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Community of goods, among the early
Christians, ii. 373.
Condemnation, of those who believe not
in Christ, ii. 229. Οf those who
reject instruction, ibid.
Confession of sin, i. 29. 303.
Confidence in God, commended, i. 443.
Conscience, operations of, ii. 545. Τes-
timony of a good one, iii. 67.
Consideration, enjoined, iii. 360.
Consolation, afforded to God's people,
iii. 309.
Contention, reproved, ii. 539.
Contentment, commended, ii. 105.
Conυersation, corresponds with the
heart, i. 233, 234. Τo be edify-
ing, iii. 131. 133. Οf the wicked
is corrupt, i. 299.
Conυersion, i. 327.
Corinth, church at, planted by Paul,
iii. 1. Divisions in the church
there, 3.
Corruption, entailed upon man, ii. 57.
Couenant, God's, ii. 21. Τhe Νew ex-
oeeds the Οldin glory, iii. 323.331.
, Βetween God and the Ιsraelites,333.
-- blood of, i. 480.
tables of, iii. 345.
Coυctousteachers, punishment of, i.451.
Council, held to destroy Christ, i. 405.
Creation, made subject to sin, ii. 616.
Creator, God is the, ii. 380. Christ is
the, 192. -
Cursed, the wicked are, i. 469.

Darkness, spiritual, i. 47.
outer, the punishment of,
threatened, i. 146.
none in heaven, iii. 155.
David, the son of Jesse, i. 4. Ηis sin
with Βathsheba, 4. Εats the shew
bread, 218. Αnointed by Samuel, ii.
406. Desires to build the temple,
ibid. Spake by the Ηoly Ghost,
iii. 277.
Dau of Judgment, i. 133. 176.
of Christ, iii. 2.
of urath, iii. 477.
Deacons, iii. 141. Αppointment of,
Dead, raised by Christ, i. 198.
Deaf, cured by Christ, ibid.
Death, shadow of, i. 48. Τhe conse-
φuence ofsin, ii.584.603. Reigned
over them who had not personally
sinned, 585. Dominion of, destroy-
ed by Christ, 152. 308, 309. iii.
255. Deliverance from, promised,
Deceit, of the wicked, i. 406.
Deceiver, the, iii. 498.

Delusion, sinners given up to, iii. 188.
Demoniacs, cured by Christ, i.54. 166.
Depναυitψ, οι ιnan, i. 119. 123.
Desolation, of the Jews, i. 429. 431.
435. 439.
Deuil, the, i. 41. Τhe tempter, 43.
Γ)eceives men, 259. 267. iii. 498.
Τo be resisted, 131. Sows the
tares, i. 267. Seeks to destroy men,
ii. 290. Τhe father of lies, 291.
children of, i. 267. ii. 289.
Devils, acknowledge Christ's autho-
rity, i. 152. Cast out, 54. 229.
Reserved to the day ofjudgment to
be punished, iii. 421.
Diligence, requisite in religion, i. 78.
201. ii. 644. iii. 211. 279. 304.
Disciples, the twelve, i. 169. Receive
power to heal diseases and work
miracles, 170. 173. Sent to the
house of Israel, 172. Νot to pro-
vide against wants, 173. Scattered
abroad, 482.
of Christ, to serve one another,
i. 37Ο.
Diseases, cured by Christ, i. 52.
Dishonestψ, sinfulness of, iii. 177.
1)isobedience, punishment of, iii. 281.
Divisions, destructive to a kingdom, i.
228. In Christian societies, cen-
sured, iii. 3.
Divorce, allowed by Μoses, i. 80. For-
bidden by Christ except for adul-
tery, ibid.

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Εαamples, good ones to be followed,
iii. 17. 305.

Εrcommunication, directions relative to
it, iii. 191.

Ετεrtion, necessary to ensure salvation,
iii. 78.

Εue, an evil one to be plucked out, i.
79. 106.

Fables, Jewish, &c. to be avoided,
iii, 193.
Faith, power of in working miracles,
i. 289;-in obtaining divine bless-
ings, 304. Commended, 303. 8al-
vation by, 588. In Christ, enjoin-
ed, ii. 198. Τhe gift of God, 271.
Ρroduces good works, iii. 114, Νe-
cessary to salvation, 273. Dead
without good works, 390.
- obedience of, ii. 506.
- the just to live by, ii. 520.
-- therighteousness of, ii.567.571.
δαίthful, the, commendation of,i. 462.
who are such, i. 449. Τheir
future glory, 450.
Εaithfulness of God, iii. 2.
Ρalse teachers, foretold, i. 432.
Christs, foretold, i. 441.
- prophets, well spoken of by the
Jews, ii. 61.

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to the dignity of Christ, 35. Α
great prophet, 200. Εlias, who
was to come," 202. Α Νazarite,
ii. 5. Ηis teaching, 6. Ηis death,
i. 322.
John, the apostle, call of, i. 51.
Jerusalem, the holy city, i.44. Christ's
lamentation over, 428.
the heavenly one, iii. 113.
Job, the patience of, iii. 396.
Joseph, the reputed father of Christ,
i. 7. Τhe son of David, 10.
the patriarch, sold by his
brethren, ii. 395. God with him,
ibid. Ηis advancement and pros-
perity, 396. Discovers himself to
his brethren, 397. Sends after his
father, ibid.
Jou, of the righteous, i. 271. ii. 575.

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Labourers, the apostles, i. 169. Sent
forth by God, ibid.
Lamb of God, Christ, ii. 213. Τhe
wrath of, iii. 477.
Lame, restored by Christ, i. 197.
Lamentation, of Christ over Jerusalem,
i. 428.
Last day. See dau of Judgment.
-- days, the Gospel dispensation,
iii. 235. -
Lαιο of God, requires perfect obedi-
ence, i. 70, 71. ii. 94. Guilt of those
who teach men to break it, i. 71.
Fulfilled by Christ, 69. Το be
written on the heart, iii. 336.
of Μoses, ii. 204. Ιts object to
discover sin, 588. 606. Condemns
all men, 260. 543. 566. 607. Το be
fulfilled, 554. Given through the
mediation of angels, 407. iii. 246.
Τypical, 161.313. 320. Αwarded
punishment for every offence, 246.
Cannot take away sin, ii. 438.572.
iii. 349. Ιts spiritual nature, ii.
609. Ιs holy, 608. Uses ot, iii.
109. Τo be changed, ii. 391.
Changed by Christ, iii. 318. Was
read in the synagogues, ii. 434.
Leαιen ofυίckedness, i. 307.
Leprosg, cleansed by Christ, i. 140.
Leυίtes, their office and charge, ii. 95.
iii. 314. -
Life, shortness and uncertainty of, iii.
25. 394.
of men, Christ is, ii. 193.
Light, men reject it, ii. 194. Α cha-
racteristic of heaven, iii. 155.
of the world, Christ, ii. 193.
Long-suffering, God's, ii.536.
Lord of heaven and earth, a title of
God, i. 208.
Lost, Christ came to save them, i. 333.
Lot, delivered from Sodom, ii. 132.
Loυe, of God to men, i. 120. 229 ;-
to his people, ii. 327.
- brotherly, enjoined, i. 85, 121.
413.563. iii. 439. Το God's people,
i. 191. Το enemies, 85.
to Christ, enjoined, i. 189.
of God, enjoined, i. 412. ii. 579.
-- of the world, evil of, i. 400.

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