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LEEP! drowsy Sleep! come close mine eyes,

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Tired with beholding vanities:

Sweet flumbers, come, and chase away
The toils and follies of the day.

On your soft bosom will I lie,
Forget the world, and learn to die.

O Israel's watchful Shepherd! spread
Tents of angels round my bed;
Let not the spirits of the air

While I lumber me ensnare ;

But save thy suppliant free from harms,
Clasped in thine everlafting arms.

Clouds and thick darkness are thy throne,

Thy wonderful pavilion;

Oh! dart from thence a fhining ray,

And then my midnight shall be day!
Thus when the morn in crimson dreffed,
Breaks through the windows of the East,
My hymns of thankful praise fhall rise
Like incense at the morning sacrifice!

Thomas Flatman.



UIETLY reft the woods and dales,
Silence round the hearth prevails,
The world is all asleep:

Thou, my soul, in thought arise,
Seek thy Father in the skies,
And holy vigils with Him keep.

Sun, where hideft thou thy light?
Art thou driven hence by Night,
Thy dark and ancient foe?

Go! another Sun is mine
Jesus comes with light divine,
To cheer my pilgrimage below.

Now that day has paffed away,
Golden ftars in bright array

Bespangle the blue sky:
Bright and clear, so would I ftand,
When I hear my Lord's command
To leave this earth, and upward fly.

Now this body seeks for reft,
From its veftments all undreft,
Types of mortality:

Christ shall give me soon to wear,

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Head, and feet, and hands, once more
Joy to think of labor o'er,

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And night with gladness see.

my heart! thou too fhalt know Reft from all thy toil below,

And from earth's turmoil soon be free.

Weary limbs, now reft ye here; Safe from danger and from fear, Seek flumber on this bed: Deeper reft ere long to share, Other hands fhall soon prepare My narrow couch among the dead.

While my eyes I gently close,
Stealing o'er me soft repose,

Who fhall my guardian be?
Soul and body now I leave,
(And Thou wilt the truft receive,)
O Israel's Watchman! unto Thee.

O my friends! from you this day
May all ill have fled away,

No danger near have come.

Now, O my God, these dear ones keep;
Give to my beloved fleep,

And angels send to guard their home!

Paul Gerhardt.



NOTHER day is numbered with the past,
Another night is given us for rest,
Father, my spirit at thy feet I caft,
O! gather it unto thy loving breast.

Look on its failures, efforts, and mistakes,
Look on its inward ftubborn roots of fin,
See how the law that it accepts, it breaks,
Lord! to thy secret presence take it in!

Nightly, Thou sendeft reft to all the earth,
Sendeft a time for filence and returning,

O, Father! teach me all the holy worth

Of the ftill hours when thy clear ftars are burning.

Thou giveft me reft that with the day's beginning
I may rise ftrong and fresh for the new day,
So, purged and rested from its frequent sinning,
May my soul rise prepared for its strait way.

Bless those that love me, those that love me not,
Strengthen the feeble and uplift the grieving,
Send to thy children, in whatever lot,

Riches, and peace, and strength in true believing.

So to thy arms my body I commit,

My weary body to thine arms outspread: Prepare me to accomplish what is fit,

And peace and purenefs watch befide my bed.

NTO the glory of thy Holy Name,


Eternal God! whom I both love and fear,

Here bear I witness that I never came

Before thy throne and found thee loth to hear,
But, ever ready with an open ear.

And though sometimes thou seems't thy face to hide.
As one that hath his love withdrawn from me,

'Tis that my faith may to the full be tried,

And I thereby may only better see

How weak I am when not upheld by Thee.

Thomas Ellwood. 1669.


WOW good a God have we! who for our sake,


To save us from the burning lake,

Did change the order of creation :

At first He made

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