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(Après Algernon.)
Come! season of pic-nice and pleasure;

Come summery sunshine that gleams;
Long days we can loll out at leisure,

Long nights that can die into dreams.
We are sick of the desk and its dullness,

We are sighing for salt of the sea ;
Of our hearts, we can cry, from the fullness,

Oh! let us be free!
Come! borage with blossoms that crop up,

Though cucumber's equally nice,
Our draughts of delirium to stop up

With insolent inches of ice.
Let oceang of Seltzer and cider,

And Moet and Roederer flow;
Come, darling! no cup is denied her-

But add Curaçoa.
Come, feminino croquet, and cricket

Invented for muscles and men ;
Come saunters and spoons in the thicket,

And freedom from "copy" and pen.
Come, daytimes for yachting and yawning,

And solitude wed to a skiff;
Come, hammocks with leaves for an awning,

Hot sun on a cliff !
Come pot-hats, and pewters, and flannels;

Come fishing, and flirting, and fun;
Come cosy canoes in sly channels,

When all that there is can be done!
Come season of laughter and longing,

In which men and juveniles join;
Around you are energies thronging ;-

But where is the coin ?


Mr. DISRAELI proposes to give a member to Hackney.
Would it not be more appropriate, considering how the
seat was created, to call the new constituency that of
Hackney-Wick ?

Obtrusive Merchant (to party going to the races) :-“BUY A BEAK, GU'NOR-
will BIS’NESS WITH YER. (4 pause.) Tell YER WOT-I'LL SWOP!”

The Latest from Paris. What is the difference between a chignon and a glass of water ?-One is a load of 'air, and the other a verre de l'eau.


A Hint in Print.

We see it stated in the Press News, and the printing trade journals Mrs. VyvyAN VESEY was lovely. She had golden hair and a golden that the readers” are about to memorialize their employers for an inpurse. But she was not happy.

crease of pay. We should think that novel-readers might make some I will tell you why!

such proposal to the libraries, for they replly deserve to be paid for For many years after her marriage she had been as happy as the reading some of the three-voluminous trash they have to wade days were short. Her husband was devoted to her, and gratified her through! every whim. He said it was the only way to manage whim-en, but she thought he was joking.

A CHARADE. Weary of her snug little villa at Putney, she at last prevailed on

A SOLDIER in a country torr, him to take a house in Belgravia. As is the custom of rural spots, she was immediately called upon by her neighbours.

Wandered sadly up and down. Among those neighbours was Mrs. Belyon-a spiteful cat. That

To him, an-hungered and a-hirst, spiteful cat made herself very amiable to the fair beauty; and the first

A publican said, “Here's my tiret." time she saw Vesey she started, and then, taking Mrs. V. V. aside,

Mine host a lovely daughter had, told her that she had a short time before seen Vesey constantly at the

Whose charms soon caught the soldier lad. opera with a lovely woman-with dark hair and splendid eyes--and had

Said he, “My Mary, thanks to

you, noticed that he was very attentive. She thought “her dear friend

My first is now my second too." ought to know this !"

Time passed away, till war's alarms MRS. VyvyaN VESEY was miserable.

Snatched the recruit from Mary's arms. She made MR. VYVYAN Vesey miserable too!

Then, of each other's kiss bereit, This could not go on long! In fact, it didn't.

My whole was all their comfort left. Then came a day when, amid a flood of tears, she taxed her VYVYAN with his inconstancy.

By Our Moke. He was furious. Mrs. BELYON was sent for. He asked her to It is to be hoped that visitors to the Paris Exhibition will, during name the exact time when she saw him at the opera as she stated. their stay in France, learn the art of making a good cup of coffee; as Mrs. B. did so—with pleasure.

what is at present offered to the British public under the name of that Mrs. V. V. shrieked!

beverage is nothing but a perfect Mocha-ry! I see it all—my be-te-beloved husband !” she sobbed. wbat a comfort !”

Hit 'em Again! “ What ! said Mrs. BeLyon.

It is rumoured in pugilistic circles, that a new candidate will shortly Oh, it was 1,”-said Mrs. VestY—"I, before I had my hair appear for the “Championship of the Light Weights." If we are blanched!”

rightly informed, he hails from Lambeth,

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