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Quum Leges aliæ fuper alias accumulate, eas de integro retractare, et in Corpus fanum et habile
redigere, ex Ufu fit.


Mifera Servitus eft ubi Jus eft vagum aut incognitum.

4 Inft. 246.



THE fecond Volume of the Laws of New-York is finally completed. In this Volume the fame Plan has been purfued as in the firft, nor has a Sheet of it been put to the Prefs until critically examined by fome one Gentleman of the Profeffion of the Law.

The Patrons to this Work will pleafe to obferve, that agreeably to the Request of a great Part of them, the Laws which were passed at the fifteenth Seffion of the Legislature, comprifes Part of this Volume; and, as this Addition was not contemplated in the original Propofuls, that this is fubject to the trifling extra Charge of TWO SHILLINGS and SIX-PENCE. The Editor has no Doubt but the Demand will be cheerfully complied with by all the Subfcribers; and hopes, that the whole Work will fully anfwer their most fanguine Expectations-being, with fentiments of respect, &c.


The Editor has this Day iffued Propofals for printing the future Laws of New-York in NUM| BERS, to commence with the next (or fixteenth) Seffon; each Number to contain the Laws of one Seffion, be it more or lefs, to be flitched in Blue, at 3f. the Number.

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