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951 YOUNG (Arthur) Autobiography of, with | 953 YOUNG's (Julia Ditto) Black Evan: a selections from his correspondence, edited by M. Betham-Edwards, portrait and illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d

1898 952 ZANGWILL's (Louis) The Beautiful Miss Brooks, portraits and illustrations, FIRST EDITION, cr. 8vo, half morocco neat, gilt top, FINE COPY, 38 6d


tale of the "Forty-five," in verse, coloured portrait, 8vo, cloth, presentation copy, with Author's autograph inscription signed, also 6-p. A.L.8. inserted, 28 1901

954 ZOLA's (Emile) Germinal, or master and man: a realistic novel, cr. 8vo, cloth gilt, binding worn, 38 6d



Memoires, et

955 ABINGTON (Mrs.) Life of, with accounts | 969 CLAIRON (Hyppolite)
of her various performances, portrait, LARGE
PAPER COPY, 4to, cloth, uncut, 4s 6d
Another copy, large paper, un-

réflexions sur la Declamation Théatrale,
portrait, 8vo, calf, 28 6d



956 bound, 28 6d 957 ACTORS BY DAYLIGHT, containing memoirs of celebrated London performers, tales, poetry, criticisms, &c., portraits, Nos. 1 to 55, 1838-ACTORS BY GASLIGHT, portraits, Nos. 1 to 37, 1838-together in 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, scarce, £2 10s 958 ACTRESS (The) of the Present Day, a novel, 3 vols, 12mo, bds., UNCUT, scarce, 4s 6d 1817 959 ADOLPHUS's (J.) Memoirs of John Bannister, 3 portraits (one extra inserted), 2 vols, 8vo, half morocco, 4s 6d 1839 960 AMATEUR Clubs and Actors, edited by W. G. Elliot, illustrated, 8vo, cloth, 3s 1898 961 BAKER's (H. Barton) History of the London Stage, and its famous players (1576-1903), 10 portraits, 8vo, buckram, 3s 6d 962 BEDFORD (Paul) Recollections and Wanderings of, facts, not fancies, 12mo, bds., 2s 1867 963 BELLAMY.-An Apology for the Life of George Anne Bellamy, late of CoventGarden Theatre, written by herself, with the scarce supplementary volume, 6 vols, sm. 8vo, old calf, binding worn, 8s 6d 1785 964 BETTERTON's (T.) Life; to which is added the Amorous Widow, a Comedy, by Mr. Betterton, now first printed from the original copy, fine portrait after Kneller, 8vo, calf, scarce, 12s 6d 965 BETTERTON (Thomas) The Life and Times of, with notices of the Stage, &c., portrait, LARGE PAPER COPY, 4to, bds., uncut, with manuscript and printed additions, 88 6d 966 BOADEN's (James) Life of Mrs. Jordan, including original private correspondence, and anecdotes of her contemporaries, portrait (foxed) and facsimile, 2 vols, 8vo, bds. (rebound), 5s 6d 1831 967 CATALOGUE of the Theatrical and Miscellaneous Library of W. E. Burton, the distinguished comedian; sold by auction by J. Sabin & Co., portrait, 8vo, cloth, 3s New York, 1860 968 CIBBER (Susannah) Account of the Life of, and of the trials between Theophilus Cibber and William Sloper, portrait, LARGE PAPER COPY, 4to, unbound, 28 6d 1887



Paris, 1799 970 CLAIRON (Hyppolite) Memoires et Reflexions sur la declamation Theatrale, portrait, 8vo, calf, binding broken, 28



Paris, N.D. CLAYTON's (Ellen C.) Queens of Song: memoirs of some of the most celebrated female vocalists, with a list of all the Operas that have been performed in Europe, portraits, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 10s 6d 1863 COLEMAN's (J.) Memoirs of Samuel Phelps, portrait, 8vo, cloth, presentation copy, with author's autograph inscription, 3s 1886 973 COLLECTION of the ERA ALMANACKS, conducted by Edward Ledger, containing Biographical Memoranda of living dramatic authors, &c., portraits, illustrations, and facsimiles of autographs, 5 vols, tbk. 8vo, half green calf, 12s 6d 1868-75 COLLIER's (Jeremy) Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage; together with the Sense of Antiquity upon this Argument, third edition, 8vo, calf, 7s 6d COOKE's (W.) Elements of Dramatic Criticism, containing an Analysis of the Stage under the following heads: Tragedy, Comedy, Pantomime, &c., with general instructions in the Art of Acting, 8vo, calf, 28 6d 1775







COVENT GARDEN.—A Narrative of the Rise and Progress of the Disputes subsisting between the Patentees of Covent Garden Theatre, sm. 4to, wrappers, 3s 1768 COVENT GARDEN JOURNAL, 4 plates, 2 vols in 1, thk. roy. 8vo, half bound, uncut, 58 6d 1810 CROKER's (T. C.) Familiar Epistles to Frederick E. Jones on the Present State of the Irish Stage, 12mo, half calf, 2s Dublin, 1805 979 CUMBERLAND's (R.) Posthumous Works, 2 vols, 8vo, half green calf, gilt backs, top edges gilt, nice copy, 4s 6d 1813 D'AUBIGNAC's (L'Abbe') La Pratique du Theatre, fronts. by B. Picart and vignettes on titles, 2 vols, 8vo, old calf, 3s 6d 1716 DENMAN's (J.) The Drama Vindicated, with copious notes, 24mo, cloth, 2s Cambridge, 1835





Comedian his own Manager, fine portrait, 12mo, half morocco, 38 6d M'DERMOT's (M.) Philosophical Inquiry into the source of the Pleasures derived from Tragic Representations, &c., 8vo, bds., UNCUT, 38 1824

982 DONNE's (W. B.) Essays on the Drama, | 998 LEWES (C. Lee) Comic Sketches, or the cr. 8vo, cloth, presentation copy, with Author's autograph inscription, 28 983 DORAN's (Dr.) "Their Majesties Ser999 vants": Annals of the English Stage, from Betterton to Kean, edited and revised by R. W. Lowe, numerous fine portraits and vignettes, 3 vols, 8vo, roxburghe, £1 15s 1888 984 DRAMATIC MIRROR (The) and Review of Music and the Fine Arts, woodcut portraits, April 14th, 1847, to Dec. 31st, 1847, in 1 vol, roy. 8vo, half bound, scarce, 10s 6d 985 DRAMATIC MISCELLANIES, consisting of critical observations on several plays of Shakespeare, with a review of his principal characters, &c., as represented by Mr. Garrick . . . with anecdotes of dramatic poets, actors, &c., by T. Davies, 3 vols, post 8vo, calf, 4s 6d Dublin, 1784 986 DUTTON's (Thomas) Dramatic Censor : comprising a chronicle of the British Stage, &c., 3 vols, 8vo, half calf, binding shabby, 4s 6d

1800 987 DYER's (R.) Nine Years of an Actor's Life, cr. 8vo, cloth, scarce, 4s 6d 1833 988 EDWIN (John, Comedian): the Eccentricities of, collected from his manuscripts and enriched with several hundred original anecdotes, arranged by A. Pasquin, Vol. I. only, with a specimen of Edwin's handwriting and two autograph letters inserted, 8vo, half bound, 6s 1791 989 EDWIN (John): Eccentricies of, collected from his MSS., with original anecdotes, by Anthony Pasquin, 2 vols, sm. 8vo, old sheep, Joseph Knight's copy, with bookplates and autographs, binding broken, 3s 6d

Dublin, 1791 990 EVERARD's (E. C., Comedian) Memoirs of an Unfortunate Son of Thespis: being a sketch of his Life, with reflections, remarks and anecdotes, 12mo, old calf, Joseph Knight's copy, with his bookplate and autograph, 3s 1818 991 GARRICK (David) A Cosmopolitan Actor and his Friends, by F. A. Hedgcock, photogravure portrait and illustrations, 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 4s 6d (pub. 10s 6d net) N.D. 992 HARLEY's (G. D., of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden) Poems, 8vo, bds., UNCUT, 28 For the Author, 1796 993 [HILL'S (Aaron)] The Actor, a treatise on the art of playing, 12mo, calf, 3s 6d 1750 994 IRVING's (Henry) English Actors, their characteristics and their methods, 12mo, wrappers, 28 Oxford, 1886 995 KEAN (Edmund) The Life of, by F. W. Hawkins, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, Charles Santley's copy, stamped, 6s 6d 1869 996 KEAN (Edmund) The Italians, a tragedy, with a preface, containing the correspondence of the author with P. Moore and Mr. Kean, 8vo, half calf, 2s 1819

997 KENNEDY (David, the Scottish Singer) Reminiscences of his Life and Work, by Marjory Kennedy, and a Narrative of his Colonial and Indian Tours, by David Kennedy, Junr., portrait and illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d


1000 MANTZIUS's (Karl) History of Theatrical Art, in ancient and modern times, translated by Louise von Cossel, Vol 5 only, "The Great Actors of the Eighteenth Century," numerous illustrations, roy. 8vo, cloth, stamp on title, 68 1909 1001 MARETZEK's (Max) Crotchets and Quavers, or Revelations of an Opera Manager in America, cr. 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d New York, 1855

1002 MATHEWS (Charles) "The Humpbacked Lover," a burletta in one act, the original MS. written on 62 leaves (one side only), 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, with "C. J. Mathews" stamped in gold on side, with newspaper cutting of obituary notice of C. Mathews inserted, 4s 6d [183-]

1003 MATHEWS's (Mrs.) Anecdotes of Actors, with other desultory recollections, &c., 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 6s 6d

1844 1004 NEW ENGLISH DRAMA, with biographical sketches and notes, edited by W. Oxberry, 65 portraits, including Mrs. Siddons, C. Kemble, Bland, Glover, Edwin, Bunn, Miss Kelly, Mr. Kean, Kemble, Dowton, Munden, Bannister, Mathews, Liston, and others, Vols 1 to 14 (wanting Vol 5), 13 vols, cr. 8vo, russia, 3 portraits, stained, £1 5s 1818-22 1005 OULTON's (W. C.) History of the Theatres of London, containing an Annual Register of all the new and revived tragedies, comedies, operas, &c., performed in the Theatres Royal, London, 1771-1795, 2 vols in 1, 12mo, half calf, binding worn, 2s 6d 1796 1006 OXBERRY's (W.) Theatrical Banquet, or the Actor's Budget, consisting of monologues, prologues, &c., together with Collins's Evening Brush, and a collection of theatrical anecdotes, comic songs, &c., 2 vols, 12mo, half russia, 58

1809 1007 PLUMPTRE's (James) Four Discourses on Subjects relating to the Amusement of the Stage, with notes, 8vo, calf, 2s 6d Cambridge, 1809 1008 PORTRAITS.-Collection of Prologues and Epilogues, with preface and notes, by R. Griffith, a portion of the book only, containing portraits of Garrick, Palmer, King, Barry, Foote, Powell, Weston, Parsons and Mrs. Barry, in 1 vol, 8vo, calf, 158 1009 PROLOGUES AND EPILOGUES, celebrated for their poetical merit, front., sm. 8vo, old calf, binding worn, 2s 6d



Oxford, N.D. RYLEY's (S. W.) Roderick Random, a

comic opera, and the Civilian or Farmer turned Footman, a musical farce, to which are added several comic songs, sm. 8vo, calf, binding broken, 4s 6d Huddersfield, N. D. This vol by Ryley, the Author of "The Itinerant " is scarce.

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1011 SOUVENIR of Much Ado about Nothing,
illustrated, 12mo, wrappers, 1s 6d
St. James's Theatre, 1898
1012 STATEMENT (A) of the Differences
subsisting between the Proprietors and
Performers of Covent Garden, by Alex.
Pope, J. G. Holman, J. S. Munden, J.
Fawcett, and others, 8vo, roxburghe, 2s 6d
1013 STEELE's (Mrs. Elizabeth) Memoirs of
Mrs. Sophia Baddeley, late of Drury Lane
Theatre, 6 vols, sm. 8vo, calf, scarce, £1 10s
Prima Donna, her history and surround-
ings from the 17th to the 19th Century, 2
vols, 8vo, cloth, 58 6d
1015 THEATRES (The): a Poetical Dissec-
tion, by Sir Nicholas Nipclose, vignette on
title, containing portrait of Garrick, 4to,
quarter morocco, 7s 6d
1016 THEATRICAL TIMES, a weekly maga-
zine of Thespian Biography, Dramatic
Essays, &c., numerous portraits, Nos. 1 to
150, wanting Nos. 35, 55, 71, 146, 147, 148
and 149, in 2 vols, roy. 8vo, half calf,
£1 15s



moirs of the Principal Performers of the
Three Theatres Royal, with remarks on
their merits, 2 vols in 1, 12mo, calf, 3s 6d

1018 THE THEATRE, Vol. I., Dec. 1, 1851, to
May 15, 1852, woodcut portraits of Miss
Helen Faucit, Jenny Lind and Mrs. Charles
Kean, post 8vo, half calf, scarce, 6s

Edinburgh, 1851-52
Several autograph_letters from Harry Gerald
Spillan to T. F. Dillon Croker, inserted; also
a letter from T. F. Dillon Croker to Dawson

1019 THESPIS, or a Critical Examination,
into the Merits of all the principal Per-
formers belonging to Drury Lane Theatre,
by Hugh Kelly, two parts, 4to, calf, bind-
ing defective, fore-edge slightly damaged by
damp, 38
WEWITZER's (R.) Theatrical Pocket-
Book, or brief dramatic chronology, with
a list of British dramatists and actors, &c.,
24mo, wrappers, 28


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1022 ALCIATI (Andrea) Emblemata, cum Claudii Minois Commentariis, numerous emblamatic woodcuts, 8vo, original calf, scarce, 12s Lugd. Bat., Plantin, 1591| 1023 AMERICA.-Cortez (Fernand) Histoire de la Conqueste du Mexique, traduite de A. de Solis, folding plates, 2 vols, sm. 8vo, calf, binding worn, 4s 6d Paris, 1730 1024 AMERICA.-La Colombiade, poema di Madama du Boccage tradotto dal Francese in Milano, 8vo, vellum, 28 6d Milano, 1771 1025 ANDREWS's (Rev. P. Lane) Preces privatæ quotidianæ, Græce et Latine, fcap. 8vo, morocco, gilt edges, 2s 1848 1026 APULEIUS.-Scipionis Gentilis Juriscos in Apologiam L. Apulei Commentarius, &c., 8vo, half russia, uncut, 3s 6a Hanovic, 1607 1027 ATHENAGORE Atheniensis Philosophie Christiani Apologia, &c. (Græce et Latiné), Editio Princeps, 8vo, cover loose, 48 6d Hen. Stephani, 1557 1028 BACCHUS.—Rolle's (P. N.) Recherches sur le Culne de Bacchus, considéré sous ses rapports généraux dans les Mystères d'Eleusis, &c., 3 vols, 8vo, half vellum gilt, Paris, 1824 1029 BALZAC's Les Contes Drolatiques, illustrée de 425 dessins par Gustave Doré, cr. 8vo, half calf, 4s 6d Paris, N.D. 1030 BIBIENA (M. de) La Poupée, 2 parts in 1 vol, sm. 8vo, calf, 3s 6d Amst., 1748 1031 BOCCACCIO (Giovanni) Laberinto d'Amore, con una Epistola à Messer Pino de Rossi, sm. 8vo, vellum, rare, 78 6d Firenze, 1525


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1032 BOCCACE (Jean) Nouvelles, traduction
libre par Mirabeau, fronts. (2 wanting), 8
vols, 12mo, wrappers, uncut, 4s Paris, 1802
1033_BROWNE's (Isaac Hawkins) De Animi
Immortalitate, poema, 8vo, red morocco,
gilt edges, with bookplate of Peter Hall, 28
Londini, 1811
1034_BUOMMATTEI's (B.) Della Lingua
Toscana, portrait, 8vo, half vellum, with
autograph of G. A. Sala, 2s Firenze, 1714
1035 CALVINISTS. Prejugez Legitimes
contre les Calvinistes, sm. 8vo, old calf,
bookplate of Chr. Anstey, 2s 6d Paris, 1671
1036 CASIMIRI (Matthiæ) Carmina, sm. 8vo,
calf gilt, fine copy, 38
Paris, 1759
1037 CATALOGUE de Bons Livres, Anciens et
Modernes, composant la Bibliotheque de
feu Paul de Saint-Victor, cr. 8vo, sewed,
1038 CAVALLO.-La Gloria del Cavallo, opera
18 6d
Paris, 1882
de S. Pasqual Caracciolo, thk. sm. 4to,
1039 CAYLUS (Madame de) Les Souvenirs de,
bds., 128 6d
Vinegia, 1566
12mo, old calf, 28 6d
Amst., 1770

Booklabel of Viscountess Downe.

1040 CAYLUS.—Recueil de trois cent têtes et sujets de composition, gravès par le Comte de Caylus d'aprés les pierres gravées antiques du Cabinet du Roi, 4to, half morocco, scarce, 12s 6d Basan, N.D. 1041 CHARLES IX.-Belcarius (Fr.) Oratio de victori Carolus IX., sm. 4to, half calf, 28 6d Brixiæ, 1563 1042 CHYTRÆI (Nath.) Lepidissimi aliquot Epistolæ et Satyræ, &c., sm. 4to, calf, rare, 38 6d Rostochii, 1571

1043 CHATEAUBRIAND (M. de) De la nouvelle preposition relative au Bannissement de Charles X. et de sa famille, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn, 3s Paris, 1831 1044 CHATELAIN's (Chevalier de) La Folle du Logis, 8vo, wrappers, presentation copy, with Author's autograph inscription, 2s 6d Bruxelles, 1868 1045 CHODOWIECKI.-Bitaubé (M.) Guillaume, en dix chants, fine vignettes engraved by Meer after Chodoweicki, 8vo, old calf, binding worn, 68 6d Amsterdam, 1773 1046 COOPER's (Thom., Bp. of Winchester) Thesaurus Linguæ Romanæ et Britannicæ, accessit Dictionarium Historicum et Poeticum, &c., thk. folio, calf, joints cracked, 168 Henrie Bynneman, 1584 1047_COSTUMI, Leggi, et l’Usanze di tutte le Genti, raccolte per Gio. Boemo Aubano Alemanno, woodcut on title, 12mo, cloth, 3s Venetia, 1543 Ferrarii (O.) Analecta de re Vestiaria, sive exercitationes ad A. Rubenii, accessit dissertatio de Veterum de Lucernuis Sepulchralibus, plates, sm. 4to, half calf, 4s 6d

1048 COSTUME (Ancient).

Patauii, 1670 1049 COURTISANES (Les) du Second Empire, Marguerite Bellanger, 8vo, wrappers, 2s 6d

1871 1050 CURIONIS (Cæli Secundi) Pasquillus Ecstaticus, cui accedit Pasquillus Theolo gaster, 12mo, old green morocco, gilt edges, 3s 6d Geneve, 1667 1051_D'ANNUNZIO (Gabriele) Francesca da Rimini, tragedia, illustrations, FIRST EDITION, finely printed in red and black, sm. 4to, art linen covers, UNCUT, a beautiful volume got up in the finest possible style, 10s 6d Milan, 1902 1052 Another copy, also FIRST EDITION, sm. 4to, limp parchment, 10s 6d idem, 1902 1053 D'ANNUNZIO (Gabriele) Laudi del Cielo del Mare del la Terra e degli Eroi, Vol. II. only, beautifully printed in red and black, sm. 4to, limp bds., device in gilt on side, side ties, uncut, 58 Milan, 1903 1054 DAPHNIS ET CHLOE, Les Amours de, ecrites en Grec par Longus, et traduites en François par Amoit, fine plates, 12mo, calf, 78 6d N.D. [Paris, 1731] 1055 [DE CALVI's (F.)] Histoire generale des Larrons, recueilly par le Sieur d'Aubrincourt, last leaf mounted, Paris, 1623-Inventaire generale de l'histoire des Larrons, par F. D. C. Lyonnais, Paris, 1624-Suite de l'Inventaire et histoire generale des Larrons, Paris, 1625-the 3 parts bound in 2 vols, FIRST EDITION OF EACH PART VERY RARE, sm. 8vo, calf, binding not uniform, £1 128

Brunet wrongly gives later dates as first editions. 1056 DE GONTAUT (Me. la Duchess) Mé

moires, Gouvernante des enfants de France pendant la Restauration, 1773-1836, portrait, 8vo, half calf neat, gilt top, 3s

Paris, 1892

1057 DE MAISTRE. Eaux-forte pour illustres Xavier de Maistre, dessinées et gravées par F. Dupont, 8 plates in case, 38 6d Lemerre, 1878 1058 DESCARTES' (R.) Principia Philosophiæ, plates-Dissertatio de MethodoPassiones Animæ, &c., in 1 vol, 8vo, calf, 2s 6d Londini, 1664 1059 DESCARTES' (Renati) Principia Philosophiæ, Dissertatio de Methodo, tractatus de Passionibus Animæ, illustrations, 4to, bds., 38 6d Amst., 1692 1060 DESPRÉAUX (J. E.) Mes Passe-Temps, Chansons Suivies de l'Art de la Danse, silhouette portrait, plates by Moreau, and Music, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, 15s

Paris, 1806 1061 DIDEROT's (M.) Le Pere de Famille, drame en cinq actes, et en prose, Paris, 1772-Diderot's (M.) Le Fils Naturel, ou les Epreuves de la Vertu, Comédie, FIRST EDITION, Paris, 1771-in 1 vol, 8vo, old calf, 6s

1062 EMBLEMS.-Alciate's (A.) Emblemata, cum Claudii Minois I. C. commentariis, portrait and 211 finely engraved cuts of Emblems, thk. sm. 8vo, calf. front cover gone, printer's mark on title, 3s


Plantiniana, Raphelengii, 1608 EMBLEMS.-Ripa's (Cesare) Iconologia, nella quale si descrivons imagini di virtu, affetti, arti, discipline, &c., with numerous emblematic woodcuts, 2 parts in 1 vol, sm. 4to, half morocco, title-page mended, 6s

Siena, 1613 1064 EMBLEMS.-Il Museo di Gia, Paolo Rainaldi, distinto in imprese et Emblemi, alla santita din S. Urbano VIII. dedicato, engraved title by Fulcarus Miles, 460 emblems, and fine portrait laid down inside back cover, 4to, calf, FINE COPY, 12s 6d

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Roma, 1644 EMBLEMS. - Devises et Emblemes d'Amour, moralisees en vers Francois, et expliquées en sept langues, par M. Parravicini, front. and numerous emblematic engravings, sm. 4to., half calf, 128 6d

Amst., 1696 1066 EMBLEMS.-L'Ame Amante de son Dieu, representée dans les Emblémes de H. Hugo, et dans ceux d'Othon Vænius sur l'Amour Divin, avec des figures nouvelles, accompagnées de vers, numerous pretty plates, sm. 8vo, old calf, cover loose, 38 6d Cologne, 1717 Staat-en 1067_EMBLEMS. Zedekundige Zinneprenten, of Leerzame Fabelen die van den heere la Court speelswyze gevolgt door J. Van Hoogstraten, 100 fine engraved emblems and title, sm. 4to, calf, FINE UNCUT COPY, 10s 6d Rotterdam, 1731 1068 EMBLEMS.-Theatro Moral de la Vida Humana, en cien Emblemas, con al Enchiridion de Epicteto y la Tabla de Cebes, portrait of Otho Vænius and numerous fine large emblematic plates, folio, half mo rocco extra, gilt edges, £l ls Amberes, 1732

1069 FABLES.-Da la Motte's (M.) Fables | 1081 LANGHORN's (D.) Elenchus AntiquiNouvelles, avec un Discours sur la Fable, tatum Albionensium Britannorum, Scoto12mo, old calf, with dated bookplate of rum, Danorum, Anglo-Saxonum, &c., 8vo, Viscount Bruce, 38 calf, 4s 6d Londini, 1673

Paris, 1719

1070 FRENCH REVOLUTION.-Almanach 1092 LAUTRÉAMONT (Comte) Les Chants

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1071 GEMS.-Gemmarum affabre sculptarum Thesaurus, quem suis sumptibus haud exiguis nec parvo studio collegit J. M. Ebermayer, digessit et recensuit J. Baierus, numerous plates, folio, calf, rebacked, 10s 6d 1720 1072 GEMS.-Eckhel (L'Abbé) Choix des Pierres Gravées du Cabinet Impérial des Antiques, décrites et expliquées, 40 fine plates, folio, half morocco extra, 128 6d Vienne, 1788 1073 GRÆVIUS (J. G.) Oratio Funebris in obitum Fr. Burmanni, sm. 4to, half calf, 28 6d Ultrajecti, 1679 1074 GRANDI.—Risposta di Jacopo Grandi, medico professore di notomia in Venezia, e Accademico della crusca, a una lettera de Sig. Dottor Alessandro Pini, medico dell' illust.... Aless. Molino, Sopra alcune richieste intorno, &c. device on title, 18mo, old calf, autograph letter inserted, 28 6d Venezia, 1686 1075 GUICCARDINI (F.) Gli Ultime quattro libri dell' Historie d'Italia, nuovamente con semma diligentia ristampati, et corretti, et di molte annotationi in margine delle cose pui notabili, di M. P. Picedi, printer's device on title, sm. 4to, half calf, 4s 6d Parma, 1567 1076 HIERONYMI (Divi) Epistolæ Selectæ, opera D. Petri Canisii, thk. 12mo, vellum, Paris, 1607 1077 JESUITS.-Nouvel Appel a la Raison des ecrits et libelles publiés par la passion contre les Jesuites de France, 12mo, calf, 28 6d Bruxelles, 1762 1078 JUDICUM SYNODI Nationalis, Reformatarum Ecclesiarum Belgicarum, habitæ Dordrechti, &c., Dordrechti, 1619— | Querela Ecclesiæ, oft Klachte der Kercke, &c., Amst., 1617 De Voor-lopende Hollandsche Wee! ende Wraecke-Klagt, &c., 1633-in 1 vol, sm. 4to, vellum, 38 1079 JUSTINUS, cum select. variorum Ob


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servationibus, recensione, Ant. Thysio, engraved title, fore-edge slightly cut into, thk. cr. 8vo, vellum, with a stork within border on sides in gold, and fleurs-de-lis in corners and down back, 3s

Lugd. Bat., 1650 1080 KNIGHT (Richard Payne). Nummi Veteres Civatatum, Regum, Gentium, et Provinciarum Londini in Museo, Richardi Payne Knight asservati ab ipso ordine Geographico descripti, 4to half morocco extra, UNCUT, gilt top, FINE COPY, 158

Privately printed, 1830


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moral eῦ Ιπισμούνων.

--+ de José 1

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de Toulon, 8vo, half calf, ls 6d Paris, 1841 1084 LEMAITRE (Jules) En Marge des Vieux Livres, contes, cr. 8vo, cloth, 18 6d Paris, 1905 1085 LEONICO (Nicolo) Tre libri de varie historie, nuovamente tradotti in buona lingua volgare, 12mo, vellum, 38

Venetia, 1544 1086 LE PLAISANT Boutehors doysiuete, square 12mo, half morocco, gilt top, other edges uncut, Joseph Knight's copy, scarce, 2s 6d Reprint, Paris [1830] 1087 LES BARRICADES, scenes historiques, Mai, 1588, 8vo, calf, with bookplates of Henry Thos. Buckle, 38 Paris, 1827 1088 LE SAGE's (A. R.) Le Bachelier de Salamanque, ou les mémoires et avantures de don Cherubin de la ronda, 3 fronts., 3 vols, 12mo, calf, nice copy, 5s 6d Paris, 1759 1089 LETTRES Chérakéesiennes, mises en François, de la traduction Italienne, par J. J. Rufus, 8vo, sewn, UNCUT, 18 6d Rome, 1769 1090 MAGNETISM.-Lafarge (Cheveux de Mme.) Les Confessions d'un Magnétiseur, suivies d'une consultation Médico-Magnétique, 2 vols, 8vo, green morocco extra, FINE COPY, 38 6d Paris, N.D. 1091 MANUTIUS (Aldus) Orthographia ratio, Pauli F. collecta, sm. 8vo, nice copy, 48 Venetiis, Aldus, 1561 1092 MARMONTEL's (M.) L'dmi de la Maison, comédie en trois actes et en vers, mélée d'ariettes, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn, UNCUT, 3s Paris, 1772 1093 MAURICE (Charles) Histoire Anecdotique du Théatre de la Littérature et de diverses impréssions contemporaines tirée du coffre d'un Journaliste, &c., ouvrage enrichi de nombreux autographes, 2 vols, 8vo, sewn, 4s 6d Paris, 1856

1094 MEDALS.-Erizzo (Seb.) Discorso sopra le Medaglie de gli Antichi, con la Dichiaratione delle monete consulari, e delle medaglie de gli Imperadori Romani, numerous cuts of medals, thk. sm. 4to, calf, 4s 6d

Vinegia (1559) 1095 MEDALS.-Velazquez (L. J.) Congeturas sobre las Medallas de los Reyes Godos y suevos de Espana, sm. 4to, vellum, 2s Malaga, 1759

1096 MEURSIUS (Jo.) De Gloria, cum Auctario Philologico, sm. 8vo, old red morocco, Lugd. Bat., 1601

3s 6d

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