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BY A WALLER-EYED Hoss. Go, lovely moke,

Tell him who dines upon “Goe-gee,” That if he spoke

Of dining plenteously off thee

A simple cannibal he'd bo!
Tell him, that's new

At feeding off thy brother, horse,
That when the awe
Wears off, the

ass will be post course,
And he no longer raw, perforce.
Small is the worth

Of donkey that doth work eschew :Bid him come forth

Offer himself for barbecuo,

And not so blush to make a stow! Then die ! That he

A thing that is accounted rare May see in thee

A donkey dead! Thy fate he'll share Whene'er horso-eaters need now fare!

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WITH poker-knob upon the floor

At even-tide I thump,
I kick and plunge, and bang my door,

Across the room 1 stump.
My battered bath has nightly leaked

Above his hated head,
I've smashed my furniture, ånd shrieked-

Why won't be go to bed ?
Night after night the hated sound

Up the black chimney creeps,
He never stirs from home, I've found,

And very rarely sleeps.
Say is it base to use the dirk,

Or cowardly to shoot ?
I cannot do a stroke of work-

He will not leave the flute.


Town Talk.

midwinter" is pleasant. “For the King" has the proper swing, and is admirably illustrated by Mr. Houghton. The only thing I

don't care about is the review of the Queen's book, which is too like BY THE SAUNTERER IN SOCIETY.

all the other reviews of that work. In Broadway there is an essay on

Woman's Novels,” which is a trifle too sweeping in the general, and LITTLE knowledge is a dangerous thing not severe enough in particulars. Its author lets down Ouida and - especially

when it is a little knowledge some other lady—I mean female novelists far too easily, while he slurs of Latin and Greek, and is accompanied over the fact that the greatest novelist of the present day is a ladyby a desire to seem to know a good deal GBORGB Eliot—and that Miss THACKERAY deserves something more about those tongues. Må. GLADSTONE, than two lines of dismissal. “Wall Street” is an amusing article, a little while since, at a Penny Reading, and "Second Thoughts" is not bad. There is a picture by Paul GRAY, spoke warmly in praise of Scott's which displays all his grace and facility of execution. As regards Hymn for the Dead” in the Lay of the “Brakespearo” I can't say I like it this month ;--the author of Guy Last Minstrel. Thoreupon a critio in Livingstone never seems so happy as when he is writing of impurity, but the Pall Mall, the Gazette of Culture, I doubt whether his readers care about it. Cassell's Magazine is very sneered at MR. GLADSTONB for praising good this month. MR. DUTTON Cook's “Below Freezing Point" is an what was a mere translation of the old admirable short story—a model of that style of composition in fact; Latin Dies Ire. I suppose this acute Mr. JAMES GREENWOOD's papers are interesting, and the brief articles commentator read in the Lay that the they are too good to be called padding-afford capital reading. Of burthen of the song was

the illustrations it is scarcely fair to the artists to express any “ Dies iræ, dies ina,

opinion, for the engraving of most of them must have taken all the Solvet seclum in favilla."

artists' work out of them. The first illustration this month is curiously And he knew enough Latin to know that bad in this respect. The girl's hand is a claw, and in her dress, the “That day of wrath, that dreadful day” grass behind her, and at the root of the sapling she clutches, the is a tolerably close version of the first cutting is about aş bad as it can be. I fancy Mr. W. Thomas must line. He then concluded at once that be of the same opinion as I, for I see he does not put his name in the Scott's was å mere translation; but if corner, though it is tolerably conspicuous in the other blocks. The he had known enough to construe the Quiver has one very fair engraving—the frontispiece, in which Mr. old rhymes, he would have been less Thomas has done more justice to bis own drawing than he has disready to call Scott's lines what they played towards Mr. Bradley's. I am curious to krow how such an are not a translation.

inferior drawing as the illustration of “Shadows" got into the magaTinsley's this month puts in a very strong claim to be considered zine at all. There is some curious work too in the picture on page the best of the shilling magazines, and few will dispute the claim. It 409, where the rain descending from the far edge of a cloud, which is is light and varied, and it is strong in its novels; I predicted at its almost on the horizon, falls nearly into the foreground-at any rate first start, which was not strong, that Mr. Yates was the right man in into the middle distance. The literature is up the usual standard of the right place, and backed by a liberal and judicious proprietary the magazine. The Popular Educator continues to supply its condensed would make the Mag. a success, and a success it is. “Guernsey in | information—a sort of beef-tea of knowledge in a cheap form.

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O., ladies! who the privilege

Obtain this year of "popping,” Pray ponder ere across the hedge

Of prudence you are hopping ; For Sixty-Eight perchance may be

A dear, and not a cheap, year, Unless you take advice from me.

And “look, before you Leap"-Year! Of course, I know, a single lot

Is singularly dreary-
But very many wives, I wot,

Are only doubly weary.
Their lives are simply sums of grief,

On wretched year they heap year
To make a burden past relief;

So “look before you Leap "-Year! That "looking after Number One"

A proverb is, quite true is;
But that I doubt if rightly done

By finding Number Two is !
I know that life soon runs to waste,

That quick on year will creep year ;
And yet 'tis ill to wed in haste,

So“ look before you Leap"—Year ; JOHN ANDERSON and his good-wife

In fair and stormy weather, (The song says) down the hill of life

Went hand in hand, together.

Their years were but a gentle slope

This year may prove a steep year Should you try marriage; so I hope

You'll “ look before you Leap"-Year! You dream of wedded happiness—

A junction sans collisions!
Your matrimonial views, I guess,

Are very baseless visions.
Be warned! and do not this year make

Your “waking-out-of-sleep” year.
Dream on ;-my friendly warning take,

And “look before you Leap "-Year! Well! 'spite of me, you would, I see

A worser half annex still-
Be man and wife! Oh, don't you be

Bis-sex't till next Bissextile !
A lottery all marriage is,

But this is the worst Sweep-year! So take the tip I offer :-'tis

“Pray, look before you Leap"-Year!

“What d'ye think of that, my Cat P What d'ye think of

that, my Dog p The introduction of horse-flesh as an article of human food has been heralded by such a prodigious flourish of trumpets at the one-and-ahalf guinea Langham Hotel banquet, that we begin to entertain serious misgivings how we shall by-and-by be able to feed our feline and canine companions-not to put too fine a point on it. At the same time we express our decided opinion that anyone who prefent a fillet of horse to a prime mutton chop is to all intents and purposes of kis Chump."

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