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ROUND THE THEATRES, the whole, the dra

JOKING and jollity, fun and frivolity,
matic version of No

Reign for å season all over the town
Thoroughfare is a lit-

Tip me, oh Momus! a touch of your quality.
tle dull; but the story

Who, for the minute, would not be a clown? has interest enough

Mirth is victorious, laughter uproarious ;to make a telling

Hark to the gallery, boxes, and pit, play, and the redun

Shouting unanimous “ Isn't it glorious ?"
dancy of the dialogue

Holding the sides that seem ready to split.
may be forgiven for
the sake of the effec-

Drop into Drury, where Jack the heroical
tive situations.

Slaughters whole armies of giants to-night ;-

Watch the old fogies, who try to look stoical,
made a trifle too con-

Beaming all over with shiny delight. fiding ; nobody but a

Fairy-like scenes from the pencil of BEVERLEY, born idiot would have

Dances by dozens and songs by the score; trusted himself un

PEROY ROSELLE and the boys playing cleverly-
armed in the com-

Fancy, like OLIVER, asking for more!
under the circum-

Go to the Garden, a house in which operas
stances of the piece.

Charm you no longer with exquisite strains ;
It is rather strange,

Music, at Christmas, is never so proper as
too, that the latter

Pantomime pleasures and pantomime PAYNES. (who is not shy in

Here you can see the old uncle who buried an most things) should

Innocent couple of babes in a wood :-have been so passion

Plenty of birds, and, a troop led by SHERIDAN;
ately in love with

Plenty of robins, and one Robin Hood.
making that young

Talking of robins, that history tragical
lady aware of the fact

Known as Cock Robin long ages ago,
until much too late.

Serves the Lyceum this year for a magical
And let us here cau-

Grand pantomimical Smithical show. tion MR. WILKIE COLLINS (and all present and future dramatists)

If you regard Black-eyed Sue sentimentally, against making use of laudanum as a speedy soporific. Thirty-five or

Just have an evening of Mr. BURNAND:forty drops of tinct. opii-a larger dose would be infallibly detected by

If you prefer a thing done Orientally, its odour-act as a powerful stimulant for five or six hours. A villain

Look in on W. Brough at the Strand. might as well administer strong tea in the hope of lulling his victim

MR. MARK LEMON dives into futurityinto immediate slumber, Can it be possible that MR. COLLINS has no copy of THOMAS DE QUINCEY?

Rightly or wrongly the future will show : The play is admirably performed, and has been put upon the stage in a way which does great honour to the

Still, as I value my critical purity,

Frankly I cannot advise you to go. new régime.

Where is the good, though, of being too critical ? We were horribly puzzled by MR. MARK LEMON's Petticoat Parlia

(Take, if you please, Common Sense to the door.)
ment. It is a weird and wondrous growth; no stage in Europe has
ever seen the like of it.

Go, then, and study with eyes analytical
Ghostly figures, padded and masked, flit

Pretty Miss FARREN and pretty Miss MOORE.
across the scene. A wigged phantom, seated on a throne, yells dis-
cordantly; and an individual in shining raiment sings the “ Country

Try the New Surrey—a journey vehicular Fair," and then dances wildly. We remember nothing further, save

Takes you at once to the classical spot. that Miss E. FARREN and Miss Louisa MOORE were a couple of charm

Over the Thames-at the Vic. in particularing romps, in the prettiest possible dresses ; and that Mr. VINCENT

Plenty of laughter and fun may be got. and Mr. R. SOUTAR struggled bravely to look as if they were actually

There is my list; you may try the experiment : real persons.

Folly is monarch and London is wide. In MR. WILLIAM BROUGH's Caliph of Bagdad there is plenty of easy

If you should fail in your search after merriment, and polished versification, and a most liberal allowance of puns. The

Don't go and say it's for want of a guide. music has been tastefully chosen, and is (with one or two exceptions) not badly sung; the costumes are gorgeous in the extreme, and Mr. Fenton has painted some very pretty scenes for the occasion. Messrs. |

From Over the Water. JAMES and THORNE had a large proportion of the fun between them.

"THE Fair One With The Golden Locks" deserves to be a success. As Haroun the Just, Miss ADA ŚWANBOROUGH looks handsome, plays briskly, and sings her songs well; but she has a peculiar notion of dis

$ We never yet met with the man who did not admire a lady with a guising herself. A little more concealment of the face or figure would

| golden coffer--we beg pardon-coiffure. at all events make the impossibility of remaining incog. less glaring. M188 NEWTON and Miss ADA HARLAND look pretty, and give their

A Palpable Hit Missed. lines well. The management of the Strand has done well in attaching

Why has not some writer of pantomimes pictured to us BRIAR-EUS. MR. BROUGH to that establishment.

| smoking, as was doubtless his custom of an afternoon, bis hundred The Christy Minstrels had an enormous house on Boxing-day, and

Briar-roots ?

they deserved it. Their programme is an attractive one, and the audi-
ences are not kept waiting between the parts of the entertainment.

Hard to say.
This is a great merit in an age when time is money
Having treated the Pantomimes lyrically in another part of to-day's

Does a Harlequin's wand make him wand-er ?
Fun, wo shall refrain, for the present, from prosaic mention of them.

Ir a Clown wears not leg of mutton sleeves, does he not sport leg-o'-mutton skirts ?

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Time Out Of Mind. "THE whirligig of Time” has been frequently quoted; but in future his rapid lapse will be spoken of in pantomimic circles as the flip-f-lapse of Time.

The Dickens! THE Adelphi guests are, we understand, highly indignant at having No Thorough-fare prepared for them at Christmas time.

FOR OUR AMERICAN COUSINS.— A taking title for a farce at Niblo's, or, the Winter Garden-Ala-Bama, or the Forty Thieves.

Anything But Dolor-ous. How do theatrical managers "trouser the dollars" ?-By the agency of a pant-omime.

The Comic Heads-Enter-On the stage of Drury Lano.

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