The Story Of Our Universe: An Archimedean Screw Interpretation

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Johny Jagannath, Apr 25, 2015 - Science - 198 pages

I introduce a novel gravitational theory that leverages the principles of an Archimedean Screw (helix or screw) to elucidate the underlying workings of gravity. This innovative approach not only unveils the intricate mechanics of gravitational force but also extends its application to elucidate a range of other physical phenomena. For instance, I propose a mechanical interpretation of an Electric Charge, drawing a parallel between this mechanism and the dynamics of a Chemical Bond. Furthermore, this framework proves versatile enough to encompass the behavior of magnets, illustrating the observed principles of attraction and repulsion between like and unlike poles.

As a result, the entirety of nature's fundamental forces finds elegant elucidation through the mechanism of a screw. In this paradigm, Field Lines manifest as rotating screws, and the direction of linear force aligns with the right-hand rule convention. The Archimedean Screw, originally conceived by the Assyrians in 700 BC, serves as a foundational inspiration. This ancient invention, recognized as one of the classical simple machines, now serves as a captivating emblem of the unifying principles that underpin the diverse forces governing our universe.


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