. After this comes a series of People of Paris," by F. | not the courage to say that the Laureate had—not for the first timeBARNARD, published by MESSRS. BARNARD, of Oxford-street. The descended to a cockneyism, but that that is no reason why minor pencil of MŁ. BARNARD is familiar to the readers of Fun, and when we poets should follow him. Genius may overleap rules, but mere talent say it has seldom done better work, they will see how much that must abide by them, and this maxim as regards poets and versifiers is means. ME88RS. Johnson's latest edition of their “ Guide to the Paris ! as the laws of the Modes and Persians. Exhibition " has also reached us. It is carefully revised and com- i pleted to latest date, but the chief point noticeable about it is that MESSRS. J. announce in it that they shall be compelled to proceed at

Six to Four. law against certain of the Boilers clique. Is it not charming that the The Factory Acts must be considered as only Unsatis-factory Acts if Commissioner for England should so disgrace us by pettifogging that such an advertisement as the following is permitted by law :he is to be called to account by the very people whose interest he was

account by the very people whose interest he was WANTED TO ENGAGE a small, active BOY, four to six years of age.-Apply to supposed to guard ! Oh, Fine Arts, what jobbery is perpetrated in W H. E.D— , 15, — street, E.C. your name

We shall have speculative tradesmen engaging workmen before they ONCE more we are at variance with our esteemed friend the Pall Mall |

Mall are born if this sort of thing is allowed. Fancy a lawyer advertising -a mere difference of opinion this time. The P. M. has been reviewing M188 JNGELOW's latest poem, and notes “a bad rhyme " and a |

for an articled clerk “ aged six months, who has cut his eye-teeth,” or

| telegraphic companies demanding children of two “who can run alone very bad one, viz., "abroad” and “board,” which we should not call

hot call -on errands." No doubt the Horse Guards will take the hint and in a rhyme at all, but then we don't write for the P. M. The critic says the present dearth of recruits will begin to enlist children in arms. he mentions this lest others should get cheap fun out of it :-we can't see a subject for fun in it, but a reason to regret that a lady, who can write as Miss INGELOw does, is so lamentably deficient in ear as to let such

Post-ob(it)vious. “ rhyme” pass. But that's not our point at present. Our quarrel with An ambitious father is anxious to know if his son, by his having the critic is that he says he cannot scan M188 INGELOW's line :

succeeded to the command of a mail steamer, is entitled to the rank of Fortunate of the fire-fly,

| a post captain.

Town Talk.

public. This is a novelty- for M. GAMBART, who deserves considerable credit for his foreign shows, did not startle us with novelties very often—was, indeed, frequently forestalled by the photographers. I

can honestly recommend my readers to drop in at 25, Bond-strcet, to BY THE SAUNTERER IN SOCIETY.

enjoy a feast of Continental art, and buy a picture at a reasonable

price if they choose. EW of us, I suppose, consider

I see that the design for the Hall of Science and Art is exhibited at that up to this present date

the Royal Academy-and a precious ugly building it will be! I can we have made much of a

compare it to nothing but a Strasburg pie with a glass crust-I only hole in our year. Thanks

hope the contents will be half as good. A scientific paper which is an to the reluctance with which undoubted authority, alludes to the statement in the report handed to Winter left us, and the re- | the QUEEN, that “ learned societies” have represented to COLE AND Co. luctance Spring displayed the want of such an institution, and says that some of the most imin coming, we are here close portant societies have protested against the scheme, and have declined upon Midsummer-day before to take rooms in the building. Perhaps COLE AND Co. will name the we know it. Idle people “ learned societies." The Laboratory hits a blot at once :take no note of time, save “The building will be admirably adapted for shows of an attractive character, but by its loss-an observation for purely scientific purposes it will be utterly useless. An ordir:ary lecturer could which is Young if not now;

not be heard in this South Kensington Coliseum, and such experiments as we are

accustomed to see at the Royal Institution would be invisible to nine-tenths of
and busy people really the people for whom seats will be provided.”
haven't time to think about

That's a “ nasty one," I take it.
time. I won't say which
class I belong to, but I'll
own I was startled to find

that we had already reached
the half-year practically, and

No. 16.
that in that moiety the

First tied together, and then reft in twain,
National Lifeboat Associ-

What my first loses is my second's gain :
ation has done great work.

One in the north sheds learning's light around,
Six months is not a long

The other's in a southern country found.
time to save four hundred

and forty-three lives in—but the Association has done it! So, my dear reader, since time does fly so imperceptibly, don't lose it, but at once send that subscription you

One-third is long, and two-thirds short in tone, have 80 long been thinking about to MR. Lewis, at No. 14, John

It's curious that it means a finger-bone. street, Adelphi, and you'll feel an additional glow of pleasure when you see the balance of “lives saved” by the society during the next six months.

You may use it at full length, this word, SIR THOMAS MARYON WILson is a gentleman who has hitherto been

But commonly now we contract; distinguished chiefly on account of his desire to curtail the working

Some time before this, I have heard, man's breathing-ground by inclosing Hampstead Heath. He re

It means, to be very exact. appeared the other day as the president of “ The Greenwich Conserva

3. tive Association” (whatever that may be), having, perhaps, an eye to

He lived in a pleasant suburban Blackheath as good building ground. I have nothing on earth to do with his political opinions, being rather Conservative myself since

Retreat, near a beautiful mosque, Mr. DISRAELI has become Radical, but I must protest against the

And wore a most wonderful turban, letters which in his presidential capacity (not to say incapacity) SIR

And kept, let us say-a kiosk.

A swell oriental he flourish'd T. M. W. has addressed to LORD DERBY and MR. DISRAELI. He may

This mythical man, I believe ; tamper with our heaths and commons if he can, but I cannot permit him to ravage the English language unnoticed. I don't suppose that

And for a whole month he was nourish'd SIR T. M. W.'s friends will consider I am too hard upon him when I

On nothing from morning till eve. take it for granted that he has received the education of a gentleman

4. but how on earth could he sign letters which contain the following dis.

Between two kinds, I've often seen it vary, graceful and ignorant blunders ?

Perchance a flower-sometimes a eanary.

5. “They likewise consider that every member of the Cabinet in their respective

A northern land in Europe Fee, positions are deserving the confidence of the country. Praying that your lordship may long be spared to wield the reins of government in support of that most noble

Where in a corner there should be cause, and which you have always espoused."

A town that boasts a bishop's care,

Although the name is rather rare. "May you be long spared and supported in the position as leader of that house,

6. which has ever been the boast of Englishmen to possess, being assured that so long as the Conservative governme

Far on the vast plains, near a lake, government remain in power the venerated institutions of the country are ."

I work, and pleasure there I take: It is useless to point out to Sir M. T. W., and his ignoramuses,

And though Americans should boast the gross bungles I gibbet. It is needless to point them out to my

Their power, I keep an armed host. readers—a charity-school-boy would detect them. Really, Sir THOMAS MARYON WILSON should be presented with a copy of Lindley Murray

ANSWER TO ACROSTIC No. 14. by his grateful admirers at Hampstead—but they must not forget that

B Bagdad it should be a grammar for beginners.

o Orsini Tax Peers bave been coming in for a share of the Thunderer's bolts

O Olivia of late ; and as the Times is supposed to represent-echo, indeed,

T Tor public opinion, I begin to shake in my shoes. Can it be that the

H Harvey Democratic Reform Bill of the Government already influences the very

CORRECT SOLUTIONS OF ACROSTIC No. 14, RECEIVED June 19:- Frank and Maria: sensitive mercury in Printing-house-square? For my own part, 1 Snuff-box: Nanny's Pet; Brick-court; Benbill ; Cerevino; Samoth Egatton: cannot see why repose and calm should be refused to a House to which Mangey; Old Trafford; Bumblepuppy; Constance; Ada W.; P. L. A. T.; Eldes no member of the Commons is by any chance admitted until he has Lily; Peter G.; Entrave; T. D. H.; Ledbury, Merabile Dick-Tu-rpin'; J. 8. L. ;

Kiel? R. C. 0.: Young Australia; Irresistible; Two Clapham Contortionists; become superannuated and effete.

E. T': Never No More ; Hunkey Dorum; Bowwow: 0. and Sons: 1. R.: Break THE International Society of Fine Arts, which has a spirited objectside and Hamish; Nemorino ; irissie; E. of T.; J. T. B.; Shorncliffe : Muckle in view—the abrogation of the picture-dealer interest-has taken a Pickle : Varney the Vampyre; Penalverne; Warming-Par; Ginger; sixty-Five: gallery in Bond-street. Galleries are difficult to get, and so we must

Horribildous; D. D.; Tri a Juncta; J..; Lechuza ; Sphinx; Kuby. not complain if the I. S. of F. A. is not as luminously lodged as it deserves. But it merits support, for it introduces us to many foreign "A NINE Days' WONDER.”—That of the kitten, which wonders artists of talent and genius, who are, as a rule, unknown to the British when it's going to see !

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THE ORIENTAL REPOSITORY (LIMITED) HORSELAYDOWN. MY DEAR YOUNG FRIEND,-I have received your affable note, Sir, and it is quite right where it says, “NICHOLAS has established-good. ness knows how !- a reputation as a moralist; and we want to hear what he may have to say with regard to the alleged deterioration in the tone of society, especially amongst the rising generation." Quite right, my dear young Friend, you are, and it is only natural that ye

shouldest. | The Prophet himself is, as the British public are well aweer, no

longer in that first flush of youth than which a period more certain to plunge a man into the wildest excesses, nor yet as a rule more difficult for him to get out of them, but very pleasant all abe same and I wish as a good deal of it was to come over again.

Though NICHOLAS, however, can no longer claim to be considered a mere stripling, yet I was once as young as you, my dear youthful Friend ; and I would even say as I was once younger but for being rude. That youth have insensibly diminished with the lapse of ad. vancing years is unfortnnately true ; but he still takes an interest, does the Old Man, in the ways of the adolescent, and he has noticed with sincere regret that such is going pretty quick to the bad.

If you come to mere morality, mind you, the Old Man is not sure as you are a bit worse, you young men of 1867, than what he was himself at an anollogus period, he being accustomed for to carry on dreadful; and many is the officer of police which might oven now recognise in the weather-womn countenance of NICHOLAS some resemblance to one who in formal years—but perhaps this is vanityglorious

The peculiarity of young men jast now-and in saying young men, the Prophet means from twenty to thirty, leaving out boys on the one side and steady old coves on the other—the peculiarity of young men just now is that they care for little and believe in nothing. In NICHOLAS's own time, even when a youngster was vicious, there was generally two things about him as was worth notice :- in the first place, he got something like enjoyment out of his vices; and in the second place, he was seldom so far gone but what he was ashamed of them.

Young Hopeful of the present day still talks about seeing life; but you would think as it was Death he saw, his eyes get so dull and fixed. Enjoyment, Sir ? You come along of NICHOLAS to any place where they con gregate, these young men; and your good and gifted old guide, Sir, meaning me, will turn round upon you with the majesty of a SOCRATES or even a PLATER, and bid yo answer whether ever in your life you saw faces more dull, more weary, more woebegone. They have ate their cake, these boys; and not only can they consequently never have such again, but it have made them far from well in their insides.

And now, Sir, about manners. They are not ashamed, these young ones are not, to behave in a way which NICHOLAS—though he do not like the word-is constrained to call “ caddish." I am not myself of noble blood, though my family is respectable and always looks back with pride to the illustrious traditions of those grand old days when one of us was connected with Britannia's Custom House itself; but I should be sorry, such as I am, to behave in the way that is now common-I should just say as it was common, in a parenthesis !-amongst our young men, not merely amongst those who are fast, and consequently loose, but even amongst steadier ones.

There is a growing indifference to the claims of woman, sir, which is a sign of barbarical deterioration-Young England puffs tobacco, sir, in her face; he talks to her about subjects, the very mention of which is an insult for which an honest girl's brother would be quite justified in knockiog him down; the gentle courtesy of the past is dead; and with the exception of a few cavaliers de la vieille roche-such as Nicholas himself—society is getting like a Cremorne with all the amusements left out.

These remarks, Sir, have been suggested to the Prophet by incidents which happened to him recently in Paris, where he thought himself justified, being still a bachelor, in a little flirtation with a young lady at SPIRRS and Pond's, and which the fair one and him was getting along as nicely as possible, when who should stop in but a young whippersnapper, than whom I am sure his hat was only fit for a show, and as for his coat-well, the Prophet weuld not advise him for to show him. self to his old schoolmaster in such, since the temptation might be too many for that pedagogue !-and which I could plainly hear him calling of me" a pottering old tout;" and she laughad at



He was a giant greatOutlandish was his lingo,

His height was furlongs eight. His boots were seven league, you

Will guess—and more besides ; It really would fatigue you

To measure out his strides.
He ate per day-his stomach

From growing pangs to keep
A score of beeves, with some ac-

Cidental pigs and sheep.
Each day a club he'd pick him-

An oak tree strong and sappy;
And nobody could lick him

And still he wasn't happy. And yet you'd think a giant,

Whom none to cross would dareOf everything defiant

Would sure be free from care!

Was nothing of the kind,
His voice with grief was husky,

His eyes with tears were blind.
And you will all allow, sirs,

He had no cause for smiles ; Of course his coats and trousers

He wanted made by MILES. Bat Miles he did sainsay him

And sure a losing job It had been, to array him

In "bags at sixteen bob." And since they were unwilling

To build this giant's bags For sixteen times one shilling

He had to go in rag8. Next to supply his table

With roasts and bakes and pies, He found himself unable,

Though he did advertise For “ A Plain Cook;" for none were

Prepared to store his maw; So since his meals undone were,

He had to eat them raw. And since both he and dinner

Required a better dressing, The end of him, poor sinner,

You'll speedily be guessing. For insufficient clothing

Is bad beyond all questionRaw food produces loathing

Which leads to indigestion. Now he had rheumatisem

And indigestion. You Don't think they're pleasant-is 'em ? The giant thought so too!

MORAL. You this conclusion fit 'll

Deduoe from what I state If grief attacks the little,

It also stirs the great.

“Houses Painted and Papered.” A CYNICAL critic observes, à propos of the supposed success of spectacular dramas, that a scene-painter ought to be ashamed of himself if he can't draw a house-on canvas.

A Good Shillingsworth.

Les Beaux Arts. IP a man is only as “ right as ninepence" he can hardly describe We believe there is no ground for the report that M. Du CHAILLO himself as a pretty bobbish.” With threepence more, up he goes to the has been elected Honorary President of the Toxophilite Society, as a required standard.

| recognition of his long (bow) services in Africa.

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