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Mother Martinet (to the reluctant P*k*ngi*n) :-"OH, DON'T TAKE AWAY MY FAVOURITE CAT! I CAN'T

[But he couldn't well help himself.

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THE PENSIONED POETS. THE EARL to his couch bad crept,

The rest he required to seek,

In the fatal Reform Bill week;
And quietly soon the Premier slept,

Dreaming (perhaps) in Greek!
Ho dreamt that a song was sung

Which troubled his brief repose,

As the mournful ditty arose,
From the lips of the pensioned poet YOUNG,

And the lips of the poet Close.

The harp of ould Erin I strike with effulgence,

Cushla machree, cushla machree,
Whilst Liberty marshals her Orange battalions,

From the Wicklow mountains all round to the sea !
Awake, ye bold Loyalists, and down with his Holiness,

Kathleen mavourneen, ohone, ohone!
May the LORD LIEUTENANT display greater boldness,
Sitting in glory on the Vice-regal throne !
Then, croppies lie down, and arise Londonderry!

Belfast she is ready to join;
So down with intimidation and bribery,

And hurroo for the Battle of the Boyne!

Hail, votive Derby, whose magnific ray,

Awakens the tuneful lyre in humble life;
Such being my own position, I am free to say,

And my only object is to maintain my wife.
May fortune smile upon the COUNTESS D.!

I hope your good lady may continue well,
Whatever her poor poet's lot should be,

Though Poverty should ring his knell.
If half-a-crown were by your bounty flung,

I should regard it remarkable well-timed-
I have said as many verses now as YOUNG,

And I consider as they are better rhymed !
The EARL, so he dreamt, arose,

With angry words on his tongue,

And he shouted with lip and lung,
“ May the Deuce fly away with the poet Close,

And eke with the poet Young!”

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and speaks of me as "scaly," and alludes to "hostile jaw.". Gin is a NICHOLAS MEANDERS.

condiment which I very rarely touch, and what he calls “roving steps,"

attributing such to spirits-and-water, shows how harsh we may be in "Now, Sporting Muse, draw in the flowing reins,

our judgments, NICHOLAS often suffering from rheumatism in the Leave the clear streams a while for sunny plains Yet if for Sylvan Sports thy bosom glow,

lower extremities as may give him a rambling gait when he have really Let thy fleet greyhound urge his flying foe

had very little indeed to drink, not to speak of; "scaly” is an epithet Nor must the Sporting Verse the gun forbear,

which I indignantly repudiate; and as for "hostile jaw," my enemies But what's the Fowler's be the Muse's care

may say what they please. I don't care! My salary is paid regular, But stay, advent'rous Muse, hast thou the force To wind the twisted horn, to guide the horse ?

and my bosom full of honest pride. To keep thy seat unmoved bast thou the skill,

In coming to matters more immediately Sportive, the Prophet labours O'er the high gate and down the headlong hill ?"

under what his French friends call “ un embargo de riches," there being John Gay. “Rural Sports," Canto II. so many topics for consideration, but will take them as they rise, one “Would you preserve a numerous finny race !

down the other come on. I have always been of opinion that your Let your fierce dogs the rav'nous otter chase; Th'amphibious monster ranges all the shores,

paper, though otherwise well managed, do not give me enough space. Darts through the waves and every haunt explores :

First and foremost, then, Sir, I am glad to see that noble animal
Or let the gin his roving steps betray,
And save from hostile jaws the scaly

the horse, than whom I am sure none more so, is now spoke of with John Gay. "Rural Sports," Canto I.

proper respect, as you will see in the following extract, where it is “High raised on Fleet-street posts, consigned to fame,

put quite like a Court Circular, such as “Her MAJESTY took a walk on This Work shall shine, and Walkers bless my name."

the slopes," or "the PRINCE OF WALES rode on horseback” (as if, John Gay. “Trivia." Book III.

by-the-bye, H.R.H. occasionally rode on a donkey, which he do not

BELGRAVIA. do so, his only other vehicle being a fire-engine, along with the Duke MY DEAR YOUNG FRIEND,—You will see as me and my Gentleman BEATRICE drove,"

which I must say as it is rather early for to trust

OF SUTHERLAND and NICHOLAS and a few other chums), or "the PRINCESS of the Press have made it up again, he having behaved, I am free to her with the ribands. But here, Sir, is the extract. Judge for own, in a most gentlemanly manner considering his station in life, and explained that Mr. SPENSER, whose rather offensive lines í yourself :quoted last week, have long been dead, which if I had known such I

"Count F. de Lagrange's Fille de l'Air has left Dangu and gone on a visit to would never have said a word that could have given a pang to his Gladiateur. surviving friends, and have little doubt as he was a very worthy man, foal, by Monarque.”

“On the 16th inst., at the Haras de Vineuil, near Chantilly, Audacieuse, a colt though rather too ready with his gab.

The remarks made by Mr. John Gay, in the present number of the There is a chastened delicacy about these illusions, my dear young New Serious, strike me as in much better taste and altogether more Friend, which is quite in the vein of NICHOLAS himself. suited to the occasion and subject, though I do not quite go along Then, Sir, there is the Epsom Spring Meeting, which I see as you with him where he talks of “the gin" betraying my “roving steps,' did not think it worth while to print my tip for the City and

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THE (RACE) COURSE OF TRUE LOVE, ETC. Little Muphit has been bursting for the last three-quarters of an hour to declare himself ; but the unaccountable restiveness of Miss Spoonington's horse has frustrated each attempt. At length in desperation :~"Hi! DEAREST Miss SPOONINGTON, YOU THERE, I ADORE YOU—SAY OH-01, BAY, YOU WILL BE MI-INE!”

Suburban. Perhaps, Sir, it did not come safe to hand ? If so, there

Ynswers to Correspondents. can be no harm in my saying as it was— Abergeldie


(We cannot return rejected MSS. or sketches unless they are accomFitz-Ivan ...


panied by a slamped and directed envelope.) Though, bless you, this is nothing compared to the good things I because he has had a similar catch. We won't trouble him,

“The JUDICIOUS HOOKER” must really not claim other people's fish have still in store for you!

P. G. F., Brighton, must not bring mathematical rules to bear upon Next, Sir, there is an_Eleven of Aboriginal Australian Savage folly, or he will waste his time. Indiginos coming over to England to play at Cricket, and which your H. E. V. D.-Perhaps the lines were, as you say, sui generis, on

on acOld Man will be all there.

count of the porkity of ideas in them. Then, Sir, there is the Railway Strike, which prevented me from T. W. B., Gales-row, Greenwich.-We have no intention of assisting getting down to Epsom in good time, and I daresay as this was the you to publish a libel. "If we can find out who A. T. S. is, we will hand

him your letter. reason why you did not print my prophecy for the City and Suburban;

J. Y., Wood-street.-We don't think-candidly-that you are a poet. and there is the Rowing Matches at Paris ; and there is Putney, which you have already told the public how it will end; and there is—in warded. Your bookseller must be a muff.

SAMBO.–Send thirteen stamps to this office and the book will be forfact, there is such a heap of things that Nicholas is compelled to exclaim with the poet, though altering of him a little, “Yo unborn cool donkey would be a better term.

COLD MONKEY sends us a recent joke so calmly cribbod, that we think races, crowd not on my soul!”


J. R. G., Hastings.—" Lady Florian's Secret” wants keeping, and is P.S.— I have found a chapter or two of my." Knurr and Spell," therefore rejected by our hanging committee. just the rough draft, so to speak. Perhaps we had better print even

Butch isn't worth butch, to speak influenza-lly.

BEELZEBUB.-Cannot be made (a)use of. this than seem to break faith with the public? Not as the public would hesitate to break faith with you or me. I know the public, my in the spirit of your article.

A. C. T., Maitland-park-crescent.— There is too much that is Brand-y dear young Friend !

Declined with thanks—A. W. B., Liverpool; J. S., Chester; C. P. C.;

0. W. D.; P. C., Enniskillen; T. A., Liverpool ; E. C., Ipswich ; Duo; Ingratitude.

c. H. M., Danes Inn; C. R.; J. M., Lauriston; J. A., Rochford ; Tax ingratitude of the human race ! Look here :

C. H. B., Bristol; R. J. W., West-square; 0. Y. G.; Tam o'Shanter; To be SOLD, a very superior INVALID CARRIAGE. Cost, within six months, Luton ; J. H. C.

, Moorgate-street; Cap and Bello1. F. M.; C. BL.

Dick; P. c. J., Tottenham; F. C., St. Leonard's; R. P. U.; J. H., £12. To be sold for four guineas.-Apply to, etc. A carriage bought within six months for twelve pounds, has, it seems, Edinburgh; \. W. H., New-cross ; J. R.; 5. B.; The Statue; 8. C. H.,

Albion-street; W. S. E.; J. N. T., Bruges ; C. W.; Rycharde; A. H., been unexpectedly laid-up, and has become a confirmed invalid. Helensburgh; Slidrig; Z. F.; F. W.; Loyalty; J. E. A.; Vicious ; Although, doubtless, it did good service, it is at once got rid of at an Box; w. T. B., Dalston; H. H. R., Poet's-corner; W. M. .; J. R.; alarming sacrifice. Will no charitable person buy it, if only to send J. F., Richmond; E. A. M., Manchester; Phæbe; Ginger; J. D., it to some hospital ?

Croydon; W. E. H., Gloster; Prosy.

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