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Town Talk.

fine pictures in the gallery, however ;-nothing more charming, to my mind, than Gainsborough's portrait of his wife; as fresh as if it had

been painted yesterday. When affection inspires genius, the results BY THE SAUNTERER IN SOCIETY.

are imperishable! The gallery is utterly unsuited for pictures-especially old and faded ones. It was just like the Boilers people to turn

the Refreshment Rooms of the '62 barn into picture galleries. The AST and furious windows look out on the Horticultural Gardens, which are quite like

becomes the an unfinished burial-ground, catacombs included. They look terribly pace at which bare and neglected ;—the grounds of the Crystal Palace are a Paradise the

Commons compared with them. Creditable that to the Horticultural Society! are getting over I NBED do no more, I am sure, than draw the attention of my the Reform Bill. readers to the announcement elsewhere in these columns of a perEven the Shef- formance for the benefit of the widowed mother of the late Paul Gray, field disclosures whose graceful pencil has delighted so many in the early volumes of do not make this series. Circumstances have arisen which necessitate a slight them pause and change in the programme given last week; but the entertainment hesitate in their will, I feel sure, repay those who “do so much for charity" as to rapid extension take tickets for the 6th inst. of the franchise. Lovers of art should look at the recent numbers of the Chronicle, The fact is, that which contain most interesting papers on “ Japanese Fine Art.' there is a great Verbum sap! democratic agent at work, who induces

THE PROGRESS OF REFORM. legislators to

WHEN the Bill began to pass hasten the bill

GLADSTONE snoer'd at Tory tricks, - to break down

Adverse journals sigh’d, “ Alas !
all prudential

Now the Whigs are in a fix."
barriers—to go
in for universal

Tories praised it long and loud,
suffrage ifcalled

Liberals were stern and sore; upon. “Who is

Beales harangued a gaping crowd, this agent ?"

GLADSTONE only sneer'd the more. No! not Mr. BRIGHT. It is the Grouse, that knowing bird ! M.P.'s are determined to be in time to meet him, if they don't care about

Members throng'd the guilty cave,

To the Tea-room Members came, meeting their constituents. So, ere long, we may expect to see those

And the Government to save noble chiefs, “ the handsome Youngman-Dizzy" (as LONGFELLOW has it) and the Ur-lo-Dar-bee (as FENNIMORE COOPER would write it)

There they player' a tricksy game. dancing their dance of triumph. For they have gone on the war-path,

To Hyde Park Reformers went, and lifted the scalps of their enemies, and there is consternation in the

In the train of BEALES, M.A., Whig-wams of their opponents !

WALPOLE giving sad consent
There has been some pretty rioting of late ; St. James's Hall and

To the rowdy holiday.
Birmingham have both been the scenes of violence. Does it ever strike
MR. WALPOLE, when he reads of these disturbances, that the taste for

HODGKINSON rose in his place, displays of physical force was first brought to life by his misman.

With a dire amendment fired; agement of the Hyde Park affair? It really seems as if since that

Dizzy with a smiling face, time the rough element has lost no opportunity of a row. In the St.

Yielded all the House desired. James's Hall contest it is difficult to say which side behaved worse ; but in the Birmingham matter, I must say I think very small potatoes

Mill with gallantry sincere,

Would have giv'n the ladies votes, of the Murphyites-and the fact that Mr. WHALLEY, who has so long

Could we to a ear refused to sing at the invitation of the House of Commons, should become the Tyrtæus of fanatical violence does not incline me more

Whisper such discordant notes, favourably towards them. What a pity it is that with all our missions

As election tricks would need, and societies we have no society for the diffusion of gentle-manliness.

With the rough election fun ? If that creed had more followers the world would have less bigotry

Though with logic Mill could plead, born rancours, and differences of religious opinion would not beget

No majority was won. latred, or create coolnesses among friends. If any one would but tart a mission for “the propagation of gentle-manliness,” I'd wil

Now new sleight of hand they try, ingly go round with the hat for it, and head the subscription list

While they redistribute seats ; rith a quotation :

Boroughs rise and Boroughs die,
“Ey'n the poor Pagan's homage to the Sun

While they keep official sweets.
I would not harshly scorn, lest even there
I spurned some elements of Christian pray'r--

Lowe looks on through all the years,
An aim, tho' erring, at 'a world ayoni'-

Still democracy's sworn foe.
Acknowledgment of good, of man's futility--

Draw a veil o'er Gladstone's tears,
A sense of need and weakness, and indeed
That very thing so maoy Christians want-

And the howls of BEALES AND Co.
I HAVE received from Messrs. WARNE and COMPANY & most taste-
lly turned-out volume-The Home Book. In the preface, the editor,

A Brewin' that Bears Noble Fruit. BS. VALENTINE, gives a very clear but modest explanation of its aim, Mrs. BREWIN, of Tiverton, has given £500 to the endowment fund id the book certainly is what it professes to be one that is a guide of the local infirmary. We trust those who may hereafter be ailing amusements, as well as employments, for home. It is comprehensive there will not forget their Brewin'-a Brewry that deserves a place ough in scope, beginning with directions for making flower-chains among the local stars as a Nurser Major. d flower-dolls, and finishing with engraving, wood-carving, and delling. Home games, pastimes, and pursuits have all a share;

Musical Execution. d gardening and faneywork are not forgotten. No more complete ok of the sort has ever appeared. It is, moreover, well got up, and Some singers must be looking forward anxiously to the days when utifully illustrated by the DaLzIeL BROTHERS.

capital punishment will be abolished. At present they run daily risk The Second Exhibition of National Portraits at South Kensington of being hanged, for they seldom appear in public without murdering a no better than the first, save that the catalogue is not such a dis- song. lerly bungle as the last one. But the snobbish rule about "catauing portraits as described by owners” is still adhered to, so that

An Evergreen. collection is valueless, for the student has no means of ascertaining We suppose that, a hundred years hence, our descendants will be ich portraits are authentic and which forgeries. There are some charmed with the acting of Charles MATHEWS-ELAH, Esq.

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No. 17. STRANGE product of our boastful time, This terrible and secret crime; And sadden'd every true man feels, As every day fresh sin reveals. When such societies hold rule, To teach men in a sinful school, To do dark deeds, the Law's strong hand Should sweep such plague-spots from the land.

6. Sweet maidens look love, with a shy light In bright eyes, this time of the twilight.

6. Sae tapsalteerie gae the whaffin weans In there. You'll wonder what the first line means.

1. You draw to the table with satisfied heart, And call for the waiter to bring you the carte ; 'Mid all the good dishes no entrée you miss, In French you may sum up the viands in this.

He called with agonizing cry,

But lost his lovely daughter;
And blame him for the rhyme for I
Would never have used" water."

3. We know him, one of the Abbassides, Great swells and caliphs, who once lived at ease.

She was fair of course, and stunning,
With a name like classic punning,

And a great prince dared to leave her
For I've school-boy recollections
That she flopp'd her young affections

On a very gay deceiver.


A Amsterdam M
C Cenci

A Anvil

Dalziel L

Errata A
M Mi

Y Yes


Νίκη απτερος; ; Bumblepuppy; Cerevino; Two Happy Thoughts; Rosa L. B.; H. H. and R. R. H.; Semi-Lunar; Sy: C.; The Select Few; Bitter Beer; Brains, Sir; Clapham Junction; Boooots ; A. de M.; Two Cousins ; Benhill; Samoth Egation ; Little Woman;

Sciatica; Warming Pan; Mattybob; Et plui super unam civitatem; J. H. B.; Old Trafford; E. A. M. F.; H. B. ; Leal Robison ; Snip; Hurlothrumbo; Dies; W. D., Jockey Club; Y. Y. X., Thames Ditton; Tzatleco; Gyp; Bonetellis, L'pool; Galusheana; The Gov.; 0. K., Brighton; A Voice from Bradbourne; Mashed Turnips; A Horned Owl; Jibjobbey; Two Scotchmen; Coombes, Edgbaston; Tifey ; Brick Court; Nem; Antonio Pilcher; Cockil; N. P. M. C.; O. and Sons; N. B. and M.; Birdham Mud-Cockle; Bankside; F. M.; Two Gals; Talyllyn; Three Fools; Portobello; Nanny's Pet; Ginger; E. T.; W.C. B.O.; Edie; R. R.; F. W.; C. M. S.; F. J. G. W.; The Scaramouches; T. W. 0.; Grophus; Constance; R. W. A.; Sergeant Marksman; Paravassa; No. 155; Right Again; Three Puffers; Singlewell Imperial; D. E. H. ; Two Biled Owls ; Kizmeus; D. M. D. and M. C.; Lechuza; Snuff box; A Clever Cockroach; Dio dell'or; Tsatlee; Blue-tailed Fly: Ruby; G. J. R. & H. H. R.; Tootle four ; Mae and Tommy; Te tane o te Piki; Hamish and Breakside; Fosco; Four Boobies; H. D. B.

“Oh, I Sees !"—When the Isis changes its identity, is it by a process of me- Thomes-ychosis ?


“Go !" cries the starter on the course,

In accents loud and clear;
Away they scurry, man and horse,

And wildly rings the cheer!
"Go!" cries the gallant to his page,

When he would orders send; “ Go !" cries the victim, in a rage,

To his perfidious friend ! " Ago!-too long ago, alas !"

So mournful memory cries;
“A go!"—whereby he means a glass-

The brandy-drinker sighs.
But when at cribbage twenty-two,

In playing, scores your foe-
You've only tens—what can you do,

But murmur-“There's a go?"

We are but units in the mighty whole

Which aggregates to millions in the sum

Of individual being : yet we come
To none alike! but each, from pole to pole,
As long as earth, or sun, or moon shall roll-

Whether in Heathen-ness or Christendom

In deepest life; or being's lightest scum,
Is singular in body and in soul.
But one chief form of singularity

Ever existed underneath the sun-
And will exist as long as man shall be-

For he has ever since was earth begun Made it a rule of living, constantly

To take the greatest care of NUMBER ONE.



[Scrooby, whose weeds stand him in eighteen-pence a-piece is charmed.

A-MEW8-ING.—What adventure made Dick WHITTINGTON's fortune ?-A purr-adventure.


The Testimonial Mania.

Answers to Correspondents. We havo just dropt upon this in an old number of an Arbroath

(We cannot return rejected MSS. or sketches unless they are accompanied paper :

by a stamped and directed envelope.] "PRESENTATION.-On Monday evening, the workers in the preparing department of Wellgate Mill-MR. DOUGLAS FRASER's--presented their foreman, MR. RICHARD

F. B. S.-Your joke upon “Poor lean" and “ Pauline" is simply dreadPROCTER, with two silk handkerchiefs, as a token of their respect and esteem. Ma. ful-it is Best-ial ! PROCTER suitably acknowledged the unexpected compliment."

“Fitz-IVAN WALKS IN"-to the waste-paper basket.

HUM!-You are. We cannot help thinking that the solemn manner, in which our

W. J. M.—“The Costermonger to his Donkey,” is Greek to us—or at all Northern contemporary records this, is just a sample of Scotch "wut.”

events He-bray-ic. Really the testimonial folly has been rampant long enough, and it is “HIGHBURY New PARK."-Riddles should be new—those that have time the dodge were blown on, as it is by this grave registering of the sifted the dust of ages are of no use to us. two bandannas.

R. C., Rochdale.—Your "indisposed conundrum'' is but an ill riddle.

A. P. E.-Please explain ! “ Grattez le Russe."

R. L. P., Houghton.—You really Houghton-to do so. THERE is a saying attributed to the First NAPOLEON which declares

" THE SECRET BY THE Sea" cannot be breathed by us. We are oceanthat if you "scratch a Russian you will find a Tartar.”

The Pole who tide to secre-sea. attempted the life of tho Czar may congratulate himself on having

Anon.-Shall be inserted-anon. Not before, that would be too much of missed his aim so completely. Had the Czar received a scratch his G. A. P.-How could a G. A. P. expect to fill a corner in Fun? would-be assassin might have caught a Tartar, instead of one who was E. K., Cambridge.--Might be inserted were E K-pable of writing comic generous enough to intercede for him with the French Emperor. copy.

J. H., Hampstead.–Very comic-but appeared in Fun some time since.

0. S.-The“ Dholl” may be an Indian instrument, we only know it as Lines on a Low-crowned Hat.

a Derby ornament.
Oh, dear, who can that hatter be-

Ghost.–Clearly not the ghost of a joke.
Dear, dear, who can that hatter be-

SPES.-Being 'Ope you evidently won't be shut-up.

J. B., Prospect Lodge.- Has no prospect of lodging in our columns. Oh dear, who can that hatter be

GARÇON.- Which is French for a Weighter"-8 little too heavy, but if Furnished that thing that you wear ?

you will send, the MS. waits you.
You really must part with that beaver to please me,

W. W.-Illegible.
At the sight of it horrors most violent seize me,

Joey Bagsuot.-Be comforted.
You'll promise to buy before luncheon a Gibus

M. S. M., Great Portland-street.-A good idea, but too niggardly carried
To tile-in your bonny brown hair.

out in the verse.
MANCHESTER X.-If you send us anything good enough.
Declined with thanks, --R. B. N., Liverpool; J. E. L., Eton;

G. M.,
Political Intelligence.

Dunkedfield; A Punster; J. R., Commercial-road; X. Y. X., Dublin; The candid speech of Mr. Disraeli, delivered lately at the dinner M. D., Clerkenwell; A. S.' E.; "At your service;” C. J. C., Longdale;

S. F. C.; A Reader; H.; Tom Tito, Peckham; "R. B., Sloane-street; of the Merchant Taylors' Company, has caused some wonder. We H. R.'s., Liverpool; Pede; J. s.; H. R., Kilburn Priory; H. E. A. ; understand that he was induced to enter thus minutely into the posi- | W. P.; F. H. E.; ś. Y., Ďublin; '0. E. R.,

Clapham Common; G. B. K. ; tion of Government by a desire to propitiate those important personages "Tom-that's me;" R. Š., Northampton; D. O. N., Upper Baker-street; -the Tailors of Tooley-street.

F. G, S.

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Cole, Considerable Bumptious may think. As to grub, why there's

a place here by the name of Tissot-Coffee dell o' Regency they call WROTE ON A BENCH IN THE JARDINS OF THE PALLIASS ROYAL, it, where there's alleymode beef as is as good as ever I eat at PARIS.

Williams' in the Old Bailey; and as for mussels—a many I've had Dear 'Liza, -Me and Bob is parted company since I've been going out of a sarcer in Smithfield when I was a boy, but not to equal these, about in a turban and top-boots, which for baseness I don't know as I breakfast on regʻlar. The Pallis Royle's the place for my money Robert's equal, for to chaff me and say I looked like a Turkey rubub as there's lots of company, a military band, and no end of children with merchant as used to be in the Minories, when it was all his fault. their nussmaids, as they call buns, goodness knows why, except because Says I, pretty quick, “ Well, I ain't a-goin' to be a Turkey sponge, so

some of em's so precious crummy. I must have my joke, you know. you go your ways and I'll go mine." It was all through him and his

SAM TROTTLE. going on with that young party as died her hair in the bitter beer bar, which, as I told you, he called her NBKILLINA, and was that sweet upon that one day, when he sees a old indiwiddle a-makin' up to her,

A Tick against Hamlet. ROBERT he behaved improper, a-speaking of the elderly person as a A FRIEND of ours, who is very much indebted to everybody, informs "potterin' old tout,” as the gal sets off gigglin', and the party hisself us that SHAKESPEARE is amongst his creditors. He says he owes him uses language wot the Italians calls sort of vokey. I'm blest if I one for making Hamlet remark, Buy-and buy is easily said " didn't think I'd seen the old bloke before, and I remimber now as I'd without stating where the money was to come from. seen him about the ruins down in Farrin'don-street, where the sportin' publicans and that lot used to be a-waitin' for NEWCOMB—or else at

After Faed. the place where the bloomin' pork butcher giv the tips, by the name of NICHOLA8; he'd giv an' take the hods for shillin's an şixpences, BITTERSWEET, whose judgment as a critic is unimpeachable, says, but seems to have made a hat-full, or else what brings him here that when he sees Shoddy's turn-out in the park – (Shoddy

has Well it must ha' been NICHOLA8 as revenged hisself by giving the

office lately made a good thing out of army contracts)—it reminds him of to the sourjohndevils to make me a marked man, for calling out “The First Break in the Family." “Waterloo” in the face of BONYPARTY's statute. Anyways, I've been obliged to make my lucky for a time, and that disguised for all Bob

Drop it, I say! says it's all rubbish, in a left-off turban as I give a quartern o' rum for to a Zoohalf, and the top boots as I borrowed of a chap as used to be

We understand that an eminent medical practitioner has discovered at the horse repository in Barbican, and is now in the Rooshun stables an unfailing specific for the gout. In compliment to the Earl of a drinkin' of his beor with his betters. These disguises, with a loose Derby, he calls his discovery " Rupert's Drops.” sort of a bedgown, which the French calls a pig-gnaw, and a false beard, as hange to my ears with a couple of wire hooks, is what I'm

On the Spot. come to, and only go out of evenin's for the hair. But law! I'm blest if I ain't better off than I've been since here I come ; for I can git a spot-stroke, that he can enter the den of leopards in the Zoological

Mr. Roberts, the champion billiard player, is so proficient in the bit o' vittles now in quiet without havin' to go to that blessed Gardens and caress the animals with perfect impunity. Exhibition every day, as was reg'lar slavery. This Palis Royle bangs it holler I can tell you, as is somethink like the Lowther Arcade put inside of the new park at Kennington, and as for shops, by GEORGE, Why do the Upper Ten crowd so to the Prince of Wales's 2there's more to see here than there is at the other place, for all as MR. Because they're afraid of losing Caste.

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Agricultural Gentleman (who has just dined) to old Stableman, who has brought round the wrong horse :-“That isn'T MINE !”
Old Stableman, decisively :-"OH, YES, IT 18 !”

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Conduce to the national honour,

How England the better can be For duffers thus foisted upon her

By wholesale corruption-like me.


We change our political fashions,

As ladies change bonnet or dress ;
We pander to popular passions,

And feign the sincerest distress,
When ancient Whig leaders turn Tory,

Conservatives chum with the cad,
And mighty reformers gain glory

By sending Reform to the bad.
There's Dizzy, with dodges erratic,

Is going in hot for Reforms ;
And BRIGHT growing aristocratic

Against a residuum storms.
The troubles of Redistribution

Will last to the end of July;
Till quite in a state of solution,

With heat, to the moors we shall fly.
We've work on the horrid Committees

They mock us by calling “Select.”
Whenever a club crony pities

The Member electors reject,
I sigh for that happy one's freedom

Who envies his senator friends,
With agents to worry and bleed 'em,

And nothing to make them amends.
Men talk of the good of the nation,

And prate of the patriot's work,
It's strange if the queer legislation,

And all the dull duties I shirk,

The Dean's English. We have been rather amused to read, in a northern paper, an account of the distribution of prizes at the High School of Carlisle. The report winds up thus :

“The proceedings were brought to a close by the usual votes of thanks followed by the singing of the National Anthem, and the customary rounds of cbeers. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death.'" We could not understand the incoherency of this until we noticed the phrase "brought to a CLOBB." Of course the well-known Dean inspires the absurdity.

Portugal-lantry. We see it announced that the King of PORTUGAL has started on a tour “ having at last obtained the consent of the Cortes to leave the country.”. Happy King! There are many monarchs who would have no difficulty in obtaining the consent of their people to their leaving the country for any length of time. Still we must say that we do not envy His Majesty who can only get leave for a holiday as an act of Cortes-y.

The Long and short of it. SUPPOSING ANAK to be as he is stated the tallest man living, why is he like a daily contemporary?

Because he must have the largest circulation in the world."

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