Bhaishajayratnavali Shri Govind Dass Virchita

Front Cover
Motilal Banarsidass Publishe, 2002
The present volume appears to be the first general introduction, for English-reading students, to that which, in Indian tradition, corresponds to 'philosophy' in British and probably in most other English-speaking universities. It shows how Indian philosophers have posed such questioins as whether we can be sure we 'know' anything, whether words 'mean' anything, whether it is possible to generalise from observed regularities in nature and whether there is anything in nature, or in 'reality', corresponding to our concept of a 'class'. It traces the sustained and rigorous analysis of such philosophical problems through many centuries, indicating in outline the interrelationships of ideas and 'schools' and development of the theory of knowledge, formal logic and other analytical investigations. The closely related development of science in India is also indicated. This does not imply that Indian philosophy is the same as 'Western' philosophy or part of it, which would make it redundant and uninteresting. It is interesting in that it discusses similar philosophical problems in different ways, as philosophers elsewhere have. But there is the problem of translation, obvious in most books on Indian tradition, especially if we compare any two of them. This Course is based only on original Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit sources translated by the author.

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Common terms and phrases

१ तोला १२ ८ तोले अतिसार अथवा अर्श आदि आधा आयुर्वेद इन्हें इस इसका इसे उस एक एवं और औषध कर करके करना चाहिये करने से करे करें का काय कालीमिर्च कास कि किया की की छाल के रस से के लिये के साथ को को नष्ट करता गन्धक चिकित्सा जब जल जाते जीरा जो ज्वर तक तथा तब तोला तोले दिन दूध दें देकर देना दो द्वारा धनिया धुत नष्ट नष्ट करता है नष्ट होते हैं नहीं नाम ने पर परन्तु पल पाक पारद प्रकार प्रत्येक प्रयोग बना बार भाग भावना भी मधु मल मासे मिलाकर में में भी मैं मोथा यदि यम यह या योग रखी रती रोग रोगों लें लेकर वा शोथ सब समय सम्पूर्ण से सेर सेवन सोंठ स्वास हरड़ ही है और है है हो जाता है हो तो हों होता है होती होने पर

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