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But from my heart was springing

Wild music like a bird's :
Now I sing, love—now I sing, love,

A fine Italian air;
But it's not so glad a thing, love,

As Childhood's ballads were !

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I was merry-I was merry

When my little lovers came,
With a lily, or a cherry,

Or a new-invented game;
Now I've you, love—now I've you, love,

To kneel before me there;
But you know you're not so true, love,

As Childhood's lovers were !

(JUNE, 1833.)

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SHADOWS of sadness

Come o'er thy young bride ; They cloud all her gladness,

They calm all her pride;
A bright home I leave, love;

From dear friends I fly;
In bliss I must grieve, love;

In bliss let me sigh!


On the green bowers

That echoed my song,-
On all the glad flowers

I cherished so long,--
On yon merry brook, love,

In light gushing by,
I look my last look, love;

For these let me sigh!

There my gay brother

Less joyous is grown;

And there my fond mother

Sits pensive and lone;
Roam-rest where I will, love,

Beneath a fair sky,
They'll sigh for me still, love;

For them let me sigh!

Though I forget not

The name I bear now,
And though I regret not

The ring or the vow,
A cloud's on my heart, love,

A tear's in mine eye;
Most dear as thou art, love,

To-day let me sigh!

(DECEMBER 16, 1836.)


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