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Liv. [Aside.] Patience, keep within me,
Leap not yet rudely into scorn of anger!

Flav. Beauties incomparable!

I have been only steward to your pleasures;
You lov'd this lacly once; what say you now to

her! Cast. I must not court you, sir. Rom.

By no means, fair one ;
Enjoy your life of greatness. Sure the spring
Is past, the Bower of Fancies is quite 'wither'd,
And offered like a lottery to be drawn ;
I dare not venture for a blank, excuse me.
Exquisite jewels !

Hark ye, Troylo.

Spare me.
Oct. You then renounce all right in Castamela ?
Say, Romanello.

Rom, Gladly,

Then I must not.
Thus I embrace mine own, my wife: confirm it.
And when I fail', my dearest, to deserve thee,
Comforts and life shall fail me.

Like vow I,
For my part.

Troy. Livio, now my brother, justly
I have given satisfaction.

Oh, excuse
Our secrecy : I have been

Much more worthy :
A better sister, he a better friend


dull brains could fashion. Rom.

Am I cozened?

· Thus when I fail.] So the quarto reads. The compositor most probably caught the first word from the preceding line.

Brother.] This is the corrupt reading of the quarto.

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Oct. You are not, Romanello: we examined
On what conditions your affections fix'd,
And found them merely courtship; but my nephew
Lov'd with a faith resolv’d, and us'd his policy
To draw the lady into this society,
More freely to discover his sincerity ;: !
Even without Livio's knowledge, thus succeeded,
And prosperd: he's my heir, and she deserv'd him.

Jul, Storm not at what is past.

A fate as happy
May crown you with a full content.

Report hath talk'd of me abroad, and these,
Know they are all my nieces, are the daughters

my dead only sister ; this their guardianness Since they first saw the world: indeed, my mis

They are, I have none other; how brought up
Their qualities may speak. Now, Romanello,
And gentlemen, for such I know ye all,
Portions they shall not want, both fit and worthy;
Nor will I look on fortune; if you like,
Court them and win them, here is free access,
In mine own court henceforth: Only for thee,
Livio, I wish Clarella were allotted.

Liv. Most noble lord, I am struck silent.

Here's noble choice.

Frenzy, how didst thou seize me? Clar. We knew you, sir, in Pragniolo's posture. Flo. Were merry at the sight. Sil.

And gave you welcome. Mor. Indeed, forsooth, and so we did, an't like

you. Oct. Enough, enough.-Now, to shut up the

night, Some menial servants of mine own are ready

For to present a merriment; they intend
According to th’occasion of the meeting,
In several shapes to show how love o'ersways
All men of several conditions, soldier,
Gentry, fool, scholar, merchant-man, and clown :
A harmless recreation.-Take your places.
Enter SPADONE, Secco, Nitido, and other Mask-

ers, and dance.
Your duties are perform’d. Henceforth, Spadone,
Cast off thy borrow'd title. Nephew Troylo,
His mother gave thee suck; esteem him honestly.
Lights for the lodgings ! 'tis high time for rest.-
Great men may be mistook when they mean best.


Spoken by Morosa, CLARELLA, CASTAMELA,


Mor. A while suspected, gentlemen, I look
For no new law, being quitted by the book.

Clar. Our harmless pleasures, free, in every sort,
Actions of scandal; may they free report.

Cast. Distrust is base, presumption urgeth wrongs, But noble thoughts must prompt as noble tongues.

Flav. Fancy and judgment are a play's full matter; If we have errd in one, right you the latter.

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