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I never wander forth alone

Upon the mountain's brow;
I weighed last winter sixteen stone-

I'm not a lover now!

I never wish to raise a veil,

I never raise a sigh,
I never tell a tender tale,

I never tell a lie;
I cannot kneel as once I did,

l’ve quite forgot my bow, I never do as I am bid

I'm not a lover now.

I make strange blunders every day,

If I would be gallant-
Take smiles for wrinkles, black for gray,

And nieces for their aunt ;
I fly from folly, though it flows

From lips of loveliest glow;
I don't object to length of nose

I'm not a lover now !

I find my Ovid very dry,

My Petrarch quite a pill, Cut Fancy for Philosophy,

Tom Moore for Mr. Mill.
And belles may read, and beaux may write-

I care not who or how;
I burnt my album, Sunday night;

I'm not a lover now!

I don't encourage idle dreams

Of poison, or of ropes;
I cannot dine on airy schemes,

I cannot sup on hopes !
New milk I own is very fine,

Just foaming from the cow; But yet, I want my pint of wine

I'm not a lover now!

When Laura sings young hearts away,

I'm deafer than the deep; When Leonora goes to play,

I sometimes go to sleep;
When Mary draws her white gloves out,

I never dance, I vow-
Too hot to kick one's heels about !-

I'm not a lover now!

I'm busy now with State affairs,

I prate of Pitt and Fox!
I ask the price of railroad shares,

I watch the turns of stocks.
And this is life—no verdure blooms

Upon the withered bough;
I save a fortune in perfumes—

I'm not a lover now!

I may be yet what others are,

A boudoir's babbling fool;
The flattered star of bench or bar,

A party's chief or tool.

Come shower or sunshine-hope or fear,

The palace or the plough,
My heart and lute are broken here-
I'm not a lover now!
Lady, the mist is on my sight,

The chill is on my brow,
My day is night, my bloom is blight,

I'm not a lover now!


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IF I could scare the light away,

No sun should ever shine;
If I could bid the clouds obey,

Thick darkness should be mine:
Where'er my weary footsteps roam,

I hate whate'er I see;
And Fancy builds a fairer home

In slumber's hour for me.

I had a vision yesternight

Of a lovelier land than this, Where heaven was clothed in warmth and light,

Where earth was full of bliss ; And every tree was rich with fruits,

And every field with flowers, And every zephyr wakened lutes

In passion-haunted bowers.

I clambered up a lofty rock,

And did not find it steep;
I read through a page and a half of Locke,

And did not fall asleep ;
I said whate'er I may but feel,

I paid whate'er I owe;
VOL. II.-10

And I danced one day an Irish reel,

With the gout in every toe.

And I was more than six feet high,

And fortunate, and wise ;
And I had a voice of melody

And beautiful black eyes;
My horses like the lightning went,

My barrels carried true,
And I held my tongue at an argument,

And winning cards at Loo.

I saw an old Italian priest

Who spoke without disguise;
I dined with a judge who swore, like Best,

All libels should be lies :
I bought for a penny a twopenny loaf,

Of wheat and nothing more;
I danced with a female philosophe,

Who was not quite a bore.

The kitchens there had richer roast,

The sheep wore whiter wool;
I read a witty Morning Post,

And an innocent John Bull :
The jailers had nothing at all to do,

The hangman looked forlorn,
And the Peers had passed a vote or two

For freedom of trade in corn.

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