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779 SHELLEY's (P. B.) Poetical Works, | 801 SHERWOOD's (Mrs.) The Parson's Case

edited by Mrs. Shelley, portrait and vignette title, first issue of this edition, roy. 8vo, cloth,

78 6d


48 6d


1840 Ditto, new edition, roy. 8vo, cloth,



1850 Ditto, another edition, roy. 8vo, cloth, 38 6d 782 SHELLEY, Relics of, edited by R. Garnett, fcap. 8vo, cloth, very clean unopened copy, 78 6d 1862 783 SHELLEY's (P. B.) Hellas, drame lyrique, traduction de Tola Dorian, 4to, parchment wrappers, 28 6d Paris, 1884 784 SHELLEY (P. B.) A Critical Biography, by G. Barnett Smith, fcap. 8vo, cloth, 28 6d Edinb., 1877 785 SHELLEY's (P. B.) Euvres Poetiques complètes, traduites par F. Rabbe, 3 vols, cr. 8vo, wrappers, 5s 6d 786 SHELLEY (A Study of), by John Todhunter, cr. 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d 1880 787 SHELLEY.-Jeaffreson's (J. Cordy) The Real Shelley, new views of the poet's life, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, library label removed from covers, 88 6d 1885 788 SHELLEY (P. B.) A Monograph, by H. S. Salt, portrait, fcap. 8vo, cloth, 28 1886 789 SHELLEY.-Rabbe's (F.) Shelley, sa vie et ses œuvres, portrait, cr. 8vo, wrappers, 28 6d Paris, 1887 790 SHELLEY's (P. B.) Adonais, edited with introduction and notes, by W. M. Rossetti, cr. 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 28 Oxford, 1891 792 SHELLEY, &c.-Sarrazin's (G.) Poètes Modernes de l'Angleterre, W. S. Landor, P. B. Shelley, J. Keats, Eliz. B. Browning, D. G. Rossetti, A. C. Swinburne, cr. 8vo, wrappers, presentation copy, with Author's autograph inscription signed, 2s 6d

Paris, 1885 793 SHELLEY (P. B.) Life of, by Wm. Sharp, LARGE PAPER COPY, 8vo, cloth, 28 1887 794 SHELLEY (P. B.) Poet and Pioneer, a biographical study, by H. S. Salt, portrait, 12mo, cloth, 28 1896 795 SHELLEY (Mary Wollstonecraft) Life and Letters of, by Mrs. Julian Marshall, portraits and facsimile, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, 98 796 SHELLEY.-Gribble's (F.) The Romantic Life of Shelley, and the sequel, portraits, 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 6s (pub. 15s) 1911 797 SHELLEYANA. Parkes's (Bessie Rayner) Gabriel, cr. 8vo, limp cloth, 2s 6d 1856


798 SHENSTONE.-Letters written by the Rt. Hon. Lady Luxborough, to Wm. Shenstone, 8vo, calf, scarce, 78 6d 1775 799 SHEPHERD'S KALENDER, or the citizen's and country man's daily companion, a treatise of bees, the ordering of hawks, cattle, &c., the art of ringing, &c., front. and cuts, 12mo, old calf, 3s 6d Edw. Midwinter at the Looking Glass on London Bridge, N.D. 800 SHERIDAN (The Real), a reply to Mr. Fraser Rae's " Sheridan, a Biography," by Percy Fitzgerald, facsimile, 8vo, wrappers, 18 6d


of Jewels, front., 12mo, cloth, autograph of J. H. Shorthouse, 4s 6d Berwick, 1837 802 SHORTHAND.-Lewis's (J. H.) Ready Writer, whereby more may be written in forty minutes than in one hour by any other system, &c., 8vo, bds., scarce, 7s 6d 1815 803 SHORTHAND. --Jonson (Dr. Sam.) Histori ov Raselas, Prins ov Abisinia, in the reporting style of phonography, 12mo, cloth, 804 SIBYLS.-Gallæus (S.) Dissertationes de Sibyllis, earumque oraculis, folding portrait by Hooge, engraved title, and very curious plates representing the various sibyls of antiquity, sm. 4to, old calf, 10s 6d





Amstelodami, 1688 805 SIDENHAM's (Cuthbert, of Newcastleupon Tyne) Christian Excitation on the two grand practical controversies of these times, Infant Baptism and Singing of Psalms, 12mo, calf, 3s SIDNEY's (Sir Philip) Sonnets and Miscellaneous Verse; Mary Sidney's Hymn to Astræa, &c.; Matthew Roydon's Friend's Passion for his Astrophel, cr. 8vo, cloth, J. R. Tutin, 1905 Presentation copy from J. R. Tutin to J. W. Ebsworth, with long autograph inscription. SIMPSON's (Wm.) The Jonah Legend, a suggestion of interpretation, illustrated, 8vo, cloth, 38 6d





SIR ROGER DE COVERLEY, reprinted from the Spectator, front. and illustrations by C. O. Murray, cr. 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d N.D. 809 SMEDLEY's (F. E.) Gathered Leaves: being a collection of the poetical writings, with a memorial preface by E. Yates, portrait and illustrations, cr. 8vo, cloth, presentation copy to Edmund Yates from Mrs. F. Smedley, with autograph inscription, 3s 6d 1865

[blocks in formation]



SMITH's (Alex.) Poems, post 8vo, cloth, P. G. Hamerton's copy, with his bookplate and notes in pencil, 4s 6d 1853

813 SONNETS (The) of Europe, a volume of translations, selected and arranged, with notes, by S. Waddington, post 8vo, gilt edges, 2s 6d 1888 SOPHOCLES.-Linwood (Rev. W.) The Theban Trilogy of Sophocles, with copious explanatory notes, cr. 8vo, cloth, 2s 1878 With bookplate of J. H. Shorthouse. SORBIERE's (Mons.) Voyage to England, containing many things relating to the state of learning, religion, and other curiosities of that Kingdom, 8vo, no covers, 28 6d 1709


816 SOUL (The).-Hecker's (J. T.) Questions of | 833 STANLEY's (Thos.) Original Lyrics, the Soul, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d New York, 1855 817 SOUTH SEAS.-Thomas's (P.) A True and Impartial Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas and round the Globe in H.M.S. Centurion under Commodore Geo. Anson, 8vo, old calf, scarce, binding cracked, 10s 6d


818 SOUTH SEAS. Paton's (Maggie W.) Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides, edited by the Rev. Jas. Paton, portraits and illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d

1894 819 SOUTH WELL's (Rev. Robert) St. Peter's Complaint, and other poems, with a sketch of the Author's life, by W. J. Walter, cr. 8vo, bds., uncut, 3s 6d 1817 820 SOUTHEY's (Robert) Odes to H.R.H. the Prince Regent, &c., 1814-Carmen Triumphale, 1814, FIRST EDITION-in 1 vol, 4to, half calf, 28 6d

821 SONGS.-The Vocal Miscellany: a collection of celebrated songs, many of which were never before printed, front., 2 vols, sm. 8vo, old calf, 10s 6d 1738 822 SONGS.-Whistle-Binkie: a collection of songs for the social circle, 2 vols, 18mo, cloth, 4s 6d 1890 823 SONGS. The Universal Songster, or harmony and innocence, a selection of modern and improved songs, front. and vignette on title, 12mo, sheep, 4s 6d 824 SPENCER's (Edmund) Poetical Works, portrait, LARGE PAPER COPY, 5 vols, cr. 8vo, cloth, 128 6d Aldine Poets, 1866 825 SPIRITUALISM, Lights and Shadows, by D. D. Home, 8vo, cloth, unopened, 3s 6d



1877 826 SPIRITUALISM. Zollner (J. C. F.) Transcendental Physics: an account of experimental investigations, translated from the German by C. C. Massey, illustrated, 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d 827 SPORTING.-Medwin's (T.) The Angler in Wales, or days and nights of Sportsmen, fronts. and arts, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, a few leaves of Vol. I. foxed, 8s 6d 1834 828 SPORTING.-Strutt's (J.) Sports and Pastimes of the People of England, NEW EDITION, by Wm. Hone, woodcuts, 8vo, bds., 2s 6d 1834 829 SPORTING.-Handley Cross, or the Spa Hunt, a sporting tale, FIRST EDITION, 3 vols, cr. 8vo, half roan, ex-library copy, 10s 6d 1846 830 SPORTING.-Davis's (J.) The Ring, in two parts, The Club, the Prophets, cr. 8vo, wrappers, with autograph signature of Lord S. Osborne, 28 6d 831 SPORTING.-Everitt's (N.) Broadland Sport, illustrated by the author, 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d 1902 A very interesting account of sport in East Anglia, Shooting, Fishing, Yachting, &c. 832 STALEY's (Edgcumbe) The Dogaressas


of Venice (the Wives of the Doges), illustrated, 8vo, buckram, ex-library copy, 3s 6d


complete in their collated readings of 1647, '51, '57, edited by L. I. Guiney, with introduction and notes, portrait, cr. 8vo, buckram, as new, ls 6d (pub. 28 6d net) Hull, 1907 834 STATE PAPER OFFICE (A History of the), with a view of the documents therein deposited, by F. S. Thomas, 8vo, cloth, 28 835 STATE-TREATISES.



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Miscellanea Aulica, or a Collection of State-Treatises, never before publish'd, collected from the originals, by T. Brown, 8vo, calf, 28 6d 1702 STEELE (Sir Rich.) Essays of, selected and edited by L. E. Steele, portrait, 12mo, cloth, 2s 1902

[STERNE].-The Posthumous Works of a late Celebrated Genius deceased, 2 vols in 1. 12mo, calf, 3s 1770 838 STERNE (L.) Life and Letters of, by L. Melville, 26 illustrations (2 in colours), 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, gilt top, nice copy, 10s (pub. £1 8s) N.D. [1910] 839 STEVENSON's (R. L.) The Merry Men, and other tales and fables, FIRST EDITION, cr. 8vo, cloth, binding slightly soiled, 18s 1887 840 STEVENSON's (R. L.) The Black Arrow, FIRST EDITION, cr. 8vo, cloth, wants the half title, 78 6d 1888 STEVENSON's (R. L.) Master of Ballantrae, a winter's tale, FIRST EDITION, cr. 8vo, cloth, 158

J. H. Shorthouse's copy with bookplate.




842 STEVENSON's (R. L.) Edinburgh Days, by E. B. Simpson, cr. 8vo, cloth, 3s 1898 STOKES's (H. S.) Restormel : a legend of Piers Graveston, the patriot priest, and other verses, front., fcap. 8vo, cloth, long A.L.8. (initials) from the author inserted, 3s

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850 SUTTON's (H. S.) Poems, 12mo, cloth, | 871 TENNYSON's "In Memoriam": its Purnice copy, 38 6d pose and its Structure, a study, by J. F. 851 SWAIN's (C.) The Mind, and other poems, Genung, cr. 8vo, cloth, 23 vignettes engraved by Greatbatch and others, TENNYSON.-Chapman's proofs on India paper, 4to, bds., LARGE PAPER, presentation copy to G. H. Virtue, with Author's autograph inscription signed, 78 6d


1849 Another copy, SMALL PAPER, 8vo,

cloth, 38 6d


853 SWIFT's (Dean) On Poetry: a rhapsody, 22 pp., 8vo, unbound, 28

Printed at Dublin and reprinted London, N.D. 854 SWIFT (Jonathan) Life of, by J. Forster, 1667-1711, etched portrait, Vol 1 (all published), 8vo, cloth, 38 6d 1875

855 SWINBURNE's (A. C.) Poems and Ballads, first series, cr. 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d



Poems and Ballads, third series, cr. 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d 1899 857 SYMBOLISM (The) of Churches and Church Ornaments: a translation of the first book of the Rationale Divinorum Officiorum, by Wm. Durandus, introduction, notes and illustrations by J. M. Neale and B. Webb, 8vo, cloth, scarce, 6s 6d


Leeds, 1843 858 SYMBOLISM (The Romance of) and its Relation to Church Ornament and Architecture, by S. Heath, numerous illustrations, sm. 4to, cloth, nice copy, 3s 1909 859 SYMONDS's (J. A.) Sleep and Dreams, two lectures, 8vo, limp cloth, 28 6d 1851 860 TALLEYRAND (Prince) and his Times, by F. Loliée, adapted by Bryan O'Donnell, portraits and illustrations, 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 4s (pub. 128 6d net) 861 TAYLOR (Thos.) The Cratylus, Phædo, Parmenides and Timæus of Plato, translated from the Greek, with notes on the Cratylus and introduction to each dialogue, 8vo, bds., uncut, front cover loose, 168 1793 862 TELEMACHUS, The Adventures of, by Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray, with the adventures of Aristonous, done into English by Littlebury and Boyer, portrait, plates and map, 2 vols, 12mo, calf, joints cracked, 3s 1766 863 TENNYSON's (Alfred) Poems, third edi tion, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth, 58 6d 1845 864 TENNYSON's (Lord) Poems, fourth edition, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d 1846 865 TENNYSON's (Lord) In Memoriam, third edition, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d 1850 866 TENNYSON's (Lord) In Memoriam, fifth edition, 12mo, cloth, with autograph signature of Caroline Southey, 2s 6d 1851 867 TENNYSON's (Lord) In Memoriam, second edition, 12mo, cloth, 38 6d 1850 868 Idylls of the King, FIRST EDITION, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d 1859 869 TENNYSON's (Alfred) Maud, and other poems, FIRST EDITION, fcap. 8vo, half blue morocco neat, uncut, gilt top, fine copy, 48 6d 1855 870 TENNYSON's (Lord) Maud, and other poems, FIRST EDITION, 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d






(Elizabeth R.) Companion to "In Memoriam," cr. 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 1s 6d TENNYSON FOR THE YOUNG, with introduction and notes by A. Ainger, cr. 8vo, cloth, 28 1891

TENNYSON, &c.-The Victoria Regia: a volume of original contributions in poetry and prose, edited by Adelaide A. Procter, roy. 8vo, cloth gilt, 3s 6d 1861 Contributions by A. Tennyson, Thackeray, C. Patmore, M. Arnold, S. Dobell, J. R. Lowell and others.

875 TENNYSONIANA: notes bibliographical and critical on early poems of A. and C. Tennyson, opinions of_contemporary writers, In Memoriam, Tennyson portraits, &c. [by R. H. Shepherd], SECOND EDITION, enlarged, fcap. 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, 28 6d 1879 TENNYSON.-Tainsh's (E. C.) Study of the Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson, cr. 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d 1893 877 THACKERAY, The Boyhood of, by Anne Thackeray Ritchie, illustrated, thin sm. 4to, binding broken, 2s New York, 1889 THACKERAY's (W. M.) History of Pendennis, portrait and illustrations by the Author, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, as new, 68 6d (pub. 12s net) 1910 THICKNESSE's (Philip) Useful Hints to those who make the Tour of France, 8vo, half calf, 4s 6d







A Year's Journey through France and part of Spain, plates and music, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, wants one plate, 4s 6d 1778 THICKNESSE's (Philip) A Year's Journey through the Paix Bas and Austrian Netherlands (Vol 1, all published), 8vo, half calf, 4s 6d 1784

THOMAS's (Mrs. E.) Autumnal Leaves, elegiac and other poems, post 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, presentation copy to Dillon Croker, with four autoguaph letters signed from the Author inserted, 23

1860 883 THOMSON's (Jas.) Poetical Works, with his last corrections and improvements, with life from the 4to edition of 1762, three fronts., 3 vols in one, 18mo, calf, with the autograph and bookplate of J. H. Shorthouse, 2s 6d 1780 884 THOMSON's (James) Coriolanus, a tragedy, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, unbound, 2s 6d

1749 885 THOMSON's (Jas., B. V.) The City of Dreadful Night, and other poems, FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, cloth, scarce, 10s 6d 1880 Vane's Story, Weddah and Om-elBonain, and other poems, FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, cloth, 7s 6d 1881

[blocks in formation]

Drawings, by J. M. W. Turner, exhibited at the fine art society; also a list of the engraved works of J. M. W. Turner, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, wrappers, 2s


888 TIBULLUS (A.) The Works of, containing | 903 TURNER.-Notes by Mr. Ruskin on his his four books of love elegies, translated by Mr. Dart, with life of the Author, front., 8vo, old calf, 88 6d 1720 889 TOLLEMACHE's (Beatrix L.) Engelberg, and other verses, front. by W. Strang, cr. 8vo, cloth, 2s 1890 J. H. Shorthouse's copy, with bookplate. 890 TOWGOOD's (M.) Remarks on the Profane and Absurd use of the Monosyllable Damn, 8vo, half calf, joints cracked, 2s 6d

1746 891 TRIAL.-Wilson's (G.) Bribes no Perquisites, or the case of the Earl of Macclesfield: being impartial observations upon his Lordship's tryal, &c., 8vo, bds., 4s 6d 1726 892 TRIALS of Robert and Daniel Perreau for Forgery-Facts, or the case of Mrs. Rudd, published from her manuscript and by her authority, in which the transactions of Messrs. Perreau and others will be faithfully related, &c.-the two bound in one vol, 8vo, old calf, 3s 6d 1775 893 TRIAL of Simon, Lord Lovat of the '45, edited by D. N. Mackay, portraits and illustrations, 8vo, cloth (Notable English Trials), 38 (pub. 5s net) 1911 894 TRINITY HOUSE.-The Royal Charter of Confirmation granted by K. James II. to the Trinity House of Deptford Stroud, 8vo, old calf, 38 1715 895 TROLLOPE's (Anthony) The Way we Live now, illustrated, FIRST EDITION, in monthly parts as published, 2 vols, 8vo, wrappers, 15s 1874-75 896 TROJAN TALES, related by Ulysses, Helenus, Hector, Achilles, and Prian, 12mo, half calf, binding broken and one page wanting, 3s 1714 897 TROLLOPE's (Anthony) Cousin Henry, a novel, FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, cr. 8vo, cloth, ex-library copy, binding damaged, scarce, 38 6d 1879 898 TRUE ENGLISHMAN: being a vindication of those many loyal addresses presented to His Majesty for His late gracious declaration, sm. 4to, half calf, 2s 6d 1681 898 TRYON's (Tho.) Letters, Domestick and Foreign, to several persons of quality, occasionally distributed in subjects-viz., philosophical, theological and moral, 8vo, calf, rather poor copy, 3s 6d


Letters to sugar and cotton planters, &c. 900 TURENNE (Viscount de) The History of Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne, Viscount de Turenne, Marshal-General of France, 2 vols, 8vo, calf, with bookplate of Jacob Astley, of Melton Constable, in Norfolk, in each volume, 5s 1735

901 TURENNE.-Langlade's (James de) New Memoirs and Characters of the two Great Brothers, the Duke of Bouillon and Mareschal Turenne (made English), 8vo, half morocco, 2s 6d 1693 902 TURNER's Rivers of France, the Loire, numerous fine steel plates from drawings by J. M. W. Turner, 4to, cloth, 78 6d

J. McCormick, N.D. (1839)

904 TURNER's Liber Studiorum: a description and a Catalogue, by W. G. Rawlinson, 8vo, bds., presentation copy, with Author's autograph inscription, scarce, 6s 6d



905 TURNING.-Ibbetson's (J. H.) Specimens in Eccentric Circular Turning, with practical instructions, numerous illustrations, 8vo, cloth, binding slightly defective, 2s 6d TUSSER's (Thomas) Five Hundred Pointes of Good Husbandrie, the edition of 1580, collated with those of 1573 and 1577, &c., edited by W. Payne and S. J. Herrtage, 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d Dialect Society, 1878


907 UZANNE's (Octave) Le Miroir du Monde, notes et sensations de la vie pittoresque, illustration en couleurs d'apres Paul Avril, roy. 8vo, wrappers, in case, 88 6d





Paris, 1888 908 VERLAINE (Paul): his Life and his Work, by E. Lepelletier, translated by E. M. Lang, 10 portraits, thk. 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d VIRGIL.-The Canto, added by Maphæus, to Virgil's twelve books of Æneas, done into English Hudibrastic with notes, front., 8vo, half morocco, UNCUT, 28 6d 1758 910 VOLTAIRE's (M. de) Henriade, an epic poem, translated into English blank verse, with historical and critical notes, front., VOLTAIRE's (A. de) La Pucelle d'Orléans, 8vo, old calf, 3s 6d poeme heroi-comique, engraved title, 2 vols in 1, 12mo, old calf, early edition, rare, 10s 6d Geneve, 1757 912 [VOLTAIRE's (F. M. A. de)] La Pucelle d'Orléans, poëme, divise en vingt chants, avec des notes, plates, 8vo, calf, 12s 6d 1762 913 WAGNER's (R.) The Nibelung's Ring, translated into English by H. and F. Corder (with the German text), fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d Mayence, N.D. WALES.-Hughes's (H.) The Beauties of Cambria, views of North and South Wales, with descriptions, 59 plates (should be 60), oblong roy. 8vo, half calf, plates on India paper, 2 torn, 10s 6d



915 WALKER's (C.) Anarchia Anglicana, or the history of independency, 3 parts in 1 vol, sm. 4to, calf, the map supplied in facsimile, 4s 6d

1648 916 WALKLEY's (T.) Catalogue of the Dukes, Marquesses, Earles, Viscounts and Barons, of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with their names, surnames, &c.; also the Knights of the Garter, Knights of the Bath, &c., from the first of K. James, 8vo, bds., additions in MS. at end, 78 6d 917 WARREN's (S.) Miscellanies, critical, imaginative, and juridical, FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, cr. 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 4s 6d


Edinb., 1855


935 WILKINSON's (W. M.) Spirit Drawings: a personal narrative, 12mo, cloth, 2s 1858 936 WILTSHIRE ASSIZES (A Peep at the): a serio-ludicrous poem, by one who is but an attorney, 12mo, bds., UNcut, 3s

918 WALLER'S (Edmond) Poems, &c., | 934 WILKES.-The Question stated whether written upon several occasions and to the Freeholders of Middlesex lost their several persons, never till now corrected right by voting for Mr. Wilkes at the last and published with the approbation of the Election, 8vo, half bound, ls 6d author, scarce, 8vo, calf, with leaf of imprimatur before title, slightly stained and small hole in one leaf, 15s Henry Herringman, 1664 919 WALPOLE's (Horace) Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, with lists of their works, fronts., 2 vols, sm. 8vo, calf, 3s 6d 920 WALPOLE's (Horace) The Castle of Otranto, a Gothic story, second edition, sm. 8vo, calf, joints cracked, bookplate of H. Home of Kames, 3s


1765 921 WARRINGTON (Earl of).—The Works of the Rt. Hon. Henry, late L. Delamer and Earl of Warrington, containing his speeches in Parliament, and discourses on the affairs of the last two reigns, 8vo, calf, 3s 1694 922 WARWICK (Mary Rich, Countess of), 1625-1678: her family and friends, by C. F. Smith, portraits and illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 38 6d

1901 (Theodore) Poet, Novelist, Critic, by James Douglas, portrait and illustrations, 8vo, buckram, 5s 1904 924 WEDGWOOD (Tom, the First Photographer) An Account of his Life, his Discovery and Friendship with S. T. Coleridge, including the letters of Coleridge to the Wedgwoods, &c., by R. B. Litchfield, portraits and illustrations, 8vo, buckram, gilt top, 3s 6d 925 WEDMORE's (F.) English Episodes, cr. 8vo, cloth, 2s 1894 926 WEDMORE's (F.) On Books and Arts, FIRST EDITION, cr. 8vo, cloth, parchment back, gilt top, 3s 6d 1899



Balzac, Geo. Eliot, Rembrandt, Chardin, Moreau,
Gainsborough, Millais, &c.

927 WELL's (H. G.) The History of Mr. Polly,
FIRST EDITION, coloured front., cr. 8vo cloth,
nice copy, 3s 6d
928 WHIST: its history and practice by an
amateur, illustrations by Kenny Meadows,
fcap. 8vo, cloth, 28
929 WHISTLER.-Macfall's (H.) Whistler,
Butterfly, Wasp, Wit, Master of the Arts,
Enigma, four illustrations, narrow 12mo,
wrappers, 2s
930 WHITMAN, a study, by J. Burroughs,
12mo, cloth, 28 6d
931 WILCOX's (Ella Wheeler) Poems of
Pleasure, illuminated front., title and initial
letters, cr. 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 2s 6d N.D.



Articles on, by several authors, 16 coloured plates, 8vo, buckram, nice copy, 3s (pub. 5s net) N.D. [1912] 933 WILKES (John).-A Complete Collection of the Genuine Papers, Letters, &c., in the case of John Wilkes, Esq., elected Knight of the Shire for the County of Middlesex, March 28th, 1768 (with portrait inserted), 12mo, calf, 2s 6d Berlin, 1769


Salisbury, N.D. WOMAN SUFFRAGE. Dixie's (Lady Florence) Gloriana, or the revolution of 1900, portrait, cr. 8vo, cloth, with Author's inscription, and 3-p. A.L.8. inserted, 3s 1890 938 WOMEN. Scuddery's (Mons. de) Les Femmes Illustres, or the heroick harrangues of the illustrious women, translated by J. Innes, 24mo, half calf, poor copy, 38 Edinburgh, 1681

939 WORCESTERSHIRE.-Salisbury's (Jesse) A Glossary of Words and Phrases used in S. E. Worcestershire, with some of the superstitions, charms, &c., 8vo, wrappers, 28 1893 940 WORDSWORTH (Wm.) Poetical Works, 8 vols; Life of, 3 vols, by Prof. Wm. Knight, etched portrait and front.; together 11 vols, demy 8vo, cloth, LIBRARY EDITION, £1 15s Edinburgh, 1882-89 941 WORDSWORTH's (Wm.) Miscellaneous Poems, first collected edition, fronts., 4 vols, 12mo, bds., UNCUT, binding slightly defective, 8s 6d 1820 WORDSWORTH's (Wm.) Yarrow Revisited, and other poems, FIRST EDITION, 12mo, cloth, 28 6d 1835 943 WORDSWORTH's (Wm.) The Prelude, edited, with notes and introduction, by Basil Worsfold, portrait, 12mo, bds., 2s 6d 1904


Another copy, cloth, 2s 6d
945 WYNN FAMILY.-Extracts from Letters
and Diaries of Charlotte Williams, 8vo,
cloth, autograph letter relating to the book
inserted, 2s 6d Privately printed, 1871

946 YORKSHIRE (A Month in), by W. White,
cr. 8vo, cloth, 3s
947 YORKSHIRE.-Frank's (Geo.) Ryedale
and North Yorkshire Antiquities, illus-
trated, 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d

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The Regulations and Establishment of the Household of H. Algernon Percy, 5th Earl of Northumberland, at his Castles of Wressle and Leckonfield, in Yorkshire, begun A.D. MDXII., NEW EDITION, edited with additional notes, 8vo, bds., 5s 6d

1905 949 YORK.-English Episcopal Palaces (Province of York) contributed by N. Niemeyer, H. Gee, M. E. Simkins, Ada Russell, edited by R. S. Rait, illustrated, 8vo, cloth, blind stamp on title, 3s 6d (pub. 6s net) 1911 950 [YOUNG's (Arthur)] The Farmer's Letters to the People of England, containing the sentiments of a practical husbandman on various subjects, vols, 8vo, calf, 7s 6d


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