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BEHIND THE SCENES. [PUFFINS (Critic of the Weekly Washtub) introduceth MUFFINS (his Country Cousin) to the Painting Room at T. R. The Blank.]

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detail. When we left the house the audience was clamouring for

David Garrick, which had been removed by several degrees from its
FRUT B Nannouncement in last Wed. proper place in the bill. The theatre was very well filled, and we are

nesday's Daily Telegraph, glad to hear that this performance has amply realized the expectations
commencing. “GRAND of its kindly promoters.
MORNING PERFORMANCB The Olympic has given us a new comedy in three acts, called, Froin
THIS EVENING,” led us Grave to Gay. It is adapted from the French by MR. BENJAMIN
to Drury Lane in the WEBSTER, JUN., and was received with favour on its first appearance.
afternoon. The entertain There are some smart things in the piece, bearing chiefly on the
ment was organised for mysteries of the legal profession; but parts of the dialogue are in-
the benefit of MR. Fitz- sufferably tedious and aimless. It requires an immense quantity of
JAMBE, lately of that cutting to be made commonly presentable to an audience uninfluenced
theatre, who is now ren- by esoteric reasons for applause. MR. CHARLES MATHEws is all quick-
dered incapable of pursu- silver as a shrewd and lively man of business; and Mr. Henky Neville
ing his profession; he was does all that is to be done with a sombre and ungrateful part. Mr.
a deserving artist, and a ADDISON, as a fidgety old lawyer, plays with a great deal of humour;
very good representative and MR. HORACE Wigan has to talk ever so much nonsense and slang.
of old men. "Almost all Luckily he does this in Irish, so that the greater part of it is quito un-
the theatrical companies of intelligible. MRs. STIRLING, whose entrance was hailed with a yell of
any consequence in London applause, plays with taste and liveliness, but gives the comic “tag"
assisted on this occasion, with an amount of gushing pathos that would grace a last dying speech
those of the Olympic and and confession. There is not the least necessity for all this senti-
the Princess's being con. mentality. M188 Louisa MOORE looks nearly angelic, and delivers two
spicuous by their absence. or three long and impressive speeches with great force and effect. The

Much as we dislike medley piece will no doubt run, after the surgical operation we have already playbills as a rule, the object of this occasion was praisoworthy suggested. enough to carry us through three-quarters of the performance. A brisk and original farce, entitled Highly Improbable, written by An act from Caste (in which the absence of MR. GEORGE HONBY MR. W. S. GILBERT, was produced, and well received, at the Royalty was noticeable) opened the proceedings. Mr. A. WIGAN, MR. last week. The daughters of a crotchety M.P. having been carried off LIONEL BROUGH, and M188 MARKHAN played a scene from The to his borough in the height of the season, propose to avenge them. First Night. The Royalty staff appeared in a selection from Blask selves on a young squire whom he introduces as his future colleague. Eyed Susan; and a contingent from the Adelphi performed part of The How they attempt to carry out their conspiracy our readers must disWreck Ashore. We were happy to see that Paul BEDFORD obtained cover for themselves. Miss C. ADDISON sustained the principal an enthusiastic reception. The programme is too long to be quoted in character with great spirit.

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