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Interque cædes Hector, et horrido
Clamore vires deficientium
Invictus accendit—"Quid atri

Martis opus trepidabit olim

Trojana virtus ? ibitis, ibitis,
Fortes amici, per medias neces
Utcunque præcedant secundi

Signa Jovis; jacet ille tandem

Audax Achilles, et sapientior
Tuto latescit mersus in otio :
Incumbite hosti! jam decoro

Nec mora nec requies labori

Donec labantes Grajugenum rates
Incensa late flamma voraverit,
Vastumque Neptuni barathrum

Sorpserit Argolicos latrones.”




LORD ROLAND rose, and went to mass,

And doffed bis mourning weed; And bade them bring a looking-glass,

And saddle fast a steed;
I'll deck with gems my bonnet's loop,

And wear a feather fine,
And when Jorn lovers sit and droop,
Why, I will sit and dine;

Sing merrily, sing merrily!
And fill the cup of wine.

Though Elgitha be thus untrue,

Adèle is beauteous yet :
And he that's baffled by the blue

May bow before the jet;
So welcome, welcome, hall or heath!

So welcome, shower or shine!
And wither there, thou willow wreath,
Thou never shalt be mine ;-

Sing merrily, sing merrily !
And fill the cup of wine.

Proud Elgitha! a health to thee,

A health in brimming gold, And store of lovers after me,

As honest, and less cold; My hand is on my bugle horn,

My boat is on the brine, If ever gallant died of scorn I shall not die of thine ;

Sing merrily, sing merrily! And fill the cup of wine.


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