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The Father's rod oft smiteth sore,
Until it learns to do once more
What pleases God.

What most would profit us He knows,
And ne'er denies aught good to those
Who with their utmost strength pursue
The right, and only care to do
What pleases God.

If this be so, then, World, from me Keep, if thou wilt, what pleases thee; But thou, my soul, be well content With God and all things He hath sent; As pleases God.

And must thou suffer here and there,
Cling but the firmer to His care,
For all things are beneath His sway,
And must in very truth obey
What pleases God.

True faith will grasp His mercy faft,
And hope bring patience at the last,
Then both within thy heart enshrine,
So fhall the heritage be thine
That pleases God.

To thee for ever shall be given
A kingdom and a crown in heaven,


And there fhall be fulfill'd in thee

And thou fhalt tafte and hear and see

What pleases God.


University o MICHIGON

Paul Gerhardt, 1653.

ISAIAH, 3: 10.


THAT cheering words are these;
Their sweetness who can tell!

In time and to eternal days,

"'T is with the righteous well."

In every state secure,

Kept as Jehovah's eye,

'T is well with them while life endures,

And well when called to die.

Well when they see His face,
Or fink amidst the flood;
Well in affliction's thorny maze,
Or on the mount with God.

'T is well when joys arise,

'Tis well when sorrows flow,

'T is well when darkness veils the skies, And strong temptations grow.

'T is well when Jesus calls, "From earth and fin arise,

To join the hofts of ransomed souls, Made to salvation wise."

EXODUS, 14: 15.

HEN we cannot see our way,

W Let us truft, and ftill obey;

He who bids us forward go,
Cannot fail the way to fhow.

Though the sea be deep and wide,
Though a paffage seem denied;
Fearless let us ftill proceed,

Since the Lord vouchsafes to lead.

Though it seems the gloom of night,
Though we see no ray of light;
Since the Lord Himself is there,
'Tis not meet that we should fear.

Night with Him is never night,
Where He is, there all is light;
When He calls us, why delay?
They are happy who obey.

Be it ours, then, while we're here,
Him to follow without fear!
Where He calls us, there to go,
What He bids us, that to do.


MATTHEW 14: 28, 29.

E bids us come; His voice we know,
And boldly on the waters go,

To Him our Chrift and Lord;
We walk on life's tempeftuous sea,
For He who died to set us free,
Hath called us by His word.

Secure from troubled waves we tread,
Nor all the storms around us heed,
While to our Lord we look ;
O'er every fierce temptation bound,
The billows yield a solid ground,
The wave is firm as rock.

But if from Him we turn our eye,
And see the raging floods run high,
And feel our fears within;

Our foes so ftrong, our flesh so frail,
Reason and unbelief prevail,

And fink us into fin.

Lord, we our belief confefs,
Our little spark of faith increase,

That we may doubt no more ;
But fix on Thee our fteady eye,
And on Thine outstretched arm rely,
Till all the ftorm is o'er.


HATE'ER my God ordains is right,


W His will is ever juft;

Howe'er He order now my cause

I will be ftill and truft.

He is my God,

Though dark my road,

He holds me that I fhall not fall,
Wherefore to Him I leave it all.

Whate'er my God ordains is right,
He never will deceive;
He leads me by the proper path,
And so to him I cleave,

And take content

What He hath sent;

His hand can turn my griefs away,

And patiently I wait His day.

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