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#tat. 3. Minist. 1.

Jesus goes and teaches about all Ga-

lilee and heals the fick.

iv. Mat. 23


ND Jesus went about all Galilee

teaching in their (a) Synagogues,
and preaching the Gospel of the king-
dom, and healing all manner offickness,

and all manner of disease among the
24. people. And his fame went throughout

all (b) Syria: and they brought unto
him all fick people that were taken with
divers diseases, and torments, and those
which were possessed with devils, and
those which were lunatick, and those
that had the Palfie; and he healed them.
And there followed him great multitudes
of people from Galilee, and from (c)
Decapolis, and from Jerusalem, and from
Judea, and from beyond Jordan.
The end of the first year of Christ's Mi-



(a) Synagogue was a place where the Jews affembled on the Sabbath-day, to hear the Law and the Prophets read and explain'd.

(b) Syria a Country confining on Palestine on the north, and part of the east.

(C) Decapolis, a part of the Land of Canaan lying on both sides the River Jordan at its coming out of the Sea of Galilee.


Ærat. 31.





Galilee, Minist. 2.


Jesus cleanseth the Leper. 2 Mat. viii.


ND it came to pass when he was 12. Luke v.

in a certain City, a behoid a man Mar. i. 40. full of Leprofie: who seeing Jefus, fell

on his face, and befought him, saying,
Lord, if thou wilt, ihou canst make me

clean. * And Jefus moved with compas- 41. Mar. i. • Mat viii. fion, put forth his hand and touched 3. him, and faith unto him, I will, be thou 42. Miracle. Luke v. 13. clean. And as soon as he had spoken,

immediately the Leprofie departed from
him, and he was cleansed. And he

straightly charged him, and forthwith
* Mat. viii. sent him away; and faith unto him, 44.

see thou say nothing to any man: but

go thy way, shew thy self to the Priest,
and offer for thy cleansing those things
which Moses commanded for a Testimo-
ny unto them. But he went out and be-

gan to publish it much, and to blaze a-
broad the matter: * But so much the 15. Luke v.

more went there a fame abroad of him, "Mar.i.45.


great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed by him of their in

firmities * insomuch that Jesus could no 45. Mar. i. Mar. 1.45. more openly enter into the city, *e and 16. Luk. v.

he withdrew himself into the Wilderness


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and prayed.

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Ætat. 31. SECT. XXXVIII.

Minift. z. Christ curetb a man fick of the Palfie. Mac. i. 9. ND (Jesus ] entred into a Ship,

and pafled over and came into his

own city. Mar. i. * And again he entred into Caperna

um after some days, and it was noised Luk. xvii. 5, that he was in the house. * And it

came to pass on a certain day, as he
was teaching, that there were Pharisees
and Doctors of the Law firting by, which
were come out of every town of Galilee,
and Judea, and Jerusalem; and the pow-

er of the Lord was present to heal them.
Mar. ii.

And straightway many were gathered to-
gether, insomuch that there was no room
to receive them no not so much as

about the door : and he preached the Mat. ix. 2. word unto them *a and behold they · Mar. ii. 2.

. brought to him a man fick of the Pal. Luk. v. 18. Mar. ii. 3. fie, lying on a bed * which was born of Luk. v.

18. four * and they fought means to bring

him in and to lay him before him. And Mar.ix. when they could not find by what way

2, 3, 4. 5,

6, 7, 8. they might bring him in, because of the Luk. v. 20, multitude, they went upon the house top, 21, 22, 23,

and let him down through the riling with 24, 25, 26. Mar. ii. his couch into the midst before Jesus. *

When Jesus saw their faith, he faid unto Miracle. the sick of the Palfie, Son, thy sins be

forgiven thee.

But there were certain Scribes fitting there and reafoning in their hearts.


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Why doth this man thus Speak blafphe- Capernaum. #car, 31. mies? who can forgive Jins but God 7. Mar. ii. Minist. 2.

only? And immediately when Jesus 8.
perceived in his Spirit that they so rea-
Toned within themselves, he said unto
them, *Wherefore think ye evil in your 4. Mat. ix.
hearts? *Why reason ye these things 8. Mar. ii.

hearts? Whether is it easier 9.
to say to the sick of the Palsie, Thy
fins be forgiven thee; or to say, arise,
and take up iby bed and walk But that 10.
ye may know ihat the Son of man hath
power on earth to forgive fins : (he faith
to the sick of the Palfie) I say unto 11.
thee arise, and take up thy bed, and go
thy way into thine house.

And immediately he arose, took up 12.
the bed, and went forth before them all
* glorifying God, * infomuch that they 25. Luk. v.
were all amazed, and glorifyed God 12. Mar. ii.
* which had given such power unto men,

8. Mat. ix. * saying we never saw it on this fashion ; 12. Mar. ii.

. * and were filled with fear, saying we 26. Luke v. bave seen strange things to day.



The calling of Matthem.

Sea of Galilee.

A ,

ND [Jesus] went forth again by 13. Mar. ii

the sea fide, and all the multitude

resorted unto him, and he taught them. • Luk. v.27. * · And as Jesus passed forth from thence, 9. Mar. ir! a "Mac. ix. g.

* he saw Levi, * named Matthew, * the 14 Mar. ii.

6 Luk v.27. Son of Alpheus, sitting at the receipt of 9. Mar. ix.




E 3

custom, 14. Mar. ii.

Sea of Galilee. Custom, and faid unto him, follow me; Ætat: 31.

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28. *c and he left all and followed him.


. . Minist. 2.

Mar. ix.9.



Matthew makes a feast for Christ, who

eats with Publicans and Sinners.



Mar. ii.



ND Levi made [Fesus] a great a Mat. ix. 29. A

feast in his own house: and there 10.

was a great company of publicans * and Mar. ii.15. Mat. ix.

10. finners came and sat down with him b Luk. v. 15. and his disciples : * for there were ma- 29.

ny and they followed him. Luk. v. 30.

*c But the Scribes and Pharisees *[fee- « Mar. ix. Mar. ii. 16. ing] him eat with publicans and finners Luk. v.

30. murmured against his disciples saying, Mar. ii. 16. Mar. ii.

* * How is it that he eateth and drink- d Mat. ix
17. eth with Publicans and Sinners? When 11, 12,

Jesus heard it, he faith unto them, They 13;
that are whole have no need of a Phi- Luk. v. 30.

31. 32. sitian, but they that are sick. I came not

to call the righteous but finners to reMac. ix. 13. pentance. * But go ye and learn what

that meaneth I will have mercy and

not sacrifice. (Hosea vi. 6.] Mar. ii.

* And the Disciples of John, and of the Pharisees used to fast, and they • Mar. ix. come and say unto him, Why do the 14, 15.

disciples of John and of the Pharisees fast Luk. v. 33, Mat. ix. 14.2 * oft * and make prayers * but thy disci- 34, 35; Luk. v: 33.3 ples fast not? Mar. ii,


And Jesus, said unto them, Can the children of the Bridechamber fast, while the Bridegroom is with them? as long as they have the Bridegroom wih them


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