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Minift. 4:


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him, I adjure thee by the living God, Before the #cat. 33. that thou tell us, whether thou be the Council. • Luk. xxii. Christ, the son of God. *d And Jesus 3 62.Mar. xiv.

said, I * Hereafter shall the fon of 269.Luk.xxii. & Mat.xxvi. man sit on the right hand of the power 64. of. God. * And ye shall see the son of 62. Mar. xiv.

man fitting on the right hand of power,

and coming in the clouds of heaven. • Mar. xiv.

** Then the high Priest rent' his clothes, 65. Mat. xxvi.

saying, He hath Spoken blafphemy; ' what 'Luk. xxii. farther need have we of witnesses? *for 71' Luke xxii. 7!

we our felves have heard of his own Mar. xiv. mouth ; * * behold now ye bave heard his 65. Mat. xxvi. 64.

blafphemy. What think ye? * And they 64. Mark xiv:
all condemned him to be guilty of

* And the men that held Jesus, mock-63. Luk. xxii. a Mar. xiv.ed him, and smote him. *b Then did 67. Mat. xxii. 65.

they spit in his face, and buffetred him,
and others fmote him with the palms
of their hands. * And when they had 64. Luk. xxii.
blindfolded him, they stroke him on

the face, and asked him, saying, * Luk.xxii.! Prophecy unto us, thou Christ, who is be 64.

that Smote thee? And many other
things blasphemously spake they against


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Ærat. 332

Minist. 4.
The Jews carry Jefus before Pilate,

and demand sentence against him.
Pilate examins him, acquits him,
but at last through fear he con-
demns him, though against his will,
and sets Barabbas free.

Mar. XV.

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ND straightway [it being yet] Mat.xxvil:

morning the chief Priests held a ".

consultation with the Elders and Scribes, Mar. xxvii. 1. and the whole council * against Jesus

2. to put him to death. d And when they • Mark xv. Joh. xviii. 28. had bound him, they * led him away

Luk. xxiik JudgmentHall. from Caiaphas unto the hall of judgMar. xxvii. 2. ment, * and delivered him to Pontius Joh. xviii. 28. Pilate the governour.

* And it was early, and they themselves went not into the judgment-hall, left they should

be defiled; but that they might eat the Joh. xviii. 29. passover. Pilate then went out unto

them, and said, What accusation bring 30. you against this man. They answered

and said unto him, If he were not a

malefactor, we would not have delivered
31. him up unto thee. Then said Pilate un-

to them, Take ye him, and judge him
according to your law. The Jews there-

fore faid unto him, It is not lawful for
32. us to put any man to death: That the

saying of Jefus might be fulfilled, which

he spake, fignifying what death he Luke nzii. 2. shouid dye. * And they began to accuse

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Minist. 4.


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12. Mar.

him, saying, We found this fellow per. JudgmentHalli Ægat, 33: verting the nation, and forbidding 10

give tribute to Cæfar, saying that he

himself is Christ á king. '* And Jesus 11. Mat: xxviis, • Mar.xv, 2. stood before the governour, and the Luk.xxiii.3.

governour asked him, saying, Art thou
the king of the fews? And Jesus said
unto him, * Thou sayest it.

Mar. X. *b And when he was accused of the 12. Mat, xxvii.

chief Priests and Elders * of many 53. Mar: XV. • Mat.xxvii. things, * he answered nothing. * And

. 13. Pilate asked him again, saying, An- xxvii,

4. Mar. XV. Swerest thou noibing? behold how many 5.

things they witness against thee. But :4. Mat. xxvii. d Mar.Xv.s. Jesus * d answered him to never a word,

infomuch that the governour marvelled

* Then Pilate entred into the judg- 33. Joh. xviii,
ment hall again, and called Jesus, and
said unto him, Art thou the king of the
Fews ? Jefus answered him, Sayest thou 34.
this thing of thy self, or did others tell
it thee of me? Pilate answered, Am 135.
a few? Thine own nation, and the
chief Priests have delivered thee unio
me. What haft thou done? Jefus an-
fwered, My kingdom is not of this world:
if my kingdom were of this world, then
would my servants fight, that I should
not be delivered to the Jews: but now is
my kingdom, not from hence. Pilate 37.
therefore said to him, Art thou a king
then? Jesus answered, Thou savest that
I am a king. To this end W.15 I. born,
and for this cause came I into the world,
ihat 1.should bear witness to the truth.




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Minift. 4.



JudgmentHall. Every one that is of the truth, heareth Anno Mat.xxvii. 38. my voice. Pilate fáith unto him, What Ætat. 37•

is truth? And when he had faid this,

he went out again to the Jews, and Luk. xxiii. 4. faith ** to the chief Priests, and to Joh-xviii.

the people, I find no fault in this man 33.
Joh.xviii.383 * at all. * And they were the more
Luk.xxii. s.; fierce, saying, he stirreth up the people,
Luk. xxiii. 5.

teaching ihroughout all Fewry, beginning
from Galilee to this place.

When Pilate heard of Galilee, he
asked whether the man were a Galilean.
7. And as foon as he knew that he be-

longed unto Herod's jurifdi&tion, he

sent him to Herod, who himfelf was

8. also at Jerusalem at that time. And Before Herod. when Herod saw Jesus, he was exceeds

ing glad : for he was defirous to see
him of a long seafon, because he had
heard many things of him; and he

hoped to have seen fome miracle done
9. by him. Then he questioned with him

in many words: but he anfwered him 30. nothing. And the chief Priests and

Scribes stood and vehemently accused 11. him. · And Herod with his men of war

fet him at nought, and mocked him, Before Pilate, and arrayed him in a gorgeous robe, and

12. fent him again to Pilare: And the fame

day Pilare and Herod were made friends

together ; for before they were arena. 13. mity between themfelves. And Pilate

when he had called together the chief

Priests, and the rulers, and the people, Lok. xxiii. 14. said unto them, Ye have brought this: man unto me, as one that perverterhibe

people :


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& Mar. XV.



people: and behold, I having examined him Before Pilate? Minist. Aimar 33. before you, have found no fault in this Luk. xxlii.


man touching those things whereof ye
accufe himNonor yet Herod : for 1 15.
Sext you to him, and lo nothing worthy
of death is done unto him. I will there. 16.
fore chastise him and release him. But 39. Joh. xviild

ye have a custom that I should release un-
to you one at the pafsover.

* Now at that feast the governour 15. Mar.xxvill 6, 7.

was wont to release to the people a pri-
Luk. xxiii,

foner, whom they would. And they 16.
had then a notable prisoner, called Ba..
rabbas, * which lay bound with them 7.

Mar. Xy
that had made insurrection with him,
who had committed murther in the in-
surrection. And the mulcitude crying 8.

aloud, began to defire him to do as he Mar.xv.9. had. éver done unto them.


Mat.xxyit. Joh. xviii.

fore when they were gathered together,

Pilare faid unto them, Whom will ye
that I release to you? Barabbas or Jesus,

which is called Christ * the king of the Mar, xv.
* Mat.xxvii. Fews?. (For he knew that the chief 1o.

Priests had delivered him for envy)
* When he was set down on the judg. 19. Mat.xxvii.
ment seat, his wife fent to him, fay-
ing, Have thou nothing to do with that
just man: for Ibave suffered meny things

this day in a dream, because of him.
Mar.xv.11." But the chief Prieits and Élders per- 20:

fuaded the multitude, that they should
• Joh. xviii, ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus. *e And 18. Luk. xxii:
40. they cryed our allaronce, faying, Away

with this man, and release into us Baa
rubbas: (who for a certain sedition made 19.
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* b There


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