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an 180g, & in the summer of 1812, be sent me is other works.

Mr. Holly leads a studi is & blameless life at high Wycombe, Bucks, here I sometimes ry it him. He is, confessoally, in unbelieven, but he never writes profanely, bis charitable x respectind wie hij ziudom con the character of Christians; he devotes i time k his fortune to doing good; anon

bound, Ette principles k spuit of threjtanity, to love & to honour such a moral agent de w Hollis.

for parr, 6.57%. Bibliotheca Parriana.

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“ I look upon the right of private judgment in every con6 cern respecting God and ourselves, as fuperior to the « troul of human authority; and have ever regarded free dif « quistion as the best mean of illustrating the do&rine, and efta"bishing the truth of Christianity."


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