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which are, however, really excellent, though they are old friends, so that the objection to them is confined to the injury done to Art by this

chewing of the illustrative cud. The book is admirably selected and BY THE SAUNTERER IN SOCIETY.

arranged by DR. MACKAY, is well got up, and is a marvel of cheapness.

But I regret to see MESSRS. ROUTLEDGE cooking up old blocks; they
LULL, which by the publish some of our best Art books, and should be more careful of
time this is in the the interests of art. They can afford to leave the hash-up of old cuts
hands of the reader, I to firms which are notorious for the practice.
will have changed | Ir ever there is excuse for Englishmen talking about the weather,
probably into an un- l it may be admitted to hold good now. There never was such a time.
mistakeable row, has | We have gone up and down the barometer like a young lady practising
pervaded the world her scales. Perhaps we shall have a spring such as we had last year,
of politics at St. Ste- | with snow up to the beginning of April, and then a sudden burst of
phen's. A truce has warmth and sunlight, bud and blossom. If so, the sooner April begins
been proclaimed since the better. I fear the late frosts must have injured the fruit-blossom
the re-organisation in some parts where it was forward. If it has not, we shall have,

if we may believe the promise of trees, a splendid fruit year.
will be kept until the
Ministerial Reform
measure is before the
House. In the com-

parative repose of the
Commons, some few

The country needs Reform, and all men cry
useful measures have
in the interim been

For aid to keep our ancient liberty;

And yet too dear our hopes are, of Reform, making progress, and

To let the people sow the social storm,
none of them de-

And reap the whirlwind; as with evil trade
serves a good word
more than Mr. LEE-

Two demagogues a foolish game have played.
Man's bill for regu-

lating the transfer of
B Bank Shares. There

He comes here quite a “ griff" and very green, is the usual outcry

Until this place is a familiar scene.

against it, that “it stops trade.” Well, if by trade we are to understand the sort of

You're welcome here, old friend of mine, gambling by which the “bears” overthrew the AGRA and MASTERMAN's Bank, to the ruin and misery of hundreds, why the sooner

While sunset rays are shining fair, “ trade" is stopped the better. The argument brought against the

Light up a weed, and pass the wine, bill, that a dealer in shares ought not to be called on to name the shares

And choose the very easiest chair ; he means to sell, any more than a dealer in corn should be expected to

And since to give the wine its due name the exact sacks he will supply, is fallacious. The number of

You need a something, take that, too. shares is a fixed and ascertainable quantity. If the supply of corn were

3. limited in the same way to a small number of sacks, no legitimate

The harp is silent here, and fled trader—no man who really wanted the corn, and did not want merely

All echoes when the music's dead. to gamble, would purchase any, unless he knew that the man who

4. proposed to sell to him had the sacks to supply. I see the Economist is strongly in favour of the measure, which will be keenly discussed in

When night comes on, and twilight's gentle veil committee, no doubt, and will then have to pass the Upper House. I

Is hung o'er all, we hear the nightingale; wish it success, even at the expense of “trade,” when “trade" plays

And as her heart with full song will rejoice, duck and drakes with the savings of old soldiers, widows, and orphans,

We use this word when speaking of her voice. as it did in the case of the bank I alluded to just now, as ruthlessly

5. as if it had been a member of the great firm of STRAHAN, Paul, and

· That she was loveable and fair BATES.

We know from one great poet's lays, The Fenian disturbances have given rise to great anxiety, and have

And strong knights, for her beauty rare, done much injury in Dublin. But they will not do more, unless it be

Oft tilted in the olden days. that they will get a few foolish young men into trouble. Americans account for the outbreak by pointing out the large number of Irishmen discharged from their army at the close of the civil war-with all their

A poet has the wondrous skill fighting blood up, and no peaceful business to return to. This seems

To take you, at his own sweet will, a very plausible solution of the matter. This spirit has been carefully

'Mid purling streams and waving trees, utilised by those sons of the horse-leech who have appointed themselves

By means of music hid in these. Head Centres and receivers of money. It is very unfair to denounce the Irish--the real Irish people—for an outbreak due to malcontents

ANSWER TO ACROSTIC IN No. 95. from the other side of the Atlantic. If you want to see how the Irish

T Trail I men are behaving, look at the conduct of the police, men who are the

Oratorio sons of small farmers, and are Catholics. They have behaved ad

Row mirably, holding out against odds with splendid pluck. It is a pity

Yule they cannot be formed into a flying column, to pursue the flying

CORRECT SOLUTIONS OF ACROSTIC IN No. 95, RECEIVED 13TH MARCH.-Knurr and Fenians, for the troops seem to be absurdly distanced by the fleet, | Spell: Owdashus Cuss; High Roads; R. B. H.; The Swarthy Moslem; Pompabarefooted fagitives, on the tails of whose coats they can't manage to dour; Ginger; Tommy Traddles; Pipehop; F. J. P.; Sciatica; J. H. B.; put salt-much less tread on them.

Lambkin; J. Jumbles; Oldfields; Snuff box; Ye Manne of Bengaule; BumbleI HOPE, whenever a new Copyright Act is contemplated, that some

puppy ; A. W. Y.; Clef; Gobbles ; Paravassa ; Erod; Snooks; Mike : Warming

Pan Gyp: Lawson: Ruby; M. Noswad; Benhill; Lley!; A. W. H.. Alloa : steps will be taken to place illustrations on something like the same

Nanny's Pet: H. L. J.; Pluff; W. C. B. 0.; "Right I Am :” Latchford: Beef footing as contributions to a periodical, ie., to prevent their being and Baked; W. E. W., Lloyds; J. R.; Hop round the Ness; Poeta Nascitur; used for other works after having done service in that for which they

on: Llahtyrt; One Suffolk Punch; Hemel Hempstead; Scissors; Asmo

deus; Cemented Brick; c. W. S.; Portobello; The Little J. J.; Young J. W.; were drawn. An artist nowadays has no protection in the matter,

Kiss Polly Twice; Ferret ; IIerbergergoss. and is liable to see his name paraded as doing a drawing for a book he N.B. Those answers alone are considered correct which give the exact words of has never heard of, or does not care to be connected with. The public, the acr stic, and thoso only, without any second guess. Answers giving“ Yuletide," too, are deceived by such dodges—they buy a new book to find that for example, or "Oratorio or Obligato," cannot pass. its illustrations are familiar to them, or they find the name of a wellknown artist appended to very inferior work, issued as new, to the injury of his reputation, but being in reality some early and tentative

Typographical. effort. I have been led into these reflections by the Thousand and One How does a mother obtain a first impression of her baby ?-By Gems of Poetry, issued by Messrs. ROUTLEDGE, the illustrations to setting it up in “small caps."

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A CLASSICAL FRAGMENT. “A gentle answer did the Old Man make.”-WORDSWORTI. Resolution and



All is confusion now-it was not so

Eight calendar months and some odd days ago!

Then, with an eager and a cheerful mind,
So, Gentlemen, Cortolvin have won, such being the Prophet's own

For Russell had resigned, anticipation that he would do so, though I did not like to make it too

I sprang, I seized the helm, to navigate public for fear of encouraging the young Duke of Hamilton to be

The Ship of State; more extravagant than ever in backing of the good and gifted animal;

And gaily round me pressed my jolly crew, and, as far as I can see, the DUKE does not stand in need of any en

Clad in the truest, Tory-est of blue ! couragement in that direction, but is having what I may call his

With military zeal, Highland fling, regardless of expense, and I daresay as I should be

Outlaughed the jocund PEEL; quite as prodigal myself if I were at the same period and had not been

Yea-at the sight we wondered for a whilebetter brought up. The remarkablest thing though, brother Sportive

The acrid CRANBORNE was observed to smile! men of England, is that the French claim this as a national victory

Then GATHORNE HARDY's strident voice, along of young H's. being a “ Duc" as it is called in the Gallic peer

Shouted aloud, “Rejoice, rejoice!” age, and than whom I do not think much of them in general, having

Whilst gentle NORTHCOTE's accents clear long ago met with a very seedy young cove which was said to be a

Sweetly charmed the listening ear, Marquee, and did NICHOLAs out of four quid when in liquor. How

And PAKINGTON, albeit he might not sing, ever, some of them-like my noble friend, the COUNT DE LAGRANGE

Blew his enormous nose, that made the welkin ring! may very possibly be the soul of honour and guite incapable of anything

II. shady on the Turf, and which I will only say that if our lively neigh. bours were so precious fond of the Duc as to keep him all to them

All is confusion now-it was not so selves, there is many an Englishman as would try to bear up during

Eight calendar months and some odd days ago! his absence, and am sorry to see him making Ducs and Drakes of the

Nor quickly did our jollity abate; property.

Reform, we knew, could wait,

And BENJAMIN, the son of Isaac, vowed

He wasn't proud, It is said by a writer in a daily contemporary under the signature of

But would prepare, at need, a toothsome bill, “ ASMODEUS" (which I have some reason to believe as it is a fictitious

Or gild, to say the least, the bitter pill. name), “that he would be the last to speak ill of the dead, but there is a

Vain is DISRAELI's charm peculiar moral in the fact that last week a bookmaker died who was

To check the wild alarm! making a £5,000 book on the Derby, and now it transpires that the

Oh, wherefore, jolly mariners, oh, why deceased had not enough capital to defray his own funeral expenses!”

From cozy berths and pleasant quarters fly? Now, my dear young Friend, it is exaggerative in “ AsMODEUS" to

A frenzy urges Peel along; say as he would be the last man to speak ill of the dead, for NICHOLAS

CARNARVON feels the sense of wrong; would be laster still ; but the event, my dear young Friend, is calcu

The bitter CRANBORNE will not stay, . lated to make us all reflect how mutable we are ! Do I blame the

But wags his head and walks away; bookmaker ? No, sir, and I will tell you why. I have been pretty

And vainly PAKINGTON, who fain would sing, much in the same position myself—not meaning that I ever died with

Blows his enormous nose, that makes the welkin ring! out leaving enough to pay my funeral expenses, for you would not believe me, even if I were to swear it, but I have made a book for

III. never you mind how many thousands, at a time when a five-pound

All is confusion now it was not so note was an article which the Prophet seldom saw, and never touched.

Eight calendar months and some odd days ago! Sir, I wan! Thanks to my ingenuity and enterprise, I potted a heap

Ah! me, my father kept, at Knowsley Park, of money-and, as you know, have since become one of the Leviathan's

A sort of Noah's Ark of the Turf, wallowing in riches and in the respectful admiration of

For every animal, or great or small, my fellow-man. Suppose, however, I had happened to lose?

He loved them all! Sir, in that melancholy event, the form of NICHOLAS would not for

More trouble than those brutes e'er gave my sire, many weeks have been distinctly visible to the naked eye, like the

Menageries of Ministers require! recent eclipse-at any rate, not on this side of the English Channel.

Sick of the whole concern, A melancholy, but still handsome old Bird, so to speak, would have

For private life I yearn : been observed to alight on a foreign shore at Bolong, and perhaps to

To lettered ease the Muses still invite, wing its way to some hay-stamina," as the French call a house of

Far from the broad-brimmod Boanerges Bright; refreshment, just as if it was a feed for horses; the old Bird in ques

From CRANBORNES far, and far from PEELS; tion might probably have had a pair of blue spectacles fixed across my

From Potier far, and far from BEALES; beak; but to the children of Britannia, my dear young Friend, and

And BENJAMIN's despair forlorn, especially to all those Sportive men of merry, merry England with

And classic GLADSTONE's cruel scorn! whom he had any pecuniary transactions, NicHOLA8 would have been

... That sound again ? SIR Joun, in act to sing, “non est”-and although the Poet (than whom I do not think much

Blows his enormous nose, and makes the welkin ring! of him, he often making the most deceptive and ridicolas remarks) observes that "a non-est man's the noblest work of God," yet NICHOLAN is still inclined to doubt whether such would have been the general

A “ Bust-Up." opinion of the Prophet's conduct, whether at Tattersall's, Bride Lane,

The Western Daily News of the 9th, had some rather startling inor the Ruins.

formation about the Fenians. It stated, “Insurgents, 3,000 strong, are But, my dear young Friend, do not let us all be a set of canting

moving on Ballincollig. The powder mills are five miles west of Cork, humbugs! If you say that a betting-man who incurs liabilities which

where the country is pretty open. he cannot meet—who makes bets, in fact, entirely on the basis of

The military are gone out to meet credit-if you say, Sir, that such a man is only one step from a

them.” This is alarming; for if the military who have gone out to Swindler, then I say you are harsh. Be honest, my young Friend ; )

meet the powder mills should happen to come in collision with them, speak the plain truth; say that he is only one step from å Railway the consequences would be awful. Financier; and Nicholas, with a blush that ever he should have fell so low, will sorrowfully own that right you are.

Theatrical Note. All I ask, Sir, on behalf of self and other gentlemen of the same profession, is this : Tar us all with the same Brush! I have done some

We may mention, as a sign of the spirit of innovation which rules queer things in my time, as, perhaps, you will believe; but I never the stage, that i

the stage, that the new comedy to be shortly produced at the Prince created fictitious capital to the extent of a million, and thereby robbed of

of Wales's Theatre was Caste before it was read. What next? the widow and the orphan. I never had the chance !


A Brown Study. P.S.-I think it is just as well for the widow and orphan that I Why is a chignon like a coat of fashionable colour ?-Because it's had not.

'cuir (queer).

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BRILLIANT DESCRIPTIVE POWERS. Young Spolker has engaged the lovely Miss Rufus for the next waltz. What would she say if she knew that he (being so bad at catching names,

you know) is putting her down on his card as turn.up nose and carrots ?


Of Course Not!

The Hebdomadal Council at Oxford have declined to take action “Appearances are deceitful.”-Old Proverb.

upon the memorial presented to them, praying that the honorary

degree of M.A. should be conferred on MR. ROBERT BROWNING, in He came I could not but admire,

order to qualify him as a candidate for the Professorship of Poetry. The faultless taste of his attire.

Very consistent and proper of the Council, too! MR. ROBERT BrownHe wore the nattiest of boots,

ING is only a poet and a scholar,—besides, he would probably deliver The sweetest thing in tourists' suits

really valuable lectures on a subject he knows so much about as poetry, (Alas, that it must be confest,

and that would never do. What would the other Professors say to such Handcuffs would suit his two-wrists best);

an innovation ?
His hat was French, its brim was wide,
He wore it slightly on one side

An "Evening " Performance.
(Alas, his style caused the misbap, oh,
Ì to the chapeau of this chap owe);

THE County Times, under the head of Egham, informed us the other
And he had clothed his digits neat

day that “ During Lent, service will be held daily in the parish church In perfumed gloves from Regent-street

at 5.30 am., and on Friday evenings at 10 a.m.” The people of Egham (Alas! although the fact be hid,

must have a few odd hours a day more than most people, or they His visit, like his gloves, was “kid.")

must egg'em on in some strange way, so as to extend Friday evening To judge him from his style of dress

into the next morning.
He was a swell, and nothing less,
One of those very nice young men

The Home of Tragedy.
Belonging to the “ Upper Ten.”

We learn that MADEMOISELLE CORNELIE, an artiste of real merit, is
But, ah! his gentlemanly shows,

declaiming the finest passages of RACINE and CORNEILLE at the Eldorado, Alas! they ended with the clothes.

one of the cafés chantants of Paris. The monopolising managers of In counting him some swell unmatched

London may make this a plea against the licensing of music-halls for I reckoned on my chicks unhatched.

dramatic purposes. But their objection will not be valid. The parallel He came; and then my eggs were addled !

of the French case would be the recitation of SHAKESPEARE, and as He took the ball-clock and skedaddled !

SHAKESPEARE is never played in England except as a spectacle, the use of his dialogue would not injure the English theatres. It is not likely

that any modern plays will be declaimed at the music halls. Musical Mem. A Scotch friend just returned from Paris informs us that Costa has been directing Naaman there, and that “nae man" could do it


| De minimis non curat lex:-"The law does not stick at trifles."

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Glorious Employment for the Troops in Ireland. “The military are in full pursuit of the Fenians, but have not as yet come up with them.”— Vide Reports passim.

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